Ancient Godly Monarch
1279 No Regrets
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Ancient Godly Monarch
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1279 No Regrets

Chapter 1279: No Regrets
Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

On the Fallen Devil Island, in the devil palace the devil emperor was at, the crowd had already dispersed but there were still many people gathered in the surroundings.

At this moment, news came back that that young man who exhibited his outstanding talent Qin Wentian, had already left the devil island using a teleportation array. This made many silently muse at how intelligent Qin Wentian was. He no longer had a place to stay in the Fallen Devil Region.

There were rumors saying that there were three devil kings who left together with Qin Wentian.

When this news spread out, many people sighed at Qin Wentian not knowing how to appreciate favors. What a pity, he was going to lose his life now for sure.

The three devil kings left the Fallen Devil Island specifically to hunt him down, how could Qin Wentian survive? Even the devil emperor himself didn't say anything as the place which the devil kings were acting in, was no longer the territory of the Fallen Devil Region. In any case, how would he speak up for a junior who didn't give him face?

Very swiftly, the identities of the three devil kings were discovered. One was the ruler of the Black Jiao Devil Island, the second one was a devil king from the Royal Devil Sect. Since Ba Xiao died in Qin Wentian's hands, the Royal Devil Sect naturally wouldn't spare him. As for the last devil king, everyone knew where he was from, it's just that nobody wanted to talk too much about him.

After all, it's still better not to offend the Old Xia Devil King.

"Father, what should we do?" The Blackstone Devil King and devilish third princess heard all sorts of news spreading around. The third princess had an unsightly expression on her face, Qin Wentian was actually being hunted down by three devil kings.

"I've reminded him before. Also, Qin Wentian isn't someone stupid, since he rejected the reward of his Majesty, he should have some trump card prepared to fall back on." The Blackstone Devil King spoke in a low voice. Not far away from them, a sinister cold gaze shot over, it was none other than the son of the Black Jiao Devil King.

"Yan Yuruo, just you wait. I will definitely take good care of you in the future." The demonic-looking young man coldly spoke. Beside he was a very powerful expert of the Fallen Devil Island. This man was none other than his foster father.

The devilish female snorted but didn't say anything. At this moment, the demonic young man's expression suddenly changed, turning extremely pale.

"FATHER!" He roared, as his eyes turned bloodshot. His entire body frenziedly trembled, as though he just discovered something extremely impactful to him.

"What happen?" His foster father asked.

"Father, father he…" The demonic-looking young man trembled even more violently as boundless fear appeared in his eyes. "Father has died!"

Numerous gazes shot over, all of them extremely sharp. The Black Jiao Devil King was dead?

This is interesting then, the Black Jiao Devil King was one of those who went to hunt Qin Wentian yet he is actually dead?

In that case, was he killed by the other two devil kings because of argument over loot or was he killed by Qin Wentian?

Most probably, the former would be the case. No matter how strong Qin Wentian was, he is ultimately at the devil-foundation realm, how could he defend against a devil king? Let alone three of them.

The eyes of the Blackstone Devil King and the third princess flashed. The Black Jiao Devil King died? This is such a joyous thing to them. Let's hope that he was killed by Qin Wentian.

Not long after, the people of the Royal Devil Sect also raged. The devil king they sent out also died.

Many people sighed silently, was the devil king Old Monster Xia send out so strong? Wasn't he a little too ruthless? It was fine that he snatched Qin Wentian's treasures, yet he still even went a step further to kill the two other devil kings? But then again, given his background with the Old Xia Devil King supporting him, the powers behind the Black Jiao Devil King and the Royal Devil Sect wouldn't dare to seek revenge.

And at this moment, news circulated out that Old Xia Devil King was similarly enraged. He even sent out someone to seek out the Royal Devil Sect and blew his top completely. Seems like the devil king he sent out, has fallen as well.

At this moment, everyone turned silent.

It wasn't a inner conflict caused by a discussion of how to split the loot? Didn't the three great devil kings kill each other?

How could this be...they didn't dare to continue thinking.

Qin Wentian, how did he do it?

Many days later, the deaths of the three devil kings were verified. They were truly dead, and this news caused a huge commotion on the Fallen Devil Island.

Was this the domineering reply of the young man who rejected the reward of the devil emperor?


The Vast Sky Devil Region was the neighbouring region to the Fallen Devil Region. It also had millions of islands under its control and the Vast Sky Devil Island was the central core of the Vast Sky Devil Region.

In a certain courtyard of the Vast Sky Devil Island, a group of people were hiding. Their gazes now were all fixed on a young man lying on a bed as their faces were furrowed with worry.

Nanfeng Ruoxuan sat at the side of Qin Wentian. A moment later, she lifted her head up to glance at the others.

"How is he?" Qi Da asked.

"His life force is very strong, there's a powerful current of energy protecting his life and there's no danger for now. However, he was heavily injured and because he activated the uncontrollable power twice, his foundation was injured. If he wishes to recover, I have no idea how long that would take." Nanfeng Ruoxuan's voice was low. She then continued softly, "This injury is so severe that it might even affect his future cultivation."

"Are medicinal pills of any use?"

