Ancient Godly Monarch
1751 New Era
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Ancient Godly Monarch
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1751 New Era

The Lifelong Realmlord roared loudly, the Lifelong World Heart repaired his damaged body but it was impossible for Qin Wentian to give him any more chances. He directly punched out, onto the Lifelong Realmlord's body. This punch contained the full power of his heavenheart mandate. In an instant, boundless radiance illuminated everything, piercing the eyes of people. Countless people could only shield their eyes from the radiance and the Lifelong Realmlord and Qin Wentian were at the heart of it.

What was different now was that Qin Wentian was bathing in that sacred light while the body of the Lifelong Realmlord was slowly turning into nothingness, disintegrating by the glare.

"How did you do that?" The Lifelong Realmlord's expression contorted as boundless terror appeared in his heart. He stared at Qin Wentian in an extremely confused manner. Earlier, he definitely wasn't wrong. He had learned the limiting rule of Qin Wentian's heavenheart mandate and he also unleashed a sure-kill strike. However, why was Qin Wentian not in that patch of the void? That illusory body that was rotting away actually became his real body instead?

"You have the Lifelong World Heart but I have an undying body. World Hearts can be broken, how can you counter the undying aspect of my body? In the future, the Lifelong Realm will be governed by me. You can go in peace." The boundless radiance from the Radiance Conflagration erupted forth once again with full power, at point-blank range, illuminating the space around them.

"I'M UNWILLING!" The Lifelong Realmlord roared. Supreme authority and countless beauties in his harem. Even if in the future he was stuck at forever at this realm, as long as he was more cautious and didn't go and offend those powerful characters, he would forever be the king of the Lifelong Realm, enjoying boundless glory. The entire world was his, all the women in his territories were his.

However, would all of these become clouds and mist? He actually fell to a subordinate. A subordinate who was merely a mid-stage immortal emperor a hundred years ago. The young man whom he appointed to take over the Lifire Palace was the one who killed him. In addition, his territories and harem would be Qin Wentian's. When he thought of his threats towards Qin Wentian's earlier, fear blossomed in his heart. After he died, how would Qin Wentian treat his women and descendants?

When he thought of those beauties landing in Qin Wentian's hands, his heart felt even more pain. When he thought of Fairy Biyue reuniting with Huang Zhan, the Desolate Heaven Palace Lord, his heart felt like it was being diced into pieces.

He had boundless regret and reluctance in his heart. However, even so, there was no way he could escape death. No matter how powerful or how much authority you have in life, before death, everything would return to the void.

The light was extremely blinding. The battle in the air finally ceased. Countless people inclined their heads and stared at the vanished silhouette of the Lifelong Realmlord as waves of shock rose in their hearts. Many people started to tremble involuntarily due to fear. The Skyair Palace Lord was a very good example of this. Not only him, those from the Lifelong Sainthall, as well as the people who criticized and insulted Ye Qianyu earlier. Right now, all of them seemed to be able to predict what their endings today would be.

Never in their wildest dreams would they have expected that the young man who was reprimanded by the Lifelong Realmlord would be the cause for a large-scale rebellion. They also never imagined that he would directly challenge the Lifelong Realmlord and would even be the victor, directly killing the Lifelong Realmlord. What consequences would there be for them? They didn't even dare to think about it.

And for those who came here to attend the magnificent grand banquet of the Lifelong Realm today, all were completely stunned. That lofty divinity-like character whom they feared and respected, actually died today. He was killed by the legendary character Qin Wentian who was also the Lifire Palace Lord. This scene was like how he killed the previous Lifire Palace Lord back then, replacing his position. How domineering was this?

At this moment, they suddenly realized that a legend was born before their eyes.

Many people suddenly felt an intense anticipation in their hearts. Their anticipation for Qin Wentian, truly a legendary character that enjoyed a meteoric rise, crushing all obstacles in his way. How could they not be filled with anticipation for his future?

Although the Realmlord has died, the words spoken by the four palace lords who rebelled earlier has already caused everyone present to feel doubts about the Lifelong Realmlord's personality. Also, what did whoever would replace the Realmlord have anything to do with them who were ordinary people? They only wanted to see a stronger existence, and a more elite legendary character.

"BOOM!" The sound of an explosion rang out, startling everyone. When the crowd turned their gazes over, they discovered that the statue of the Lifelong Realmlord which had stood for the passage of countless years on the top of the stairway, was destroyed by someone. What was laughable was that the person who destroyed it was actually none other than the Scarlet Origin Palace Lord who has always been on the Lifelong Realmlord's side. After he destroyed the statue, he bowed to Qin Wentian in the air, "Earlier, this subordinate had no choice but to obey the Lifelong Realmlord's command, and had to fight on his side. Now that the Lifelong Realmlord is dead, Palace Lord Qin naturally would replace him as the Realmlord. This subordinate pays my respects to the new Realmlord."

Everyone started for a few moments before they recovered. All of them silently cursed at how shameless the Scarlet Origin Palace Lord was. The reaction of this fellow was actually so fast? His skin was also so thick that it was unbelievable.

This was especially so for the Dragonsaddle Palace Lord and Gengmetal Palace Lord. They had contempt in their eyes as they stared at the Scarlet Origin Palace Lord but soon after that, they also bowed, "Your subordinates are guilty. We pay our respects to the new Realmlord. From now onwards, we would not dare to disobey any of Realmlord Qin's commands."

The experts of the Xuanyuan Palace, Gemini Palace and Jialan Clan were all speechless at how shameless these people were. To protect their lives, they were actually capable of saying such words.

