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Chapter 85 - Shi Qing Zhuang

Chapter 85 Shi Qing Zhuang.

AST 0085 Shi Qing Zhuang

Qing Shui had always wanted a weapon made with Golden Essence Extract because of the high density of the Golden Essence Extract; even a weapon like a regular three-inch Indigo Sword made with the Extract would weigh about a hundred Jin. His own physical strength, the weapon’s sharpness, his own speed and his Truth Realm sword skills could help improve his strength.

However, he could only fantasize about it. It’s a fact that he would not be able to achieve that yet. The truth is that not many people would be willing to spend for the luxury of having Golden Essence Extract weapons, armors, and the like, especially when in other situations there were many other alternatives. For example, there were other materials that cost much less than Golden Essence Extract, despite the fact that the results were almost the same.

Qing Shui collected his golden needles, and left the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Outside of the realm, not much time had passed. He pat off the purple dust from the ground of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, and slowly headed towards the Qing Clan Medical Store.

The plain but feminine face of the woman Qing Shui met at the Firecloud Blacksmith Store kept reappearing in his mind. Qing Shui shook his head as if to clear his mind of the image.

Suddenly, Qing Shui heard the sound of hooves. Qing Shui curiously looked at who was riding the horse. When he saw it, his eyes lit up because that horse was Shi Qing Zhuang’s Emberlion steed.

Because he had not seen Shi Qing Zhuang in a long time, Qing Shui could not help but keep staring at the steed. He saw Shi Qing Zhuang, wearing her fiery-red corset, and was lying face down on the steed while her face was flushed with anxiety, and filled with giddiness. She was so ill at ease on the steed that it seemed like she could fall down at any moment.

“Something doesn’t feel right!” Qing Shui muttered to himself. Activating his Heavenly Vision Technique, he couldn’t help but examine Shi Qing Zhuang.

“Hmm, her blood flow is quickening, and her breathing is irregular. There is also some sort of gas that is obstructing her nervous system and her consciousness in her brain…” Qing Shui’s brain quickly analyzed Shi Qing Zhuang’s condition.

Suddenly Emberlion steed was next to Qing Shui. At this moment, he heard the sound of a wave of hooves coming from behind him. Qing Shui knew that Shi Qing Zhuang was drugged because at this moment Qing Shui could see Shi Qing Zhuang’s eyes glaze over as she slowly lost her consciousness.

Shi Qing Zhuang looked as if she saw Qing Shui inadvertently. Her mist-like eyes sparkled. Suddenly, she held out her hand to hold onto Qing Shui. “Come on up, help me escape the people who are chasing me.”

Qing Shui originally wanted to protest, but when he heard the second half of her sentence, he quickly mounted the steed behind Shi Qing Zhuang. Because he only took a moment to mount, the Emberlion steed did not even need to slow down.

Although there were two people riding on the Emberlion steed, its speed was still the same as if there were only one person on its back. It rapidly galloped at an immense speed. No wonder it was considered the best of the best; in Qing Shui’s eyes, the tall and strong Emberlion steed could be compared to the lions and tigers of the past.

Although the Emberlion steed was not riding roughly, Qing Shui and Shi Qing Zhuang felt uncomfortable. Since Qing Shui was not a good equestrian, he could only hold on tightly to Shi Qing Zhuang’s thin waist. The feeling of her softness and heartbeat at that moment put Qing Shui into a daze.

What followed seemed to put Qing Shui in an even bigger daze. Although Qing Shui was holding on to Shi Qing Zhuang’s waist, instead of scolding Qing Shui, she put her weight entirely in Qing Shui’s embrace, turning Qing Shui’s mind into mush.

Qing Shui hugged the beautiful body that he had been dreaming about, feeling her fiery body’s finesse and softness. However, when he saw her clouded eyes, Qing Shui felt as if a bucket of ice water had been dumped onto him.

