Ancient Godly Monarch
1875 Deity Qu
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Ancient Godly Monarch
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1875 Deity Qu

The Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms were boundlessly vast, the distance between each of the regions was unimaginably far. However, there were several supreme gigantic spatial array formations that could directly allow one to teleport to the different regions.

In the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy, the teleportation arrays leading to each region could be found. Naturally, it wasn't just the sacred academy alone that had so many teleportation arrays.

Hence, when the news about the Heaven Vault's opening circulated, the experts from the various regions all used teleportation arrays and headed to the area of Heaven Vault. The commotion caused by Yue Changkong also faded somewhat as the Heaven Vault's opening attracted interest.

Heaven Vault was one of the most famous secret realms in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms. Even up until now, no one in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms knew what sort of place the Heaven Vault was and what rules governed its opening. There were rumours saying that the Heaven Vault was a link to a world in another universe. There were also rumors saying that the Heaven Vault was a ruin left behind by a godking from the primordial era.

All sorts of rumors flew about wildly, further increasing the mystery of Heaven Vault. However, there was no need to doubt one point - there surely are opportunities inside the Heaven Vault although there are also dangers. Everytime the Heaven Vault opened, there would be people who obtained great fortune and also many who died inside. In fact, even heavenly deities would die inside if they took on too much risk. The most high profile deaths that shook the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms recently were none other than the death of Qin Tiangang and his wife. Both were legendary characters who were extremely powerful heavenly deities but they vanished completely inside Heaven Vault. Their disappearance was what caused the strength of their faction to decline and resulting in Qin Yuanfeng becoming a traitor of the Qin Clan. For some of the older generations who knew of this history, they would always sigh when they thought about it.

The location of the Heaven Vault was fixed in a place called the Boundless Ocean. This sea region was truly boundlessly vast, it was unknown how large an area it spanned. On the other shore of the Boundless Ocean, a majestic city named Boundless City was created long ago and the experts within it were as common as the clouds.

Right now, this city has already stood for countless years and would draw numerous experts here everytime Heaven Vault was opened. Even plenty of heavenly deities would venture here, wanting to take a look for themselves on what sort of place the Heaven Vault was exactly.

A heavenly deity existed in Boundless City. Although this deity didn't set up a power and was an unaffiliated cultivator, he possessed transcendent status here. Many visitors to Boundless City would frequently pay him a visit. However, because this deity didn't like a fuss, it was very rare for him to meet with characters of the junior generations. Only a rare minority of the visitors would be able to meet with him.

But today, this heavenly deity was actually preparing a banquet in his residence preparing to welcome some guests.

This heavenly deity was none other than Qu Shen, Deity Qu. Also, the guests he would he welcoming, would be none other than the current clan leader of the Qin Clan, Qin Zheng.

As the clan leader of the powerful Qin Clan, it was very rare for Qin Zheng to pay a visit to people. However today, he actually came to Boundless City to pay a visit to Deity Qu.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Within the Qu Residence, the people attending the banquet weren't merely Qin Zheng. His son, the Heaven's Son, Qin Dangtian, was present as well.

Right now, Deity Qu no longer had any children, all of them had died long ago when they attempted to explore the Heaven Vault. He only had a granddaughter left. The name of his granddaughter was none other than the number one beauty in the Heaven Region, Goddess Nichang.

For this banquet, Goddess Nichang was present as well.

"It has been a long time since I came to visit Uncle Qu. Seeing that Uncle Qu is as well as ever, I, Qin Zheng, can set my heart at ease. Before I came here, I met with my father and my father told me to send his regards over, saying that he would miss Uncle Qu often." Qin Zheng spoke. His father was none other than Qin Ding.

"Thank you for your concern." Deity Qu nodded. Although Qin Zheng was showing the etiquette of a junior towards him, he knew very well in his heart that regardless of status, identity or strength, Qin Zheng has long surpassed him.

