Ancient Godly Monarch
1889 Gods Extinction Path
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Ancient Godly Monarch
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1889 Gods Extinction Path

At the very end of the ancient heaven vault path, there was a stone monument with the words 'Gods Extinction Path' engraved on it.

In the distance after the heaven vault path, only the boundless space could be seen, darkness was everywhere as skeletons floated in the air. They have been floating here since an unknown amount of time. Over there, no hints of life could be felt. That place was the path of gods extinction.

Gods extinction. Even if heavenly deities entered there, they would still die. It was truly a path of death.

But Qin Wentian at this moment, was basically facing a hopeless situation. If he had to choose between death or being captured by the Qin Clan, he would rather choose death. Most probably if he was captured by the Qin Clan, his ending would be even more agonizing than death.

Not only so, the Gods Extinction Path might have a sliver of chance for survival.

Hence, Qin Wentian flew towards here. After seeing the stone monument, he didn't hesitate and simply stepped off the path, flying into the unknown dark, a place where there were no hints of life. The heavenly deities behind him pursued frenziedly. Qin Wentian had no other choice left to him.

Behind, the heavenly deities of the Qin Clan also reached the end of the ancient heaven vault pathway. Qin Dangtian also came. When they stared into the distance, their expressions were cold. They were hesitating whether to continue ahead or not.

The Gods Extinction Path had countless ancient corpses floating within it. The atmosphere there was extremely heavy. Just from staring at the lonely and boundless dark space ahead, the heavenly deities all could feel a strong sense of danger.

However, Qin Wentian headed directly into the dark space with no hesitation. Should they follow him in?

Right now, even Qin Zheng had given up the battle against Luoshen Chuan and came here. To him, Qin Wentian was far more important than Luoshen Chuan. Although he had some grudges with the Luoshen Clan, the Qin Clan had always been the victor when the two clans competed. The Luoshen Clan wasn't a threat for the Qin Clan at all. Hence, he didn't have too strong a killing intent when he fought with Luoshen Chuan.

"What a ruthless fellow." Many heavenly deities silently mused when they saw Qin Wentian rushing into the death zone. He would rather enter the Gods Extinction Path rather than to allow the Qin Clan to capture him.

"Where can you flee to?" Qin Dangtian spoke. He took a step out and also entered the Gods Extinction Path, flying into the dark and endless void.

"Dang`er!" Qin Zheng's wife called out. Her beautiful eyes had worry in them, staring at the departing back of her son. Although she was very powerful, she still feared the unknown. After all, that place was the Gods Extinction Path, beyond the boundaries of Heaven Vault. There were corpses of many heavenly deities floating there. Who could guarantee that those who entered it would be able to return safely?

However, Qin Dangtian stepped forth with no hesitation. He was actually injured by Qin Wentian, this was simply something that ought not to happen. How could he let Qin Wentian flee now? Even if Qin Wentian fled into the Gods Extinction Path, he wouldn't spare him. He must capture Qin Wentian alive. He was Heaven's Son, he had his own pride. Hence, he didn't hesitate at all and directly entered Gods Extinction Path.

"Chase!" Qin Zheng's wife commanded. Her son had entered Gods Extinction Path, the end of the heaven vault path. They naturally had to go in with him. Her figure flashed as she entered the dark void too. Qin Zheng's eyes flashed as he also stepped out, following after. Not only for the sake of pursuing Qin Wentian, he was also extremely curious and wanted to probe the secrets of the dark void.

Luoshen Chuan's expression was extremely ugly. When he saw Qin Zheng and the others entering, he also stepped out and entered the dark void as well.

"Have all of them gone crazy?" Behind them, the Qiankun Sect Leader stared at those who entered the dark void which was the Gods Extinction Path. What if those who entered weren't able to exit?

"Don't you wish to take a look for yourself about the greatest secret in Heaven Vault?" The Nine Heavens Mystical Maiden asked. She was like the epitome of holiness, incomparably graceful and pure. She was dressed in white and stood in the air. Even heavenly deities were awed by her beauty.

"It's still you who understands me the most." The Qiankun Sect Leader laughed. He then turned to the experts behind him, "I should also be crazy for once. If I don't come out, Lin Xiao shall be my successor."

This voice thundered through the air, spreading out to extremely faraway. As the sound of his voice faded, he took a step and entered the dark void. Crazy? He could be crazy too.

Naturally, he didn't do this to pursue anyone. It was purely because of his curiosity regarding Heaven Vault. At his current cultivation level, he was already standing at the peak of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms. Only a scarce few people were above him. If he still wished to improve further, it was extremely difficult as well. He knew there were still a few reclusive figures who were extremely terrifying even to heavenly deities in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms. He also wanted to reach that realm.

Heaven Vault was directly connected to the nine heavenly layers. The end of the Heaven Vault Pathway was known as the Gods Extinction Path, it was a dark and endless void. How could he not feel curious about it?

The mystical maiden laughed. Her ethereal-like figure soared forward as she moved towards the direction of the Gods Extinction Path.

"Even the Nine Heavens Mystical Maiden is walking towards there?" Many people sighed in their hearts. The number one beauty in the nine heavens, a character that exuded boundless magnificence. She didn't hesitate to enter the Gods Extinction Path as well. They, as men, and as heavenly deities, why would they not dare?

Hence, more and more heavenly deities entered. Most probably from ancient times up until now, there has not been so many experts entering the Gods Extinction Path at the same time.

