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Chapter 63 - Dining with a beauty

Chapter 63 Dining with a beauty.

AST 0063 – Dining with a beauty
Time momentarily seemed to stop, as Qing Shui unconsciously lingered in that awkward position, his hands automatically extended out and held Yu He by her waist. Unbidden, Qing Shui seemed to have lost all sense of conscious thought as his instincts took over. Gently, he began rubbing his nose and lips on the area of contact, mesmerised by the fragrance. He lamented the fact that a thin piece of smooth silky fabric was blocking him from ascending to the heavens.

“Hey, you smelly brat, that’s enough!” Yu He cried out frantically in a panic, momentarily shocked out of her wits with a slight hint of anger clouding her tone.

Qing Shui, stunned, embarrassedly removed his hands as he gradually inclined his head. Only to see a pair of ruddy red lips pursed in displeasure. Hints of cold anger could be seen from her eyes. “How beautiful” the thought was fleeting as it crossed Qing Shui’s mind before he recovered. He managed to stammer out “ummm it’s n…not my fault, you suddenly paused, so I bumped into you. It was an accident!” Qing Shui rubbed his nose as he avoided the eyes of Yu He. After a while, the fiery countenance of Yu He visibly softened. Who could manage to stay angry for long when Qing Shui was so adorable.

Yu He speechlessly looked at Qing Shui, and could not help thinking, “Is this little guy destined to be my bane? Even though he is younger than me, he could already be considered an adult. If it was some other guy who did that to me, I would have instantly crippled him…”

Yu He could not help lightly blushing at Qing Shui’s actions. There was even a moment of unexplainable climatic excitement at the earlier contact.

Pausing to steady herself, Yu He said somewhat abashedly “Let’s go, if you dare do that again, I’m going to castrate you.”

Qing Shui, with his brilliant acting immediately assumed a submissive posture, and replied with puppy eyes, “No can do, I still want to get married and have kids in the future, so I still need my little bird.”

“Enough, let’s go. You only know how to take advantage of me. Still acting pure? Hmph, you must think that this elder sister’s eyes have gone blind. Your acting is not bad, but not good enough. I’m going to ignore you from now on.” The words of Yu He left Qing Shui flabbergasted. Even though it was true that he was normally a lusty guy, but he truly had no control about what happened earlier!

After which, they proceeded to the top level of Yu He Inn, and went to the chamber beside the room which the Qing Clan had dined in previously. The moment they entered the chamber, Qing Shui had a strong impression that this place belonged to a lady. There was a fluffy sofa that had space for three, a yellow table made of pineapple wood, wallpapers of blue skies and clouds and wooden panels for the floor. There was also a faint smell of orchids that permeated the whole room, giving off a refreshing feeling to the occupants. Yu He closed the door after they entered, as she lightly smiled to Qing Shui.

This chamber, possibly belonged to Yu He. Qing Shui deduced.

Turning his head back, he saw Yu He reclining on that fluffy white sofa. Her jade white skin when complemented with her white warrior attire, those beautiful black eyes set in that exquisite face, bordered on elegance almost to the point of nobility. That graceful and lithe figure that was leaning backwards made his blood boil in excitement.

Looking at the reaction Qing Shui had after glancing at her, Yu He could not help but smirk slightly. However that smirk was quickly gone from her face as rosy redness tinged her cheeks quickly after. Apparently, the memories of what happened earlier were still fresh in her mind. Qing Shui felt surprised at the reaction of Yu He, and to spare her from the embarrassment, he quickly changed the subject.

“Elder sis, can I peek inside your room?” Qing Shui already knew the answer, but still, he could not resist asking Yu He.

“No.” Yu He directly rejected the request. Indeed, her elegance mixed in with a touch of straightforwardness, gave off an extremely comfortable feeling to Qing Shui.

“Knock knock!”

“Come in.” Yu He stated, after hearing the knocking at the door.

Xinyue entered the room, bearing a large plate with a delicious smile wafting from it. Qing Shui knew that this should be the two black fishes that he brought earlier.

“Little missus, Uncle Hong could no longer control himself, and he had already eaten one of the fishes. If it was not for me reminding him of your orders, I’m afraid that there would be nothing left of the two fishes.”

After Xinyue set the plate down, Yu He invited her to try the fish out with them. After all, if Uncle Hong’s cooking skills were considered ranked 2nd in the whole of Hundred Miles City, then there would be no one who dared to say that they were ranked first.

“It’s okay, just now when Uncle Hong ate the first fish, he offered me some too. The taste was really beyond my expectations, both of us had never tasted something so scrumptious before.” Xinyue cheekily replied, before she ran off.

“This cheeky little brat!” Yu He smiled.

The atmosphere got slightly… weird. A guy and a girl, alone in one room, where the guy was just silently gazing at her. This caused Yu He to be slightly frantic because she could feel that the gaze used when Qing Shui was looking at her was akin to someone staring at his own woman. There were traces of doting, love, admiration and pride…

“What am I thinking about, he is just a little kid. After all, I’m older than him by 10 years, why am I still fantasizing. In a few years time after I grow older and wrinkled, I bet he couldn’t even bother to give me another look.” Yu He silently berated herself.

Feeling hot in her cheeks, Yu He hurriedly said “Come, let us try Uncle Hong’s cooking skills!” Yu He used her chopsticks and picked up a piece of fish meat, before elegantly placing it in her dainty mouth. Such graceful actions were very pleasing to the eye. Qing Shui had no inclination to eat, as he stared at Yu He. Merely watching her eating brought to him a sense of satisfaction that was filled with enjoyment.

“It is too delicious! When did Uncle Hong’s cooking skills became so good? Even other famous chefs in this world, wouldn’t be able to produce such a taste!”

All of a sudden, Yu He finally noticed Qing Shui was not eating, but still gazing at her idiotically. She knew that Qing Shui had come here with some other motives, but she was unable to figure out what he really wanted.

After contemplating, Yu He wasted no more time and began to dig in again. Qing Shui was extremely depressed when he saw that a third of the fish had already been finished by Yu He. How could he miss this chance to dine with a beautiful girl?

Coming to his senses, Qing Shui started devouring voraciously, akin to a ravenous wolf. While Yu He on the other hand, was still eating gracefully. The disparity between their eating styles was made even more obvious by the mess Qing Shui was making on his side of the table.

“Yummy!” Qing Shui rubbed his tummy.

Yu He glanced at Qing Shui with an expression that lay between amusement and suspicion. “You can go ahead and tell me the real reason why you are here today. Although I’ll admit that this fish is one of the best I’ve ever eaten, I don’t believe that is your only purpose in coming here today.”

“Hehe, I just wanted to be able to enjoy dinner with you. If there’s no beautiful ladies for company, no matter how heavenly the dish tastes like, it would still taste like ashes to me.”

“Silly kid, beautiful ladies floating left and right every time you open your mouth. Do you know what beautiful girls are for?” Yu He couldn’t help it, and teased Qing Shui.

“Beautiful girls are there to be cherished!”

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