Ancient Godly Monarch
1867 A Wonderful Drama
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Ancient Godly Monarch
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1867 A Wonderful Drama

Today, inside Divine Ox Castle, the experts here were as many as the clouds. The majestic Divine Ox Castle became a gathering place for the experts of all factions. There were powerful demonic races, as well as strong human clans and sects. All of them came here to congratulate the Divine Ox Clan for the wedding. The Divine Ox Castle basked in boundless glory. There were two chariots pulled by a dragon and phoenix respectively, heading from the Divine Ox Castle to the Luoshen Clan to receive the brides. Devilox from the Divine Ox Clan sat proudly in the dragon chariot, exuding a proud and imposing aura.

Today, Devilox would be marrying three maidens from the Luoshen Clan. The elegant beauties of the Luoshen Clan would be pressed down underneath him by the end of today. Sadly, Luoshen Lei wasn't here. But even so, Luoshen Meng was also extremely outstanding and was an exceptional beauty, filling him with anticipation.

In the Divine Ox Castle, countless experts glanced up in the air, staring at the welcoming group that was sent out as many emotions filled their hearts. The Divine Ox Clan intentionally wanted to make this wedding as grand and as impressive as possible. The Ox Chieftain of the Divine Ox Clan stood at the stairway leading up to the Divine Ox Castle, smiling widely as he stared at the chariots.

"Congratulations to Ox Chieftain."

"Such a joyous event is truly worthy of celebration." Many experts clasped their hands towards the Ox Chieftain. The chieftain had a wide smile on his face. Below the stairway, countless banquet tables were set up and the dishes were all exotic and valuable demon meat. This caused some of the experts from the demonic races to feel extremely unhappy. The way the Divine Ox Clan does things was too arrogant, without the slightest scruple.

"Many thanks for everyone's arrival. Let's not waste time and please feel free to enter to enjoy the banquet." The chieftain laughed, his voice booming like thunder. Today was the first step of his Divine Ox Clan ruling the Desolate Region supreme and unchallenged. This wedding was a very significant event to their clan, symbolizing the decline of the Luoshen Clan. Some years from now, the Divine Ox Clan would grow to become the strongest hegemonic power in the Desolate Region, growing stronger and stronger.

Within the Luoshen Clan, the atmosphere was still very tense. The three maidens had phoenix crowns on their heads and were dressed in a very beautiful manner, exuding holiness and elegance. This was especially so for the maiden in the center. After she dolled up, she was so beautiful that people might find themselves breathless just from staring at her. Her face was exquisite to the extent where there were no flaws. However, there was a vacant look in her eyes. She didn't want to imagine what the future would hold for her. She has became a sacrifice for the Luoshen Clan.

Behind the three maidens, a group of experts appeared. These experts were people from the Luoshen Clan who would escort them to the wedding in the Divine Ox Clan.

"I'll escort you all over." At this moment, an old man spoke. This old man was an elder from the Luoshen Clan, a heavenly deity character. His name was Luoshen Weng and was once a supporter of Luoshen Chuan.

"Uncle Weng, there's no need to trouble yourself. Elder Qiong will do the escort." Luoshen Mu spoke. Elder Qiong was another heavenly deity but was his supporter from the start. With Luoshen Qiong escorting, Luoshen Mu would feel more at ease.

"Sure." Luoshen Weng didn't argue, he simply nodded. He arranged some of his people to be in the escort team and after that, all of them quietly waited at the Luoshen Mountain. After a period of time, the dragon and phoenix chariots arrived, soaring through the air. Luoshen Meng turned pale after she saw the chariots.

This time, not many people appeared in the Luoshen Clan to send them off. Only a few people showed up, the atmosphere felt extremely oppressive. This was because no one in the Luoshen Clan wished to see this scene. They felt intense humiliation, the three maidens of their Luoshen Clan even had to be controlled and restricted in their movements before being sent off to the Divine Ox Clan today.

Devilox walked down from the dragon chariot and walked towards the three maidens. When he saw Luoshen Meng's beauty, his large eyes gleamed with lust as he smiled happily, feeling very satisfied.

"Many thanks to Luoshen Clan Leader." Devilox clasped his hands towards Luoshen Mu. "Luoshen Clan Leader, are you not intending to attend the wedding at my Divine Ox Castle?"

"I won't be heading there. You guys can set off now." Luoshen Mu waved his hand, feeling an intense loss of face. To him, this was a shameful and truly humiliating matter. After speaking, he simply turned around and left. Looking at his back, Devilox laughed loudly, "Clan leader please rest your heart at ease. I will treat these beauties from the Luoshen Clan very well."

