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1935 Reappearance of the Battle Saint Tribe

Ever since the changes that happened to the Desolate Region back then, there was only a single hegemonic power there now - the Divine Ox Clan.

The Divine Ox Clan's ambitions appeared to have been realized. They were now the only hegemonic power there, hence, their rule is supreme and unchallenged.

However, they didn't feel any sense of accomplishment.

The reason was because they didn't defeat the other hegemonic powers of the Desolate Region. The Luoshen Clan was fragmented. One faction followed Qin Wentian and entered the Heaven Vault for cultivation while the other faction led by Luoshen Mu, chose relocation and they seemed to have vanished completely.

For the third hegemonic power the Demon God Mountain, the five demon sovereigns and the many experts under them were cultivating in the Heaven Vault as well. The other demons were all dispersed throughout the eight great regions then. But it was said that during these few years, many demons started to gather at the Qin Heavenly Divine Sect as they sought out the five demon sovereigns. As long as they used to be someone from the Demon God Mountain, the demon sovereigns would accept them back. Qin Wentian also allowed them to occupy one of the nine divine cities in the Boundless Sea Region and they also had the qualifications to cultivate in the Heaven Vault.

The Divine Ox Clan naturally understood what this meant. The Luoshen Clan and Demon God Mountain were both growing increasingly stronger. This was especially so for the Demon God Mountain. They weren't fragmented and the five demon sovereigns were all present. And as for the Luoshen Clan, Luoshen Chuan was Qin Wentian's grandfather. This fact alone was already sufficient.

On the contrary, the Divine Ox Clan's strength had diminished after Qin Wentian's group came here back then to slaughter their ox deities.

So, although they were 'ruling unchallenged' in the Desolate Region now. Was there anything worthy about it to be happy about?

In truth, the Divine Ox Clan was living in danger. They were living in constant worry that there would be a day where Qin Wentian led the Luoshen Clan back to the Desolate Region, slaughtering their way towards the Divine Ox Clan.

Sometimes, they were thinking they should do the same as they did in the past? Relocating their clan. Yet, they felt reluctance. They understood that Qin Wentian now didn't dare to make any reckless moves too. After all, the other peak powers in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms still had their attention on him. This was why there was peace during these few years. However, after the Qin Heavenly Divine Sect was established, some of the hegemonic powers felt wariness in their hearts. Several of them had already formed alliances. Evidently, they were on their guard against Qin Wentian.

But at the very least, temporarily, Qin Wentian's alliance still didn't have the power to threaten all the hegemonic powers in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms. The hegemonic powers weren't able to do anything to him either. It was too difficult to kill Qin Wentian now. After all, the Qiankun Sect, Nine Heavens Mystical Palace and the headmaster of the sacred academy were all protecting him.

In the Divine Ox Castle within the Desolate Region, greater demons could be seen everywhere. Humans were of a lower social status here and lived miserable existences. They were ordered like servants. Demons had extremely preferential treatment and the cries of complaint from humans filled the roads. All of them wanted to leave but currently, the boundlessly vast Desolate Region was now all under the Divine Ox Clan's control. Where could ordinary people go to? They weren't heavenly deities who could easily travel vast amounts of distance. Even world overlords wouldn't be able to do so. There was no need to talk about those below the world overlord level.

"Beauty, come over here." In an inn, an ox sat at the widow and was looking down on a group of people walking in the streets. His eyes were fixed on a beautiful maiden in the group as his demonic eyes gleamed with a bright light.

The beautiful maiden froze. She then spoke, "Senior demon, I'm someone from the Li Clan."

"The Li Clan that works for the Divine Ox Castle?" The demon ox's eyes flashed. The young maiden nodded, feeling that this statue should be able to help her through this crisis. However, the smile on the demon ox's face grew even wider. "No wonder you are so beautiful. I'm precisely from the Divine Ox Castle. Since your clan is working for the castle, you should serve me properly and I guarantee that your clan would surely benefit from it. In the future, you will accompany me and I will naturally dote on you well."

