Ancient Godly Monarch
700 Country Bumpkin
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Ancient Godly Monarch
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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700 Country Bumpkin

Chapter 700: Country Bumpkin

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire
Li Mo’s corpse laid on the Sacred Battle Platform. Qin Wentian blasted out a palm, causing his body to instantly disintegrate into dust.

Li Mo, a second-level Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant of the Royal Sacred Sect had been defeated and fallen in battle.

The curtain of light on the Sacred Battle Platform opened. Qin Wentian lifted his head, staring at the numerous experts of the Royal Sacred Sect standing in the air above. These numbers present here was simply terrifying and this was the first time Qin Wentian witnessed so many Ascendants in one place. The Royal Sacred Sect was indeed the hegemon of this world, it was unknown how many experts they had. With just a single summon, they were able to shock the world.

"Sending so many just to kill me. How shameful." Qin Wentian mocked.

The entire space went silent, so quiet that it was terrifying. Around the Sacred Battle Platform, countless silhouettes stood there dumbstruck, all stunned by the response of the Royal Sacred Sect.

How strong exactly was the Royal Sacred Sect’s desire to kill Qin Wentian? However they discovered that right now, there were also several experts that appeared next to Qin Wentian. These were the maidens from the Medicine Sovereign Valley. It wasn’t going to be so easy for the Royal Sacred Sect if they wanted to kill him.

And no matter how strong Qin Wentian was, this response by the Royal Sacred Sect seemed a little ridiculous.

Li Mo’s death undoubtedly threw the face of the Royal Sacred Sect and now if their response were to gang up on Qin Wentian, this would instead caused the Royal Sacred Sect’s reputation to be damaged. Everyone would think that they have no experts powerful enough to defeat Qin Wentian in combat.

"Who should we send next?" Among the experts from the Royal Sacred Sect, a person silently transmit his voice to others.

"This brat’s combat prowess is truly terrifying. Given how powerful his constellation is, it must have been formed from a fusion of four true intents. I’m afraid we have no choice but to send out third-level Ascendants. How about sending Dong Yu?" A person suggested. Dong Yu was one of the strongest among third-level Ascendants in the Royal Sacred Sect. Both his attack and defense could be said to be perfect.

"Has Dong Yu arrived?" Someone asked.

All these voice transmissions happened in an extremely short span of time.

"Dong Yu is already here. But not only him, ‘that person’ has also came. Qin Wentian would die for sure now." At this moment. Elder Li spoke through a voice transmission, his words causing the members of the Royal Sacred Sect to start. And at this very moment, a number of silhouettes could be seen flying over from afar.

There was a group of people that directly flew through the air, causing the experts of the Royal Sacred Sect to make a path for them. Elder Li and the others stared at these people, their gazes especially fixated on a young man that stood at the very front. After they recovered from their shock, the eyes of the members of the Royal Sacred Sect all flashed with surprise.

This young man in the lead was clad in a blue-colored luxurious robe. His long hair was bound by a violet crown and the contours of his face were akin to the edges of knives. His eyes sparkled with the coldness of stars, containing a light within them that would stir the souls of people.

Those by his side were extraordinary characters as well. There were elder-level characters from the Core Faction and Heaven Chosen of their Royal Sacred Sect. Dong Yu, was among these chosen.

Other than these, there were a few other equally impressive characters that stood beside the young man in blue. Their status was obviously higher compared to Dong Yu judging from how near they stood to him.

"Zai Xuan, you’ve returned!" Elder Li smiled and nodded towards the young man as traces of warmth flickered in his eyes. This warmth was something he had never shown when facing Zai Qiu.

"Uncle Li." Zai Xuan lightly nodded in response to the expert surnamed Li.

"Brother Xuan!" Zai Qiu also respectfully greeted. Zai Xuan had the same surname as him, he was also a descendant of the Sacred Emperor. There was no need to question his status in the Royal Sacred Sect.

However, his position was much higher compared to Zai QIu.