"My dear wives, please." Devilox smiled at Luoshen Meng and the two other maidens. After that, the three of them walked towards the phoenix chariot and entered it. Not long after, the chariots soared into the air, moving towards the Divine Ox Clan for the wedding.

The atmosphere in the Luoshen Clan was still very cold and tense.

Over at the Divine Ox Clan, after they learned that Devilox successfully received the brides, the Ox Chieftain felt even happier. Indeed, things were like what he had expected. The Luoshen Clan didn't dare to try anything funny. This was something promised by Luoshen Mu and back then, the Qin Clan was present as well as a witness. Luoshen Mu didn't dare to break his words.

"Devilox will return soon. Everyone, please enjoy yourselves to the fullest." The Ox Chieftain spoke.

"That's only natural. Many thanks for chieftain's warm reception to all of us."

"Chieftain, come let's drink a toast to the Divine Ox Clan." Even before Devilox and the brides returned, the banquet already started at the atmosphere was extremely lively. In the Divine Ox Castle, there were already countless experts from the Divine Ox Clan, not including the guests invited here today. All of them drank and feasted with gusto, appearing very excited. It felt like the groom today was them instead.

"Devilox is a supreme genius of my Divine Ox Clan and he will inherit my position in the future as the chieftain. What does everyone feel about him taking in the Luoshen Clan's beauties as his concubines?" The Ox Chieftain laughed uproariously, his voice like thunder. Devilox wasn't taking a wife but concubines instead. The three beauties from the Luoshen Clan would only have the status of a concubine. This was a further attempt to lower the Luoshen Clan's status while raising the Divine Ox Clan's.

"It seems pretty suitable, like a string of jade and pearls, an ideal combination." Someone fawned.

"This matter will surely become a beautiful story in the Desolate Region." Many also started fawning but some human experts silently shook their heads at this. These experts from the Divine Ox Clan were truly shameless enough. The chieftain asked that question because he wanted everyone to mock the Luoshen Clan while announcing the Divine Ox Clan's current status.

"Old kui ox, are you not afraid that you spoke too soon?" At this moment, a disagreeable voice drifted over, causing the large eyes of the Ox Chieftain to stiffen. The experts from the Divine Ox Clan all had savage looks in their eyes. Who dares to speak to their chieftain in this manner?

In the air, five figures flew over. These five people each exuded a terrifying aura. For a period of time, the entire space felt stifled. When the countless guests here saw who these five people were, their hearts couldn't help but to tremble violently.

"Demon sovereigns!"

"That is the Heaven Devouring Demon Sovereign, I've met him before."

"That is the Kun Sovereign."

"Oh, that man is the Dragon Sovereign." Numerous voices of exclamations rang out. Very soon, everyone knew of the identities of these people.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The five demon sovereigns of the Demon God Mountain actually appeared here together.

For a period of time, terrifying waves arose in the hearts of everyone. Although the Divine Ox Castle did send out invitations to the five demon sovereigns, it was merely to boast of their imposing glory. Usually, the sovereigns of the Demon God Mountain wouldn't show up but right now, they actually came and not only so, all five of the demon sovereigns came.

Since the five demon sovereigns showed up together. Their purpose naturally wouldn't be so simple as to attend the wedding.

Was the Demon God Mountain showing that they planned to contend against the Divine Ox Clan for supremacy of the Desolate Region?

"Today is truly an excellent day. Since you guys, the five old demons came here, you are naturally our guests. However, heaven devouring old demon, what do you mean by your earlier words?" The Ox Chieftain coldly asked.

"You don't understand what I mean?" The Heaven Devouring Demon Sovereign laughed. "Don't forget the history of how your Divine Ox Clan rose up. Right now although the Luoshen Clan is weaker, their history is still more radiant compared to your Divine Ox Clan. It's not unsuitable that the Divine Ox Clan wished to take one of the maidens from the Luoshen Clan as a wife but now, the Divine Ox Clan wanted to take three beauties as concubines? This is simply a wild fantasy. I'm afraid your dream is so beautiful but when you wake up the next day, everything will be gone and your clan would be ridiculed by others."

Everyone could sense a deeper layer of meaning in the words spoken by the Heaven Devouring Demon Sovereign. It was like he was hinting at something. The faces of the experts from the Divine Ox Clan all turned more solemn. The chieftain's expression was ice cold, "In that case, could it be that your Demon God Mountain is planning to interfere in matters of my Divine Ox Clan?"

