Ancient Godly Monarch
1349 Mysterious Man, Stone Table
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Ancient Godly Monarch
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1349 Mysterious Man, Stone Table

Chapter 1349: Mysterious Man, Stone Tablet
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The area this blanket of cloud covered was far vaster compared to the mountain ranges which Qin Wentian had been in. Qin Wentian would pause occasionally and sit down to contemplate. Just like this three years passed by, yet he wasn't able to find an exit to this place. But these three years weren't useless, his senses towards law energy was much sharper compared to before.

During these three years, he had seen many different sceneries before. He couldn't imagine how vast this place was. If a war truly did happen here before, the strength of the experts involved were also something he couldn't imagine.

At this moment, Qin Wentian was sitting beneath a gigantic tree. Its branches could reach the sky, and its roots sprawled all over the ground. Its trunk was so large that even a thousand people joining hands wouldn't be able to embrace it. A fearsome law aura emanated forth from this tree, forming a law energy domain around it.

Naturally, Qin Wentian was suspecting that this ancient tree itself was formed from law energy. If one used the cultivation realms of humanity to gauge it, this tree should be a body of laws.

Qin Wentian sat there in cultivation, quietly sensing the flows of destruction, wanting to understand the language of the destructive laws. After several months, he could already use the destructive energy of his own body. Even without using it via his immortal-foundation, he was able to create the law energy of destruction in his surroundings. This was quite a major improvement. He knew he was slowly improving step by step towards the realm he wanted to reach.

Qin Wentian had his eyes closed. In his perception, in the formless space around him, black runes of destruction flowed about unceasingly. It was still difficult for the him now to completely control these runes. If he could do so effortlessly, it would mean that he was infinitesimally close to the immortal king realm.

After a long time, Qin Wentian stood up as he proceeded closer to the source. The destructive energy grew even more intense but luckily, the gigantic tree wouldn't attack of its own volition, or it would be the same level as a supreme peak-level immortal king.

Walking to the front of tree trunk, Qin Wentian could sense that he was at his limits. If it wasn't for the fact that he was proficient in this kind of law energy, he wouldn't be able to get so close to it.

Taking out a divine weapon, Qin Wentian pierced the weapon into the trunk of the tree. Despite the sharpness of the weapon, as it came into contact with the tree, it started to crumble bit by bit from the destructive aura. An instant later, the sword was corroded halfway and fell onto the ground. Qin Wentian didn't dare to pick up the divine weapon with the destructive law energy flowing all over it. He decided to turn about and leave.

After some months, Qin Wentian came to another canyon that was blanketed by sinister clouds. This place felt incredibly heavy, with the law energy of gravity. Every step Qin Wentian took would result in an overwhelming pressure boring down on him. It was hard even to lift his feet. His body felt as though it was about to be bent but finally, he saw the source of the gravity energy. The source was a huge rock on the ground, but the shape of this rock wasn't regular at all. It shone with a brilliant luster and seemed to be formed naturally from the heavens.

"The heavens and earth are so miraculous, able to create such natural entities glimmering with their spirit. Is this also a kind of source origin?" Qin Wentian mused. He sat on the ground and endured the pressure, quietly comprehending this energy, feeling the flow of law.

After contemplating for a long time, he once again stood up and left the area. On his journey, he encountered many marvelous scenes, widening his horizons.

Qin Wentian had completely lost his sense of direction. He didn't know where he was but fortunately, he didn't really encounter any danger. It was just that most probably, ordinary people would find it very hard to leave. Luckily for him, he still had a trump card. If he couldn't handle the danger, he would instantly open the tunnel to the Heavenly Talisman Realm and flee.

Several years passed by again. Qin Wentian had already been in the Darknorth Immortal Mountain for a very long time. Right now, his face was filled with weariness, there didn't seem to be an end to this place, and it seemed that he wouldn't be able to find his way out for all eternity. However, Qin Wentian knew that there would not be any other place more suitable for him now at his current stage of cultivation.

This was known as a forbidden ground, but it was similarly a holy land for cultivation. Once he broke through to the immortal king realm, he would instantly open up the pathway and leave via it, to the Heavenly Talisman Realm.

"What a powerful suppression aura." At this moment, Qin Wentian felt a tyrannical aura with fearsome might. He walked towards that direction and after some time, he halted, staring in a dumbfounded manner at the sky.

"This…" Qin Wentian was slightly speechless. He could see two gigantic stone tablets in the distance, both glimmering with a divine glow, shining resplendently. Astral light cascaded from the sky, landing onto them as they absorbed the light and illuminated the area.

"Resonance with the astral constellations from the nine heavenly layers?" Qin Wentian was incomparably shocked. This was a technique which only immortal emperors could use. How could Qin Wentian not be shocked?

"BOOM!" Abruptly Qin Wentian suddenly felt that he couldn't move. A supreme suppressive might descended on him and under the pressure, he groaned and coughed out blood as his face turned pale.