"Mhm." Zai Xuan glanced at Zai Qiu as he continued, "I’ve already heard about your matters. No wonder you weren’t selected by the Sacred Emperor to go out with me, roaming the outside worlds. Seeing that you can’t even deal with the people here, you best cultivate harder in the future."

"Yes Brother Xuan." Zai Qiu didn’t have the slightest bit of arrogance in his tone, but obediently responded instead.

The Royal Sacred Sect had dominated this world for so long. Naturally, the Sacred Emperor today wasn’t the first generation Sacred Emperor.

Every generation of Sacred Emperor would personally choose the most outstanding one among his descendants in their sect to nurture. After which, they would send them out of the Royal Sacred Region for adventure and to roam the outside world as a form of tempering themselves. These people who were selected were all named as Sacred Princes within the sect. They all had the potential to attempt to barge into the legendary realm of immortals; and the moment they succeeded, they would inherit the position of the Sacred Emperor and took responsibility for the nurturing of the next Sacred Emperor. Only this way would the Royal Sacred Sect able to sit securely in the position of hegemon in the Royal Sacred Region.

As for those who weren’t selected, they would remain behind in the Royal Sacred Sect to cultivate and positions would be granted to them based on their individual’s strength, their main responsibility was to ensure the Royal Sacred Sect would flourish throughout the generations, as strong as ever.

Zai Xuan was a character among Zai Qiu’s generation that was selected as a Sacred Prince. He was someone that had the possibility to inherit the position of the Sacred Emperor in the future. Even if he didn’t manage to, he would still return to the Royal Sacred Sect and would be granted a position of high importance.

"Zai Xuan, why have you returned?" An expert that was an elder of Zai Xuan, asked.

"It’s hard for you to understand even if I tell you about it. In any case, even I’m not sure if this news is true, after all, there are only rumors flying around now. But if this news is true, our entire Royal Sacred Region will be rocked by an massive earthquake, a countless number of external experts would descend on our world." Zai Xuan faintly replied, his words causing expressions of shock to appear on the faces of everyone, stunned by the magnitude of what he said.

It was as though it was saying that a very huge incident might be happening here soon in their Royal Sacred Region but now, he still had no way to determine whether this piece of news was true or false.

"Let’s settle the things here first." Zai Xuan continued. His gaze swept over to Qin Wentian on the platform. He was too, born in the Royal Sacred Region. How could he not know the Sacred Battle Platform?

"This is the person who almost killed you?" Zai Xuan spoke to Zai Qiu who now stood by his side.

"Mhm." Zai Qiu’s countenance turned cold as he glared at Qin Wentian, the killing intent flashing within was evident to all.

"You can’t even deal with this country bumpkin? You better reflect on yourself." Zai Xuan’s voice was very calm. What sort of storm and waves had he not experienced in the outside world? The experts he was acquainted with in the outside worlds were all characters that could make the sun and moon lose their luster if they came to the Royal Sacred Region.

With his perspective being broadened, he naturally wouldn’t look up to the ‘experts’ here in the Royal Sacred Region. Everyone here were like country bumpkins to him.

Honestly speaking, the experts of the Royal Sacred Region were akin to ordinary humans if they ventured out of this world. And within this generation, the Sacred Emperor of the Royal Sacred Sect only selected him. There were several others who could be considered supremely strong demon-level characters when placed in the Royal Sacred Region yet why did the Sacred Emperor not select them? Just from this point, it was normal to understand why Zai Xuan didn’t look up to these ‘experts’ from the Royal Sacred Region.

When the crowd heard Zai Qiu being lectured to, and the other experts all maintained a deferential respect to the young man who did so, they couldn’t help but have expressions of puzzlement flashing through their faces. What status did this young man with an extraordinary aura have exactly? He was actually so imposing, becoming the center where everyone in the Royal Sacred Sect revolves around the instant he arrived.

Not only him, even those other young characters at the side of Zai Xuan, all similarly exuded an extraordinary aura.

"So does the Royal Sacred Sect still intend to fight or not?" Qin Wentian coldly stated when he noticed the people of the Royal Sacred Sect disregarding him, chatting among themselves.

