Ancient Godly Monarch
898 Group Battle
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Ancient Godly Monarch
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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898 Group Battle

Chapter 898: Group Battle

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire
Staring at Qin Wentian’s expression, the lady smiled. "Are you secretly in love with Princess Qing`er?"

Qin Wentian glanced at her before smiling and nodding his head, "I guess it can be considered so. Do you know where can I find her?"

"That I have no idea. Princess Qing`er did not join any powers in the City of Ancient Emperors and her movements are unclear. Given how vast this place is, it isn’t going to be so easy to find her." That lady shook her head. She then continued, "However, as one of the top three most outstanding females here in the City of Ancient Emperors, her suitors are more than you can imagine."

Qin Wentian smiled, "Thanks for the info."

"Who are these three most outstanding females here in the City of Ancient Emperors?" Jun Mengchen seemed to be quite interested in this topic as he asked.

"Princess Qing`er is the daughter of the Evergreen Immortal Emperor, she is ranked #5. There’s someone who established her fame much earlier than her and had already been here tempering herself for many years. The Holy Maiden of the Southern Phoenix Clan, Nanfeng Yunxi. She is ranked #3 and the successor of the Southern Phoenix Clan, a descendant of the Southern Phoenix Matriarch. Her personality is like an ice beauty, and her pride in herself is unparalleled."

The lady smiled as she introduced, Qin Wentian and his companions glanced at the jade slip and indeed, on the #3 ranking, Nanfeng Yunxi’s name could be seen there. The holy maiden of the Southern Phoenix Clan, she has a cultivation at the ninth level of Celestial Phenomenon and had the nirvana blood in her.

"Also, may I draw your attention to the #6 of the Immortal Ascension Rankings. Xiao Lengyue. She’s the daughter of Emperor Xiao and is a famous beauty from the western region of the immortal realms. Her cultivation base is naturally the same as her peers - at the ninth level of Celestial Phenomenon." The lady introduced the last person, and Qin Wentian and his companions discovered that those ranked in the front are mostly direct descendants of immortal emperors and that the majority of rankers on the Immortal Ascension Rankings are all at the ninth level of Celestial Phenomenon.

Those who could become a ranker are all absolutely terrifying geniuses. Wanting to climb up the ranks is easier said than done. After all, the criteria of this ranking is one’s strength.

"Which of those three is the most beautiful?" Jun Mengchen laughed, his words causing Zi Qingxuan who was beside him to shoot a glare over.

"They all have their outstanding points, and are extreme beauties. However, since your friend is in love with Princess Qing`er, it’s best for you guys not to antagonize Xiao Lengyue. It’s rumored that after her ranking in the Immortal Ascension Rankings was surpassed by Princess Qing`er, she was extremely unhappy and wanted to look for Princess Qing`er to fight it out, proving that her strength was superior. However, Princess Qing`er couldn’t be bothered, she was not interested at all. The two of them had never met before and Xiao Lengyue is now currently searching everywhere for Princess Qing`er."

"I truly wish to meet these beauties." Excitement flickered in the eyes of Jun Mengchen. Qin Wentian nodded and thanked the lady once again.

"No worries, I’ve done nothing much." That lady smile lightly. After which, she escorted them out of the Ancient Emperor Tower, her behavior was extremely courteous.

After exiting the tower, Qin Wentian stared at the horizons as he drew in a deep breath. Qing`er was also in this place, but after his perception entered the jade slip, he discovered that this place was much larger than he imagined, it was as large as a particle world. The place that they are at now can actually be considered some remote corner, not part of the main area at all. They were considered in the wilderness where there were forests, ancient mountains, lakes and rivers and even ancient ruins.

"Senior brother Qin, are you and Princess Qing`er in love with each other?" Jun Mengchen curiously asked. He had never heard Qin Wentian talked about this topic before.

"Mhm." Qin Wentian nodded as a smile appeared in his eyes. Although he temporarily had no way to find Qing`er, at the very least he knew that they were in the same city. After they bid each other farewell in his particle world, he was never as close to Qing`er as he is now.

"Princess Qing`er must be very outstanding." Jun Mengchen also smiled upon seeing the smile in Qin Wentian’s eyes.

"More than that." Qin Wentian stared at the skies, the golden rays of the sun cascaded downwards, shining on his handsome-looking countenance. Zi Qingxuan who was beside him was also filled with curiosity regarding Qing`er when she saw a radiant smile on his face.

It was very rare to see Qin Wentian revealing such an expression. That radiant smile on his face contained a trace of longing.

"Mhm?" At this moment, Qin Wentian furrowed his brows. His eyes abruptly turned to a direction not far away as a number of figures appeared, staring at them. The eyes of the young man in the lead glimmered with a golden light, as though he could see through everything. When he saw Qin Wentian, his eyes then gradually returned to normal, giving off a sense of sharpness.

Beside this man, the young man wearing a crown from the God Extermination Palace they met earlier could be seen. Other than the two of them, there were two other experts as well, as all of them flew over.

"Let’s go." Qin Wentian and his companions soared into the air, flying into the distance.

"His eyes seemed to contain a hint of evil. He must be the one that tracked us." A pair of wings took form behind Zi Qingxuan. Among the three of them, Jun Mengchen’s speed was the slowest. After all, he was the one with the lowest cultivation base, at the sixth-level of Celestial Phenomenon while Qin Wentian and Zi Qingxuan were both at the seventh-level.

