Ancient Godly Monarch
1130 Monk Bujie
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Ancient Godly Monarch
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1130 Monk Bujie

Chapter 1130: Monk Bujie

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire
Death in the Sky Connecting Realm isn't true death. Qin Wentian naturally understood this point. Before he entered the realm, he already saw many figures sitting on those altars. This Sky Connecting Realm was a mini-world formed from some law energy of the Great Dao.

However, although it wasn't a true death, the experience of dying was naturally an extremely vivid one.

"Saint Lord." A voice drifted over. Qin Wentian turned his gaze and saw a young man from the Battle Saint Tribe walking over to him. Clearly, this person was also attracted by the battle.

"What do you think of Jia Nantian's strength." Qin Wentian asked. The cultivation base of this expert from the Battle Saint Tribe was considered very high as well, at the seventh level of immortal foundation.

"He's very powerful, he should have received the inheritance of his ancestor. This is akin to my tribe members awakening our battle saint bloodline and manifesting a battle saint bone." That expert transmitted his voice over, he naturally wouldn't talk about things related to his tribe in the public.

"Mhm." Qin Wentian nodded. Golden-winged rocs were the same as phoenixes, they were all known as divine avian species. This Jia Nantian had the pure bloodline of a golden winged- great roc, and received the inheritance energy from his ancestors. Most probably, the status of golden-winged rocs to the Sky Roce Race was equal to those members of the Battle Saint Tribe who had grown a battle saint bone. They were kings within their race and tribe and were naturally extremely powerful.

As for the factor of rarity, not even White-eye from the White Tiger Race was able to compare. The sky rocs all treated Jia Nantian like their king literally, and wouldn't hesitate to give their lives for him.

"What is the Supreme Might Rankings exactly?" Qin Wentian asked again. He saw such a grand battle the instant he entered the Sky Connecting Realm. He was still unsure about many things in this place.

"It should be the battle achievements for experts who entered this space, and it is ranked according to their strength. From my observations, as well as some rumors about this realm, the more glorious one's battle achievements are, the higher they would be ranked. Naturally, the Sky Connecting Realm wouldn't automatically judge what your cultivation level is, hence it should be quite useful if you jump levels to fight opponents. The second most useful in boosting you up the rankings, should be a fight with opponents on the same level. And lastly, the boost to your achievements should be considered the lowest if you fight against someone at a lower level. In any case, the rules for the rankings have yet to be published clearly. But no matter what, if you have a good ranking, there's a chance the sacred academy might give out some rewards."

"Understood. Anyway, I noticed that those who are at this area are not weak, the majority of them have cultivation bases at the fifth-level and above." Qin Wentian glanced at the surroundings as he spoke.

"Saint Lord, actually there are still plenty of low-level cultivators coming in here, but they only dare to stay in the desolate stretches of wilderness. This place is the center point of this realm and many who came in, were killed…" The young man replied awkwardly, which caused Qin Wentian's eyes to blink. And as expected when he glanced around again, several gazes filled with unkind intentions were all looking at him. Evidently, there were not many kind souls in here.

"Let's go." Qin Wentian turned and the young man from the Battle Saint Tribe followed after. They soared through the air with rapid speed but there were people who followed after them, clearly intending to get information out of Qin Wentian. At this instant, an overwhelmingly violent energy gushed forth from the young man of the Battle Saint Tribe. This tyrannical might caused many to hesitate and pause in their steps. Eventually, they decided to only watch and not pursue as Qin Wentian and the young man flew further and further. The expert who conversed with Qin Wentian earlier, was also among this batch of people.

"How do we exit the Sky Connecting Realm?" Qin Wentian asked again. They were not really here in terms of their body, but he felt that this truly was reality. It didn't feel that he could exit simply just by willing it.

"There are exits here but one must look for them specifically. However, usually people only exit from this place after they are killed." The young man replied. Qin Wentian nodded his head lightly, this Sky Connecting Realm was truly mystical.

