Ancient Godly Monarch
1572 The Five Governors
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Ancient Godly Monarch
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1572 The Five Governors

In the governor city of the northern regions, all three vice governors were killed. The grand governor of the Lifire City personally sent people here to question Qin Wentian but after they learned of what happened, they didn't say anything and left directly.

Lu Tong attacked Qin Wentian and injured him. Zhao Yichuan and Zhong Zihua actually joined forces, forming a sinister plot wanting to kill him. Although he killed them, Qin Wentian did everything according to the rules and no one could say anything. After that incident, his subordinates all had fear in their hearts, nobody dared to challenge Qin Wentian's authority again.

After several days, Qin Wentian nominated three new vice governors, all of them were bandits from the Thousand Feathers Palace. Other than the Evil Emperor, he nominated the bandits to key positions within the governor's palace. Although Qin Wentian temporarily couldn't take revenge, he still had to gain complete control of the governor's manor first. If it was like in the past where no one showed up when he gave an order, how would he even be able to accomplish things?

Naturally, Qin Wentian also didn't intend to do anything temporarily. The incident that day was truly dangerous to the extreme. Despite his powerful physical defense due to his undying body, he had almost died. That could be considered a lesson. After the Evil Emperor gained control of Zhong Zihua, although there was no way to prove that the Jialan Clan was behind this, they could ascertain that a mysterious man gave him the Soul Slaying Needles and even told him to join forces with Zhao Yichuan. Let alone Qin Wentian, even Zhong Zihua himself guessed that that mysterious person should be someone from the Jialan Clan.

Not only so, according to Zhong Zihua, there were plenty of attendants under the three vice governors that had received bribes from different powers before. Everyone had a tacit understanding and knew what would happen at the end but no one said anything. After all, their cultivation resources, other than the Lifire Palace giving some out once every ten years, the remainder would come from a percentage of the tributes offered to the northern governor by the powers here on tribute day. However, how much tribute would the northern governor be able to achieve? The people of the governor's manor here were truly extremely poor.

Qin Wentian got the Evil Emperor to find the butler. He also simultaneously went out to do an investigation and also checked the file room for records. At the end, he discovered to his shock that all the large businesses in the northern city regions were controlled by the Jialan Clan. They even had their shadow in the medium-sized businesses.

Before the Lifire Empyrean took over, the Jialan Clan had already laid down their roots in Lifire City. Among the many large clans in the northern regions, the Jialan Clan was the publicly acknowledged number one clan, all of the other clans also had very deep relationships with them. For example, many of the madams and mistresses of the various large clans, all originated from the Jialan Clan.

Not only were their foundations extremely deep, they even extended outwards, having some people beside the Realmlord. From this, one could tell how strong the Jialan Clan really was. This was why they had enough power to contend against the Lifire Empyrean.

Qin Wentian couldn't help but to have a feeling of unease. In the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms, if you were wealthy and had control over a large number of resources, just a single sentence from you would entice immortal emperors to join you. This was much more attractive compared to the conditions the governor's manor was offering. Just because the Jialan Clan was wealthy enough, they were able to provide sufficient cultivation resources for the unaffiliated immortal emperors and even provide powerful weapons and valuable medical pills.


The day of tribute that occurred once every ten years, finally arrived. The entire Lifire City was extremely busy. Naturally, the people who are the busiest were none other than the five governors in the five city regions. To a majority of the people, it was just a day to pay tax, tribute day. Many powers in the city would take the initiative to pay the tributes.

However, for the northern governor's manor, the amount of powers that took the initiative to pay was extremely little. Almost none did so. From this point, one could see how bad the prestige of the northern city governor's manor was. All the powers completely didn't give a damn about it. Naturally, this was because in these ten years, the northern governor's manor didn't really provide much protection for the powers. When many conflicts occured, the powers were the ones who settled things themselves.

Today, the newly appointed three vice governors brought their subordinates to collect the tribute but things weren't so smooth for them. Some of the smaller powers unwillingly complied but for the larger powers, they weren't cooperative at all.

Vice Governor Xu Li had a mid-stage immortal king cultivation base. He was at the Ancient River Auction House and when he was collecting tributes, a major incident occurred. An expert who obtained a treasure from the auction house was killed and the treasure and his spatial ring was stolen away. Lifire City absolutely forbid such slaughter in the streets. For conflicts that couldn't be mediated, there were specially assigned areas for both parties to battle.

Xu Li glanced at the corpse on the ground and had an unsightly expression on his face. In front of him, an old man from the Ancient River Auction House stood there. He then spoke, "Vice Governor Xu, it isn't that my auction house doesn't want to cooperate. It's just that there has been many minor and major incidents that happened here at my auction house through these years. Right now, there's even someone who got killed at our doorstep. Had the governor's manor helped me to handle any of these matters at all? Now that tribute day has come, the governor's manor instantly became so proactive and came by wanting to collect tributes? This isn't too good, right?"

"That's right, we shouldn't have to pay if the governor's manor has not offered any help to us. Even if the Lifire Empyrean is here, he should understand our feelings." Someone clasped his hands to the air as he spoke, showing his respect to the Lifire Empyrean.

"The Ancient River Auction House is a great auction house, the experts here are as common as the clouds but there actually is such an incident appearing here on tribute day? This…?" Vice Governor Xu's expression turned cold. As a former bandit, what schemes has he not seen before? This was clearly a trick, they were deliberately going against the governor's manor.

"Vice Governor Xu, what do you mean by this?" The old man's expression instantly turned heavy. He icily continued, "My Ancient River Auction House has existed for many years, how could I tarnish my own reputation by doing this? It's just that Vice Governor Xu, there's such a major incident happening before your eyes and you refuse to investigate and is even hurrying us for the tribute collection, even doubting my auction house. Isn't this too ridiculous?"