The maiden's face turned pale. The guard beside her also had an unsightly expression.

"Mhm?" The demon ox frowned, feeling very unhappy about this maiden's reaction.

"Senior ox, junior already has a marriage engagement." The maiden bowed low.

"Is that so?" The ox laughed maliciously. "Aren't things interesting then?"

After that, he stood up and his body expanded, transforming into a giant minotaur. His demonic qi flooded the area, causing people in the inn be startled as they retreated quickly. No one dared to antagonize a demon from the Divine Ox Castle.

Right now, no other powers in the Desolate Region could suppress the Divine Ox Castle. They were the kings of the Desolate Region. Ordinary people naturally wouldn't know of the entire situation in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms. They only knew that right now, the Divine Ox Castle was the strongest.

"If I need to personally act, things would be very miserable for you." The minotaur laughed coldly. He stretched out his hand and grabbed towards the maiden. His thick and dark hand looked extremely terrifying. The maiden trembled helplessly as she closed her eyes as her tears flowed down her face.

However, a moment later, that hand didn't manage to grab her at all. After that, sounds of exclamation rang out. When the maiden opened her eyes, that minotaur could be seen struggling madly as a fearsome giant hand grabbed hold of it instead. The minotaur was lifted into the air, it was like as long as the giant hand used the slightest force, the minotaur would be crushed into a pulp.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"I'M FROM THE DIVINE OX CASTLE!" The minotaur howled.

"Nice. I have a challenge letter in my hand, it would go well with your head when I deliver it to the Divine Ox Castle." A cold voice rang out. After that, a cracking sound echoed as the head of the minotaur was twisted off. The minotaur then no longer moved.

With a plop, the minotaur fell down to the ground. After that, a challenge letter floated down and landed beside his head. No one dared to go and open the letter. They inclined their heads and stared at the person who spoke. They could only tell that this person's aura was extremely outstanding. The mysterious person's silhouette then flashed as he departed the area.

Some time after he left, experts from the Divine Ox Clan arrived. When they opened the letter, their bodies trembled violently, knowing that something major was about to occur. This wasn't simply the death of a demonic beast from the Divine Ox Castle. This would become a matter that implicated the entire Divine Ox Clan.

There were only three words on the challenge latter, Battle Saint Tribe.

News then circulated out from the Desolate Region. The Battle Saint Tribe has resurfaced in the Desolate Region and they issued a challenge letter to the Divine Ox Clan. For a period of time, the entire Desolate Region was shaking.

The Battle Saint Tribe who once dominated the Desolate Region has finally reappeared after disappearing for so many years.

Many people have already forgotten that there was once such a power in the Desolate Region. But as the Battle Saint Tribe resurfaced, many stories of the past about them began to spread. Back then, they were forced to desperate straits by the Divine Ox Clan. The Divine Ox Clan used despicable methods and almost succeeded in eradicating everyone in the Battle Saint Tribe. In fact, the dao bone in Devilox's body came precisely from the Battle Saint Tribe but it was taken away back then by someone.

There were people who suspected that Devilox's death in the past had something to do with the Battle Saint Tribe.

Even the Divine Ox Clan had this suspicion too.

The atmosphere in the Divine Ox Castle grew tense and extremely heavy. The words Battle Saint Tribe became an invisible pressure that hung above the skies of the Divine Ox Castle. Even the Ox Chieftain didn't dare to underestimate these three words. After all, the Battle Saint Tribe was once an incomparably glorious existence.

And now, they were hiding in the dark. No one knew how strong they were.

The people in the other regions of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms also received the news. Their hearts were trembling, they didn't expect the Battle Saint Tribe who has been missing for so many years to actually resurface. Seems like the period of peace was about to end.

More and more experts from the Desolate Region gathered at the area around the Divine Ox Castle as they waited quietly. They knew that since the challenge letter was already delivered, the Battle Saint Tribe would surely show up.

The Divine Ox Clan was also waiting. They were about to face their mortal enemies. What was unknown was precisely the most terrifying. The Ox Chieftain stayed inside the castle, not daring to leave it even for half a step. He was waiting for the Battle Saint Tribe to appear.