"No." Nanfeng Ruoxuan shook her head. Everyone here fell into silence. Qin Wentian was a key character of the adjudication battle and now, Huang Shatian currently had the lead by a step. If Qin Wentian truly took too long to recover, the consequences were unimaginable. In addition, these type of injuries even injured his foundation.

Xin Yu stared at Qin Wentian who was quietly lying there. Hurt could be seen in her beautiful eyes as the scene of Qin Wentian killing three devil kings surfaced again in her mind. That imposing aura and spirit… Xin Yu had never thought that she would encounter such a character and would even have a connection with him.

Although the period of time where she and Qin Wentian were acquainted wasn't long, she knew that in normal times, Qin Wentian wasn't someone she would ever come into contact with at all.

Staring at the numerous experts in the surroundings, every one of them were all peak geniuses.

"Sir Qin...he should have came from the immortal realms, right?" At this moment, Xin Yu asked in a low voice.

"Mhm." Nanfeng Ruoxuan nodded. She wasn't really fond of Xin Yu.

"I heard Sir Qin saying that he already has a wife. May I know more about his matters?" Xin Yu asked. Nanfeng Ruoxuan actually didn't really like Xin Yu. This was especially so for Qing`er's senior apprentice sister, Mo Ziyan. However, Xin Yu did help them, as it was she who delivered the news, allowing them to leave the Fallen Devil Island as quickly as they could.

"Let me tell you then." Mo Ziyan's voice was somewhat cold. Xin Yu turned her gaze over, she wasn't angered and she only smiled lightly. She knew that these women didn't like a woman like her who accompanied men for a living.

"Qin Wentian already has a fiancee, she's my junior apprentice sister." Mo Ziyan spoke. Xin Yu's eyes flashed, understanding more clearly why Mo Ziyan's attitude towards her was like this.

"My junior sister is the daughter of an emperor. Her talent is outstanding and was born extraordinary. She was acquainted with Qin Wentian since they were young and spent many years together, protecting each other. Our master is also a peak immortal emperor and if this was placed is the immortal realms, she would be able to effortlessly smack that Fallen Devil Emperor to death."

Mo Ziyan spoke, her words intending to shock Xin Yu.

Xin Yu was shocked indeed. Her beautiful eyes froze there. She had guessed that Qin Wentian might have extraordinary origins, yet she didn't expected that it would be so extraordinary to this extent. His fiancee is the princess of an empire and a disciple of a peak immortal emperor. With such a woman, no wonder Sir Qin was indifferent to her charms.

"As for his other loved one, she is someone he knew since his teenage years. They are mutually in love for many years and is a flawless beauty." Mo Ziyan continued. Xin Yu smiled. These two women did seem that they were really a perfect match for Sir Qin.

"Qin Wentian came all the way to the immortal realms from a particle world, his actions shaking up the entire immortal realms. His talent is at the absolute peak and he gained the liking of several immortal emperors. My junior apprentice sister's father is even willing to marry his daughter to him. This time, his purpose in coming to the Myriad Devil Islands was purely for the sake of my junior sister, to fight in a battle against Huang Shatian and those he represented. You should also have already seen Huang Shatian, he is another peak genius from a major power in the immortal realms."

Mo Ziyan summarized for Xin Yu. Xin Yu nodded. No wonder Huang Shatian was so powerful. Other than Qin Wentian, no one on that incomparably vast battle platform was a match for him. Only he was qualified to be Sir Qin's opponent.

"Now, do you know it?" Mo Ziyan cast a deep glance at Xin Yu.

"I understand, thank you." Xin Yu nodded her head. "Don't worry, I don't have any nefarious designs, I know I'm not worthy enough for Sir Qin."

Mo Ziyan didn't say anything more. This Xin Yu was an extremely intelligent woman, knowing how to discern what somebody thought from their body language.

"However, I have a method that can allow Sir Qin to recover faster, I would just need some time." Xin Yu spoke in a light voice. Mo Ziyan's eyes flashed with a slight suspicion. She then asked, "Is this real?"

"Although Xin Yu is lowly, I would never joke about such matters. I only have gratitude for Sir Qin, I would naturally do my best for him." Xin Yu nodded.

"Let her try her method." Qi Da spoke. He didn't care about his Saint Lord's emotions, he only cared for his well-being.

He and Qin Wentian were in the Celestial Devil Lodge together earlier. He knew Xin Yu wouldn't harm him.

"Right, how long do you need?" Mo Ziyan nodded.

"I'm not sure as well, it would have to depend on Sir Qin's own recovery prowess. I will do my best but I can't be disturbed during this period of time under any circumstances. I will naturally leave after I finish what I have to do." Xin Yu spoke. Mo Ziyan's eyes flickered. They were all extremely decisive characters. She nodded and directly turned and left, leaving only Xin Yu and Qin Wentian behind.

Xin Yu sealed this space and walked to the side of Qin Wentian. Staring at his face whose contours and lines were so clear, she stretched out her hand and lightly stroked his face while sighing in her heart. Ultimately, she still couldn't escape the clutches of love. Maybe being able to meet Qin Wentian in this lifetime was the arrangement of her fate.

At the corner of her eye, a tear dripped down, landing on Qin Wentian's face. But the Qin Wentian now was still unconscious and wasn't able to see the beautiful countenance or the smile on it. Her eyes might be filled with tears, but there was a steel-like determination in her eyes, showing that she had no regrets!


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