Ancient Godly Monarch
2008 Return
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Ancient Godly Monarch
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2008 Return

Che Hou's return caused everyone in the Heaven Vault to feel a sense of crisis. Jun Mengchen seemed to have suffered a setback and immediately went into closed-door seclusion after his fight with Che Hou.

The external world was shaken by the commotion as well. They were shocked by Che Hou's strength and also because of Qin Wentian's power. It was rumored that when Che Hou and Qin Wentian fought, Che Hou unleashed the grand dao of chaos, the progenitor of all daos, capable of destroying everything. However, Qin Wentian actually managed to merge with a constellation from the nine heavenly layers and summoned a pair of heavenly divine eyes from the sky, fusing his dao of sealing and dao of spacetime together, using the constellation to unleash a terrifying art that forced Che Hou to retreat.

Other than this, Qin Wentian's usage and control of the spacetime dao has already reached an extremely high level. He was able to distort time and space with a single glance and cross immense distances. With a single thought, he could connect to constellations in the skies. Right now, even without needing the assistance of the Heaven Vault, given Qin Wentian's powerful cultivation base, he could easily fly up to the nine heavenly layers by himself.

The Heaven Vault was something left behind by Godking Xi. Godking Xi was an ancient godking. And now, Qin Wentian, Che Hou and the others have gradually begun to approach this level of power. Their actual strength undoubtedly wouldn't differ too much from the ancient godkings. In the past in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms, there never has been so many terrifying characters appearing together at once. The era has changed, although there were many deities who died, the people of the world still felt that this era would surely be much more glorious compared to the past eras.

According to rumors, just the number of deities being born in the Heaven Vault alone could already be comparable to the sum of all the deities from the other hegemonic powers. Although many people felt that this was hard to believe, they had to acknowledge the possibility of this being the truth. In the past, there was once a hegemonic power that had over ten heavenly deities, that hegemonic power was considered one of the peak-level ones. Usually, in any of the great eight regions, there would at most be tens of deities.

But right now, just by displaying the tip of the iceberg, the Heaven Vault actually had more deities compared to the sum of other deities from the various hegemonic powers. Also, this hasn't included peak characters like Qin Wentian and Qin Yuanfeng. Just these two alone could win against all the deities in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms other than the western world. Other than the two of them, Qin Wentian's junior brother Jun Mengchen, his demonic beast companion Little Rascal, both had already shown enough strength to challenge a hegemonic power single-handedly in the past. How strong were they now exactly?

No matter from which angle, the current Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms were stronger compared to the past. In fact, it was much stronger than before.

This was a cruel era, experts would fall anytime. Even for deity-ranked hegemonic powers, no heavenly deities were safe. Weaker ones would fall and become insignificant specks of dust in the long river of history. Only those true peak characters could continue existing. Also, the peak characters would continue to contend against each other until an eventual king was crowned.


The western paradise was still as incomparably holy as ever. During these days, the western world was extremely peaceful. A harmonious air permeated the entire region. Golden light illuminated the sky, painting a magnificent sight.

In this golden world. Many people gathered either at their homes or at temples, chanting buddhic verses. Buddhic light radiated from their bodies, permeating the entire space, which transformed into auspicious qi that spread through the western world. This caused some experts who came from the other regions to feel shocked in their hearts. The western world seemed to be changing. They glanced over and could see everyone here seemed to be doing so due to some mysterious energy acting upon them.

This scene was just too terrifying. Although they felt that something was wrong, no one could stop it. They knew that the source of all of this was the western paradise, the holy ground of the Buddhist Sect.

Everyone in the western world were buddhist cultivators. The auspicious golden light spread out through the entire world, forcing evil back. Numerous illusionary buddha shadows could actually be seen in the sky. These buddhas shone with golden light and seemed incomparably pure and holy. It caused many of the buddhist cultivators to prostrate themselves in worship as their hearts grew even more devout.

And in the western paradise, the illusory shadow of an ancient buddha appeared. He was like the supreme buddha lord of the western paradise and has the golden buddhic light in the western world gathered, the shadow grew increasingly clearer and became larger and larger, becoming the largest buddha in the world. Even for people who were extremely far away, they could either see or sense the existence of this terrifying being.

Behind the ancient buddha, great solar light flared, as though this buddha was Vairocana, the Buddha of supreme enlightenment. A total of eighty-one halos surrounded him. The halos seemed to contain the faces and the will of the multitude of living things in the western world, including all the scenes, were cast onto it. It was simply incredible.

Inside western paradise, many buddhist cultivators sat on praying mats. They had their eyes closed and were linked by their buddhic senses. Even for buddha lords and sacred buddhas, all of them were extremely pious at this moment. They knew that the Buddha Sovereign was about to return.