The people inside Heaven Vault were shocked. If something happened to the heavenly deities in there, the entire Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms would suffer an earthquake-level commotion.

The moment Qin Wentian entered, he instantly could feel how terrifying this place was. There was no astral energy in here. No one could borrow energy from outer sources inside this place. It was a bleak place of complete loneliness and desolation.

Those ancient corpses floated in his vision, but they seemed a very far distance away, he had no way to get close to them. He could see people chasing after him from the back, but there was a formless energy that circulated inside the dark void. When Qin Wentian stepped into this place, he vanished completely, brought away by the currents. This happened to everyone who entered after him as well. Soon, all of them vanished from the vision of the other experts in the Heaven Vault.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Where did they go?" The gazes of the experts in Heaven Vault froze, the heavenly deities who entered all vanished before their eyes. Regardless of vision or their divine senses, they were unable to sense those who stepped into the Gods Extinction Path.


Qin Wentian naturally could sense the formless energy in this space. In addition, he was very sensitive to this particular type of energy because he was comprehending this. The formless energy here was a mixture of both space and time.

The him now was actually traveling through time and space. He didn't know which direction he should go.

Also, the spacetime laws in the dark void were completely scrambled, he couldn't control it. He could only drift along with the current and had no way to choose where he wanted to go.

Not only for Qin Wentian, the others were also engulfed by the chaotic spacetime energy here and were floating about aimlessly in the dark void. Could it be that those heavenly deities who vanished in the past, were all missing due to this chaotic energy bringing them to unknown locations?

The spacetime laws here didn't seem like a law that had order at all. Would they still be able to return?

Even for heavenly deities with incredible wills, they also felt some fear towards this unknown energy. Their fates were out of their control.

At this moment, they saw many strange objects. The chaotic atmosphere of the twisting spacetime laws finally disappeared after a period of time and numerous long corridors appeared before their eyes. Some of the corridors intersected, some did not. No one knew where these corridors would lead them.

At this moment, Qin Wentian suddenly furrowed his brows. He could feel movement from the tiny astral-being in his sea of consciousness. It was emitting a faint luster and this feeling felt extremely bizarre. When he just entered Heaven Vault, the tiny astral-being showed a reaction. This was the second time it reacted. Such a situation was something that has never happened before.

He chose a corridor and entered it. After flying through for a long time, a human figure appeared in his vision. This figure was an old man but his eyes were full of spirit, gleaming brightly as he stared at Qin Wentian who just appeared.

However, Qin Wentian now was still trying to throw off his pursuers. He couldn't stop at all and simply sped past the old man.

After a few moments, the other heavenly deities arrived here and when they saw the old man, one of them asked, "Sir, who might you be?"

The old man stared at these people who just came as he counter-asked, "Where did you guys come from?"

"Heaven Vault." Qin Zheng replied.

"Heaven Vault, Heaven Vault. Why, oh why?" The old man gave a long sigh before turning and flying away.

"Old sir, might we inquire your name? Are you from the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms?" Someone asked.

"This old man is named Nine Purities." The old man calmly spoke. After that, his figure vanished completely. When they heard his name, some of the older heavenly deities trembled as their expressions drastically changed into one of shock.

"Daoist Nine Purities." They exchanged glances at each other. Nine Purities was an extremely ancient and immensely powerful heavenly deity. There were records about him in ancient scrolls. Back then, his strength eclipsed everyone in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms and he roamed independently through the eight great regions. He was rarely defeated and was terrifying to the extreme. Everyone in the world thought that he had already died but in truth, he was actually trapped at the very endpoint of Heaven Vault, inside the Gods Extinction Path.

Qin Wentian flew through the corridor and after some time, he saw a second person. This person seemed incomparably graceful and carefree. He had a headful of long hair and sat in the air. He was currently playing on a flute and sounds of a pleasing melody permeated the area he was in.

"What a handsome figure." A feeling appeared in Qin Wentian's heart. For some reason, this man seemed somewhat familiar, like he knew him.

When that person saw Qin Wentian, he stopped playing on the flute. His handsome eyes stared at Qin Wentian as a strange light flashed in his eyes.

Qin Wentian walked past him only to hear that person suddenly calling out, "Who is Qin Yuanfeng to you?"

Qin Wentian's body violently trembled as he paused his steps. He turned his head back and stared at that handsome figure, feeling shock in his heart.

"You are acquainted with my father?" Qin Wentian asked.

"Oh, so you are Yuanfeng's son." That person laughed. His gaze grew more gentle but at this very moment, Qin Dangtian and the others managed to catch up and appeared here as well. Qin Dangtian stepped out. He looked at Qin Wentian, "Even if you flee to the end of the heavens, you won't be able to escape."

"Who are you by the way?" The handsome figure glanced at Qin Dangtian.

"I should be asking the questions. Who are you? Why do you know the son of the traitor of our Qin Clan, Qin Yuanfeng?" Qin Dangtian had heard the earlier conversation between this man and Qin Wentian. Qin Zheng and his wife also arrived and they were staring at that handsome figure. They could feel a sense of familiarity from him, like they used to know him.

"My name is Qu Mo." That handsome figure calmly replied. When the sound of his voice faded, the eyes of Qin Zheng and his son narrowed as their expressions froze.

Qu Mo. These two words held a special meaning to Qin Zheng and Qin Dangtian.

Because, the wife Qin Dangtian was going to marry, the number one beauty of the Heaven Region Nichang, was none other than Qu Mo's daughter!


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