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In the Ironman Training Center, Max leaned against his chair with a job briefing in his hands. The middle-aged man with a beard in front of Max was a senior worker who had been with Max for many years. In addition, he was the most experienced and capable coach in this training center, so Max found him to be a very capable assistant.

"What about the newcomers? Are they adapting to their new job?" asked Max.

"They have pretty good executive capability and are able to follow training schemes to finish their tasks," the man with a beard said, but it seemed that he began to hesitate.

Max noticed the man's hesitation, and then asked, "What's wrong? Have you found anything wrong?"

"It's nothing, but these new coaches, in my view, are too common," said the bearded man.

"Too common? What do you mean?" asked Max.

"I mean they are too common in all aspects. During this period, I didn't find any special skills in them. It seemed that they can only finish the tasks arranged for them. If I was asked to use an adjective to describe their performance, I think the word would be 'mediocre,'" the bearded man said.

The word "mediocre" made Max unhappy, because he had spent a lot of money hiring these new coaches. If they didn't have great performance, it meant that Max had made a bad decision.

"Maybe they just came here for a short time, so they haven't completely adapted to the working environment here," Max said, trying to find an excuse.

"Maybe," the beard said. Then he took out a paper file, handed it to Max, and added, "This is the training scheme that Jones made for the students of the beach lifeguard course, which I filed. I thought this physical training scheme was too generalized. It was not suitable for everyone, and when I researched it, I found that this scheme was downloaded from the Internet."

Max took the paper file and read it seriously.

Max was a professional physical trainer, and he went through several pages of the physical training scheme and found that the content was the same. If you just read one of the schemes, you might think it was pretty good, but if you put the schemes together, you found that they were all revised editions of a single scheme. It was just like an annual year-end summary; apart from the date, everything was the same as last year.

"It is quite general." Max felt terrible immediately. Jones was the first coach he had hired, and Max thought highly of Jones, but according to the scheme, it was obvious that Jones failed to live up to Max's expectations.

"Judging from these training schemes, Jones isn't worth the salary I pay for him." Max hesitated, but then he said, "Last year, Jones successfully helped six people pass the exam for beach lifeguards within one month; this was a real achievement he made. Although these training schemes might seem mediocre, I guessed he might not be good at making detailed training schemes, but he might be good at practical training instead. It doesn't really matter as long as the training is good enough."

"I hope so." The beard shrugged, but the look on his face suggested that he didn't think highly of Jones.

Dai Li's training center.

Amidst the magic music, Dai Li was square dancing with a group of his students.

The modest movement of square dance made many students feel uncomfortable. They have never seen such a warm-up before.

"Coach Li said it was a warm-up, but I have never seen such a warm-up. It seemed like we were dancing!"

"But it really works, I feel warm now and I have sweat on my forehand."

"I guess this warm-up may have something to do with Chinese Kung Fu. Maybe Coach Li knows Kung Fu?"

"Ten to one, maybe he can fight like Jackie Chan."

"Stupid, Jackie Chan is just a movie star, not a master of boxing."

"You're stupid. Jackie Chan knows Chinese Kung Fu! And he brings Kung Fu into movies."

"Guys, stop arguing and save your strength. This is just a few minutes of warm-up, but I'm already sweating, and it seems like I've played half-court basketball. We're going to be exhausted when the formal training starts."

"It seems that we won't feel good for the next few days."

"Regret signing up? I told you earlier that Coach Li is not an ordinary coach."

The golden-haired Cruise finished his all-day training and walked out of the Ironman Training Center.

When he got home, he ordered a pizza and took a bath.

After coming out of the tub, Cruise felt much more relaxed. He stood in front of the mirror, looked at himself, glanced at his abdominal muscles and then showed off his strong biceps.

"Compared with the days before training, there doesn't seem to be any obvious change." Cruise touched his "Apollo's belt" and began to clean his body hair.

Cruise, meanwhile, could not help but recall the previous days of training.

"All the training programs are very general. They are just the same as the training programs in a common gym, but with a little bit more intensity. It seems that professional physical training center is no better than a common gym!"

Thinking of that, Cruise suddenly felt that his money was not worth it. The physical training course was so much more expensive than a common gym membership, yet what he got from it was merely doubling his training volume.

How about Hassel, he said that he had signed up at the training center of Dai Li, Cruise thought of his friend.

Hassel, a fat man, sank to the ground, gasping for breath. His face was covered with sweat and it seemed that he was completely worn out.

