Ancient Godly Monarch
1995 The Curtains are Drawn
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Ancient Godly Monarch
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1995 The Curtains are Drawn

"Dang`er!" Qin Zheng and his wife called out loudly when they saw this. The illusory figure drifting away turned to them and spoke. "Father, Mother, I will definitely come back to take revenge for you two."

"No…!" Qin Zheng's wife screamed but everything was useless. The black fog carried away Qin Dangtian's soul and vanished into that space-time tunnel. Qin Yuanfeng frowned when he saw this. He knew who that person in the tunnel was. It was that evil cultivator who has also entered the Divine Mausoleum. This man had many evil methods at his disposal. Back then, he wanted to devour the Divine Mausoleum but the Moon God's inheritance refused to be devoured by him. He only managed to devour half the inheritance while the other half went to Qin Dangtian. Now, it seemed that nothing could stop Yue Changkong from obtaining the complete inheritance of the Moon God.

"BOOM!" Qin Yuanfeng stepped out, he actually was flying towards that space-time tunnel. After that, he lifted his fist and punched out. In the next instant, a terrifying storm manifested and shot towards the tunnel. It transformed into a punch of the six paths, capable of shredding everything. The spacetime tunnel trembled unceasingly as numerous intense noises rang out. At the other end of the space-time tunnel, a groan of misery could be heard. But after that, a cold and evil laughter rang out.

"Tomb keeper, just wait for me. Both you and your son will become my nutrients sooner or later." That evil voice reverberated through the heavens and earth. The space-time tunnel closed as the violent and churning qi flows gradually returned to calmness. Finally, the curtains were closed on this incident. Qin Dangtian's body fell from the sky and was caught by Qin Zheng. However, there was no longer any hints of life.

"Heaven's Son actually died." The experts of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms inclined their heads. This was a epoch-marking battle. Heaven's Son Qin Dangtian returned from the Divine Mausoleum. He who had obtained the inheritance was unexcelled in the world, incomparably arrogant. But even so, he was still defeated in the end. Just like what Qin Wentian has said that power ultimately belonged to the inheritance, it didn't belong to Qin Dangtian. It was like the godking had returned and Qin Wentian was fighting the godking instead. Qin Dangtian's own Absolute Beginnings Dao was extremely weak before Qin Wentian. Hence, after the Moon God Eyes technique was broken, Qin Dangtian no longer had a way to contend with Qin Wentian and was defeated. After that, he was brought away by Yue Changkong.

The Heaven's Son lost his body, the Qin Clan was annihilated. Qin Yuanfeng and his son Qin Wentian seemed to be the most dazzling existences in this era. There would no longer be anyone who could mask their radiance. Maybe, the remaining existences that could contend against them in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms were only the western paradise and the mysterious evil cultivator Yue Changkong.

Now, how could the people of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms not understand that the Yue Changkong's current existence was no longer the past him.

Staring at the location of the vanished figure, Qin Yuanfeng was still frowning. The existence of Yue Changkong would bring about plenty of trouble.

He turned his gaze towards Qin Zheng and his wife. They were also staring at him with cold expressions, their eyes flickering with the flames of hatred. However, Qin Yuanfeng's inner heart didn't waver. Hatred? Were they qualified to hate him? Compared to the things they did to him back then, what could this count for?

A light flashed as the judgement halberd flew into the air. After that, it reversed direction and fell down, aiming for Qin Zheng himself.

Everything has concluded.

Qin Zheng lifted his head and stared at the descending halberd as he sighed, "The heavens want me to die, it isn't a fate that I can change. Fate made fools out of us."

In his life, how much had he paid in order to gain what he had today? But now, everything turned back to dust. His legendary story has finally come to an end.

The judgement halberd radiated boundless light, like it was its final radiance. It trembled in the air and let out a humming sound.

In the next moment, the judgement halberd transformed into light and flew towards Qin Zheng. It was like a bolt of lightning that penetrated Qin Zheng. Qin Zheng's body trembled violently. He inclined his head and stared at Qin Yuanfeng. "Yuanfeng, I'm truly inferior to you."

