Ancient Godly Monarch
745 Gambling Match
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Ancient Godly Monarch
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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745 Gambling Match

Chapter 745: Gambling Match

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire
Qin Qing also stared at the departing middle-aged man with a look of hatred in her eyes. After that she turned to Qin Feng and spoke, "Qin Feng, you have to work hard and become the pillar of support for our Qin Clan in the future."

"Mhm." Qin Feng nodded heavily.

"Is that person your real uncle?" Qin Wentian asked in a low voice. If they were one family, their interactions shouldn’t be so harsh right?

"No, he is the cousin of my father." Qin Qing shook her head and continued, "I heard grandpa say that in the past, our parents’ talents were the best and the resources of our clan tend to be focused among them. Since then this uncle of mine began to be filled with jealousy and envy because of that. And now in our generation, Qin Feng’s talent is the highest. Grandpa became the head of the clan when the previous generation of experts all left. He dotes on us siblings a lot, and hence this uncle is always trying to think of new ways to drive Qin Feng away."

Qin Qing wanted to continue but hesitated. Her pure beautiful face had a trace of anger, especially after she heard her uncle’s words earlier. It was too hurting.

"Big brother Qin, it’s fine if he wants to target me. What’s terrible is that this man’s thoughts were dirty, he didn’t even want to spare Qin Qing. Qin Qing’s beauty bloomed more and more as she grows up and he actually introduced Qin Qing to quite a few number of Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants from the outside, and even tried to fan the flames from within the clan. Those ascendants were even older than grandpa, just look at how young Qin Qing is."

Qin Feng’s anger was clearly evident. This also caused Qin Wentian to furrow his brows. Who would have thought that as Qin Feng and Qin Qing’s uncle, the mind of this man was so venomous, he didn’t even want to spare a little girl.

"Be more careful of this man in the future and try not to have any contact with him in case you all fall for his plots." Qin Wentian warned.

"We’ve already been plotted against. Before this there was a fifty-year old plus lecher who was extremely strong, wanting to marry Qin Qing. If it wasn’t for my grandpa being resolute, Qin Qing would have already been married off due to the plan of that bastard." Qin Feng’s rage brewed even hotter when he thought back. Sadly, his strength wasn’t sufficient or there was no need for him to even feign any civility with his uncle. If his uncle dared to show any designs on Qin Qing, he would definitely beat him up with an explosive flurry of blows.

"Qin Feng, just forget it. Just be more careful in the future. Big brother Qin shouldn’t have to hear any of this." Qin Qing was after all a young girl, and was evidently extremely shy, not wishing to discuss this topic any further.

"Qin Qing, if you encounter such things again just tell me. I will help you to settle it." Qin Wentian tousled her hair as he smiled. Qin Qing didn’t try to dodge, she just smiled sweetly and replied, "Okay!"

If it was some other guys who did this, Qin Qing would definitely be angered but Qin Wentian was different. She could sense a concern born from kinship in the eyes of Qin Wentian. The emotions of humans could be sensed by others through their daily interactions. Qin Wentian was concerned about her, while she treated him like an elder brother.

"Sadly, big brother Qin is simply too young. If he cultivated longer he would surely become an expert at the Celestial Phenomenon Realm." Qin Feng smiled. Earlier he had asked his grandpa about Qin Wentian’s age and his grandpa replied that Qin Wentian should be around thirty years old. He naturally believed that his grandpa’s judgement had no mistake.

"Silly fellow." Qin Wentian smiled and shook his head. He had already taught and guided Qin Feng for so many days but this little brat still couldn’t tell that his attainments in Mandates were already far above the level of Heavenly Dipper. But it’s understandable as Qin Feng didn’t really have any interactions with ascendants before. If he was familiar with ascendants, he would definitely be able to tell that their comprehensions was way inferior compared to Qin Wentian.

His grandpa knew, but Qin Wentian himself didn’t advertise the fact hence Qin Mu didn’t tell this to Qin Feng. In any case, nothing could go wrong letting Qin Feng and Qin Qing learn from Qin Wentian.


The Immorseize Residence was the largest gambling association in Worryfree City. Although they only held gambling matches once every seven days, they still dared to claim themselves as the largest because for every gambling stake they put up, the level of the treasure would definitely be immortal-ranked at the very least. This Sky Demon Oracle Bone was a top-class material that could be used to create or refine immortal-ranked weapons and was exceedingly valuable. The value of a complete Sky Demon Oracle Bone far surpassed an ordinary immortal weapon. Even it’s bone powder could fetch a very high price on the market.

Although Worryfree City was quite large, the probability of immortal-ranked treasures appearing was actually considered little. And hence, despite only having a gambling session once every seven days, the Immorseize Residence is still considered the largest and most powerful of all the gambling associations here in Worryfree City.

In addition, the Immorseize Residence did not only have a single branch in Worryfree City. In the entire Cloud Prefecture, there were a total of eighty-one branches of the Immorseize Residence in countless cities of the eighty one countries. This could be considered quite a strong power in the immortal realms and it was said that the person behind this establishment was a supreme expert at the immortal king level.

The Immorseize Residence in the Worryfree City was extremely big, and had a chain of palaces at its location, exuding a majestic air. There were experts guarding the stairways that led into the Residence.

At this moment, numerous experts came by as they ascended the stairs, stepping into the Immorseize Residence.

Qin Wentian also arrived. Although there were many experts on guard, nobody obstructed him. He directly stepped onto the stairway and proceeded upwards only to see a large number of participants coming to register themselves for the sake of winning the Sky Demon Oracle Bone.

"So many people." Qin Wentian’s gaze roamed about. Today was the registration date for the gambling battle and would also be the day where the details of the battle was explained before the participants decide if they still want to continue on. There was no forcing or whatsoever, and those who lost naturally had to honor their bets.