Qing Shui could now be sure that Shi Qing Zhuang had been drugged with an aphrodisiac, and an especially strong one at that. He just didn’t know how someone as cautious as Shi Qing Zhuang could have fallen into this kind of trap. Qing Shui hugged Shi Qing Zhuang’s body, feeling unease in his heart. Should he take advantage of her, give her medical attention, or do something else?

“How can I save her?” Qing Shui was confused. Right now he could rightly hug and kiss her, or even f*ck her, but he felt like rejecting it…

“Hmm, the pursuers caught up?” Qing Shui heard the sounds behind him growing increasingly louder as he glanced back.

“F*ck!” Qing Shui couldn’t help but cuss out. He quickly whipped the horse to speed up because Situ Bu Fan and several others were riding on a huge Wind Flame Leopard, and were closing on them.

This Wind Flame Leopard’s body was a combination of red and white. The front half of its body was flame-red, and the rear end was snow-white. It was five meters long, and two meters tall. Although its body was muscular, it was extremely agile. Though its grade was only at the ferocious beast level, its speed and strength were pretty good. Its only flaw was that its stamina was more suited for short bursts of speed rather than long distance running.

Qing Shui looked at the unconscious Shi Qing Zhuang in his arms. How she looked now was the opposite of her usual ice princess attitude, but that made her even more attractive.

Now Shi Qing Zhuang’s hands were starting to touch random parts of Qing Shui’s body. Qing Shui could only use one hand to hug her willowy waist, and the other hand to grab onto Emberlion steed’s head, transfusing energy from the Ancient Strengthening Technique into its body.

Qing Shui knew that he just needed to last a little longer. They would outrun the Wind Flame Leopard which was carrying many people on its back, as it would soon run out of stamina.

Qing Shui pressed himself against Shi Qing Zhuang’s back. Since Shi Qing Zhuang was slumped over on the steed, Qing Shui’s entire body was on Shi Qing Zhuang’s back. His reaction was so strong that he felt that his desire was about to burst. His rock hard thing was pushing between Shi Qing Zhuang’s round and plump peach buttocks, and the grinding caused by the rocking of the steed brought waves of ecstasy.

Emberlion steed, with the stimulation of Qing Shui’s energy from the Ancient Strengthening Technique, sped up as if he was on steroids and quickly escaped the pursuers. Qing Shui could even hear the relentless bawling and curses from them.

Qing Shui did not feel any sense of goodwill towards this scum of society… Presumptuous, arrogant, defiant, showy, and even willing to stoop to this kind of method to obtain his fiance, he was nothing but a beast.

The Emberlion steed, carrying Qing Shui and Shi Qing Zhuang, crossed several wide avenues and headed out of the city.

Suddenly, Qing Shui sucked in a gust of cold air, “Oh my goodness!”

Shi Qing Zhuang’s hands unknowingly grabbed onto Qing Shui’s penis, almost leading to an accidental discharge.

“You took my first grab away! I must return it double!” Qing Shui’s hand that was on Shi Qing Zhuang’s waist directly grabbed her breasts.

“Wow!” Qing Shui moaned in satisfaction. So that’s that how it feels, full, soft, smooth, and bouncy. That feeling was very comfortable, an inexplicable feeling of contentment, that made his heart race and his mind go blank.

Maybe it was because Qing Shui was touching her breasts, maybe it was because of her instincts. Shi Qing Zhuang’s eyes had suddenly become clear again, and her pink face had a seductive expression as a result of the drug.

Qing Shui knew that he could only see this ice princess’s expression under this circumstance, but witnessing Shi Qing Zhuang’s moment of clarity scared Qing Shui witless.

“You took advantage of me so much, but I only took advantage of you a little,” Qing Shui muttered, and then squeezed a few times, unwilling to remove his hand. The feeling of her breasts made it impossible to stop.

Shi Qing Zhuang’s breathing suddenly quickened into a melodic moan, then she flipped herself and wrapped her arms around Qing Shui’s neck. She started to nibble Qing Shui’s lips, leaving wet stains all over Qing Shui’s face.

“Should I eat her or not?”

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