"Is there still any intriguing places within this realm?" Qin Wentian asked again.

"There certainly are. There are places suited for cultivation, places where demon spirits exist, and there are even rumors of great treasures being obtained by people in here before."

"Is there really such a thing?" Qin Wentian was also somewhat taken aback.

"Mhm." The young man from the Battle Saint Tribe nodded. "This place is really not that different from the external world. It felt like my original body has entered, instead of merely sitting on the altar. As for the treasures, it's very likely that they are left here by the Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy, waiting for those who are fated to take them away."

"Understood. Then, just go do what you have to do. I will explore this place by myself." Qin Wentian suddenly spoke. The eyes of the young man from the Battle Saint Tribe flashed as he called out, "Saint Lord!"

"You don't need to worry about me. Since I've entered here, I naturally need to wander this place with no protection. Only then can I further improve. If you guys are guarding me every instant, there would be no point to this at all. If you guys are by my side constantly, I would instead, be a burden to your cultivations. I don't want you guys to follow me as servants, I want you all to be as strong as you possibly can be." Qin Wentian waved his hand and continued, "Go on, work hard in cultivation. This Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy is getting more and more interesting. Do your best to train harder."

"Many thanks Saint Lord." That young man clasped his hands to Qin Wentian. "Your subordinate will take now retreat."

As his spoke, his silhouette flashed and he vanished from sight.

The academy was very vast, a world within a world, yet it also felt like it existed in a completely separate dimension. Other than the Sky Connecting Realm, there were many other secret realms here in the surroundings as well.

Qin Wentian moved from the center point of this realm to the wilderness to cultivate. He discovered many people who had low cultivation bases and came to the realization that those with stronger cultivations would all hang out in core areas such as cities, competing against each other while those who were weaker would be in the wilderness.

"The taste of this demon spirit is so delicious, it's extremely beneficial to us." Not far away from Qin Wentian, scorching flames manifested, causing the temperature to rise. Qin Wentian stared in that direction and saw quite a few experts roasting the meat of a demon spirit, causing its fragrance to permeate the air.

But at this moment, Qin Wentian suddenly felt a sense of danger. After that, he only saw a gigantic silhouette of a demon appearing. This was a golden lion with terrifying might and it instantly leapt onto those experts, bringing with it a domineering force.

Qin Wentian instantly retreated, he already knew the fate of those people. Since they dared to feast on the meat of the demon spirits, they should have already made the preparations to die a miserable death under the hands of the other demon spirits.

After finding a location with no one about, Qin Wentian closed his eyes and cultivated. He wanted to see if this place was the same as the external world. Very swiftly, he discovered that in this realm, there was no different in comparison to the external world in terms of cultivating. He could still cultivate as per usual here.

Closing his eyes, Qin Wentian quietly cultivated. Right now given his current cultivation base, there was no need to mention about the Supreme Might Rankings. It was even a problem if he wanted to head over to the main region of this realm. Right now, he wanted to do his best and quickly step into the fourth-level of immortal-foundation. At that time, his combat prowess would grow stronger by several folds and he would at least have the ability to protect himself in times of danger.

However, Qin Wentian was targeted not long after he started cultivating. A gigantic snow-white demon leopard appeared in the distance and its eyes were gleaming with sharpness. This should be a greater demon from the Western Regions of the immortal realms. It should be a demon spirit that existed within the Sky Connecting Realm.

The leopard seemed to be monitoring Qin Wentian. After glancing at it, Qin Wentian closed his eyes once more. The snow leopard circled around him, looming closer and closer yet it only saw Qin Wentian remained unmoving. Finally, it gave a low roar and lunged over, wanting to kill Qin Wentian.

