Ancient Godly Monarch
1876 Boundless Sea Coas
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Ancient Godly Monarch
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1876 Boundless Sea Coas

The news about Heaven's Son Qin Dangtian being engaged with Goddess Nichang, the number one beauty of the Heaven Region, soon circulated through Boundless City. After all, Goddess Nichang's residence was in Boundless City itself.

Countless people were filled with envy but they also felt that this was very normal. The Heaven's Son matching up with the number one beauty of the Heaven Region was truly a very good match. They are like an immortal couple that inspired envy in the hearts of people. However, there were also many people who felt disappointed. Goddess Nichang was someone whose beauty couldn't be profaned in their eyes but ultimately, she was also going to marry someone? But many geniuses in Boundless City could only accept this helplessly as they knew that they would never be able to be compared with Qin Dangtian. Regardless of talent, strength or status, it was impossible for them to surpass Qin Dangtian.

What a pity, the goddess in the hearts of many people was ultimately going to marry into the Qin Clan.

In a top-grade inn in Boundless City, the experts from the Nine Heavens Mystic Palace also arrived. The mystical maiden herself also came and because of her presence, Lin Xiao naturally also arrived and came here for the purpose of seeking her out. After he arrived, he laughed, "Goddess Nichang actually agreed to the marriage proposal of the Qin Clan and would be marrying Qin Dangtian. When would you be willing to marry me?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The experts from the Nine Heavens Mystic Palace all stared at Lin Xiao with anger when they heard his words. The mystical maiden was the successor of the Nine Heavens Mystic Palace and would never marry out. Naturally, they also understood Lin Xiao's personality. Lin Xiao was someone who was honest and extremely direct. The people of the Nine Heavens Mystic Palace didn't really loathe him but it was impossible for their mystical maiden to marry him.

Right now, Qin Wentian who was already in Boundless City also heard of this news. Goddess Nichang agreed to the marriage proposal and this caused a huge commotion in Boundless City, it was difficult even if one didn't wish to know about it. This time around, he brought Qi Yu and Jun Mengchen with him. The two of them also wanted to enter the Heaven Vault for exploration.

After hearing the news, Jun Mengchen cursed in a low voice, "What a pity for the number one beauty in the Heaven Region. Such a beauty is actually going to be married off to that bastard."

Undoubtedly, after Qin Wentian's true identity was exposed, Jun Mengchen clearly wouldn't feel any good will for the Qin Clan. This was especially so after he learned of what happened to Qin Wentian's father. Now, Jun Mengchen felt like he himself was the one who had hatred with the Qin Clan. Also, Qin Dangtian was the son of the man who killed his senior brother's father. Qin Wentian and Qin Dangtian were born to be enemies. Hence, one could very well imagine Jun Mengchen's attitude towards Qin Dangtian.

Qin Wentian also felt some discomfort in his heart when he learned of this. Back then in the world of reincarnation, although he had only spoken with Goddess Nichang for a few times, she did save him after all and they shared a period of interactions together. Even now, he could still remember the beautiful scene after that thunder storm. That flawless figure who stood on the mountain peak underneath the rainbow… In his heart, he already treated Goddess Nichang as his friend. This was so despite the fact that they had no further interactions after they left the world of reincarnation.

If Goddess Nichang truly married his enemy Qin Dangtian, in that case in the future when he fights the battle of destiny against Qin Dangtian, how should he face Goddess Nichang?

Qin Wentian felt somewhat complicated in his heart. As they flew through the air, the three of them now already arrived at the Boundless Oceancoast.

The Boundless Ocean was truly boundless. In the sea region, the waves churned wildly but in the air, a magnificent phenomenon appeared. At the point where the sea was connected to the sky, a heavenly eye appeared. From afar, there seemed to be a crack in the heavenly eye, allowing one to fly further into it. This crack was none other than the entrance to the Heaven Vault.

Those who stood at the Boundless Sea Coast and stared far into the horizon would be able to see experts everywhere, extending in an unbroken line from the sea region at the bottom to the crack in the heavenly eye in the sky. Evidently, these were all people who came for the Heaven Vault.