Rumbling sounds rang out, the blood in Qin Wentian’s body started thrumming with power. After that, a flood of destructive energy gushed forth as a demonic beast released from the power of his blood appeared. This demon had a pair of golden wings, and was shimmering with blazing flames of red and black. There was also a layer of demonic light circulated endlessly around it.

This demonic beast was none other than Purgatory, the vermillion bird that had been recuperating in Qin Wentian’s bloodline. Right now, it circled around Qin Wentian’s head after it was summoned, appearing extremely excited.

"Get on it." The three of them mounted Purgatory, it then flapped its wings rapidly and took off with lightning speed.

"A vermilion bird demonic beast, excellent." An expression of greed appeared in the eyes of the young man with the crown. These newcomers actually dared to rob a disciple of their God Extermination Sect. How audacious, in that case, they would teach these newcomers a lesson today which they will find it hard to forget.

"Senior brother, should we fight?" Jun Mengchen asked.

"The four of them are eighth-level ascendants, and the aura they gave off was tyrannically strong. It’s indeed true that there are no inferior people in this City of Ancient Emperors. It might be a little difficult if we fight them head-on." Qin Wentian replied. After all, right now, Jun Mengchen was only at the sixth-level. It was not very probable that he could jump two levels and fight against the geniuses here in the City of Ancient Emperors. The reason was that these people are all absolute geniuses - the stronger one’s cultivation is, the closer they are to establishing an immortal-foundation.

"Use your windstorm manifestation!" That crowned young man roared. One among the four released his constellation as a terrifying destructive tornado enveloped the four of them, before transforming into fearsome blades of wind that shot forth with explosive speed.

Qin Wentian waved his hands and a moment later, a pure snow white demonic beast appeared. With a slap flying over, Qin Wentian called out, "Little Rascal, it’s time to wake up!"

"Stop disturbing me, you are then the rascal." The pitiful-looking little puppy rolled its eyes as though it was still half asleep. Ever since the time it parted from the Medicine Sovereign, it has been asleep for these few years.

"I nurture you with my blood essence daily, making you fair and fat. It’s time for you to do something. The constellations of our opponents will be left to you to handle." Qin Wentian spoke.

"Okay, okay." Little Rascal used its paw and rubbed its eyes as it expanded in size. Instantly, he became more ferocious and there was even terrifying golden lights circulating around its head, resembling a fearsome demon king.

It stood at the back of Purgatory’s tail and gave a heaven-shaking roar. Instantly, a terrifying vortex appeared before him as the windstorm constellation was being forcibly devoured.

"What demonic beast is that? It can even devour constellation energy?" That expert’s countenance changed drastically as he stared at Little Rascal. Was this a heaven devouring beast? Can it even devour constellations?

After a short period of time, the windstorm that was blasting into them became gusts of gentle wind, totally devoid of power.

"Little Rascal, what’s your cultivation now?" Qin Wentian asked.

"I don’t know." Little Rascal scratched its head. At this moment, numerous golden chakrams shot over from the crowned young man, aiming straight for them.

Little Rascal roared in rage and opened its mouth once more. The golden spinning wheels were completely devoured by him and the sight of this shocked Qin Wentian so much that he became speechless. When did Little Rascal become this powerful? Seems like the power of his blood essence has not gone to waste.

Regardless of Little Rascal or Purgatory, both of them were being nurtured by him using his bloodline.

"Seems like we can fight against them." Qin Wentian murmured. "Prepare for combat!"

"Right." Jun Mengchen nodded as his aura gushed forth, coupled with his constellation being released. Zi Qingxuan also transformed into a divine falcon as a brilliant violet-gold light circulated around her.

Purgatory abruptly stopped. The three of them simultaneously turned about. Qin Wentian’s body instantly expanded to over ten meters as his suppressive annihilation constellation appeared in the air. Almost immediately, terrifying golden figures of suppressions rained down, as the pressure in the atmosphere became crushingly oppressive.

The constellation of the young man with the crown stabbed out with his spear as even more powerful gigantic golden chakrams ripped their way through the air, able to destroy everything.

An eighth-level ascendant beside him was extremely muscular and had a height of three meters. His eyes were greenish-black and at the moment he released his constellation, a terrifying greenish monster with many arms appeared behind him. It gave off the feeling that it was filled with boundless strength. With a thunderous roar, it instantly rushed towards Qin Wentian and his companions.

As for the windstorm user, he howled in madness and went all out. Not only did the wind intensified, thunder an intense sword might also emanate from the windstorm, directly lacerating through the void, sweeping out with ferocious speed.

This chaotic battle raged on, the four eight-level ascendants were all terrifying existences.

Little Rascal roared once more as his body expanded. With a snarl, the devourer vortex grew larger and larger, swallowing all attacks from their opponent’s constellations.

"This demonic beast is immune to constellation attacks and can even devour our constellation energy. We can only use brute force against it." That crowned young man spoke. However, he didn’t have much time to analyse things. At this moment, Purgatory rained hellfire down on them, Zi Qingxuan blasted out numerous divine falcons, while Jun Mengchen unleashed his Chaotic World King Punch, exuding a towering king’s aura.

Instantly, the battle in the air between them intensified, causing many people down below to notice. All of them inclined their heads with expressions of interest on their faces as though they were enjoying the drama!




TL Note:

南凰云曦 Nanfeng Yunxi, Nanfeng translates directly into Southern Phoenix.

萧冷月 Xiao Lengyue. Xiao is surname, Lengyue translates directly into Cold Moon.


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