Just the identity of being the Qin Clan leader, coming here to visit, was already considered giving Deity Qu a huge amount of face. After all, any casual sentence spoken by Qin Zheng could cause the entire Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms to tremble.

"This is what I ought to do. Oh, by the way Uncle Qu, how are your injuries?" Qin Zheng asked in a concerned tone. If people of the world knew of this, they would surely be shocked. Qu Shen was a heavenly deity but he was actually injured? Also these injuries had been plaguing him since a long time ago and he hasn't recovered from them yet.

"Same old thing but I can suppresses them. I have to thank Brother Qin Ding for sending over the divine medicines every year." Deity Qu nodded.

"That sounds good." Qin Zheng nodded. After that, he turned his gaze to Goddess Nichang as he smiled. "Nichang is growing more and more beautiful every year. As expected of the number one beauty in our Heaven Region. In addition, her talent is first rate. Considering the fact that she is also a descendant of Brother Qu Shi, only a scarce few individuals in the Heaven Region would be capable of matching her."

This praise could be understood by Deity Qu. Most probably, the main topic was soon approaching. Seems like the reason why Qin Zheng came here wasn't so simple as a visit.

"My son Qin Dangtian is known as Heaven's Son through the world. There's no need for me to mention anything more about his talent. This son of mine has his sights set on the peak. In the vast immortal realms, how many people would be able to make him regard them highly? The only person he can't forget is Brother Qu Shi's daughter. This can be considered fate. Right now, Dangtian has already attained his dao for many years and Nichang has also reached the peak of the world overlord realm. Uncle Qu, today, Qin Zheng decided to be thick-skinned and came here for the purpose of a marriage proposal." Qin Zheng laughed and lifted his wine cup in the direction of Deity Qu. His true purpose here was finally revealed. After all, this concerns the marriage of his son and it is a major matter. No matter what, he still needed to give Qu Shen some face.

Deity Qu wasn't surprised, he has long guessed that this was Qin Zheng's purpose or Qin Zheng wouldn't have intentionally made a trip here to pay him a visit.

He turned his gaze onto his granddaughter Nichang as he sighed silently in his heart. Although he didn't wish for Nichang to marry Qin Dangtian from the perspective of emotions, from the perspective of rationality, this was indeed a very good choice for Nichang.

Qin Dangtian had the title of Heaven's Son and possessed supreme talent. He would also be the future clan leader of the Qin Clan.

If Nichang marries him, she would be the future mother of the Qin Clan. Her future would then be boundlessly bright and her position was guaranteed to be unshakable. He also believed that Qin Dangtian wouldn't mistreat his granddaughter. After all, as the number one beauty in the Heaven Region, Nichang does live up to her reputation. For people in the world, no matter how high they stood, which of those men wouldn't love beauties? In addition, Qin Dangtian didn't have to make a choice between fighting to carve out an empire and between a beauty. The territories the Qin Clan possessed could already be considered an empire that would be handed to him. As for the topic of beauties, the number one beauty of the Heaven Region Goddess Nichang was undoubtedly the most optimal choice to match with him.

He had no grounds to reject. So, he passed the authority of choice to his granddaughter.

Goddess Nichang's expression was very calm. She didn't feel surprised or shocked. She was always calm and beautiful, it was like nothing in the world could move her heart.

Qin Dangtian turned his gaze to Goddess Nichang. His magnificence was boundless and only a rare few women in the world could enter his eyes. But when he stared at this maiden before his eyes, he would often imagine how could he make her smile. If she smiled, how beautiful would she be? He has never seen it before.

Maybe, her nature was like this since she was born. Pure, holy, perfect and she would never smile. This was what Qin Dangtian thought but he didn't know that Goddess Nichang has smiled before and someone had seen her smile.

That day in the world of reincarnation, underneath the rainbow… Sadly, Qin Dangtian didn't manage to see that scene.

Seeing that Goddess Nichang didn't express her stance, Qin Zheng continued, "Before this, a few members of my Qin Clan tried to sully the name of niece Nichang to Dangtian. Today, I've brought all of them over here as well."