"There are so many people." Jun Mengchen spoke. The sea domain was incomparably vast. The Heaven Vault was at the point where the sea connected to the sky. Although it appeared very near, the distance was in truth, extremely far. But in such a vast ocean, one could even see everyone flying in the airspace above it. From this, one could very well imagine how many experts were present today.

Naturally, although countless people arrived, most likely only extremely powerful world overlords and heavenly deities would dare to enter the Heaven Vault.

Heaven Vault was a place where even deities would die. Although the possibility of that was very small, one could still tell how dangerous it was. World overlords might barely qualify to enter, but for those weaker than world overlords, they probably would die in there not knowing the reason why they died. There was no need to talk about opportunities with their strength.

"A place that can attract heavenly deities. How can there not be many people who wish to come here?" Qin Wentian spoke in a low voice. Since the Heaven Vault could attract heavenly deities, this indicated that it was able to attract the vast majority of experts in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms. Those with low cultivations would find it impossible to fly such a far distance to rush here. As for those with outstanding talents, they would undoubtedly chose to use those supreme teleportation arrays and cross realms to arrive here. There was no need to speak about the number of experts that was already present in the Heaven Region.

"BOOM!" From the air, a thunderbolt rang out. The terrifying deafening blast rumbled the ears of everyone as a fearsome heavenly might bore down from the sky, engulfing the Boundless Sea Coast. After that, two rows of figures descended from the air. One of the groups radiated intense devil might, their auras causing the ocean waves to churn wildly. This was especially so for the man in the lead, he was a devil god, a heavenly deity among devils. He resembled an eternal statue, radiating devil intent that towered up into the sky.

As for the experts behind him, all of them were at the world overlord level.

"The people from the Great Devil Divine Palace of the Mystic Region have arrived, with a heavenly deity personally leading them." Someone exclaimed. There were people who then continue to ask, "In that case, who is the other group of figures that dared to stand in opposition to them?"

"Evil might flood the area around the man leading the second group and they dared to contend against the Great Devil Divine Palace. Can you still not guess who the second group is?" A person at the side mumbled, as the eyes of everyone stared at the pale-looking young man leading the second group. The person who spoke earlier trembled as he thought of a character. A wave of fear then rose in his heart.

"Yue Changkong…" That person mumbled. It was none other than that monster who caused the majority of humans in the Eastern Royal Immortal Palace to die off, using their lives to train his evil arts. The Ziwei Divine Court has arrived and the moment they came, they instantly created a conflict with the Great Devil Divine Palace. From this, one could imagine how intense the hatred between these two hegemonic powers was.

"Indeed, Yue Changkong doesn't resemble a human nor a ghost. This person is so evil that he has long lost all humanity. This is why he dared to create such huge sins. The heavens would punish this evil cultivator sooner or later." Someone below cursed in a low voice, filled with contempt for Yue Changkong's character.

A strange smile then appeared on the face of Yue Changkong when he heard that. He turned his gaze below, instantly locking onto the person who insulted him.

"You dare to insult a heavenly deity?" Yue Changkong evilly laughed. When that expert saw Yue Changkong's evil smile, he instantly turned pale. He didn't expect that Yue Changkong would notice him. Because of a sentence he spoke, Yue Changkong's gaze locked onto him. Also, Yue Changkong's smile was so evil, it felt like a devil grinning at him.

In the next moment, grey-colored streams of energy flowed forward, forming thin lines of death that wrapped around the person who spoke. That person screamed in fear but swiftly after, his entire flesh and blood was cleaning devoured, leaving behind a pile of bones.

"Is there anyone else who still has objections to my presence? Come on out together." Yue Changkong smiled, staring at the crowd below. The people here felt chills as their hearts trembled.

When everyone shut up, Yue Changkong laughed uproariously. An evil cultivator? So what of it? If he could gain supreme strength, he was willing to give up everything. One day when he can stand at the peak of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms, who would dare to disrespect him? Strength represented everything. He has no need for the world to respect him, in fact, he preferred it if the people of the world feared him instead. Fear was a much better emotion compared to respect as proven by him now. After his action, was there anyone who still dared to talk bad about him?