As the sound of his voice faded, a wave of divine might exploded forth. His entire body was flowing with divine punishment light. The two sources of power were combined, they began to act together and destroy his body and his soul. His body grew more and more illusory, like it was about to disappear at any moment.

Before his death, he finally admitted that he was inferior to Qin Yuanfeng. Regardless of him or his son.

Once, he schemed with all he had to finish off Qin Yuanfeng to become the king of the Qin Clan. However, despite all his plans, at the very end, everything returned to emptiness. In fact, the situation became even worse. Not only had he lost, his clan was completely annihilated and no longer existed.

When his wife saw this, tears flowed from her face. She embraced Qin Zheng's body and also released a fearsome dao might and attacked herself, destroying her own body, stepping into the underworld with her husband.

In this life, they tasted glory and radiance. Now, everything has ended. Qin Yuanfeng returned for his revenge, their son was killed. They no longer had any hopes left and only wanted to seek death.

This was fate. No matter how glorious or how strong they were in the past, they were no different from ordinary humans now.

The experts of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms gradually watched as their illusory figures faded away, feeling a faint sorrow in their hearts. So what if one gave it their all and fought tooth and nail for a high position? As long as one couldn't climb up to the absolute peak, everything was nothing but floating dust in the end. In this world, who could transcend life or death? Who could truly be free of all bindings? Only by transcending the nine heavens would one be able to do so. Did any of the ancients manage to accomplish this?

Maybe. The experts were all silently musing.

The people of Qin Clan felt even more sorrowful. Their clan leader Qin Zheng committed suicide and the mother of the Qin Clan followed him into death. The heavenly deities of the Qin Clan were all completely wiped out.

This was the price they had to pay for the mistake they made. This price was too heavy and painful, the mistake back then was too great, to the extent of it being unforgivable. The heavenly deities of the Qin Clan then joined forces to kill one of the most outstanding geniuses in the younger generation of their Qin Clan, even to the extent of seizing his body and power. How cruel was that? Now that Qin Yuanfeng came back for his revenge, could they really hate Qin Yuanfeng? What qualifications do they have to hate him?

Finally, the bodies of Qin Zheng and his wife vanished, transformed into dust that was gone with the wind. The clan leader of a generation and the mother of a clan passed on, committing suicide to pay for their crimes.

This debt of hatred finally had a full stop put onto it.

Qin Yuanfeng watched as the two of them vanished. He didn't feel too much satisfaction with regards to this revenge. He was very calm, like he had simply done something he ought to do. He wasn't controlled by hatred but since there was a debt, this debt naturally had to be repaid. Now, everything in the past can finally said to have come to an end.

He inclined his head and stared into the distance. Qin Yuanfeng looked at the people of the Qin Clan only to see experts of the Qin Clan kneeling, "The Qin Clan has already paid for the sins we committed long ago. Qin Zheng committed suicide, the heavenly deities of the Qin Clan were all wiped out. Why don't you let things end now? You are originally also a chosen of the Qin Clan. Now, we hope you can come back and become a pillar of the Qin Clan."

All the deities in the Qin Clan had died, a clan without deities couldn't be considered a hegemonic power. Even if Qin Yuanfeng stopped his act of revenge and didn't exterminate them, the Qin Clan was now a shell of the past. A hegemonic power with no deities at their back would only become easy pickings for others. Their end result would be extremely dire.

As the sound of this voice rang out, many people in the Qin Clan knelt. "Please come back and take control of the clan."

If Qin Yuanfeng was willing to do so, the Qin Clan would still be the Qin Clan. Just like what Qin Yuanfeng has said, his family alone could become a clan.

Qin Yuanfeng looked at the numerous figures as well as the calls they made, asking him to return as their clan leader. His heart was as still as water, his gaze was as calm as ever.

