Ancient Godly Monarch
1822 Seeking Guidance
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Ancient Godly Monarch
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1822 Seeking Guidance

Goddess Nichang was like a celestial maiden from the nine heavens as she stood there. Her robes fluttered in the wind but she didn't say anything. It was like she was here today as a spectator.

Qin Dangtian's black hair was like ink. His gaze was extremely deep as he stared in the direction of the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy, "The Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy has been transmitting the dao for countless years and people of the world are all in admiration of it. The sacred academy undoubtedly has an extraordinary view of the heavenly dao. Hence, the purpose of my visit today is to ask about the dao."

"Please enter then." A voice rang out from within the sacred academy. Qin Dangtian stepped forth, moving into the entrance. The experts in a row on the left and right of the sacred academy all stepped back, watching as these two extraordinary figures moved past them.

Qin Wentian was just standing at the side. This was the first time he was looking at Qin Dangtian at such a close distance. This destined enemy of his...At this moment, Qin Dangtian was truly exceptionally extraordinary and the radiance he exuded could rival that of the sun and moon.

Qin Dangtian simply walked past Qin Wentian directly. Qin Wentian felt some fluctuations to his state of heart as he drew in a deep breath to steady himself.

Goddess Nichang also passed by Qin Wentian. That breathtaking figure was truly stunning. Her holy and saint-like countenance had no expression on it yet they could do nothing to mask her supreme beauty. This was the number one beauty of the Heaven Region. Truly, her beauty was unrivalled.

At this moment, Qin Dangtian's steps suddenly halted. He actually turned back and cast a glance at Qin Wentian. Those deep eyes of his flashed with a soul-stirring light.

Qin Wentian narrowed his eyes as he stared at Qin Dangtian. Could it be that Qin Dangtian had sensed something unusual about him?

This was impossible. He currently no longer had any bloodline powers. It was impossible for the other party to sense it.

"Who are you?" Qin Dangtian asked. The instincts of heavenly deities are naturally incredibly sharp. He could feel that Qin Wentian's gaze towards him was different from the others. This feeling felt extremely strange, but he could clearly feel the difference.

"He is a student of the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy, the Qingcheng Realmlord, Qin Wentian." The Divine Sound World Overlord stood by Qin Wentian's side. He was worried that Qin Wentian would feel great pressure from Qin Dangtian's aura and helped him to reply. After all, this Qin Dangtian was a true supreme genius, a heavenly deity character.

Qin Dangtian was expressionless. He has never heard of the Qingcheng Realmlord before. Although Qin Wentian's fame was great and many major powers took notice of him, this was only in the Mystic Region. Also, so what if he was famous? Who was the Heaven's Son? The Heaven's Son was a supreme heavenly deity, he would never pay attention to those weaker than him. Right now in his eyes, there were only those few others who similarly also stood at the peak of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms.

"Surnamed Qin?" Compared to the title of the Qingcheng Realmlord, he actually paid more attention to the fact that Qin Wentian was surnamed Qin. Because, they shared the same surname.

"Under the sky, how many people are worthy enough of the surname Qin?" Qin Dangtian calmly laughed and shifted his eyes away, continuing on his way. To him, Qin Wentian was merely an insignificant and minor character. They were simply on different levels, Qin Wentian wasn't able to cause his state of heart to fluctuate.

There were many people in the world surnamed Qin. Just speaking of the number of experts outside the sacred academy now, maybe there would be many people with the surnamed Qin. However, Qin Dagntian actually said that how many people would be worthy enough of the surname Qin under the sky? How arrogant was this. However, as the Heaven's Son, as the youngest heavenly deity in these immortal realms, he truly did have the qualifications to be arrogant.

Only the Qin Clan in the Heaven's Region was the highest peak of every human who had the surname of Qin.

In this world, as long as someone mentioned the surname Qin, the first thing everyone would think of, was the Qin Clan in the Heaven Region.