"Amithaba." At this moment, a treasured light suddenly flashed in the sky. Golden rays illuminated the area, congregating into the form of a human. This was a reverend from a buddhist sect, he was extremely imposing as his law body traversed the void, appearing here.

"Everything is tied to karma. Yue Changkong, you actually created such great sin, you will definitely meet with a tribulation in the future." The monk stated.

"Reverend Seven Abstinences truly knows how to bemoan the state of the universe and pity the fate of mankind. If karma truly exists, what is the use of cultivation? Everyone should simply wait for the cause-and-effect law of karma." Yue Changkong grinned evilly. "As for the tribulation you are talking about, who would bring the tribulation to me? Does Reverend wish to be justice?"

Reverend Seven Abstinences pressed his palms together and no longer looked at Yue Changkong. His golden body disappeared as he flew with great speed towards the direction of the Heaven Vault. The reason why he came wasn't to argue with Yue Changkong over what was good or evil. His purpose here today was for the Heaven Vault.

"Yue Changkong, you will be faced with retribution in the future." The devil god from the Great Devil Divine Palace coldly spoke. Yue Changkong laughed even louder, "A devil cultivator actually changed his alignment? Are you a buddhist practitioner now?"

The devil god flicked his sleeves and flew towards the direction of the Heaven Vault, not bothering to exchange any more words with Yue Changkong. The devil cultivators behind him naturally followed after him. When the devil god flew past Yue Changkong, he asked, "Are you not entering the Heaven Vault?"

"There is no need for your concern. I'm still waiting for one person." Yue Changkong smiled. However, his smile seemed extremely evil.

"Who?" The devil god from the Great Devil Divine Palace asked.

"Just like what Reverend Seven Abstinences has said, if there truly is karma, the 'effect' of what I have become now was because of the 'cause' he had sewn back then. I naturally wish to conclude this bout of karma." Yue Changkong's smile grew colder. He knew that the person he was waiting for would suddenly come since Heaven Vault has opened. This was his premonition.

In truth, the person he was waiting for was already at the Boundless Sea Coast at this instant. Qin Wentian inclined his head and stared at Yue Changkong in the air. His expression was glacial. He didn't expect that Yue Changkong has managed to verify his dao through seizing the body of his master. As for who Yue Changkong was waiting for, it was naturally him, Qin Wentian.

However, he didn't come here with his true appearance. Even for Jun Mengchen and Qi Yu, the three of them used special methods to change their looks. Qin Wentian actually didn't have Yue Changkong in his considerations at all. He changed his appearance because he had to go to the Heaven Region, a place where the Qin Clan held sway. If he appeared using his true face, wouldn't he be resenting that his life was too long?

"Senior brother, should we enter?" Jun Mengchen transmitted his voice to Qin Wentian. Even a character like Yue Changkong could verify his dao. This caused Jun Mengchen to feel extremely unsatisfied. Yue Changkong was merely someone who lost to his senior brother. In fact, Yue Changkong even tried to fool everyone by hinting that he was the one who received the godking of time's inheritance.

"No rush, let's see how many experts would enter Heaven Vault." Qin Wentian replied. He was prepared to stay at the Boundless Sea Coast for a period of time.

"Alright." Jun Mengchen nodded. After sometime, the saw Qin Dangtian flying over here with Goddess Nichang. When they appeared, a huge commotion was caused. Countless people stared at this immortal couple with envy in their eyes. Right now, the two of them were already engaged.

From Qin Wentian's observation, Qin Dangtian, Goddess Nichang and the experts from the Qin Clan then headed into the entrance of Heaven Vault together.

For the following period of time, Qin Wentian saw several familiar figures whom he met before in the world of reincarnation. One day, he saw another figure whom he was very familiar with. It has been a long time since he last saw this man. When Qin Wentian stared at the young man in white appearing above the Boundless Ocean, his heart was filled with a thousand emotions. He didn't expect to actually encounter him here. He could still remember the words this man spoke to him back then when they parted - I'll wait for you at the peak of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms!


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