Ancient Godly Monarch
517 Kindred Spirits
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Ancient Godly Monarch
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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517 Kindred Spirits

AGM 517 – Kindred Spirits

The Royal Sacred Region consists of an inconceivably large amount of land. There was an endless number of sects and countless ancient kingdoms and aristocrat clans.

The Hegemon of this boundless land area was none other than the Royal Sacred Sect.

Within this vast region, other than the hegemony, the other powers of note were the nine sects, the seven clans and the two great empires. The nine sects were naturally the nine great sects under the Royal Sacred Sect; the seven clans were the Seven ancient aristocrat clans which had over tens of thousands of years of history, it was unknown how terrifyingly strong they were. The seven ancient clans weren’t a part of the Royal Sacred Sect automatically but their members treated joining the Royal Sacred Sect as a matter of glory. And lastly for the two empires, they naturally referred to Grand Shang and Grand Zhou. All of them were first-tier powers.

If it was in the past, the two empires would have been three instead. Grand Zhou, Grand Shang and Grand Xia were all empires in this boundlessly large region under the governance of the Royal Sacred Sect. Half of Grand Zhou’s territory lies within this region while the royal capital of Grand Shang was within it as well. As for the fallen Grand Xia, the Royal Sacred Sect no longer care much about it.

One could very well imagine how monstrously vast this region was. The experts residing within were as countless as the stars in the sky.

And of course, other than the nine sects, seven clans and the two empires, there were also other sects and clans and even ancient kingdoms. These belonged to the second tier of power but their strength were also inconceivably high. If one day, someone there broke through to the legendary realm, their status would instantly be elevated to that of a top-tier existence in the Royal Sacred Region.

Five thousand years ago, there was no Battle Sword Sect amongst the nine great sects. However, after that, the Battle Sword Sect suddenly rose up and obtained an extremely important position in the Royal Sacred Sect and eventually became an important subsidiary under them.

This was the reason why so many sects wanted to fight for talents to join them before they were sent to the Royal Sacred Sect via recommendation. There were some second-tier powers whose foundations weren’t any weaker than the nine great sects yet they continuously failed at becoming a first-tier power simply because they didn’t have enough members in the Royal Sacred Sect. The lack of members naturally meant a lack of power and authority, hence they still remained second-tier existences despite the passing of so many years.

Right now, Qin Wentian was completely awed when staring at this impossibly vast landscape while flying on a sword beam.

When those from the Battle Sword Sectrode their their swords, they wouldn’t do so at too high an altitude, hence they were able to see everything below them. In fact, every territory they passed by, Qin Wentian could see that in this region, every place was many times more prosperous and grand compared to nine continents of Grand Xia. As they flew past the airspace of these territories, the experts within all burst out, their terrifying auras engulfing everything. These people could effortlessly exterminate any transcendent powers in Grand Xia but when they saw the ones flying past were people of the Battle Sword Sect, they instantly retracted their auras and respectfully sent them on their way.

Only through constantly expanding one’s horizon did one understand how vast the world truly is. Qin Wentian understood that the Battle Sword Sect purposely picked this route so he would be gain an eye-opener.

Lin Shuai and the rest knew that he had came from the desolate Grand Xia, hence they purposely did so, hoping to broaden his horizons. Along the way, from chatting with Lin Shuai and the rest, he understood that in the perspectives of the number experts in the Royal Sacred Region, Grand Xia was just a place of desolation to them. Such news involuntarily made Qin Wentian start in shock.

Qin Wentian finally understood why Jun Yu was treated so importantly when he returned to Grand Xia back then. Jun Yu was a disciple of the Royal Sacred Sect, how could he look up to the savages living in the desolate Grand Xia? The vast majority had never even heard of terms like the Royal Sacred Sect, the Royal Sacred Region or even knew that there were two other empires other than Grand Xia.