The speed and attacking strength of demon immortals were naturally extremely terrifying. It arrived before Qin Wentian in a mere instant. At such close proximity, Qin Wentian felt his entire body beginning to turn to ice as frost qi from the snow leopard invaded his body. However, a resplendent glow suddenly burst out from Qin Wentian's body. That snow leopard took a bite, yet its teeth had no way to break through the barrier of light. Qin Wentian blasted his palm out with lightning speed, slamming the leopard onto the ground, the impact causing the inner organs of the leopard to shatter completely.

Qin Wentian stood up and peered curiously at the leopard. However at this moment, a voice drifted over, "Awesome. This snow leopard's cultivation base is the same as you, yet you killed it so easily with a single strike. I wonder if you are proficient in the use of flames? Do you need me to help you roast the meat of this demon spirit?"

"Why must one roast it?" Qin Wentian asked.

"Don't you know? The demon spirits here treat us as food, while they themselves are great sources of nutrition for us. We are able to strengthen our constitution and energy by eating them." This person was dressed in a kasaya and had messy hair and a dirty face, resembling a monk.

"Okay, come over then." Qin Wentian nodded. The monk slowly walked over, and as what he said, there were indeed terrifying golden flames crackling around him.

"Alright just leave it to me. Brother, just wait to eat my awesome barbequed demonic meat." That person laughed. Qin Wentian nodded and sat cross-legged. This other person was responsible for roasting the meat using flames and as expected, the fragrance of the meat soon permeated the area. At this moment, the other person took out an immortal weapon and start to slice the meat into smaller portions, "What deliciousness, I can tell by simply smelling the fragrance. Brother, you are someone from the Thousand Transformations Immortal Sect, right? Actually, I have long wanted to feast on the barbequed meat of those demons of the Sky Roc and White Tiger Races. As pure blooded greater demons, their meat is a great source of nutrition to us, able to strengthen our constitution and even bloodline power. Regretfully, these greater demons are all just too fierce…"

"Where are you from?" Qin Wentian silently speculated that most probably, many of the people here all knew of him because he had released his astral souls and immortal foundation for the test to enter those years ago. He saw the monk enjoying the food with great gusto and Qin Wentian decided to follow suit as well, taking out an immortal weapon to slice off some of the meat. And as expected, the moment the meat entered his mouth, a delicious taste pampered his tongue. Not only that, a marvelous energy containing immortal force, also flowed into his body, making him feel exceedingly comfortable.

"I'm just a poor little monk leading a life of sufferance, how can I be compared to you heaven chosen from the major powers of the immortal realms? Sigh, it's so sad." That monk shook his head. "You can just call me Bujie."

"Bujie, I don't think you are suffering at all." Qin Wentian saw Bujie taking large bites at the meat as he smiled. This monk was truly an interesting individual.

"Oh damn! Brother, me and you are linked by fate. I gotta go, let's meet again in the future." Bujie's earlobes trembled. After that, his silhouette flashed and he vanished with the speed of a bolt of lightning. He was so fast that it actually caused Qin Wentian to be shocked. This Bujie seemed to be an extraordinary character.

Not long after Bujie left, Qin Wentian felt a gust of cold intent permeating the area he was at. His gaze stiffened, could it be that the monk earlier had some premonition of danger?

Very swiftly, Qin Wentian saw the figure who was emitting the cold intent. This person stood in the air, resembling a celestial maiden with snow-white skin. She was incomparably beautiful yet at this moment, only a baleful anger could be seen etched on her features.

"Let me ask you, where is that damn monk? Was he here earlier?" That female seemed to have sensed something as she directed her question at Qin Wentian. Her gaze was filled with arrogance as she peered down at him. Her voice was also filled with the ringing tone of command. It was clear that she has an extraordinary status and was either from a prestigious clan or sect.

Qin Wentian simply smiled, he didn't reply and continued eating his barbequed meat.

"Hey, I'm talking to you." That female coldly spoke, directing her cold intent right at Qin Wentian.




不戒 Bu Jie → No Abstinence (Which is ironic because he is a buddhist monk)


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