Ancient Godly Monarch
1884 It’s him!
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Ancient Godly Monarch
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1884 It’s him!

Qin Zheng inclined his head and stared up at the starry space. The experts who came here already flew up into the air. Even if Qin Wentian was here, it wouldn't be an easy task to find him. This place was the starry space and not on the ground. It if was on the surface, his immortal sense could easily sweep through the vast space, no one would be able to escape evasion from him. However, in the starry space where the nine heavenly layers existed, he had no way to do so. Just a single constellation was already as large as an immortal realm.

For some people who wished to head towards constellations that were further away, if it wasn't for this ancient pathway being able to shorten the distance, they could only depend on their own flying speed to reach where they wanted to go. It was unknown how much time would be needed then.

This ancient heaven vault pathway seemed to be able to extend indefinitely into the sky.

"I'll get our subordinates to pay attention to this. Let us visit some of the constellations. Have you not always wanted to take a look at the nine astral rivers in the heavenly layers? Now that we are here, it can be considered that a dream of yours is fulfilled." Qin Zheng held his wife's hand as both of them stepped out. Many people had looks of admiration in their eyes when they saw this. That was the Qin Clan Leader and the mother of the Qin Clan. Their relationship was still so good after so many years.

The two leaders of the Qin Clan were also filled with curiosity with regards to the constellations, there was no need to mention about others. Next, for a period of many years, there were people who came here unceasingly. And after several years, more than half of the peak characters in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms were all cultivating in here.

Luoshen Chuan also came, he and the demon sovereigns of the Demon God Mountain came here together. When he saw the boundless starry space, his heart trembled with shock. This was simply too mystical.

Luoshen Chuan and the rest also respectively flew into the air searching for their respective constellations. For stellar cultivators, one could very well imagine their feelings when they are met with the origin of their cultivations.

Today, in the starry space, one of the constellations there suddenly flared with a light brighter than the others. Dazzling brilliance flowed from it, illuminating its surroundings, causing many people to turn their attention towards it. They could see that the might of a heavenly dao was gathering on that constellation. A human figure could be seen standing on it, and although the human figure seemed extremely tiny and inconsequential on the gigantic constellation, the light radiated from the constellation was layered in such a way that it shone upon the human.

This human, was a young man with a lanky build. He was handsome and exuded an extraordinary aura. At this moment, boundless astral light flowed around him, like a divine glow baptizing his entire body.

"He is receiving the heavenly dao. He has attained the dao!" The eyes of an expert gleamed with sharpness. On the starry space above the ancient heaven vault path, the first person to obtain the dao has appeared. This young man had managed to break through and enter the heavenly deity realm.

The heavenly deity realm is an accomplishment where countless people would never be able to reach. Right now, someone actually managed to step into that legendary realm only using several years of time while cultivating here. Naturally, there was also a possibility that this young man's original cultivation base already wasn't far from the heavenly deity realm when he first came here. After that, he simply smoothly comprehend more insights and managed to succeed.

"Another heavenly deity has appeared in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms." Someone spoke. Heavenly deities are considered the ultimate peak of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms. They could set up deity-ranked clans and sects. Only powers with heavenly deities in them are considered true peak powers.

Nobody knew which power this heavenly deity belonged to.

Many people discovered that they didn't recognize this young man at all.

This young man who entered the heavenly deity realm stood on his constellation, drawing the energy into his body. Around him, an entire world appeared. That world seemed to integrate together with the heavenly dao and the constellation. Terrifying might gushed forth from that world, the energy it radiated belonged to that of samsara and reincarnation.

"I've cultivated for two lifetimes and have finally managed to make up for the regrets in my previous life, stepping on a path I had never walked before." The young man drew in a deep breath. He was none other than Hua Taixu. In his previous life, he was already a character who stood at the peak of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms, he was a heavenly deity.

However, although heavenly deities stood at the peak of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms, there wasn't just a single heavenly deity. There would naturally be a difference in strength among them.

As for Hua Taixu, because he felt that he had failed after a divine battle. He was reluctant to accept his fate. He wanted to restart everything, and comprehend an even stronger heavenly dao. Hence, he didn't hesitate to enter a cycle of samsara of his own creation, giving up everything for a chance to be reborn. It was only until when his master of this lifetime, the Thousand Manifestations Immortal King died in his embrace, did he gradually awaken a portion of his memories. He finally awakened truly and knew who he was. He also knew what he was pursuing all this time.

Upon seeing Hua Taixu obtaining the dao, many world overlords had looks of envy on their faces. When would they be able to comprehend their own heavenly daos and step into that truly legendary realm, surveying down all below them at the peak of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms?

This time around, this was an opportunity. They had to grab hold of this opportunity. As for what would happen in the future, no one knew.

In the blink of an eye, several years passed by again. In the boundless starry space, on the constellations, another expert attained the dao. When he attained the dao, the constellation he was on also grew brighter, becoming a unique existence at that moment in the starry space.

