Ancient Godly Monarch
1877 Bizarre Scene
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Ancient Godly Monarch
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1877 Bizarre Scene

This figure was none other than Hua Taixu. Qin Wentian knew that after the Myriad Transformations Immortal King died, Hua Taixu seemed to have transformed completely. Hua Taixu also had many secrets on his body.

His aura now was completely different from the past. By casually standing there, he gave off a feeling of transcendence, like he had already surpassed everything in the world. He turned his gaze towards Heaven Vault, as well as the numerous experts on the Boundless Sea Coast. When his eyes swept towards Qin Wentian and his group, they paused for a moment before shifting away. And just when Hua Taixu shifted his eyes away, his gaze suddenly turned back again as though he had discovered something. His eyes abruptly underwent a transformation. His gaze turned immeasurably deep as a strange dot of white light flickered and revolved within both of his pupils.

"You came." Hua Taixu's voice rang out in Qin Wentian's mind, causing Qin Wentian to start. Right now, his proficiency in illusionary arts has already reached the level of a dao art. Even heavenly deities wouldn't be able to see through him. Yet Hua Taixu actually saw through his disguise in a single glance? What sort of ability was this?

"Indeed." Qin Wentian replied. Since Hua Taixu has already seen through him, there naturally wasn't a need to lie to him.

Hua Taixu nodded his head slightly towards Qin Wentian. After that, he took a step out and moved towards the direction of the Heaven Vault. This minor detail didn't attract any attention. After all in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms, not many people knew of the name Hua Taixu. His appearance didn't attract any attention or cause any commotion. The people here were simply too many and there were even quite a few heavenly deities present.

"Senior brother, Hua Taixu seemed to have recognized us?" Jun Mengchen asked in a voice transmission.

"Mhm." Qin Wentian replied. Jun Mengchen's eyes flashed. "Strange, why do I feel that Hua Taixu is getting more and more heaven-defying?"

Powerful heavenly deities might be able to tell that they were in disguise but they wouldn't be able to see through their original appearance. Yet, Hua Taixu managed to do this. Could it be that his eyes were able to see past all samsara and reincarnation? The art of disguise was nothing before his eyes.

"Let's enter the Heaven Vault." Qin Wentian spoke. Jun Mengchen and Qi Yu nodded. Even now, there were still unending streams of experts arriving here. There were still many people from the hegemonic powers that haven't arrived yet. For example, Little Rascal and the other experts from the Demon God Mountain weren't here yet.

Qin Wentian's group flew towards the direction of the Heaven Vault. At this moment, a figure flew from afar. This figure seemed very ordinary and was clad in simple clothing and he had a sword strapped to his back. With every step he took, the waves underneath him would stop churning, becoming impossibly calm like they entered a state of stillness. Qin Wentian glanced at the man. This person gave him an unfathomable and immeasurable feeling. He might be a heavenly deity.

However, his appearance was too ordinary, so ordinary to the extent where not many people noticed his existence. If those who knew him saw him, they would surely know who this man was. After all, this man was an extremely famous character in the Mystic Region.

"Crouching tigers and hidden dragons." Qin Wentian silently mused. This time, it was unknown how many characters with legendary strength would appear here due to Heaven Vault. Heaven's Son Qin Dangtian from the Qin Clan, Reverend Seven Abstinences from the Pureland of Bliss, Yue Changkong, Hua Taixu… all these were those who he was acquainted with. There should be many more who he wasn't acquainted with among the crowd.

This commotion far exceeded the one which happened due to the legendary place in the sacred academy back then. After all, back then only the experts from the hegemonic powers had the qualifications to enter and the people who entered were limited to world overlords. However, for the Heaven Vault, there were no such restrictions. As long as you wished to enter, all heavenly deities and world overlords from the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms could enter.

Qin Wentian's group flew towards the point of connection between the sea and the sky. The ocean waves churned wildly, as they arrived below the entrance, staring up at the horizontal slit in the heavenly eye.

"Heaven Vault, the place where my grandfather died." Qin Wentian's expression was solemn as he flew closer to it. Their figures seemed extremely tiny in the perspective of the horizontal slit, like a drop of water in the ocean. Finally, they stepped through the entrance and vanished from sight.

When they reappeared again, it seemed that they just went to another world. Before them, the ocean had totally vanished. What awaited them was a stretch of desolation with many ruins in it. Amidst the ruins, there were several figures present. Before this, the ordinary-looking man with a sword strapped behind his back was here as well, including Hua Taixu. Other than them, the others were those who entered the horizontal slit in the heavenly eye. The vast majority of those who entered were still here and the reason for this was very simple. It wasn't so easy to go further into the depths of this land.

Qin Wentian turned his gaze ahead. There was an exceptionally shocking scene in front of his eyes. Numerous towering stone pillars lined the pathway in the distance and there were complex runic patterns sketched upon them. They radiated an ancient air and what caused shock in the hearts of people was that on the peak of each stone pillar, a stone statue that seemed like an eternal guardian could be seen. They were fully clad in armor and covered in white dust.