Outside the majestic great hall, a single glance was sufficient to see thousands of participants here. There were people of all ages, and the cultivation bases of the majority here are all at the Celestial Phenomenon level. Immortal-ranked experts are extremely rare in Worryfree City and it wouldn’t be so easy to encounter them.

"Seems like there are many that are drawn over to join in the fun. But at the very least out of this thousand, several hundreds are here because of the Sky Demon Oracle Bone. Also, the participants haven’t fully arrived yet." Qin Wentian silently mused. This indicated that at the very least, the Immorseize Residence had already netted a ten times profit.

And at this moment, a commotion broke out among the crowd. Many turned their gazes onto a row of figures walking over, as whispers and murmurings filled the air.

"It’s Han Luo, he is actually interested in the Sky Demon Oracle Bone as well. Could it be that he’s here on behalf of his father?"

"If young master Luo participates in the gambling match, we would most likely have no need to join any longer." Many people mused. It wasn’t every time that the Immorseize Residence would earn, there would still be times when they lost out. For example, when a few of the participants were extremely outstanding, the others would choose to give up.

The son of the commander of the troops stationed in Worryfree City, Han Luo, was undoubtedly an existence that could cause others to give up. Han Luo was a battle fanatic and in addition, his father was the commander of the city and had authority equivalent to the city lord.

"Yuyan, you are here as expected." Han Luo’s gaze directly shifted to one person as he walked over. When the gazes of everyone followed him, they soon noticed a pretty woman that exuded an extraordinary demeanor. Before this, there were already several who noticed her, she could be considered one of the more outstanding ones in terms of appearance within the crowd.

"Yuyan, it’s Zhao Yuyan!" Some exclaimed in wonder. This young woman was actually Zhao Yuyan, they should have guessed it earlier. With the appearance of the Sky Demon Oracle Bone, how could the female heaven chosen of the Golden Armor Sect, Zhao Yuyan, not appear?

"Zhao Yuyan’s master is the supreme elder of the Golden Armor Sect, Golden Armor Immortal. Her sect is one that’s at the peak of divine weapon forging in the Worryfree City. I’m afraid it’s imperative for her to obtain it, and this might even be a test set for her by her master." Many mused silently. Two outstanding characters of the Worryfree City have arrived. It seems like this gambling match is going to be truly difficult.

Qin Wentian’s sense of hearing was excellent. Although these people were only whispering, he could still hear what they said clearly. Very soon, he knew of the identity of these two. If one compared the Qin Clan to an ordinary clan, in that case, the background of those two was clearly the cream of the crop within Worryfree City, in addition to the fact that the fame of these two individuals was also exceedingly great.

Seems like the competition for the Sky Demon Oracle Bone is going to be very intense. It wasn’t going to be so easy if one wanted to acquire it.

"Haha, Han Luo are you talking nonsense? With the Sky Demon Oracle Bone appearing, how can Zhao Yuyan not appear?" At this moment, a clear voice echoed out. Yet another group of figures walked over and the person in the lead was also a young man. His gaze landed on Zhao Yuyan and Han Luo as he laughed, "Yuyan, I knew you would appear hence I rushed over."

"Jiang Feng is here to join in the fun? It’s clear to all that he is interested and wished to pursue Zhao Yuyan, but even after a few years of effort, he still hasn’t succeeded yet."

"Zhao Yuyan is the heaven chosen of the Golden Armor Sect. She isn’t merely strong in combat, her attainments in divine inscriptions are very high as well. That in addition to her beauty, how could a woman with such qualities not be desired by many?"

Zhao Yuyan emotionlessly glanced at Jiang Feng and didn’t care about him. However, Jiang Feng wasn’t angry. He only glanced at Han Luo as a hint of enmity flashed through his eyes."

At this moment, the people from the Immorseize Residence walked out. Each of the participants were required to pay their share which was ten percent of the value of the complete Sky Demon Oracle Bone. It was a very fair process that was witnessed by all. One could directly pay in Yuan Meteor Stones or use treasures of equivalent value.

However right now there were many who were still waiting. They were waiting for the Immorseize Residence to explain the details of the gambling match before they gauged if they had a chance to win the item and thereby make a decision to participate or not.

At this moment, a speaker from the Immorseize Residence stepped out and announced, "This gambling match shall be a formation battle. The final victor will win the Sky Demon Oracle Bone."

"Formation Battle? Seems like we still have hope." The eyes of those present flickered with hope. Formation battles were fought within a formation diagram dimension. Other than individual strength, it also depended on that individual’s luck. For those who are lucky, they might find a great formation within the dimension that would grant them an incredible boost to their combat prowess and that would certainly increase their chances of obtaining the Sky Demon Oracle Bone.

"Formation Battle? I like it." At this moment, a sinister voice drifted over. The crowd saw another young man walking over as they were immediately seized with a far from good feeling. It was actually him? If that’s the case, their chances to obtain the Sky Demon Oracle Bone just lessened.

However, there were also many who didn’t waver. An example was an old man clad in black. His gaze flashed with a faint coldness. He had to get the Sky Demon Oracle Bone no matter what and wouldn’t allow any other participants to snatch that away from him.

Another example was a man with a pair of blood-colored eyes. He exuded an intense balefulness that caused no one dared to get near to him.

There were many powerful experts in the immortal realms that wasn’t good to antagonise. For those who would be frightened away, they are usually the weaker ones that had no background.

"This Sky Demon Oracle Bone is mine, who dares to contest against me?" That sinister young man who just arrived directly pushed his way through the crowd as he turned his stare upon them. He simply stood there like that, his actions causing many who initially wanted to step forth to hesitate as frowns appeared on their faces.
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