Not only that, this young man who just arrived had a cultivation base at the third level of Celestial Phenomenon yet his tone was so disparaging, even terming him as a country bumpkin.

"Just you? Do you think you are qualified to challenge my Royal Sacred Sect?" Zai Xuan’s eyes turned cold as he glanced at Qin Wentian.

"Not qualified?" An expression of interest flashed on Qin Wentian’s face as he stared at Zai Xuan in the air. He sarcastically commented, "I challenge all Ascendants at the first to third level of the Royal Sacred Sect, killing them with every victory I gained. Even Zai Qiu who is standing beside you, would have died long ago if it wasn’t for the Royal Sacred Sect being biased, protecting him. I’m really impressed that you have the face to say those words."

Zai Xuan frowned, the loftiness in his eyes was tinged with frost as he coldly snorted, "Frog in the well staring at the sky, how can you know how vast the sky truly is?"

"Hehe." A beautiful young woman beside Zai Xuan started laughing. This woman wore a tight-fitting dress that accentuated her beautiful figure, invoking the flames of desire in the heart of others. Her skin was simply perfect, a tinge of red could be seen underneath the snow-like color. Her eyes were beautiful as well, with a hint of magnetism in them.

"Zai Xuan, I thought you said your sect is the ruler of this world? Why do I feel that you are boasting? Even a country bumpkin has the guts to have no regards for you all." That beautiful woman giggled. She was a friend Zai Xuan knew from his adventures in the outside words. This female was named Lu Ziyan, and had a pretty good relationship with Zai Xuan. Zai Xuan wanted to pursue her yet she didn’t accept or reject, content with maintaining their relationship as friends for now.

As to why she didn’t agree, it was because in her perspective, Zai Xuan was merely ordinary and wasn’t too outstanding. As to why she didn’t reject, it was because Zai Qiu’s clan was after all the hegemon of an entire world.

Her clan also had an existence on the same level of the Sacred Emperor. Although these clans could be considered powerful in the outside worlds, there was still a slight difference in status when compared to the hegemon of a particle world.

A hegemon of a world meant that they could easily obtain an almost unlimited amount of resources, garnering a huge fortune and was the king of the world they reside in.

Lu Ziyan had even obtained many advantages from Zai Xuan. This was also the reason why she kept dangling Zai Xuan with bait, keeping herself just barely out of his reach.

"Who doesn’t know how to boast shamelessly?" Zai Qiu smiled at Lu Ziyan. "Ziyan, country bumpkins have limited vision after all, often claiming themselves as geniuses. They usually have hot blood running through their veins and some don’t even fear death. But all in all, they are just a bunch of ridiculous people."

"I can see that." Lu Ziyan stared at the Ascendants of the Royal Sacred Sect in the air, all of them had their killing intents directed to the young man on the stage. It wasn’t difficult to kill him if they went all out.

However, the young man was courageous as well. He had no fear in him at all, and the aura from him was also exceptionally extraordinary. His handsome looks had a slight arrogance and unruly look to it, giving off a somewhat demonic feeling.

But no matter what, a bumpkin was after all, a bumpkin. His aura might be extraordinary but there was no way Lu Ziyan would ever look up to a country bumpkin from a particle world. Unless, he headed outside and achieved a transformation. It wasn’t that there weren’t such cases, although the probability was only about one in ten million.

"Dong Yu, go finish him off." Zai Xuan stared at another young man in his entourage. From what he saw, Dong Yu’s strength should be sufficient enough to be able to easily kill a country bumpkin.

He didn’t like the look in this country bumpkin’s eyes. It stank of arrogance. And with the bumpkin staring at him in a mocking manner, Zai Xuan involuntarily felt the urge to laugh.

However in Qin Wentian’s eyes, the behaviour of Zai Xuan made him the ridiculous one!




Author Note: It has been 700 chapters. Qin Wentian officially started to come into contact with people from the outside worlds. A larger stage will soon be revealed!
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