Ancient Godly Monarch
2021 Giving One’s Life for the Dao
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Ancient Godly Monarch
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2021 Giving One’s Life for the Dao

When the Grand Devil Lord attacked Beiming Youhuang, its six arms also simultaneously launched attacks at the Grim Reaper and Hua Taixu. Its devil palm imprints contained boundless might. Devil runes revolved around it, causing the might within the devil palm imprints to stack endlessly.

The Grim Reaper manifested an extremely powerful death spirit to block it. His body trembled violently from the impact again as more bloody holes opened up. Hua Taixu stabbed out with his samsara spear arts, his spear contained boundless samsara might, wanting to swallow the devil palm imprints into a cycle. However, that endlessly stacking devil might actually sundered the cycle of samsara. Hua Taixu's body shuddered as he coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood that dyed his robes red.

But even so, his gaze was still as sharp as ever, he cast a glance at the people behind the Grand Devil Lord while sighing in his heart. If these lives weren't destroyed, they would never have a chance to defeat the Grand Devil Lord.

In truth, many people died during this clash. They took on the brunt of the damage on behalf of the Grand Devil Lord. Roughly a million experts of the western world army were turned to ashes. The scene of this was simply cruel, causing him to feel sorrow in his heart. However, the Grand Devil Lord had no emotions on his face. As long as he could kill these people obstructing him and take over the Heaven Vault, he wouldn't mind even if the entire western world army was sacrificed. What he wanted, was the entire Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms to be under his control.

"Youhuang, do it. Show no mercy." The Imperishable Heaven Lord spoke. Beiming Youhuang trembled. She felt some reluctance, does she really have to take so many lives? If that's the case, would there be any difference between her and the evil devil before her eyes?

However, if she didn't kill these people, they would have no way to defeat the Grand Devil Lord. She and her friends would all have to die. Not only them, but all the innocent people in the Heaven Vault would also die as well.

Hence, Beiming Youhuang had a look of agony on her face. She was struggling. Such emotions truly caused her to feel pain and agony. This wasn't simply killing one or two people. It was about killing an entire army.

"ROAR!" At this moment, the heaven devouring godking let out a roar, reminding them that there's still another godking-level existence around.

"Youhuang, if you don't kill them, there would only be more deaths." The Grim Reaper spoke. "All of them are already under the Grand Devil Lord's control, becoming his puppets. Their lives no longer hold any meaning. Their fate is already decided."

The Grand Devil Lord chanted devil scriptures, numerous devil lords descended from the sky, all of them had devil runes revolving around them as they radiated a blinding light. They wanted to lock down this starry space. Those devil runes and devil light fused together becoming a devil god barrier, wanting to trap everything within here.

On the devil god wall, the devil runes transformed into waves of extreme power that flowed out, aiming for the three experts. At the same time, those devil lords also unleashed devilish punches, and the devil cultivators also attacked together. The might of their combined attacks could even shatter stars.

The dao diagram before Beiming Youhuang shone resplendently, seemingly imperishable regardless of how much devil energy was blasted at it. The diagrams could easily neutralize the devil might. However, each blast of attack would cause the dao diagrams to tremble. The crazy old freak summoned millions of death seals to counter-attack, the collision made the entire space tremble as explosions occurred unceasingly. Hua Taixu's spear danced about, the samsara light he generated also swallowed up some of the enemy attacks.

At this moment, the devil lords in the air let out howls of madness. The sound they produced could shatter everything and caused the souls of the three experts to tremble. At the same time in another direction, the heaven devouring godking flew towards the Grim Reaper, preparing to finish him off first. Yet, Little Rascal blocked his way. The two of them looked extremely similar, their baleful eyes flickered with a blood-red light.

"You want to fight against your father?" The Grand Devil Lord laughed coldly. After that, the heaven devouring godking stretched out his claw and directly caused Little Rascal's gigantic body to be enveloped by boundless devouring light. His surroundings transformed into devouring vortices. The heaven devouring godking took a deep breath, everything in the surrounding space was about to be devoured by him.

When Beiming Youhuang saw this, an icy look flashed in her eyes. Her soul power covered the boundless starry space, boring down on the western world army.

"Kill!" She closed her eyes, her voice was filled with agony. A moment later, countless experts only felt their souls being shredded. She no longer froze them, choosing to directly destroy their souls. The faces of experts from the western world army all turned ashen, their gazes turned vacant and they fell from the air a moment later.

More and more experts from the western world army died unceasingly. Tears flowed from Beiming Youhuang eyes. She had no choice but to conduct a massacre here today.

The expression of the Grand Devil Lord froze when he saw this. He then punched out towards Beiming Youhuang, causing her to be unable to focus on the western world army while his eyes flickered with a cold smile.