The more he heard, the more excited Qin Wentian was. His eyes sparkled with sharpness, as though he couldn’t wait to prove himself on this grand stage that was the Royal Sacred Region. Qing`er was as serene as always, icy cold, and didn’t like to speak. Even when the experts from the Battle Sword Sect tried talking to her, she ignored them as well. Her actions couldn’t help but cause the experts from the Battle Sword Sect to have a bitter smile on their faces. Yet they didn’t hold it against Qing`er because they understood this was merely her character.

Finally, they arrived at their destination – the area where the Battle Sword Sect was located, in the southern part of the Royal Sacred Region.

From what Qin Wentian originally imagined, the Battle Sword Sect should be located in an area of desolation, maybe in the middle of some plains or atop some lofty mountains. But when he arrived, a wry smile couldn’t help but find its way on his face.

The surrounding areas were flourishing with people. Outside the Battle Sword Sect, at the threshold of crossing the entrance, there was an ancient sword embedded in the ground, demarcating their territory,

Up ahead, a gigantic sword towered up towards the skies. Numerous ancient peaks connected as a number of buildings with the magnificence of celestial palaces could be seen upon it.

The Battle Sword Sect had a territory of a few hundred miles but it was situated in the middle of a flourishing area instead of the wild desolation. Outside the demarcation, streams of humans flowed relentlessly, they all had reverence in their eyes when they stared at the Battle Sword Sect.

“Are you disappointed?” Lin Shuai who stood by the side of Qin Wentian, laughed.

“Why would I be? I just felt a little surprised that the Battle Sword Sect would be located in such a lively area.” Qin Wentian laughed.

“The sword cultivators of my generation are all off roaming the world, doing what they want to, tempering themselves in the world of mortals. Our Battle Sword Sect isn’t as transcendent as the rumors state, all of us simply do what we desire to. Roaming the world, righting wrongs and settling grudges, at ease and confident in answering to no one and saving our own hearts.”

Lin Shuai laughed as he continued, “Only by following one’s heart would one be able to further walk the path of swords to its extreme boundaries. The Battle Sword Sect doesn’t really have much restrictions for its members, granting them huge degree of freedom. You have to remember this, since you joined our Battle Sword Sect, you don’t need to follow any rules not of your own making. Just be firm in what you want to do. If one day you find that the Battle Sword Sect is no longer suitable for you. Just mount your sword and fly away, no one will make things difficult for you.”

“What a good free-spirited Battle Sword Sect!” Qin Wentian’s heart couldn’t help but tremble slightly when he heard Lin Shuai’s words. It seemed like the news he had heard in Xuan King City was true, the structure of the Battle Sword Sect wasn’t like any other sect at all. The only thing the Battle Sword Sect required of its members was for them to stay true to their own hearts.

As the two of them were conversing, the swords they were mounted on had already advanced into the Battle Sword Sect, entering the region where buildings like celestial palaces were scattered about. Mountain springs and waterfalls added tranquility to the atmosphere, there were numerous pavilions with people laughing within them, and also a vast training stage for people to spar and practice their swords. This entire place exuded a sense of harmony.

Seeing this group of people returning, several cultivators of the Battle Sword Sect lifted their heads and looked over. The majority of the cultivators here were of the younger generation, and the cultivation bases of the people here were all at the least in the Heavenly Dipper Realm. Hence, even if one was thirty or forty, they would still look younger than than their ages let alone these people were truly young.

“Seventh senior has returned and even brought along two new people. Are these the new juniors that passed the recruitment selection?” Below the one of the waterfalls, those members of the Battle Sword Sect stared in the direction of Lin Shuai and the others. One young man clad in white had an expression of extreme curiosity upon his face.

“That maiden is so beautiful, if she joins our Battle Sword Sect, the position of the number one beauty in our sect would belong to her for sure.” The young man’s eyes shone with light as he stared at Qing`er.

“Hmph.” A beautiful girl beside him snorted coldly. This girl was tall and had had exquisite curves. Her skin was fair and white while both her eyes shone like the moon. She was also extremely pretty, and her features even exuded a heroic air. She angrily stared at the young man in white as she scolded, “Lecherous fellow.”

