Ancient Godly Monarch
771 A Poignant Legend
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Ancient Godly Monarch
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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771 A Poignant Legend

Chapter 771: A Poignant Legend

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire
Pei Yu turned and smiled sweetly to Cheron and Qin Wentian before continuing in a light voice, "We naturally love beautiful things, and I’ve long heard of the famous Cheron from Wondergate Immortal Manor but didn’t expect you would be such a carefree character."

As she spoke, Pei Yu looked to Qin Wentian, "Ah, we seemed to have met before in the tea inn."

"Mhm." Qin Wentian nodded. At the same time, Cheron replied, "The snow is beautiful, but the maiden before us is beautiful as well. Might I inquired mi`lady’s name?"

"Pei Yu." That young woman replied.

"Oh, you are from the Jiangling King Manor?" Cheron asked. With the surname ‘Pei,’ the first thing that came to his mind was the King Manor of the Jiangling Country. After all, the Driftsnow City itself was one of the main cities that belongs to the Jiangling Country and the banquet today was also organized by the Jiangling King, Pei Tianyuan himself.

"Mhm." Pei Yu replied. Qin Wentian already knew of this, hence he didn’t find find it strange.

"This is brother Tianwen, we were just acquainted not too long ago." Cheron introduced Qin Wentian only to see Qin Wentian was currently staring at Pei Yu as he asked in curiosity. "Earlier, Miss Pei was talking about the master of Driftsnow City and a female named Immortal Jade? Who were they?"

"This is one of the most ancient legends of the Driftsnow City, let’s talk while we move." Pei Yu noticed that there were still many experts coming up and it wouldn’t be too good to block the space as they chat. Cheron and Qin Wentian stepped forth as the four of them walked shoulder by shoulder. Pei Yu then continued, "This legend has already been mostly forgotten by people because everyone is only interested in the secret within the Nine Immortality Bells. I only knew a little about this because I once browsed through an ancient scroll in my manor by chance."

"It was rumored that very long ago, there was no Driftsnow City and only had the Driftsnow Inn. That place was the place where the Driftsnow Master and Immortal Jade fell in love. The two of them had an affinity with each other and shared the same interest, they were both supreme graded divine weaponsmiths and had mad passion towards the craft of weapon forging, unceasingly seeking a higher peak. Back then, Immortal Jade allowed the Driftsnow Master to pursue her simply because he defeated her in terms of attainments in weaponsmithing which led to them eventually becoming a couple."

Pei Yu’s voice was very gentle and melodious to the ears. This kind of voice seemed best suited to be the one talking about ancient legends.

"After the two of them were in love, they became interdependent on one another and constantly sparred in weapon forging to exchange pointers. Immortal Jade always wanted to defeat the Driftsnow Master, but she had never once succeeded. There was one time where Immortal Jade asked the Driftsnow Master whether he would be willing to forge the perfect divine weapon at the expense of sacrificing his own life. The Driftsnow Master shook his head, he told Immortal Jade that it was fine if he had to sacrifice his life, but the purpose for him doing so would be for none other than her. But sadly, this romantic response didn’t make Immortal Jade happy because she discovered in her heart that weaponsmithing was already placed on a level higher compared to her own life. Naturally, the importance of weaponsmithing in her heart was also on a level higher compared to the Driftsnow Master."

"Immortal Jade felt unease in her heart. And one day she told the Driftsnow Master that she wished to forge an unprecedented concept of a divine weapon that no one had ever seen before since the dawn of time. She wanted to forge an entire city that was a divine weapon. However, the Driftsnow Master felt that it would be too troublesome. In spite of that, Immortal Jade told him that this city would only have the two of them within and would be their home. As a result, the Driftsnow Master wandered the vast immortal realms, collecting inconceivable treasures and materials to be used for the forging. This trip of his lasted over tens of thousands of years."

"The Driftsnow Master and Immortal Jade started the creation process, wanting to create something that was unprecedented since the dawn of time. The two of them used up the treasures and rare materials garnered over tens of thousands of years in a refinement and forging process, which lasted over a thousand years, eventually succeeding as the formed product took the shape of a city. Just when they were rejoicing, a super strong expert went up to their door and demanded to trade for the newly created city. The two of them naturally refused which led to a great battle between them. Although they eventually defeated that expert, they were riddled with injuries from the aftermath. But what was most unacceptable to Immortal Jade was that even after they completed the forging of the divine weapon city, they were still unable to unleash its power according to their heart’s desire, reacting instantaneously in the heat of battle."

Immortal Jade was at the verge of breaking down, her body riddled with injuries from the battle and her mind weighed down by the imperfect creation. She asked the Driftsnow Master once more whether he would be willing to sacrifice his life to create a truly perfect unprecedented immortal-ranked divine weapon. His answer was still the same as before, he only wanted to spend the rest of his life together with her. From that moment onwards, Immortal Jade no longer bothered about the Driftsnow Master, wanting him to leave this city which they forged together. The Driftsnow Master could only sigh and acquiesce to her wishes and left for a period of time. He only returned after he changed her mind, but nobody knew that this return of his would mark the last return, it was such a cruel goodbye. When the Driftsnow Master went back, he only saw an ice-cold corpse lying on the ground as well as a letter left to him by Immortal Jade. ‘If you truly love me, why are you unwilling to sacrifice yourself to complete this, creating a perfect city and joining me here for ever?’"

"Immortal Jade, just like what she wrote in the letter. She had sacrificed her very life to seek the acme of weapon forging but she still failed at the very end. Before she died, it seemed that she was still filled with unhappiness regarding the Driftsnow City. Because she achieved a level where she viewed weaponsmithing on a higher level than her own life. Nevertheless, the Driftsnow Master failed to do so."