"The five-minute break is over, stand up and finish the next training program!" Dai Li said. At that moment, for Hassel, Dai Li's voice just like the cry of a devil.

But Hassel still struggled to get up and begin the next training program according to Dai Li's instructions.

The next training was a series of fat-reducing exercises, which was special-designed program for Hassel.

Dai Li nodded to show his satisfaction with Hassel's performance. Hassel looked like just another fat kid, but in fact, he was quite persevering. So far at least, he had finished all the physical training programs.

After a day of training, Hassel felt very tired and went to the bathroom. A few minutes in a hot shower made him feel better and relieved his muscle pain.

"Whew!" Hassel took a deep breath, and he stood there, letting the water spray over him.

"I'm so tired!" Hassel recalled the last few days and he felt that as if he were living in hell.

The shower sprayed into his face, making him unable to open his eyes, so subconsciously he lowered his head, avoided the shower spray, and opened his eyes.

Suddenly, he saw a familiar object, which was his penis.

At that moment, he widened his eyes and suddenly felt happy.

I can see it! I can see it with my head down! Hassel felt excited

In the past, Hassel could never have seen his penis over the rounded girth of his big belly. Today, however, Hassel could see it just by tipping his head down.

Hassel immediately understood that it was not his penis getting bigger, but his big belly getting smaller!

Hassel took the bath as fast as he could, didn't dry his body, and then stood in front of the mirror.

In the mirror, he was still fat, but now he was a fat man who looked very energetic.

Hassel patted his belly and felt that his fat had become stronger, then he tried lifting up his arms and flexing his biceps. And he found that the muscle on his fat and loose arms could float when he began to exert force.

"Yeah!" Hassel couldn't help cheering. He realized that these days of training had been really effective.

For Hassel, "seeing practical results" was more convincing. At that moment, he had a hope in his mind; he suddenly felt that all the fatigue and pain he had experienced during training was worth it, and if he continued to accept the training, he was likely to pass the 24-hour Frogman Challenge.

Jones was a little bit anxious; the training course he was in charge of had started more than 20 days ago, but he wasn't satisfied with the performance of the students. The training effect was failing to live up to his expectations.

Last year, when they were trained for 20 days, they made remarkable progress. This year, however, is totally different from last year. Many students aren't showing any progress at all. So what's the reason? The training programs are almost the same as last year, so what has caused the big difference in training results?

What Jones didn't know was that last year's training programs at Dai Li's training center were highly targeted, although they were routine. Dai Li's detector could detect everyone's shortcomings. And once you improved your shortcomings, you are sure to sense remarkable progress.

More importantly, at that time, for the function of team pyramid, Jones was a member of Dai Li's team, so he could learn from the first-rate coaches. But now that Jones had job-hopped, his training effect went back to his days as a coach at the gym.

The difference between a gym and a training center was just like the gap between an amateur and a professional athlete. An amateur who is very skillful in the opinions of ordinary people might be defeated instantly in a game with a professional athlete. The two can't be compared in any way. 

Dai Li could not find a suitable coach in a short time while his training center was short of hands. Therefore, he hired Jones, a gym-level coach. It was Dai Li's targeted training programs and the enhancement brought by the whole team that made up for the shortcomings of Jones and his colleagues. All they had to do was carry out the training programs, and then good results would be achieved.

However, for other high-level training centers, using coaches from common gyms would definitely result in disaster. High-level sports training was like sailing against the current. No progress simply meant regression. A high-level athlete who witnessed the regression of ability after months of training in your center would be a deadly blow to your business.

Dai Li came to Blake's office with a handful of resumes.

"Out of all these resumes, I think three of the candidates are decent choices for the position. Give them a probation period and let them have a try," said Dai Li. He gave some of the resumes to Blake. 

Blake got the resumes and took a look. And then he asked hesitantly, "Full-time contracts for them? Not part-time? The three are so average that they could only be coaches in a gym according to their work experience. In my opinion, they don't deserve full-time contracts with a training center like ours." 

"I know they are just average coaches. But what can I do? We are short of hands now. Every resume we have received recently is at the same level. I have tried to choose the best candidates." Dai Li shook his head helplessly. "But the three I have chosen were all once athletes, and they are not too old now. I hope there are more possibilities in them to be built up to be qualified coaches. We may have a future Payton, if we are lucky enough." 

"You want to train them yourself, again? They will go to other centers after they grow into qualified coaches." Blake threw cold water on Dai Li's ideas.

"Let them go then. Soon, others will know that what they got from my center is not what they thought." Dai Li smiled cunningly.