Today, in the airspace above the Divine Ox Castle, demonic clouds flooded the sky, exuding extreme might. Within the castle, numerous demonic beasts inclined their heads and stared at the sky. The eyes of the Ox Chieftain flashed with demonic light. His divine sense shot out, extending towards the sky.

"Bzz~" The violent winds gusted as demonic qi filled the air. A kunpeng broke through the clouds, his silhouette blotting out the sun as he hovered above the castle.

"Kun Sovereign, what are you doing here at my Divine Ox Castle?" The Ox Chieftain had an ugly look on his face. Not only was the Kun Sovereign here, the other demon sovereigns were here as well.

"I heard that the Battle Saint Tribe is returning to the Desolate Region? We naturally wish to come here to take a look." The Kun Sovereign calmly spoke. The expression of the Ox Chieftain turned extremely ugly. "In that case, Luoshen Chuan, what are you doing here?"

"The Luoshen Clan is also a part of the Desolate Region. Why can't I come?" Luoshen Chuan replied.

In the Divine Ox Castle, the experts of the Divine Ox Clanfelt an invisible pressure boring down on them. Was it really only the Battle Saint Tribe who wanted to deal with them?

Why did they feel that this was Qin Wentian's revenge?

In the air, a figure appeared. Battle light radiated from his entire body, incomparably resplendent. He resembled a god of war. When the battle might radiated from him, the Ox Chieftain instantly understood that this person was truly someone from the Battle Saint Tribe. They, have truly returned.

"I, Qi Yu, challenge the Divine Ox Clan to a battle." Qi Yu descended to the airspace above the Divine Ox Castle.

"You have the battle saint bone in you. Are you the one who killed Devilox?" The Ox Chieftain coldly spoke.

"The dao bone merely returned to its original owners. Back then, you vile beasts used despicable methods to seize the saint bone of my tribe. Now that the saint bone has returned to us, I came here precisely for revenge. The Luoshen Clan Leader and Demon God Mountain's demon sovereigns will be the judges. Is there anyone in the Divine Ox Clan who dares to accept my challenge?" Qi Yu calmly spoke, challenging the ox deities of the Divine Ox Clan. He has not fought a single battle after he broke through to the heavenly deity realm.

The battle against the Divine Ox Clan would be the first trial he faced after he became a heavenly deity.

"Does the Battle Saint Tribe only have a single heavenly deity? What qualifications do you have to challenge my Divine Ox Clan?" The Ox Chieftain coldly spoke.

"The Battle Saint Tribe has already sent the challenge letter. Don't tell me your Divine Ox Clan is planning to gang up on him?" Luoshen Chuan stated. "If this is the case, we won't sit on the fence then."

The Ox Chieftain's expression turned ashen. Evidently, the Luoshen Clan and Demon God Mountain didn't come here just to see the drama. They were here to suppress the Divine Ox Clan together. This caused him to feel immense pressure. After so many years, Qin Wentian finally decided to act. However, Qin Wentian's actions weren't what the Ox Chieftain had expected. Qin Wentian actually used the Battle Saint Tribe as an excuse to challenge the Divine Ox Clan. In truth, there was no difference between this and that.

"Since this is the case, I want to see exactly how powerful a heavenly deity from the Battle Saint Tribe is. Can you measure up to the heavenly deities of your tribe in the past?" The Ox Chieftain prepared to act personally.

"Not you. Get another ox deity to step up. Your opponent is another person." Luoshen Chuan calmly spoke.

Anger flashed in the Ox Chieftain's eyes as he roared, "If you want to gang up on my clan, just do it directly. Why are you wasting time?"

"Today, the battle will be one between the Battle Saint Tribe and Divine Ox Clan. The one fighting you has a very deep connection to the Battle Saint Tribe. Naturally, if you don't want to accept this, all of us wouldn't mind acting as well." Luoshen Chuan coldly spoke. Today, even if the Divine Ox Clan didn't want to accept the terms of this battle, they had to accept it!