The crowd in the surroundings also stared at these people speechlessly. They were truly shameless enough, moving so quickly to proclaim that they submit to the new Realmlord.

These palace lords naturally could feel the looks of contempt in the eyes of others. But so what of it? The Lifelong Realmlord was already killed by Qin Wentian and the situation couldn't be any clearer. Qin Wentian was sure to replace the Lifelong Realmlord as the new Realmlord. Could it be that they wish to die by continuing to resist? Compared to their lives, what was the loss of face? What was the pride of being a palace lord? Nothing was more important than their lives.

For this point, although everyone still felt contempt for them, they also understood in their hearts. They inclined their heads and stared at the imposing figure in the air. At this moment, the experts of the Xuanyuan Palace, Jialan Clan and many other major powers all bowed and called out, "We pay our respects to Realmlord."

"We pay our respects to Realmlord." Countless people called out. Even for those major powers who fought against Qin Wentian's faction earlier all also called out loudly. The general trend of the situation was set. If they don't surrender now, it would mean that they don't want their lives.

The Skyair Palace Lord's face turned as pale as paper. He didn't greet Qin Wentian because he understood that Qin Wentian might spare everyone but it was impossible for Qin Wentian to spare him.

At the instant Qin Wentian killed the Lifelong Realmlord, the fate of the Skyair Palace Lord was already decided - death.

It was just that even now, he still found it hard to accept this. Today, they had originally prepared to ruthlessly humiliate Qin Wentian and Beiming Youhuang. His master would then kill Qin Wentian after that. However, why would the winds and clouds suddenly change as this scene which was completely unexpected, actually occurred. Even now when he stared at Qin Wentian, he still found it hard to accept the fact that the Lifelong Realmlord has already been killed and his fate now was in the hands of Qin Wentian.

Concubine Lu's face also turned pale. The moment the Lifelong Realmlord died, she already understood that it was all over. Everything was over.

For people on Qin Wentian's side, their emotions were completely opposite. The Xuanyuan Palace Lord sighed at how fortunate he was to have made the right choice. Initially, he struggled for a long time. But luckily, he gambled correctly.

As for the Jialan Clan, they understood that the glory belonging to their clan has finally arrived. They were the ones who were determined to support Qin Wentian the most. Although they believed in Qin Wentian, they did so because they felt that Qin Wentian would have some back up or external aid and they also didn't expect Qin Wentian to be able to kill the Realmlord on his own. At this moment, they felt that what just happened was somewhat unbelievable, like they were in a dream. Jialan Jiangshan shivered, he felt that he was too audacious in this gamble. After all, the opponent Qin Wentian had to face was none other than the Lifelong Realmlord but back then, he still made the decision to bet it all on Qin Wentian.

Luckily, Qin Wentian was the victor.

Jialan Qiuyue stared at the magnificent figure in the air as she fell into a daze. The radiance of some people was something no one would be able to block. When they emit their light, they would be the focus of everyone in the world, with the entire world willing to submit to them. Qin Wentian was undoubtedly such an existence.

"The young are to be feared indeed." Yi sighed with admiration in his heart. A junior from Azure Mystic, who was younger than him by countless years, actually could kill the Lifelong Realmlord today.

The two palace lords of the Gemini Palace clenched their fists tightly as excitement could be seen in their eyes. The Saint Lord of this generation was even more tyrannical compared to the second-generation Saint Lord Yi. Would their Battle Saint Tribe be able to climb back up to their former heights? They could see hope now.

Ye Qianyu, as usual, exuded charm freely. Her beautiful eyes stared at Qin Wentian as she felt pride in her heart. This was her man. When he learned of her fate, he only spoke three words to her - 'Wait for me.'

All the humiliation she suffered earlier was completely wiped away at this moment. From now onwards, who in the world would dare to criticize or insult her? Those who had done so earlier all felt boundless fear rising up in their hearts now.

Beiming Youhuang lowered her head as gentleness flashed in her eyes.

This battle was for Ye Qianyu, but from a certain perspective, it was also for her.

The magnificence of the white-robed young man knew no bounds. His figure slowly descended through the air as numerous experts flew towards him. Jun Mengchen and the other empyreans all stood behind his back. For a period of time, it was like this entire group was bathing in rays of radiance and glory. Their strength completely surpassed the forces of the previous Lifelong Realmlord. Now, a stronger Realmlord has been born. This realm would only grow even stronger than before.

"How do you want to die?" Qin Wentian turned his gaze to the Skyair Palace Lord. This man was as despicable as the Lifelong Realmlord. Earlier, his words were filled with venom, disparaging Ye Qianyu and even insulted the relationship between him and Beiming Youhuang. Now that the Lifelong Realmlord has died, the first person Qin Wentian wanted to kill, was naturally the Skyair Palace Lord.

"Qin Wentian, so what even if you've won? You won't be able to cleanse the black mark on your reputation. Your women…" An incredibly malicious look could be seen on the Skyair Palace Lord's face. Even before his death, he wanted to use vile words to curse at Qin Wentian. But at this moment, the light fell on him. The power of the heavenheart mandate directly pierced through his throat, causing him to instantly be unable to speak.

"You don't even know regret before death. I initially wanted to give you a quick one. But since you like to insult and humiliate people so much, why don't you stay alive then?" The light emitting from Qin Wentian brightened, seeping into his opponent's body. The Skyair Palace Lord screamed as all his internal organs and immortal-foundation was damaged.

With a wave of his hand, the Skyair Palace Lord was flung through the air, just like an insect. To the lofty and proud Skyair Palace Lord, living in such conditions was even more miserable than death. As long as he doesn't die, he would have to suffer all kinds of humiliations!


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