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Chapter 173 - Soft-boned hands, King-grade Medicinal pellets

Chapter 173 Soft-boned hands, King-grade Medicinal pellets.

AST 173 Soft-boned hands, King-grade Medicinal pellets

Huoyun Liu-Li looked at Qing Shui with her unblinking beautiful eyes. Only when Qing Shui started to feel uncomfortable did she say craftily, “I recently felt that my waist was sore and legs were in pain. The punishment for the doctor here is to give me a massage.”

The sweat droplets on Qing Shui’s face dripped down. Huoyun Liu-Li felt depressed when she saw this. “Rascal, I only asked for a massage. Is it that bad?”

“You really want a massage?” Qing Shui wiped the sweat off his brows, realizing that he could not keep track with this lady’s thoughts. She was unrestrained and unfathomable, a lady who was mature and charming like a demoness. Qing Shui did not dare to hope that she would take a liking to a man like him. Qing Shui felt that she was on the same level as his goddess-like master and the lady on the Golden Winged Thunder Condor. The other two were like goddesses while she was like a demoness.

“Hmph, of course.” Huoyun Liu-Li said angrily. Her willfulness was equally charming.

“Alright then! I really do have a set of massage techniques, which would only be better than master massage techniques. I’ll give my first massage to my lady.” Qing Shui recalled that when he mastered alchemy, there was also another set of soft bone techniques other than acupuncture and orthopedics. It used massages to relax the muscles and bones. It was good for improving the muscles and bones, developing the potential of the individual, and most importantly being used as a form of massage.

Huoyun Liu-Li was stunned when Qing Shui agreed. Hearing Qing Shui’s flirtatious words, her cheeks were flushed red. Yet, she stood up, threw Qing Shui a glance, and said, “Come over here!”

Qing Shui did not sense the changes in Huoyun Liu-Li’s expression, and only followed her to the innermost room at her request.

When he looked at those marvelous physical features, Qing Shui was taken in by such eye-catching sights. He was entranced by her wonderfully lean and slender purple back view, the intersection of the curves of the hips, slender pretty legs, and the curves from her thin waist to her perky hips.

Qing Shui did not know when it started, but he noticed that he liked seeing the back view of beautiful ladies. It was all Yu He’s fault! Qing Shui recalled his unclear relationship with Yu He, and that he was once plastered to her beautiful butt.

Entering the room, Qing Shui realized that it was a small lounge, but warmly and dreamily decorated. Feeling the atmosphere of the room, Qing Shui knew that there weren’t usually many guys who entered in here.

The lounge was not very big, but there seemed to be quite a lot of furniture. There was a single seater sofa, a double seater, a triple seater, and a large sofa that was like a small bed. The colors were all a similar classy purple color. Even the walls and the floorings were purple, which made the whole room seem as if it was as beautiful as the heavens above.

“Do I sit or lie down?” Huoyun Liu-Li lowered her head and said softly.

“It’s better if you can lay down on your stomach first.” Qing Shui said a bit awkwardly. After all, he was in such an ethereal room and asked a peerless, alluring beauty to lay on her stomach.

Hearing Qing Shui’s words also made Huoyun Liu-Li’s face turn bright red. It made her even more beautiful in the purple room and caused Qing Shui to fall in a daze for quite a while.

Huoyun Liu-Li slowly laid down on the biggest sofa. Dressed in purple, the scene of her on the purple sofa with the surrounding walls and ceilings formed the most beautiful painting of a beauty!

Qing Shui took in a deep breath, restraining the throbbing of his heart. He slowly sat down at the side of the sofa and reached out his hands. He placed them on top of Huoyun Liu-Li’s beautiful shoulders.

Even with a layer of cotton purple clothes, Qing Shui was still able to feel that she was astonishingly boney and smooth. He noticed that the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique was automatically circulating in sync with the massage techniques of the acupoints and joints that Qing Shui remembered.

“Mmm!” Huoyun Liu-Li gave out a soft cry before she immediately clenched her teeth and buried her beautiful, flushed face into the plush sofa.

Qing Shui slowly massaged. Once he entered this state, Qing Shui could forget everything around him. His hands slowly moved down from her shoulders while using light yet increasing strength.

The figure of the Huoyun Liu-Li lying down was so beautiful that it was indescribable. It was especially so with the curve from her small waist to that perky butt. This made Qing Shui’s hands frantically shake and tremor when they landed on her waist.

The Huoyun Liu-Li then had long forgotten where she was. She felt so limp and numb all over that it was as if all her bones had left her. She was feeling so comfortable that she occasionally let out cries that would let one’s imagination run wild. However, each of her cries were quickly restrained.

Qing Shui’s hands hesitantly landed on that perky round butt. That feeling of touching such smoothness and astonishing bounciness caused his hands to stop for a moment. After a small moment, he soon recovered and continued the massage.

When Qing Shui’s hands landed on Huoyun Liu-Li’s perky butt, it had obviously tensed up and caused Qing Shui to wonder if it was the result of the massage or some other reason.