Once he is back, the buddha dao would become even more prosperous. Everyone in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms would convert to Buddhism.

Far away, in the Heaven Vault located in the Heaven Region, Qin Wentian and Qin Yuanfeng seemed to have sensed something. They who were cultivating inclined their heads and stared at the sky. The constellations sparkled, radiating their boundless light, cascading towards the west. In the starry sky, the faint shadow of an ancient buddha appeared. This scene seemed unbelievable.

"Seems like the lord of the west has returned." Qin Yuanfeng saw this scene and quietly mumbled. After that, he contacted Qin Wentian with his divine sense, "Wentian, don't allow your heart to waver. Concentrate on your cultivation."

"Mhm." Qin Wentian nodded.

"Buddha cultivators experience a cycle of samsara every time they cultivate. For every bout of cultivation, it can be considered a whole reincarnation cycle. Although he is confirmed to return, the amount of time needed might still be quite long." Qin Yuanfeng spoke. Buddha arts are extremely unique, each session of meditation and cultivation might be an entire lifetime spent in the cycle of samsara. It may last a hundred years or a thousand years. And as for the godking of the buddha dao, the Buddha Sovereign, each session of his cultivation would naturally last extremely long. No one knew when he would truly return. Hence, Qin Yuanfeng reminded Qin Wentian not to be flustered.

Qin Wentian also understood this. Although the western world was extremely domineering in the past, but in truth, the Buddha Sovereign has yet to truly return. If he had done so, many things wouldn't have been as simple. Back then, Qin Wentian would never have been able to escape the western world.

All the powerful experts in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms could sense the phenomenon in the sky. After that, they all gradually learned of what happened in the western world as their hearts pounded violently.

The godking of the Universe Region has returned. Would the time where the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realm were soon united about to come?

In a certain place in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms, inside a majestic palace of darkness on a mountain peak. There were countless experts within. This place was none other than the place Yue Changkong was cultivating in.

At this moment, inside the palace of darkness, a figure walked over. This figure was Yue Changkong, but he also wasn't Yue Changkong.

Because his current aura was just too terrifying, a far cry away from the Yue Changkong of the past. He was the same as Che Hou and has undergone a transformation. In fact, his transformation was even more complete compared to Che Hou.

Yue Changkong turned his gaze towards the west as an evil smile appeared on his face. Did the Buddha Sovereign finally return? Only then would things be interesting. If not, his current life would truly be too lonely and boring.

An incomparably resplendent light descended from the sky and landed beside Yue Changkong. Yue Changkong didn't turn his head and merely asked calmly, "Have you considered it clearly?"

"I promise you to exterminate the Heaven Vault first." That figure coldly spoke. So it turned out that this figure was none other than Che Hou. After he left the Heaven Vault that day, he came here to find Yue Changkong.

"That's good then. I will head to the western world to convince them to seize the Heaven Vault first. After that, you and I shall join forces to destroy the western paradise." Yue Changkong calmly spoke.

"And after destroying the western paradise, you will destroy me to conquer the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms completely, right?" Che Hou spoke. Although he was a divine weapon, he had the souls of an entire clan within him. His intelligence was no different from humans.

"If you can kill me, you would similarly also be the one that unifies and conquers the entire Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms." Yue Changkong calmly replied. Their words to each other were extremely blunt, there was no need to mask their intentions. At their current levels, there was no longer a need to mask anything. They could tell what each other was thinking easily.

"I will wait for your news." Che Hou's figure flashed, disappearing instantly.

Yue Changkong still stood there calmly. After that, he spoke, "Men."

As the sound of his voice rang out, numerous experts came by. These experts were all powerful characters from the hegemonic powers that have submitted to him. The person in the lead was the Prison God Clan Leader, he bowed as he stood behind Yue Changkong.

"Release the news saying that one of the ancient godkings of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms, Godking Desolate, his true form was a heavenly devouring beast. He can devour the constellations in the nine heavenly layers but because he suffered a backlash, the godking of the Universe Region took the chance to sneak attack him and imprisoned him inside western paradise. Through the passage of countless years, the Buddha Sovereign has been slowly assimilating the strength of Godking Desolate." Yue Changkong calmly spoke. The heart of the Prison God Clan Leader standing behind pounded rapidly as huge waves rose in his heart. This was truly an ancient secret.

What was Yue Changkong's purpose in releasing this news? Was he planning to destroy the image of the godking from the Universe Region?

"God, buddha, demon, devil?" Yue Changkong coldly laughed. In this era, only supreme experts at the peak could set the rules, this included the rules of kindness and evil.

His figure flashed and disappeared from his original location. He was heading towards the western world and was preparing to meet the recently returned Buddha Sovereign!


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