"Once, when the deities of the Qin Clan banded together to kill me for the sake of Qin Zheng obtaining leadership, did anyone stand out for me? Today, Qin Zheng committed suicide and the Qin Clan wants me to simply take the leadership just like? All of this can be described with a phrase. The victor is king, the loser is vilified." Qin Yuanfeng calmly spoke, the hearts of everyone trembled. It was true. Everything that happened was aptly described by this phrase. The victor would become the king. When Qin Zheng had won, all the people in the Qin Clan felt that he had done nothing wrong.

"The victor becomes the king and the loser is vilified. In the view of an empire, this might be alright. But when this phrase is used within a clan, isn't it a little too ruthless? Is there any meaning for such a clan to exist?" Qin Yuanfeng sighed. After hearing his words, many grew nervous again.

"Just disperse. Seeing that we share the same blood, I will pardon you all. But from now on, the Qin Clan will no longer exist." Qin Yuanfeng waved his hand and spoke. After that, a powerful fluctuation radiated from his palm and destroyed the symbolic buildings of the Qin Clan. Heavenly might bore down and the buildings all collapsed.

Turning their heads back, looking at the ruined buildings, the hearts of people of the Qin Clan were filled with melancholy. They understood that Qin Yuanfeng's heart towards the Qin Clan had died long ago. From now on, the era that belonged to the Qin Clan has already passed.

Countless people in the Qin Clan could only sigh. Everything has ended. Once, they felt incomparable glory to be part of the Qin Clan. But from today onwards, the Qin Clan no longer existed. The people of the world would only know of the names of Qin Yuanfeng and Qin Wentian. From now on, their names would represent the Qin Clan.

"Once, I had imagined me coming here countless times to destroy the Qin Clan, acting in the stead of father to claim back the debt. To think that father came back personally today and settle the debt with your own hands." Qin Wentian stood beside Qin Yuanfeng and spoke softly. Many emotions filled his heart. Qin Zheng has died, Heaven's Son Qin Dangtian most probably would die soon after.

"Even if I didn't return, you would still stand in my place one day. The ending wouldn't be any different." Qin Yuanfeng looked at his son as he calmly spoke. "The future of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms belongs to you. Let's go back for now."

"Right." Qin Wentian nodded his head. He turned his gaze below. Those experts from the hegemonic powers could sense the coldness in Qin Wentian's gaze. Their hearts trembled, from Qin Wentian's gaze they could sense killing intent.

After the Qin Clan was destroyed, they were probably next.

Now, given Qin Yuanfeng and Qin Wentian's strength, the hegemonic powers were like lambs waiting to be slaughtered, they couldn't even escape. At this moment, maybe Qin Wentian didn't act because their experts weren't gathered fully. They weren't so foolish to assume that Qin Wentian would spare them out of mercy. One must know that not long ago, they just killed their way into the Heaven Vault. Qin Wentian would look for them to claim this debt for sure.

Qin Wentian led the deities on his side back. On the return journey, Qin Yuanfeng spoke. "You have to be careful of that man. He and Qin Dangtian entered the Divine Mausoleum together. I think that he should be the reincarnation of an ancient godking."

"You mean Yue Changkong?" Qin Wentian's eyes was cold. "I truly didn't expect that I would be able to meet with different godkings in this era."

"The eight godkings who split the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms into eight great regions all wanted to pursue the ultimate supreme path. Even if they fell in the pursuit, they would never be willing to accept this and would think of ways to return. The Divine Mausoleum is a place arranged by the Moon God. He schemed for countless years, waiting for today. Did you see that Qin Dangtian didn't really inherit his power, but was possessed by the Moon God's power instead? The reason why he chose Qin Dangtian and not that evil cultivator was most probably because Qin Dangtian is easier to control, making the conditions of his return easier. Sadly, despite the many years of planning, it seems like all his plans ended up benefiting others instead." Qin Yuanfeng slowly spoke, staring up at the sky. "The godkings returned one after the other, like they wanted to put a full stop to this era. And from now on, a brand new era shall unfold."


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