Finally passing the butt, the thighs were even more sensitive. Huoyun Liu-Li did not have an ounce of strength left in her. She could not stop herself from indulging in that comfortable sensation. She previously wanted Qing Shui to stop the massage, especially when he was massaging her butt. However, the comfortable sensation made her lose herself and drown in delightful euphoria whenever she had a moment of hesitation.

Since the butt massage was over, Huoyun Liu-Li decided to not call for a stop. However, she did not anticipate what would have happened next when her upper thighs were massaged. She hated this feeling more than when her butt was massaged because it made her even more unstable and caused her to let out embarrassing cries.

The low restrained cries continued intermittently, but the profusive sweat droplets on Qing Shui’s forehead did not drip down. If he didn’t have self-restraint and didn’t want to involve himself with any more women, he would have gotten his way long ago.

When Qing Shui grabbed onto her beautiful feet covered with long socks, Huoyun Liu-Li lifted her flushed red and embarrassed face to look at Qing Shui, “Turn me over, I have no strength left.”

Qing Shui smiled and lifted her up to turn her over by propping her upper body higher. Huoyun Liu-Li did not dare to look into Qing Shui’s eyes. When she recalled that tingling, comfortable feeling and the hateful voice, she was overcome by shame.

Thinking of how this fellow had even rubbed all over her butt, she could not help but throw a glance at the delicate but attractive and bewitching man. While he was delicate looking, there was no hiding the manliness that exuded from him.

“How are you doing? Are you feeling better now? Do you still feel that soreness in your waist and pain in your legs?” Qing Shui rubbed his nose and said. When he put his hands on his nose, he smelled a light fragrance of red lotus!

When Huoyun Liu-Li saw Qing Shui smell his hand, she lowered her pretty face. That hand had just…on her butt…This rascal was really bad…

“Thank you, it’s much better now. It was really comfortable.” Huoyun Liu-Li said honestly. It was just that she felt that this rascal had taken advantage of her. Not only did he touch her entire back and her butt, but he also even massaged them.

Huoyun Liu-Li could not help but recall the scene when she had met him in Hundred Miles City. He was even rude to her!

“You can’t be harboring despicable thoughts for me, right?”

“Tsk! You are a bit small.”

“Not small, definitely not small. No matter where!” Huoyun Liu-Li could still recall Qing Shui’s past actions. This rascal still straightened his back when he said this.

“Don’t be shameless! Don’t be rude to me!”

Huoyun Liu-Li thought of the scene when she had given him the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron. It was so nice back then!

“Elder Sister, do you still remember the time when you gifted me the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron?”

Huoyun Liu-Li’s heart skipped a beat when she heard Qing Shui’s words. To think that this fellow had thought of the same thing as she did. Was this what they meant by having their hearts linked together as one?

“You once said that I wouldn’t forget about you when I would become an accomplished alchemist.”

Huoyun Liu-Li concluded and said when she heard Qing Shui’s words.

“Why, could it be that you have already become an accomplished alchemist?” Huoyun Liu-Li now had a mysterious feeling about Qing Shui, an indescribable one. When Qing Shui had touched her body which no one had done before, this feeling had gradually grown. It was even stronger when he touched her butt.

“I’m still far from being an accomplished alchemist. Without any prescriptions or medicinal herbs, I still have a long way to go. However, I can already refine a special type of medicinal pills and have always kept a share for Elder Sister.” Qing Shui did not even know if he was speaking the truth, but he really did have her on his mind.

Since it was a gift, he might as well give the whole set. Qing Shui handed Huoyun Liu-Li the Strength-Enhancing Fruit, the Agility-Enhancing Fruit, and the two Small Revitalizing Pills!

Qing Shui noticed that all practitioners would recognize the Strength-Enhancing Fruit and the Agility-Enhancing Fruit, but they knew them as the 100-Year Fiery Power Fruit and the Clear Wind Fruit.

When Huoyun Liu-Li heard that Qing Shui had especially kept them for her, she looked at him happily and ate up the fruits and pills. When she realized the effects of the Small Revitalizing Pellets, she looked at Qing Shui in surprise.

“To think that you are able to refine a medicinal pill of King Grade, First level. This is really unbelievable. Should I be calling you a genius or a monster?” Huoyun Liu-Li’s beautiful eyes were filled with happiness, but more with astonishment.

Qing Shui also did not think that the Small Revitalizing Pellet was considered a medicinal pill of King Grade, First level. What about the Great Revitalizing Pellet or the other Pellets that have even higher requirements?

“How are medicinal pills categorized?” Qing Shui assumed that Huoyun Liu-Li would know the different categories of medicinal pills since she could tell that this was a medicinal pill of King Grade, First Level.

“I’m not too sure either. Those medicinal pills that are considered to be King Grade, 1st level, have the unique traits of increasing overall abilities by a few percentages. 10% would be 1st level, 20% would be 2nd level, and 100% would be 10th level!” Huoyun Liu-Li laughed and said.