After Qin Zheng spoke, he turned around and coldly barked, "Get the hell out now and kneel to apologize."

Beside him, three world overlords from the Qin Clan had turned completely pale. But even so, they still walked out and knelt before Goddess Nichang. "The three of us have done wrong and offended Miss Nichang. We are begging for Miss Nichang's forgiveness."

Once, in the world of reincarnation, they cultivated evil arts and lust manifested in their hearts towards Goddess Nichang. After they came out, they even intentionally spoke bad about Nichang to Qin Dangtian, hinting that she had an ambiguous relationship with Qin Wentian. But they clearly failed and their consequences were extremely miserable. The Qin Clan Leader Qin Zheng personally came here to propose marriage. Goddess Nichang would be the future mistress of the Qin Clan.

Goddess Nichang coldly swept her gaze at the three of them. It was naturally impossible for her to tell Qin Zheng that not only so, the three of them even dared to have lustful thoughts about her. After all, complaining to others wasn't her personality. She merely coldly spoke, "Get out."

The three of them were stunned. They stared at Qin Zheng only to hear Qin Zheng speaking, "Why have you three not scramed yet?"

"Yes." The three of them bowed while feeling incomparably humiliated in their hearts. But what could they do. Before them, other than Heaven's Son Qin Dangtian being present, the Qin Clan Leader Qin Zheng was here too. Any of them could easily decide their fates.

In any case, Qin Zheng's authority in the Qin Clan was absolute. No one would dare to challenge him.

Goddess Nichang calmly regarded this scene. Her beautiful eyes landed on Qin Dangtian before turning to look at her grandfather. She was very clear of the relationship between her grandpa and the Qin Clan. Her grandfather held nothing back and told her everything. Also, she knew of her grandfather's attitude towards this matter. On the perspective of emotions, her grandfather wasn't willing but in his heart, he still hoped that she could find a good husband with a powerful background or her beauty might bring her more trouble than what she could handle.

After learning of some secrets of the past from her grandfather, she also felt unwilling in her heart. However, when her beautiful eyes turned back again to Qin Dangtian, she had actually chosen to nod her head.

Seeing that she was nodding, Qin Zheng and Qin Dangtian revealed smiles in their eyes.

"Excellent, excellent…" Qin Zheng lifted his wine cup and laughed. "Although I have no fate to become good buddies with Uncle Qu's deceased son, Brother Qu Shi, my father would frequently mention about him to me. I believed that if Brother Qu Shi was able to see this scene today, he would surely feel gratified in his heart."

After some time, the banquet ended. Qin Zheng bid farewell. Qin Dangtian also left with him.

When they left, the atmosphere grew silent. Only Deity Qu and Nichang remained here. Qu Shen stared this granddaughter and spoke, "You don't have to agree because of your considerations about me."

Goddess Nichang's expression was as calm as ever and she didn't reply. Qu Shen continued, "You have also met Qin Yuanfeng's son before and have interacted with him in the world of reincarnation. Between him and Qin Dangtian, who do you like more?"

Goddess Nichang blinked her eyes and stared at her grandpa. Who does she like more? How was she supposed to answer this?

"My mistake. My question should be, which of their personalities do you like more?" Qu Shen laughed and shook his head.

Goddess Nichang thought back to the young man whom she was acquainted with in the world of reincarnation while comparing him to Qin Dangtian. After some time, she replied, "Qin Dangtian would cause people to feel a sense of distance from him."

After Qu Shen heard his grand daughter's words, he started. "That's true, this sentence is very accurate. A sense of distance...both Qin Ding and Qin Zheng are the same as well. Compared to them, Tiangang and Yuanfeng…"

As he spoke, he sighed and shook his head, "What a pity."

Evidently, Deity Qu wasn't merely acquainted with Qin Ding and Qin Zheng. He was also acquainted with Qin Tiangang and Qin Yuanfeng!


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