"Actually to the northern city regions, the governor's manor can exist or not exist, it wouldn't affect anything at all. Why do we need them? They even still have the face to collect tributes from us every ten years? How laughable."

"That's right. In any case, my side won't be making any contributions anymore unless one day, the governor's manor can show their worth to us."

"Vice Governor Xu, this old man isn't the one saying these words. However, everyone else is filled with objections regarding the governor's manor, I can't do anything as well." The old man from the Ancient River Auction House calmly spoke. Xu Li glanced around, the number of experts the other party had was more than his own. If they couldn't handle such matters well, they could only report up to the Lifire Empyrean. But even if the empyrean acted then, it would still reflect badly upon the northern governor's manor for not being able to do their jobs well. These people were right, the governor's manor had done nothing for them through the years.

"Fine. I temporarily will not collect any tributes today. But the governor's manor will definitely investigate well about the death of this man." Xu Li coldly spoke.

"Since this is the case, we will have to thanks Vice Governor Xu for your understanding." The old man clasped his hands. Xu Lu flicked his sleeves and left.

Qin Wentian seemed to have long anticipated such a scenario would happen. Hence, he had already told his vice governors that if they couldn't collect any tribute, just forget about it. For the time being, it was best to avoid any open conflict. The Jialan Clan was observing them from the dark and was definitely looking for chances to deal with them.

Not only for Xu Li's side, the other two vice governors also encountered roughly the same thing, they only collected a pitiful amount of tributes.

Three months passed by in the blink of an eye, the amount of tributes collected from the northern city regions was truly pathetic. Qin Wentian brought the tributes and headed to the Lifire Palace. Regardless of the amount, he naturally had to first hand the tributes to the Lifire Empyrean.

Inside a courtyard, a few figures could be seen there. There were four males and one female, and were none other than the five great governors of the Lifire City.

The Central Governor Xia Hou, he seemed imposing without being angry.

The Eastern Governor Lin Ba, he was sturdy in build and perpetually seemed to have a fierce expression on his face. He also had long sideburns and radiated a dignified aura.

The Southern Governor Beauty Xiao. She was beautiful and extremely sexy, which caused her to have the title of 'beauty.' She was extremely narcissistic and hence, everyone referred to her as Beauty Xiao.

The Western Governor Yin Qiu, he had a fair face and his appearance resembled a scholar. His face was overly white, causing people to feel as though he was someone that indulged in debauchery. He also exuded a hint of demonic charm in his aura.

And last but not least, the Northern Governor Qin Wentian.

At this moment, Lin Ba and Beauty Xiao were both surveying Qin Wentian. Lin Ba had a look of interest on his face while Beauty Xiao smiled charmingly at him.

"Who would have thought that Governor Qin is so handsome. No wonder the Night Empyrean's daughter would put herself in danger for you, eventually ending up being captured." Beauty Xiao giggled, her eyes staring bewitchingly at Qin Wentian.

"Beauty Xiao, is he more handsome than me?" Yin Qiu felt a little reluctance when he heard that. He kept staring at Beauty Xiao. Beauty Xiao was clad in extremely revealing robes which gave everyone the impulse to give in to their lustful urges when they looked at her. Yin Qiu was barely able to suppress his desires, he really wanted to stretch his hands out to fondle her. All the governors here knew that Yin Qiu had wanted to get Beauty Xiao into his bed for a very long time.

"Ah, you little gigolo. How can you be compared to Governor Qin?" Beauty Xiao impolitely mocked. After that, she walked towards Qin Wentian as her fragrance washed over him. She was so close now that she appeared to be leaning against him.

Qin Wentian involuntarily took a step back, feeling speechlessness in his heart. Xia Hou and Lin Ba can still be considered relatively normal. But this Beauty Xiao and Yin Qiu were clearly weirdos yet they are actually governors as well.

"Governor Qin, tell me. Do you think I'm more beautiful or is Ye Qianyu more beautiful?" Beauty Xiao winked at Qin Wentian. Given his current proximity with Beauty Xiao as well as some angles of vision, he was able to see the parts of her body he shouldn't see. Beauty Xiao's dress sense was much more provocative compared to Ye Qianyu's. Beauty Xiao was clearly openly seducing him.

Qin Wentian bitterly smiled and shook his head, "Governor Xiao, please don't tease me."

"Beauty Xiao, why are you letting a pretty boy like me go but is concerned about a trash that can only hide under a woman's skirt? Isn't your judgement a little too lousy?" Yin Qui sinisterly spoke. Qin Wentian's eyes flickered with coldness as he glanced at Yin Qiu. However, Yin Qiu didn't care about that at all. His eyes were still fixed on Beauty Xiao, shining with an unmasked lust, as well as radiating an evil aura.

"Enough." Central Governor Xia Hou coldly spoke. He then turned to Qin Wentian. "Governor Qin, I heard that you immediately killed off your three vice governors the moment you took over?"

"The three of them plotted to kill me. I must naturally eliminated them." Qin Wentian nodded.

"Hmph, killing your own subordinates the moment you took on the position. Can't you use them properly instead? Do you think it's very easy to recruit three immortal emperors as subordinates? I'm sure your tribute collection this time around, ran into many problems." Xia Hou coldly spoke with a lecturing tone. Out of the five governors, he had the most experience and was naturally the most senior in standing. He was also the strongest one.

Qin Wentian felt somewhat unhappy. All of them were governors and they were at the same rank. However, the other governors here clearly didn't regard him as important. It could be said that they didn't give a damn about him at all.


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