"Haha, our Demon God Mountain couldn't care less about your matters with the Luoshen Clan. We only came here for a matter today. Your Divine Ox Clan has enslaved many demonic beasts of the various demonic races. Today, we want to bring them all away. They belong to our Demon God Mountain." The Kun Sovereign's eyes shone with a bright light as he spoke sharply.

In the past, the Divine Ox Clan had enslaved many greater demons in the Desolate Region. It was only after that did the rest of the greater demons band together in a huge alliance becoming the current Demon God Mountain. But even now, the Divine Ox Clan still continued with their enslavement activities, making the demons from the other races perform tasks for them. An example was the true dragon and phoenix sent out to pull the chariots for Devilox's wedding.

The Kun Sovereign's voice caused a wave of commotion, shocking everyone. Today, five demon sovereigns of the Demon God Palace arrived. Were they planning to declare war against the Divine Ox Clan?

The face of the Ox Chieftain turned dark, he stared at the five demon sovereigns and coldly replied, "Old demons, do you all understand what you are saying?"

"We naturally do." The demon sovereigns had sharp expressions. A moment later, the atmosphere of the banquet instantly turned tense, causing people to feel stifled. Not long ago, the Divine Ox Clan humiliated the Luoshen Clan, how imposing were they then? Devilox even managed to get three beautiful maidens from the Luoshen Clan to be his concubines. And right now, the five demon sovereigns came here together and said that they wanted the Ox Chieftain to free all the demonic beasts they enslaved?

A puff of demonic qi shot out of the Ox Chieftain's nostrils. He glared at the five demon sovereigns. At this moment, another wave of might descended from the sky. The Ox Chieftain froze as he stared into the air. "Who is it?"

A moment later, two figures descended from the sky. When the Ox Chieftain saw who it was that had come, his expression couldn't help but change drastically as he icily remarked, "Luoshen Chuan!"

As the sound of this voice faded, the Divine Ox Castle was thrown into an uproar.

The person who came was none other than the original clan leader of the Luoshen Clan, Luoshen Chuan.

And today was the day where Devilox humiliated the Luoshen Clan, wanting to take the beauties of the Luoshen Clan as his concubines. Since Luoshen Chuan appeared here today, the meaning of his presence was clear to all.

What was thought-provoking was that before Luoshen Chuan came, the five demon sovereigns arrived first and gave a condition.

In addition beside Luoshen Chuan, there was another heavenly deity expert. This expert was Luoshen Tu from the Luoshen Clan.

The five demon sovereigns in addition to Luoshen Chuan and Luoshen Tu. There were a total of seven heavenly deities present on their side.

As for the Divine Ox Clan, they also only had a total of seven heavenly deities. Right now, one of the heavenly deities followed Devilox to welcome the brides. This also meant that currently in the Divine Ox Castle, they only had six heavenly deities. Naturally, among the six heavenly deities they had, the immensely powerful Ox Chieftain himself was present.

But even so, the other party had Luoshen Chuan who was the original clan leader of the Luoshen Clan, as well as the five demon sovereigns from the Demon God Mountain. Would they be weak?

Clearly, they came here prepared.

If someone said that Luoshen Chuan and the Demon God Mountain didn't join forces, would anyone believe them?

"What a wonderful drama." Many people silently mused, feeling somewhat excited. Not long ago, the Divine Ox Clan and Qin Clan of the Heaven Region joined forces to threaten the Luoshen Clan, harshly humiliating the Luoshen Clan. And just when the Divine Ox Clan was immersed in their fantasy of ruling the Desolate Region unchallenged, Luoshen Chuan had joined forces with the five demon sovereigns and now appeared here together.

And at this moment when Luoshen Chuan appeared in the Divine Ox Clan, Devilox and the others were halfway on their journey back. On the phoenix chariot, tears were flowing out of Luoshen Meng's eyes uncontrollably.

"Luoshen Meng." At this moment, a voice entered her mind. Luoshen Meng's eyes flashed, her beautiful eyes glanced at an escort from the clan. This was somebody arranged to be here by Luosheng Weng. Earlier, it was him who transmitted his voice to her.

"Don't worry, you won't be forced to marry into the Divine Ox Clan."

Her beautiful eyes flashed with a strange look and at this moment, the chariots suddenly stopped as heavenly might from the sky bore down on everything!
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