"After seeing her final letter, the Driftsnow Master’s hair turned white in the span of a single night. He sat there beside her corpse in the city of their creation unmoving for three years."

"Three years later, he stood up and buried Immortal Jade, while eventually sacrificing his life to complete the creation process, perfecting the imperfections. Such were the depths of his affection."

"The Driftsnow Master used his own flesh and blood and infused them into the Driftsnow City. As for his soul, he infused it into the Nine Immortality Bells. The city you see now was constructed by his very flesh. Whenever he missed Immortal Jade, the nine bells would chime as an indication. He wanted the Driftsnow City to be drifting with snow at every moment forever. Each and every snowflake would be his tears for their love."

"The Driftsnow Master accomplished the final wish of Immortal Jade, using his life essence to forge an unprecedented immortal-ranked divine weapon in the form of a city. However, this wasn’t because he viewed the acme of weaponsmithing as something higher than his life, but rather, it was merely to fulfil the promise he made before to Immortal Jade so many years ago. Only because of her would he be willing to give up his life, using his very essence to forge this city / divine weapon. His purpose was not to create a weapon of mass destruction, but rather, because this was completed with his life essence and soul, he could remain here forever within the Driftsnow City, accompanying the corpse of Immortal Jade."

Pei Yu’s voice drifted like the drifting snowflakes, completing this story. Cheron and Qin Wentian were both in a daze upon hearing this. What a poignant legendary love story.

Using his flesh and blood, integrating them within the city to protect the corpse of his lover.

Using his soul, infusing it into the Nine Immortality Bells so that whenever he missed Immortal Jade, the bell chimes would fill the air.

Every single snowflake falling from the skies were none other than his tears.

"Is this legend real?" Cheron sighed deeply. Their movement speed was very slow, as they were still deeply immersed in this poignant tale of love.

"I have no idea as well. Right now, the citizens of this city only care about the secret within the Nine Immortality Bells. How would they still remember the story between the Driftsnow Master and Immortal Jade?" Pei Yu forced a laugh, but hints of hurt could be seen within her eyes. She only knew this story after browsing through many ancient scrolls. Hence, after learning of the beautiful tale, she fell in love with the Driftsnow City and personally came here to see for herself the place where the Driftsnow Master and Immortal Jade fell in love, as well as the joint product of their creation.

"I think, it should be real." Qin Wentian murmured, sinking into contemplation. When he caused the Nine Immortality Bell to resound out, he recalled seeing a blurry scene of a person smithing a city. It felt like he saw the figure in the scene stretching his hands out, allowing the snowflakes to fall upon it as he soaked himself in the loneliness of the atmosphere.

If the legend Pei Yu told them was real, that lonely outstretched hand should be the hand of the Driftsnow Master.

"Do you believe it too? I also think that the tale is real." Pei Yu smiled sweetly as she glanced at Qin Wentian. "The vicissitudes of time, there’s nothing that lasts forever. Now the bells are chiming once more, I wonder if it is because the Driftsnow Master missed Immortal Jade. I really hope that there would be someone who could unravel the secret behind the Driftsnow City and could let me know for sure if this poignant legend is real."

"Even if the tale is real, there would be some deviation. The city they forged together back then might not be the same Driftsnow City as it is today. Maybe, the city today was much larger than the one they forged together before." Cheron laughed. He was also a weaponsmith, and had an intense obsession to seek the peak. Deep in his heart, he truly admired Immortal Jade for being able to give her life up for the sake of weaponsmithing.

Naturally, he admired the Driftsnow Master even more. He didn’t throw his life away because of weaponsmithing, the reason why he did so was because of the love he had for one woman, Immortal Jade.

"Maybe." Pei Yu whispered. As they were speaking, they arrived at the top of the Driftsnow Inn, past all the stairways. In front of them was a beautiful tower made of ice, and in the vast area around here, a banquet of delicacies were prepared. Many had already arrived.

Now that they stood at such a high vantage point, if one looked further, they could still see man-made icy mountains dotting the landscape, so finely constructed that they seemed the work of Gods. It was too beautiful.

"This is the place that was rumored to be the residence of the Driftsnow Master and Immortal Jade and has never changed since that time. But now, this tower has already become the palace of the current Driftsnow City’s city lord." Pei Yu introduced.

It’s only natural for the place of the banquet to be set at the residence of the Driftsnow city lord since it was organized by the Jiangling Country. After all, the Driftsnow city lord was the subordinate of the Jiangling King.

When Cheron appeared, many gazes riveted on him. After all, among those who came to the Driftsnow City, Cheron could be considered one of the more famous ones. A chosen of the Wondergate Immortal Manor, his status among these people was absolutely at the top.

After surveying Cheron, the gazes of the people involuntarily turned to those by his side. Qin Wentian, Pei Yu, and Pei Yu’s female servant.

When he saw Pei Yu, Pei Tianyuan’s eyes flickered with a gentle smile as he spoke, "Pei Yu, why are you here together with Cheron?"

"We met coincidentally on the road here, and are now already acquainted." Pei Yu bowed as she replied. Cheron also smiled, "Your Majesty, me and lady Pei Yu are friends. She must be someone from your clan right? She’s very exquisite and outstanding."

"Haha, many thanks for noble nephew’s praise. Quickly please be seated, since you and Pei Yu are friends, just sit together then." Pei Tianyuan laughed. Since Pei Yu and Cheron’s relationship seemed to be pretty good. What sort of character was Pei Tianyuan? He naturally wanted to make use of this, and it would be best if their relationship grew even closer so he would be able to have a connection to the Wondergate Immortal Manor through Cheron.


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