If he didn't see one of the statues moving, he would have assumed that these stone statues were nothing extraordinary.

Qin Wentian discovered that if one wanted to move ahead, they would have to pass by those stone pillars. There was no other way around it.

At this moment, a world overlord stepped forward with a heavy expression. The power of his heavenheart mandate circulated around him, permeating the atmosphere. But as he set foot on the ancient pathway, one of the stone statues suddenly moved. The dust fell from its body as its weapon suddenly gleamed with a black luster, revealing its true form to be a halberd, radiating shocking devilish might. Dust continued to fall from the statue, when its true appearance was revealed, everyone could tell that it seemed to be a statue of a devil god.

The devil god wielded the devil halberd in his hand and pierced forth with it. Terrifying devilish might gushed forth as the manifestation of a ten thousand foot halberd pierced towards the sky, wanting to penetrate everything. The world overlord below was shocked when he saw the gigantic halberd piercing towards him with thunderous might, radiating an intent of wild slaughter.

Fear appeared on that world overlord's face. He felt that his surroundings were completely sealed by the power of the halberd. When that majestic might descended, he had no way to evade. He released his powerful heavenheart mandate wanting to resist it. However, boundless devil might brimmed around the tip of the halberd as it crushed down like a hot knife slicing through butter, easily destroying the world overlord's pathetic attempt at defense. That world overlord's body shattered completely, turning into dust. The entire space around him was still shaking.

The ten thousand foot long devil halberd flew back into the hands of that statue. That statue resembled a heavenly deity standing on guard here for all eternity.

Strength to break through all techniques. The devil god only used a simple move. When one's strength reached a certain level, nothing would be able to block it.

Qin Wentian's eyes flashed with sharpness when he saw this scene. Although these stone statues were very strong, their strength didn't exceed the boundaries of the world overlord realm and clearly wouldn't be able to block heavenly deities. However, there would be no hope for ordinary world overlords who wanted to pass them.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He was thinking how much strength must one possess if they really wanted to venture into the depths of the Heaven Vault to find out its core secrets? Back then his grandfather Qin Tiangang had precisely entered an area where the dangers there exceeded the limits of his strength and he ended up dying despite being a heavenly deity.

At this moment, the ordinary-looking man with a sword strapped to his back walked out. His movements were very slow. As he proceeded, an extremely terrifying statue rushed out. A terrifying energy gushed forth from the statue and bore down on him, but in the next instant, everything in his surroundings seemed to enter a state of stillness and slowed down. Only his movements didn't slow. His movements seemed extremely casual as he simply walked past the region blocked by the stone statue.

"Who is he?" Someone exclaimed in shock.

There were experts from the Heaven God Mountain whose eyes flickered with a bright light. It was him, he has actually arrived, attracted by the appearance of the Heaven Vault.

"He is Jian Junlai." A voice rang out, causing many in the crowd to start in astonishment. This was especially so for people from the Mystic Region, all of them could feel their hearts shaking.

This seemingly ordinary man was actually Jian Junlai?

The number one sword in the Mystic Region, Sword Monarch Jian Junlai.

"Hu…" Many people drew in a deep breath. What magical powers does Heaven Vault have exactly? There were several heavenly deities drawn here.

At this moment, Hua Taixu also flew forward. Similarly, he also encountered obstruction. His eyes stared at the statue and in an instant, the light of samsara shone as the statue started to tremble.

"How can mere dust block my path?" Hua Taixu calmly spoke and continued on his way. In the next moment, the statue blocking him directly shattered, crumbling into dust as Hua Taixu walked past it.

After he passed, the statue began to reconstruct itself, as though it had an undying body.

"Who is that young man?" Someone asked in shock.

"No idea, but I can feel that he is very strong."

Many people sighed in their hearts. Seems like the number of experts here today were truly plenty. Even some reclusive experts decided to come here and enter the Heaven Vault.

After that, more and more people tried to enter. There were also some world overlords who died due to being too weak.

"Let's enter." Qin Wentian spoke in a low voice as Jun Mengchen and Qi Yu nodded their heads. The three of them walked together, moving towards the same ancient pathway. The statue on the towering sky pillar before them started moving as a terrifying might engulfed the three of them.

Qin Wentian's aura gushed forth but at this moment, his brows suddenly furrowed. After that, a resplendent light flashed in his eyes as he discovered that deep within his sea of consciousness, the tiny astral-being that has remained dormant for so many years, was actually shining with luster. This luster was so bright that it was about to emit out. And at this moment, the terrifying statue that was currently flying through the air, suddenly stopped and returned back to its original position on the stone pillar. This bizarre scene caused everyone to be stunned. What the hell was going on?

It seemed that these three figures weren't going to be obstructed on the ancient pathway? They didn't even launch any attacks. Why did the stone statue suddenly return to its original location?


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