One of the stone tablets suddenly moved. That's right, under the gaze of Qin Wentian, that gigantic stone tablet flew over, exuding overwhelming suppressive might. However, the entirety of the pressure didn't slam into Qin Wentian. It seemed like the stone tablet only emitted this to show Qin Wentian how terrifying it was. If not, Qin Wentian would have already died from enduring the pressure.

Qin Wentian radiated suppressive might of his own, but it was like he was an ant trying to shake a tree. When he saw the stone tablet lunging towards him he couldn't help but to feel despair.

To think that he survived even when encountering zombies, but was he destined to die to a stone tablet?

However at this moment, the stone tablet suddenly stopped. It transformed into a smaller size, roughly the size of a human and floated above Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian stared at this scene in puzzlement. Did this stone tablet have sentience? It has gained its own intelligence?

With a flash, Qin Wentian rose up and fled. However, the stone tablet followed after him, instantly catching up. Qin Wentian didn't even move two steps and he was directly suppressed onto the ground, coughing out another mouthful of blood.

However, the stone tablet showed mercy and didn't kill him. If not, given how terrifying this stone tablet was, he would be destroyed in a single strike.

"Junior accidentally ventured into this place. If senior is sentient, please show mercy." Qin Wentian spoke and stood up, continuing to attempt to leave. The stone tablet gleamed with light. Qin Wentian could only move another two steps before he was knocked onto the ground again.

Qin Wentian didn't give up. For a total of over ten times, he tried to leave again and again. The bones in his body felt close to their breaking point as he was incomparably depressed in his heart. Clearly, this stone tablet was playing around with him.

This time around, Qin Wentian who was lying on the ground, folded an incantation gesture. Abruptly, spatial fluctuations radiated as the sky changed color. The stone tablet trembled for a moment as it paused.

"One mustn't open up the tunnel to the Heavenly Talisman Realm in front of any other living beings. Although this stone tablet might be sentient, it cannot be considered a living being." Qin Wentian remembered the rule of the Heavenly Talisman Realm. He wanted to open the spatial pathway and flee.

"Bzz~" A terrifying suppression might gushed over, wanting to break the tunnel apart. However, the tunnel merely shook, but it held strong. Qin Wentian hurriedly moved towards it. This stone tablet was too intelligent, let's hope that it wouldn't really kill him. Right now, he could only risk doing this.

All of a sudden, Qin Wentian took out the demon sword and knocked it against the stone tablet. His body was about to enter the tunnel but at this moment, the suppression pressure increased explosively in might, and severed the tunnel into two, forcibly closing the pathway.

"This…" Qin Wentian turned pale. The stone tablet actually also cause the demon sword to be flung away from the impact and once again released that energy to suppress Qin Wentian, causing him to cough out blood. Qin Wentian gritted his teeth, was this forbidden ground going to be his burial place?

But at this moment, that trace of suppression pressure abruptly vanished completely. Qin Wentian was puzzled. He inclined his head and a moment later, his heart trembled. Before him, a human silhouette could be seen.

The figure had hair so long that it touched the ground, and was like a ghost or demon.

"Zombie?" Qin Wentian's eyes flashed. After that, he only saw that figure turning over. The features of this figure was blocked by his hair, but a pair of black eyes shining with light could be seen.

"Living human?" Qin Wentian's heart shook. He then called out, "Senior."

"Return." That figure glanced at the stone tablet, and a moment later, the stone tablet directly flew back. A terrifying energy enveloped Qin Wentian and he discovered that he couldn't move at all. He simply floated in the air and there was some force causing him to follow behind the demonic-looking like figure. He couldn't control himself at all.

"Is this a human or a ghost? If he is a stellar martial cultivator, how strong is he?" Qin Wentian couldn't imagine the strength of this figure. That stone tablet was already extremely terrifying, able to resonate with the constellations. However, a single sentence from this man caused the stone tablet to retreat. Also, this man seemed to have been living here in this secret realm. How long had he been in here?

Qin Wentian floated there. He glanced up at the sky as terrifying waves buffeted his heart. He passed through the two stone tablets, and that stone tablet which pursued after him earlier, transformed back into a giant version of itself, and continued to absorb astral light from the nine heavens.

"Bzz~" Qin Wentian only felt his body being tossed through the air. After awhile, he was slammed onto the ground as the energy enveloping him dissipated. He stood up and glanced at the mysterious man before him but that figure didn't even look at him at all. He was staring right ahead instead.

Qin Wentian also stared ahead. After that, his gaze froze. A majestic city could be seen before him. However, this place was extremely worn down, the palaces and halls all disintegrated and seemed extremely dipliated.

"I will give you a year of time. You can cultivate safely in here but if you fail to break through to the immortal king realm, you will die." That mysterious figure left behind a sentence before he disappeared completely.

Qin Wentian was astonished. A year to break through to immortal king? What did the mysterious man mean?

Who was he?

What sort of secrets did this forbidden ground contain within it exactly?
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