In the face of attaining the dao, several tens of years counted for nothing. To these experts who could come here, even hundreds and thousands of years would fly past in the blink of an eye.

But in the outside world in the immortal realms, the commotion caused by the opening of the Heaven Vault still didn't subside. This storm has already lasted for several tens of years and it was rumored that right now, the vast majority of experts from peak powers were all inside the Heaven Vault. Countless world overlords of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms also rushed to Boundless City, flooding the place. And when they arrived there, they received the news that there were already quite a few supreme experts in Heaven Vault who managed to attain the dao and become a heavenly deity.

However, a strange point was that the majority of those who obtained dao and became heavenly deities, were all people who entered the legendary place in the sacred academy before this. Seems like the legendary place of the sacred academy truly lived up to their reputation. That place was able to help those supreme world overlords solidify their dao hearts and foundations, allowing them to more easily comprehend their daos.

Right now in the Azzure Mystic Immortal Realm, within the emperor palace, Qing`er, Qingcheng, Ye Qianyu, Beiming Youhuang, even experts from the Battle Saint Tribe, experts from the Myriad Devil Islands, Evergreen Immortal Emperor, Southern Phoenix Matriarch...all of them were waiting. They knew about the commotion which shook the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms. They knew that the Heaven Vault was opened and Qin Wentian was now cultivating in the starry space. During these years, they didn't take the initiative to disturb Qin Wentian. From the news circulated from there to here, they knew that quite a few people had already attained their daos and became heavenly deities. They also knew how much Qin Wentian thirsted for the heavenly deity realm and they were all hoping that Qin Wentian would be able to succeed.

Countless days and nights passed, Mo Qingcheng, Qing`er and Ye Qianyu would often stare up at the skies, thinking of the person they longed for.

Time continued to flow. Qin Wentian didn't merely stop and cultivate on a single constellation. During these years, he traveled to different constellations and cultivated the different types of law energy, comprehending the different heavenly daos. Everytime he had some spare time, he would send voice transmissions to his wives, telling them not to worry about him.

Today, Qin Wentian once again returned to the sword-shaped constellation he was on before. He released his own astral soul, the sword region astral soul which originated from the 8th heavenly layer.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Constellations contain the power of heavenly dao. In that case, since astral souls originate from constellations, astral souls themselves should be heavenly daos." Qin Wentian silently mused. "My earlier insights weren't wrong."

His body floated among the stars. An astral soul forming a heavenly dao was also a representation of the great dao. For an astral soul to form a dao, there wasn't simply a single law energy within it, it must contain the fusion of the various types of laws as well as the cultivator's insights.

For example, the dao might radiating from this sword-shaped constellation was released in the form of the dao of swords. However, there were all sorts of other law energy mixed within the heavenly dao that is represented by the sword-shaped constellation. Each constellation can be considered a world, and it was naturally impossible for just the source origins of a single law to be present in a world. There are all sorts of laws within, it's just that the main body of the laws in the sword-shaped constellation leaned more heavily towards the dao of swords.

Qin Wentian was currently making his break through using his sword astral soul. All the various types of astral energies from the different laws enveloped him, infused into his sword astral soul and gradually, the constellation in the form of a sword region, began to grow brighter and brighter.

His sword region astral soul increased in brilliance, illuminating the surroundings as it constantly expanded, containing a startling amount of power within.

Finally, a resplendent beam of light shot up into the sky. Qin Wentian's astral soul transformed into a sword that could reach the heavens, floating in the center of the air. The entire space around him seemed to transform into a world that was filled with regions of swords. Also, unceasing strands of sword intent flowed all around the world, permeating the atmosphere.

"Is this, dao?" Qin Wentian mumbled in a low voice. In an instant, the boundless sword intent from the constellation flowed over. The sword intent took the ancient sword floating behind him as the centerpoint and flowed constantly into it. At this moment, both his astral soul and the constellation linked together. The constellation grew brighter and brighter, drawing the attention of everyone.

"Another person broke through?" The gazes of everyone turned towards the constellation Qin Wentian was on. Many people had surprised looks on their faces. Nobody knew the identity of this man, was there truly still such powerful characters choosing to live in reclusiveness?

Qin Zheng and his wife were also cultivating on a constellation. At this moment, their gazes turned towards the constellation Qin Wentian was on. The eyes of Qin Zheng's wife flashed with a terrifying golden light as she stared fixedly at Qin Wentian.

When her eyes landed on him, the golden light within flashed brightly, piercing through the disguise Qin Wentian had on, revealing his real features to her eyes. When Qin Wentian's true appearance appeared, a sense of familiarity manifested in her heart. This familiar feeling caused a dazzling light to flash through her eyes. Qin Wentian truly resembled him alot.

"His son has actually reached such a high level in terms of his comprehension." Qin Zheng's wife spoke. Qin Zheng's eyes gleamed, he stared at Qin Wentian and asked, "You mean, that is him?"

"I won't be mistaken." A smile could be seen on his wife's face. However, when this smile appeared on her beautiful face, it gave off a sense of extreme coldness.


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