Goddess Nichang didn't turn her head back. It was like in this world, there was no one worthy of her casting a single glance at them. No matter where she went to, it was like the rest of the world was only worthy enough to serve as the background, further enhancing her radiance.

Qin Dangtian and Goddess Nichang walked into the sacred academy together. At the entrance area, the students of the sacred academy respectively followed behind them. They wanted to see what was Qin Dangtian's purpose exactly for paying a visit to the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy.

Outside the academy, countless people felt a sense of frustration and disappointment at the instant where the silhouettes of Qin Dangtian and Goddess Nichang vanished from their visions. But even so, they didn't leave and chose to wait outside. They wanted nothing more than to become a student of the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy so they could go in to spectate.

After Qin Dangtian and Goddess Nichang entered the academy, they continued into the depths of the academy. There was a formless aura guiding them, they could sense the invitation of the other heavenly deities inside the sacred academy. Qin Dangtian naturally understood this.

The various students of the academy followed behind them. However, when they entered the depths of the sacred academy, this place was a place forbidden for ordinary students to enter. This region was known as the Divine Dao Platform Region. Heavenly deities would occasionally give dao lectures here, only the students of heavenly deities were qualified to enter.

"Senior brother, seems like I won't be able to see it." Jun Mengchen spoke in a low voice at the boundary of the Divine Dao Platform. Qin Dangtian and Goddess Nichang had already entered.

"I'll tell you about it after I return." Qin Wentian replied. As a student of Goddess Dugu, he naturally has the qualifications to enter. Divine Sound could enter as well. The vast majority of students had to stay outside. Their hearts were filled with anticipation, wanting to know what would happen in there exactly.

On the Divine Dao Platform, three figures sat there side by side. Goddess Dugu was there as well, she sat in the left-most position.

What this indicated was extremely clear. Qin Wentian understood that these three were the heavenly deities of the sacred academy. They were here together at the Divine Dao Platform to welcome Qin Dangtian and this was already far above the usual standards. From this, it could be seen how highly they regarded Qin Dangtian.

The youngest heavenly deity in the world, a character that defeated the Skyorder Heavenly Deity the moment he broke through. His title was Heaven's Son, the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy naturally had to regard him highly.

"The two of you came from afar, please be seated." On the Divine Dao Platform, there were two seats opposite the three heavenly deities. Before heavenly deities, world overlord wouldn't have any qualifications to sit. However, in view that Goddess Nichang had a unique identity as well as she was here together with Qin Dangtian as guests, the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy also prepared a seat for her.

Qin Dangtian stepped onto the Divine Dao Platform and sat down before the three heavenly deities. Goddess Nichang didn't step up the platform, she stood outside it and was extremely quiet, choosing to silently observe everything.

Today, Qin Dangtian was here to ask about the dao.

Qin Wentian and the others also stood outside the platform, staring at the scene on it. Qin Dangtian was facing the three heavenly deities of the sacred academy alone but his aura was the same, it didn't weaken at all and was as extraordinary as ever.

"We've long heard of the fame of Heaven's Son. Now that we've met, you are even more outstanding than what the rumors described." The heavenly deity seated in the center spoke. This was an old man dressed in robes of starry designs. He exuded a transcendent aura.

"I'm just a junior here to seek guidance from various seniors. I've long admired the name of the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy and wish to come here today to ask about the dao. Can seniors guide me on this? What is the heavenly dao?" Qin Dangtian appeared humble but his tone contained a lone arrogance, directly asking the heavenly deities of the sacred academy what the heavenly dao was.

"The heavenly dao is the divine dao. One can become a heavenly deity once you comprehend it. The heavenly dao is unfathomably profound, one can only sense it in their hearts, how can there be a way to describe it clearly?" The heavenly deity sitting in the center seat spoke.

