Ancient Godly Monarch
516 Unpalatable
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Ancient Godly Monarch
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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516 Unpalatable

AGM 516 – Unpalatable

The old man from the Battle Sword Sect soared up into the air, imperiously gazing down at the other eight sects below. Although he exuded no aura, his presence was sufficient to make those whom his stare landed on feel a huge amount of pressure. This person was most certainly a top-tier existence. For the disciple recruitment event this time around, the Battle Sword Sect actually brought along such a character.

The experts from the Violet Thunder Sect all stood up together in a rage. Lightning crackled madly around their bodies and the electricity generated from them fused with each other transforming into a wave of devastation that could even destroy the heavens and earth.

“How dare you humiliate my Violet Thunder Sect in such a fashion?” One of the experts within hollered in angered disbelief. Just for a single sentence, this old man from the Battle Sword Sect actually slayed one of their members? Not only that, this was done in the presence of so many others. Wasn’t this action a slap in the face of their Violet Thunder Sect?

“You all tried so many times to kill the new disciple of my Battle Sword Sect but still failed and were even shameless enough to suggest removing the restriction limit on cultivation bases? DO YOU THINK THAT THE MEMBERS OF MY BATTLE SWORD SECT ARE SO EASY TO BULLY? If any of you are unsatisfied with my actions, you can come up to the stage. We will ignore the restriction limit on cultivation bases and have some fun together.” The old man coldly snorted, his arrogant words sounded like the humming of ten thousands of swords, reverberating in the ears of the other spectators causing them to feel extremely uncomfortable.

This old man was too powerful, he was absolutely an existence at the Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant level.

Although the experts from the Violet Thunder Sect were all apoplectic with rage, not one of them dared to step out. Yin Ting’s uncle was the first who shouted earlier and was instantly killed just because of his words. How could anyone else still dare to step out?

“Excellent, truly excellent.” The anger of the experts from the Violet Thunder Sect boiled to their limits. However, they understood that with the Battle Sword Sect’s combat prowess, if they were to engage in a wide-scale battle now, they would be the one that suffered a loss instead. In fact, with the Battle Sword Sect’s character, they might truly have dared to engage in a full-scaled slaughter here, the consequences be damned. Hence, the anger choking them had to be forcibly endured, swallowed back into their stomachs.

“If you don’t dare to fight, then shut the hell up for this old man.” The old man coldly snorted as his gaze roamed to the others. “Who else wishes to challenge our newest disciples? Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns below the seventh level can come up anytime but if there’s anyone who dares to say there shall be no restrictions in terms of cultivation bases… This old man shall kill him personally.”

Such arrogance, it was obvious that the old man didn’t even put the royal clan or the other eight great sects in his eyes. But upon thinking carefully, this old man truly did have the capabilities to be arrogant.

The strength of this old man was sufficient to cause fear in the experts from the Violet Thunder Sect. Even though one of their members died, they didn’t even dare to fight. If they didn’t want to fight that old man, one could say for sure that Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns at the sixth level and below, Qin Wentian and Qing`er were invincible existences. No matter how many came up on the stage, that would be how many they would kill. This was true talent.

Shifting their eyes onto them, the spectators stared at the two young cultivators standing shoulder by shoulder on the stage. Qin Wentian was tyrannical and fiendishly handsome, akin to a descendant of an ancient primordial demon king. Qing`er was ephemeral, a celestial maiden that resembled ice and snow, her beauty unmatched in her generation.

In the battle today, Qin Wentian fought one against all and passed the tests designed by all nine sects. Although Qing`er only came out for a little while, her exhibited strength was deeply imprinted in the minds of the crowd.

They stood together, their brilliance even brighter than the sun, causing all the other so called geniuses here to lose their luster.

“After joining the Battle Sword Sect, the future of these two would be even more terrifying.” Many in the crowd mused, they knew that there wouldn’t be any more people here capable of stopping them today.

“Don’t you find it’s a little inappropriate for you to behave in such a manner in the territory of my Grand Shang?” A faint voice suddenly drifted out, the one who spoke was none other than Shang Tong.

Xuan King City is after all one of the Seven King Cities of Grand Shang. The Battle Sword Sect didn’t even place them in their eyes at all.

“Are those from the royal clan so lacking of manners? How dare you be so impolite when you are speaking to your elders.” The old man from the Battle Sword Sect shifted his gaze onto him as a terrifying sharpness flickered within. “Commanding so many to gang up on a disciple of my sect? Do you really think you can get away with that simply because you are from the royal clan? Do you believe I won’t slay you right here if you dare to speak one more word about touching Qin Wentian?”

As the sound of his voice faded, a powerful forcefield enveloped Shang Tong. Shang Tong’s guards all paled when they felt how intense the forcefield of sword qi was. If that old man truly wanted to kill Shang Tong, he could do so in an instant.

An incomparably heavy silence descended onto the arena.

“Seems like the Battle Sword Sect came here well prepared, to think that they actually have such a powerful expert within their midst.”

“I heard that the other eight great sects came to the Xuan King City because this was something the Battle Sword Sect had initiated. Now, they ‘coincidentally’ encountered Qin Wentian and that cold-looking maiden? Was this the Battle Sword Sect’s original purpose?”

Many were silently speculating in their hearts. The strength of this old man was unfathomable. Earlier, he had been quietly sitting in the spectator stand staying hidden all this while before finally bursting out at the critical moment.

“No one dares to come up to the battle stage? Are the experts from the other eight sects fake? Do all of you only know how to gang up on people using superiority in numbers to mask your own weakness?” That old man in the air had another outburst again. He then icily continued, “The pride of the name nine great sects, as well as the royal clan has completely been tarnished by the whole lot of you today. How disappointing.”