Boundless devil might from his fists blasted into the dao diagram before Beiming Youhuang. At this moment, the devil might continue to explode unceasingly. The waves of pressure that emanated forth seemed endless, finally causing the light from the dao diagram to fade away bit by bit.

Behind the Grand Devil Lord, the devil runes from the army fused into his fists, intent on breaking through Beiming Youhuang's defense.

Hua Taixu glanced at the battlefield here and turned to the western world army. Determination flared in his eyes. A true buddha was a merciful and benevolent one, they would deliver the people of the world from suffering, helping them to avoid calamities.

Buddhism has a famous phrase: If I don't enter hell, who would?

Hua Taixu pressed his palms together as golden light radiated from him. His body slowly transformed into a buddhic golden body. His aura became more outstanding and although he has long hair, he looked like a true buddha now, flawlessly holy and pure. His long hair fluttered in the wind as he thought back to his experience in his two lives.

During his first life, he cultivated the buddha path, gaining insights into samsara. But after that, he doubted his cultivation, the western paradise didn't seem to be as pure and holy as he once thought it was. He began to doubt his dao, to doubt the buddhas of the western paradise and decided to rebel, leaving there to seek answers. He didn't hesitate to cast aside his life to enter the cycle of samsara for a second chance.

In this life, he no longer cultivated the buddha dao but he still chose to cultivate samsara energy. He gained insights in the mortal world, experiencing the suffering there while also experiencing the emotions of the mortal world. From the Myriad Incarnations Immortal King, he felt true love, and that was the spark that awakened his past life's memory.

Through these two lives, he could be considered to have fully comprehended the true meaning of samsara, allowing him to see the true nature of the buddha dao. The buddhist cultivators in the western paradise, could they truly be considered buddhas? No, they weren't, Buddhas were everywhere, one could be a buddha as long as one performed acts of kindness. Buddhas should impart virtue and benevolence, they should truly do good instead of sitting in some sacred hall and preaching empty words.

Buddha was in one's heart, one doesn't need to cultivate the buddha dao to be one.

The golden light increased in radiance, illuminating the surrounding space. This was true buddhic golden light. Buddhic chants echoed in the air as numerous buddha figures appeared. This space suddenly manifested a stretch of astral river. This astral river was completely golden in color, containing the power of samsara.

The Grim Reaper and Beiming Youhuang's eyes flashed as they stared in that direction. Even the Grand Devil Lord started. He glanced over at Hua Taixu only to see Hua Taixu's figure becoming more and more illusory, like he was burning his body and soul. Gradually, his body completely vanished, dispersing into dust. It was the same for his soul as well. A sarira of samsara appeared in the starry space, it directly floated into the samsara river and at this moment, the samsara river began to form a true great dao cycle of samsara.

"Impudent!" The Grand Devil Lord roared in rage. He naturally knew what Hua Taixu wanted to do. Golden light rained down from the samsara river, covering everything, including the western world army. The samsara river engulfed everything and at the moment when all the experts were enveloped by the samsara intent, their souls drifted into the river, melding into it.

"Time reversal!" The Grand Devil Lord roared in anger. Time reversed, but the samsara light merely faded away a little. This was a cycle of samsara formed from the true great dao, the dao of time wasn't able to control it.

Gradually, as the samsara river continued to rain down its water, the souls of countless experts melded into it as their bodies slumped down lifelessly. All of them died, but their souls had entered the cycle of samsara.

"He can actually unleash a dao that surpassed his own capabilities." The Grim Reaper felt shock as he observed the situation.

"He gave up on his body and soul, transforming them into the true cycle of samsara, sacrificing himself to deliver the people of the world from suffering. He has transformed, his newly-found insights caused his dao to transform as well." The Imperishable Heaven Lord spoke.

"Compared to those bald donkeys, he is more like a true buddha, willing to sacrifice himself to protect the lives of everyone." The Grim Reaper sighed. Hua Taixu sacrificed himself for his dao, turning himself into the samsara cycle. Although the western world army seemed to have died, they didn't die for real. Their souls entered samsara and they would have a chance to be reborn and live again. This was already the best solution. If not, their lives would always be controlled by the Buddha Sovereign and they would be used as tools, sacrificing their lives for nothing but the ambition of the Buddha Sovereign.

"He cultivated for two lifetimes. During his first life, he was on the buddha path. Now that he sacrificed himself for the greater good, it can be considered a virtuous achievement to him." The Grim Reaper tried to console everyone. He then glanced at the Grand Devil Lord. "Don't the buddhas of the western paradise feel ashamed of your own inferiority?"

There were still some people behind the Grand Devil Lord that haven't died. These were heavenly deities from the western paradise. They wouldn't die so easily.

But at this moment, their expressions were all extremely ugly. In his past life, Hua Taixu was the Samsara Buddha, and this life, he actually spoiled the plans of the Buddha Sovereign, using the cycle of samsara to deliver the masses!


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