“Ah, appetite and lust are only natural.” That young man shrugged and laughed, not minding the label at all. “Sadly, junior sister is too cold to me. If junior sister is willing to marry me, from now on I certainly shall not even glance at any other woman.”

“Scram!” The lady glared at him fiercely.

Another skinny-looking cultivator with a sword strapped on his back spoke, “Was the mission of Seventh senior and the elders precisely for these two? Our Battle Sword Sect has never initiated a disciple selection before, this is a precedent.”

“I think there’s something fishy about it too. Oh, senior is coming over.” That young woman replied. Lin Shuai and the others arrived in the area and the old man in the lead commanded, “Lin Shuai, make arrangements for our new members.”

“Sure.” Lin Shuai nodded his head. After which, that old man brought along a large group of people and left the area.

“Seventh senior, you are back!” The girl walked up with a smile on her face when she saw Lin Shuai. Her attitude was totally different compared to how she normally treated the young man who stood beside her.

“Junior sister’s heart bloomed like the flowers when she saw seventh senior returning. Ahhh my broken heart hurts so bad.” That young man who was scolded as a lecher started sighing. But soon after, his eyes brightened as he glanced at Qing`er, “I wonder if I have the honor of asking milady’s name?”

Qing`er coldly cast a glance at him before ignoring him and treating him like thin air. The people around that young man burst into laughter, there was an extremely awkward expression on the young man’s countenance as well.

“You better behave yourself.” Lin Shuai glared at him. After which, he introduced to the crowd, “This is junior brother Qin Wentian and this is junior sister Qing`er. In the future, they too would be members of our Battle Sword Sect. Junior Qing`er is a woman of few words, you guys better not disturb her. If there’s anything you want to say, just tell junior brother Qin, he will relay the message for you.”

Qing`er appeared in the disciple selection event before she wanted to protect Qin Wentian. Lin Shuai would gave such instructions because he had familiarised himself with Qing`er’s personality as they travelled back together.

“Understood, senior.” Everyone was extremely respectful to Lin Shuai.

Qin Wentian silently observed the scene, feeling surprised at the respect everyone was showing. He had originally thought his senior brother Lin Shuai was an ordinary disciple chosen to lead the trip to the Xuan King City this time around.

He didn’t know that it was because Lin Shuai was one of the personal disciples of the sect master which was why his status was so extraordinary. Not only that, his talent and strength was extremely terrifying as well.

“My name is Lingshuang. Junior brother and sister, in the future you can just address me as senior sister Ye or senior sister Lingshuang.” That woman smiled, introducing herself.

“Jiang Huai.” The skinny cultivator nodded to the two of them.

“Liu Yun.” The lecherous looking young man also smiled.

Everyone introduced themselves, Qin Wentian politely nodded his head to them in acknowledgement.

“Junior brother, this pet of yours is soooo adorable, may I have a look?” Her eyes turned to the shape of little hearts as Ye Lingshuang stared at Little Rascal who was currently in Qin Wentian’s arms. She had slain many demonic beasts before but it was extremely rare to come across such a cute little demonic beast.

“Sure.” Qin Wentian nodded. Little Rascal, upon hearing that, immediately leapt into Ye Lingshuang’s bosom. The quickness of its actions caused Ye Lingshuang to burst into giggles.

Little Rascal nestled its head into her bosom, curling up as an expression of enjoyment flashed upon its face. It then spoke in a baby-like voice, “So…soft!!!”

Ye Lingshuang instantly turned to stone, her eyes were as wide as saucers as she stared unblinkingly at Little Rascal within her embrace.

Qin Wentian’s face was full of black lines, he too was staring at Little Rascal and was suddenly seized with an impulse to pinch it to death. What kind of nonsense was it sprouting?!

“Cough… cough…” Liu Yun softly coughed, he glanced jealously at the little puppy before staring at Qin Wentian as a bright flow gleamed in his eyes. “Oh junior brother, who would have thought that we are both kindred spirits pursuing the same interests!”

Liu Yun 流云 – Flowing Clouds


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