The faces of the experts alternated between shades of white and green. Their members who were currently in Xuan King City were not a match for the old man. Additionally, their younger generations couldn’t win against Qin Wentian as well. They had totally lost today.

If you showed that you were weak, you would be destined to be trampled upon by others. Even if one was humiliated, those without strength could only forcibly endure it.

“Since there’s no one else, Lin Shuai, let’s return.” That old man commanded. After which, those from the Battle Sword Sect all stood up. Bursts of sword qi exploded as they all stood upon beams of sword light, soaring up into the air.

The old man pressed his palm forward as a sword beam landed beside Qin Wentian and Qing`er. “Ride on my sword.”

The Xuan King City is about two hundred thousand miles away from the Battle Sword Sect, extremely far away. With Qin Wentian’s speed he might have had to fly for several days before he could arrive there. But with the strength of this old man, the time travelling would be cut short by many times. The speed of Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants was insanely quick, able to travel tens of thousands of miles in a single day effortlessly.

“Senior, please give me a moment.” Qin Wentian didn’t choose to depart immediately. Instead, he walked forwards and stared at the major powers of the Xuan King City.

“That day, the six major powers led their experts to surround me, causing me to almost die there in that mountain range. I’m here today for revenge. If you all wish to seek revenge in the future, come to the Battle Sword Sect. I will welcome you at anytime. However before I leave today, there’s still someone who must die.”

As the sound of his voice faded, his gaze instantly landed on Yin Cheng.

Yin Cheng’s legs lost his strength as he fell backwards on the ground. His countenance paled as he hoarsely called out in a quavering voice, “Grandpa, save me…”

However, a radiant light fired forth from the centre of Qin Wentian’s brow as the fearsome will of a Mandate gushed into Yin Cheng’s mind. A moment later, Yin Cheng only saw himself in an entirely different place. The mountains surrounding him were all made from skeletons, the sky was painted a bloody red as numerous ghosts and demons rushed towards him. The faces of the dead were none other than the family of Chi Yezi which he had ordered his men to slaughter.

“This is an illusion, this isn’t real.” Yin Cheng howled, trying his best to pull himself out. However, in that dream a fiendish demonic arm gutted him right through his chest, wrenching out his heart. The crowd only saw Yin Cheng coughing out blood, before slumping down dead.

“This…” The hearts of the crowd stopped for a second when they witnessed what had happened. Was Qin Wentian able to kill cultivators weaker than himself with a single glance? Was this an eye-type innate technique?

“You!” The experts from the Yin Clan trembled, pointing their fingers at Qin Wentian as their killing intent towered up to the heavens. However, Qin Wentian merely calmly stared back at them, feeling neither joy nor excitement at the death of Yin Cheng. Back then the six major powers hunted him down because he didn’t have a background able to instill fear in them.

But now after joining the Battle Sword Sect, although he killed Yin Cheng in such an overwhelming fashion, the Yin Clan only dared to rage but they wouldn’t dare to take revenge. The situation now had completely changed. In the span of a few short months, everything had turned topsy turvy, the Qin Wentian now was no longer an existence they would dare to offend.

“I shall await your revenge.” Qin Wentian stared straight at the experts from the Yin Clan before mounting the the beam of sword light with Qing`er. Little Rascal who was in the crowd transformed into a white streak of light and directly dashed into Qin Wentian’s hug.

“GO!” The old man hollered, and momentarily a group of experts all flew up into the skies, swiftly departing this area.

“They left.” The crowd suddenly felt at a loss. The battle today was truly fascinating although it had felt somewhat brief. That male and female pair was simply too powerful. Their talents were outstanding, and their radiance was even brighter than the sun. In the future in the Battle Sword Sect, they would definitely be able to shine even brighter.

Shang Yue watched on as Qin Wentian killed Yin Cheng before leaving. Feeling an indescribable emotion in her heart. This person was not someone she was comparable to even in the slightest. Even though she had a status as a princess of Xuan King City, the two of them were like people from different worlds.

Ji Xue and Xu Feng also watched as Qin Wentian left. A hint of laughter flashed past Ji Xue’s eyes as she added in a low voice, “I hope that in the future, we would be able to hear legends of him in Grand Shang.”

Qin Wentian joining the Battle Sword Sect inevitably caused a storm of commotion in the Royal Sacred Region. The royal capital of Grand Shang was a place where true experts were as common as the clouds. Cultivators at the level of chosen from the Xuan King City could be found everywhere there. That was a place where the truly strong gathered.

And also, one must note that the true elites of the eight other great sects weren’t there today.

Far away in the middle of the air, Qin Wentian and Qing`er were flying astride a beam of sword light. Qin Wentian turned to Qing`er, as he smiled, “Qing`er when did you become so powerful? Your Mandate of Space has actually already reached the Perfection Boundary?”

Qing`er looked at Qin Wentian as she simply stated, “The fruits you gave me, I ate them both.”

“Eh…” Qin Wentian’s eyes flickered as memories of the two Space Mandate Fruits surfaced in his mind. So this lass had actually eaten them both, no wonder her Mandate of Space reached perfection this fast.

“Were they delicious?” Qin Wentian asked with a smile that was not a smile on his face. Qing`er stared at Qin Wentian as her eyes brightened, flashing with a look of contemplation. Her lips trembled lightly before she candidly replied, “They suck.”

“Oops.” Qin Wentian stared at the serious expression on Qing`er’s face as he valiantly fought back an impulse to burst into laughter. This ephemeral maiden was truly adorable!

Translator Note:

Yin Cheng appears in the Treasure-Seizing Assembly Arc, he was the person who ordered the slaughter of the family of Chi Yezi, the forger of Qin Wentian’s scarlet demon halberd.


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