"The myriad of creatures in the world have to follow the principle of the formless laws. The heavenly dao is merely a form of energy that they can also gain access to. If not, how can seniors have your accomplishments today? How can I be qualified enough to sit here and discuss dao with you? Since once can come in contact with and gain access to the power of the heavenly dao, what is so unfathomable about it? I'm not convinced by senior's words." Qin Dangtian directly spoke, doubting the words of the old man.

"The comprehension of the heavenly dao depends on one's heart. Even for heavenly deities of our sacred academy, each of us have a different understanding of it. It isn't strange that Heaven's Son doesn't agree with my words." The old man calmly spoke.

"No, no. It isn't that we have a differing view on this. It's that senior's words are simply ridiculous because they are wrong." Qin Dangtian calmly spoke, his tone containing extreme arrogance. This caused the eyes of the sacred academy's students to gleam sharply. This Heaven's Son wasn't polite at all. All of them were at the same level, what qualifications did he have to speak so arrogantly?

"Since this is the case, what is your understanding of the heavenly dao?" Goddess Dugu asked. She was as magnificent as ever, although her beauty was inferior to Goddess Nichang, her demeanor didn't lose out in the slightest at all. She was a true goddess.

"The heavenly dao is just the dao of humans. The will of humans can triumph over the heavens. I am God, my dao, is the heavenly dao. Why would I need to comprehend 'heavenly dao'?" Qin Dangtian slowly spoke. "All my life when I was pursuing the dao, I was pursuing the limits of myself. Now that I am a heavenly deity, can't my dao represent the so-called heavenly dao? Isn't it true that my person itself is above the heavenly dao?"

The three heavenly deities mumbled silently to themselves, they weren't angered because of Qin Dangtian's arrogance, they were pondering over his words instead. They are all heavenly deities and couldn't help but to admit that from a certain perspective, Qin Dangtian's words weren't wrong. For heavenly deities, their daos could really represent the heavenly dao.

"That might be true, all of us have different insights. If you feel that I'm wrong, I'm wrong then. But for me myself, I still feel that my insights are correct." The old man spoke. The comprehension of everyone naturally would be different. This was especially true when they reached such a high level in cultivation. There was no absolute right or absolute wrong.

"The heavenly dao academy is known as a holy ground where they transmit the dao. However, the conversation between us today make me not dare to agree blindly. I feel that the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy doesn't deserve its reputation." Qin Dangtian directly spoke. The three heavenly deities couldn't help but frown when they heard that. Qin Dangtian's words clearly wanted to humiliate and insult the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy.

"You proclaim yourself as a junior but aren't your words too arrogant? You seem to have no regards for anyone." The middle-aged heavenly deity sitting on the right spoke. His tone was filled with unhappiness. Although heavenly deities generally have good self-restraint, it didn't mean that they wouldn't be angered.

"Although I respectfully address you three as seniors, when exchanging ideas about the dao, my comprehension and insights might not be inferior to the three of you. Since our understanding of the dao is different, I think we can only prove who is right through an exchange of pointers. Please provide me with some guidance." Qin Dangtian spoke, staring at the three heavenly deities.

As expected, the Heaven's Son issued a challenge to the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy.

Today, it seems like he truly came here with unkind intentions. His purpose wasn't as simple as to ask about the dao.

Everyone knows about Qin Dangtian's visit to the sacred academy and they were all paying attention to this. Outside the sacred academy, countless people were speculating. Right now, Qin Dangtian wanted to use the pretext of exchanging pointers about their daos to challenge the sacred academy. Would the sacred academy agree to the challenge?

The three heavenly deities of the sacred academy stared at Qin Dangtian. A moment later, Goddess Dugu spoke, "Since Heaven's Son is keen to discuss about daos, in that case, I'm willing to experience the daos mastered by Heaven's Son."

Goddess Dugu actually agreed to the challenge.

Outside the Divine Dao Platform, the eyes of Qin Wentian and the others gleamed with sharpness. Today, they would personally witness a battle between heavenly deities who wanted an exchange about their daos.

Qin Wentian really wanted to see how powerful this destined enemy of his was exactly!


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