“Then what about Emperor Grade Medicinal Pellets?” Qing Shui probed.

“No idea. There’s still no Emperor Grade alchemist in Cang Lang Country.”

Just when Huoyun Liu-Li finished her sentence, she suddenly looked at Qing Shui in surprised. She was stunned for quite some time before she spoke out, “When did you break through to Xiantian?”

Qing Shui felt that the words sounded very familiar, and so did Huoyun Liu-Li. Thinking about it, wasn’t it what Qing Shui had asked her earlier? This question was the reason why she was “touched” all over.

“I really couldn’t tell that there was such an extraordinary talent beside me who is able to become a Xiantian alchemist at such a young age.” Huoyun Liu-Li smiled and said before she sat up and put on her pair of purple long boots.

“We haven’t even started on the main topic after so long.” Seeing that it was turning dark soon, Qing Shui decided to get the main issue settled with.

“You must be hungry as well. Would you like to personally cook for once?” Qing Shui smiled at the pretty lady beside him and suggested.

Huoyun Liu-Li bashfully said, “Elder Sister has not cooked before. I…don’t know how to.”

Qing Shui looked at her embarrassed expression and found it very funny. It was very normal for a woman with Xiantian abilities to not be able to cook.

“I’ll teach you. I’ll guarantee that you’ll be able to cook even better than the best cook here.”

“I really don’t think so. I haven’t even cooked before…”

“Listen to me, and be good!”

Huoyun Liu-Li, “…”

When Huoyun Liu-Li saw the extremely unsightly yet delicious food, it was as if she had seen the most horrifying thing. After she had a taste of the food, she stared at them in a daze.

These were all made by herself. The problem was, how could these slightly cooked food be so delicious? It was so much better than Earthly Paradise’s Master Chef Mei Yanxue. The most unbelievable thing was that there was not much seasoning added, except for a purple-colored fragrant fruit.

Qing Shui did not care about the appearance. While the food made by the beauty did not look appetising, they tasted excellent. Therefore, he leisurely enjoyed his food while smiling. When he was half full, he saw that Huoyun Liu-Li had also started to eat, even though she was frowning the whole time.

“Alright, stop thinking about it. It was that fruit. But there’s not much of it left. You’ll need to consider if you can handle the impact of when your supplies run out in the future.” Qing Shui thought about the ending of Yu He Inn and decided to state his concern upfront.

Huoyun Liu-Li still continued frowning and looked at Qing Shui after thinking about it for a while. “How many of this fruit can you get? What amount is required? How many do you have now?”

Qing Shui smiled and nodded, full of excitement for the decisiveness of this lady. She was also able to see the root of the problem quickly.

“I can provide you with one-thousand fruits. Of course, if you can continue to meet me, I can provide you with 800 yearly. Each fruit can allow 100 bowls of food to reach this level of taste. I have 500 of these now.” Qing Shui gave it some thought. Since he can harvest 1000 Drunken Fragrance Fruits yearly, he decided to hold some restraint in his offer.

Hearing Qing Shui’s words, Huoyun Liu-Li’s eyes flashed and she nodded, “Alright, that’s fine. How much does each fruit cost? What is a suitable price for us to sell it?”

Qing Shui shook his head. “You can ignore the cost of the fruit. The troublesome thing is that it cannot be mass produced, therefore you’ll need to control the amount sold.”

Huoyun Liu-Li nodded, and continued with the food before smiling at Qing Shui. “I’ll use one a day, and sell them only to those old men who are extremely picky and rich. One bowl per person in a day. Each bowl would be 8000 taels of silver. You take 6000 and I take 2000. What do you think?”

Qing Shui smiled and slowly shook his head! He lamented that the wealthy are really rich, but he soon understood it more after giving it some thought. After all, there were no less than 90 million population in the prosperous and wealthy Cang Lang County.

“You take 7000 and I’ll take 1000.”

Qing Shui continued to shake his head gently. Huoyun Liu-Li could not understand his smile. She said that she would not treat him shabbily. This fruit was provided by him and she could ignore her own costs. Therefore, she did not wish to take advantage of Qing Shui. She first suggested doing a 6-2 split, then a 7-1 split, but this fellow had rejected both proposals.

“If you can really sell it at 8000 taels per bowl, we can do a 6-2 split. However, I’ll take the 2 and you take the 6.” Qing Shui looked at this intelligent beauty whom he could not fathom and said.

“No, definitely not!” Huoyun Liu-Li said firmly.

“Do we have to draw the line so clearly? How about this, a 50-50 split. If it’s still a no, then I won’t provide you with the goods.” Qing Shui had long expected this to occur and even thought of the final result.

After a short thought, Huoyun Liu-Li revealed that demoness seductive smile and said, “You’re right. We don’t need to draw the line so clearly. We’ll do as you say.”

“I’m now penniless and have no place to stay. Do you think I can borrow your place to stay for the night?” Qing Shui said apologetically.

Huoyun Liu-Li shuddered embarrassedly and dropped that seductive smile!

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