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Chapter 329: Massage Master Li Came Back

Chapter 329: Massage Master Li Came Back
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After all, the locker room was small, so that it was not open enough to run far. Therefore, Jingyuan Zhang had to stop after a while.

As if he was still feeling unsatisfied after stopping, he stood still and jumped a few times. Seeing this, Harman judged by his actions that he could run, and that his overall movement was still very flexible.

"What's going on? Why is he running now?" the face of the team doctor Maraloni looked a little embarrassed.

"Is this Jingyuan Zhang embarrassing me deliberately? Just now, he limped before me, as if he would fall down. But after I reported to Coach Harman, you become well. Are you fooling me deliberately?"

"Coach... It's... Actually..." Maraloni didn't know how to explain for a while.

Harman waved his hand and stopped him. Maraloni had followed him for about ten years, and he didn't think that Maraloni would mislead him about a player's injury. After all, it would not be good for him, either.

"Let's go and ask him how he recovered," Harman said.

They two walked to Jingyuan Zhang. Seeing the unkind look on Maraloni's face, Zhang felt guilty suddenly.

"Jingyuan Zhang, you couldn't move just now, but how did you recover? Beyond that, you can run and jump now?" Maraloni questioned him, glaring at him accusingly.

"Maraloni, I'm sorry you have thought that I was just fooling you!" Jingyuan Zhang smiled awkwardly and explained, "Just now, it was too painful to walk, but Coach Li massaged me for a while, and it got better. Now, it's still painful, but it's alright to run."

"Coach Li?" the two looked at Dai Li simultaneously.

The physical coach was in charge of rehabilitation training. As such, it was quite normal for him to know massage techniques. In fact, it would have been very strange if a physical coach couldn't massage.

Seeing this, Dai Li explained immediately, "I saw that Jingyuan Zhang was in so much pain that he nearly couldn't walk, so I massaged him for a while. I am quite proficient in massage for rehabilitation."

Looking at Dai Li and Zhang's leg, Maraloni didn't know what to say. Judging from his professional knowledge, Jingyuan Zhang's leg injury couldn't be healed by simple massage alone. He even thought that Dai Li collaborated with Zhang to playact.

Thinking of this, he said suddenly, "Coach Li, since you are so good at massage, come and help Martin Thess, who was badly injured by that slide tackle in the first half."

He said this with a smile on his face, though his eyes were cold, as if he was hiding a knife behind his back.

"Since you want to playact, I will let Martin Thess try it. Then you must spill the beans!" Maraloni thought this in his mind confidently.

"No problem," without any hesitation, Dai Li agreed happily.

Maraloni was a little shocked. Dai Li's quick response and confidence made him doubt his suspicion.

"It was impossible. I've been a team doctor for so many years. Judging by my experience, such a kind of injury couldn't be healed by mere minutes of massage," Maraloni consoled himself, thinking.

Martin Thess arrived, carried by his teammates.

"It might be a little painful. Bear with it," Dai Li said.

Martin Thess nodded. As a professional football player, physical confrontation was quite normal to him, and it was especially common to be hurt in tackling. It was also not unusual to be kicked, and then tumble, when running at high speed. Therefore, pain was fairly common.

Dai Li started to massage him. A painful look appeared on Martin Thess' face from time to time, as if he was being pressed on his most sore, injured parts.

Alongside, Harman and Maraloni stared at Li's hands all the time. What's more, Maraloni called all the team physical therapists there to also observe.

"What do you think of Li's massage techniques?" he asked physical therapists in an aside whisper.

As a team doctor, Maraloni was an expert in the medical area, but in rehabilitation massage, especially on massage techniques, he had to consult specialists. This physical therapist came from Europe too, and had served in the Harman Team for many years. He had also served many star players before. Surely his techniques and experience were impeccable.

This moment, he commented, "In terms of technique, his is quite professional, and there is nothing wrong with it. But there is nothing to be praised, either. On the whole, it's quite normal."

"Just normal?" narrowing his eyes slightly, Maraloni continued, "That is to say, the effect of Coach Li's massage will be just quite normal, too?"

"Well..." the physical therapist thought about it and shook his head, "I'm not sure. The effect not only depends on techniques, but also on the strength of the massage, the direction of pressing, the duration of the massage and so on. Hence, I can't give you a precise answer, at least not only through visual judgment."

By this moment, Claude had also come over. Maraloni turned to him immediately.

"Just now, Coach Dai Li said he was proficient in rehabilitation massage, right? You know this?" Maraloni asked.

Claude shook his head and answered, "I haven't asked him about it. During the last few months, he has been in charge of cycle training, while I am personally responsible for the individual training of the injured."

At once, his response set Maraloni's mind at rest. After a few minutes passed, Dai Li stopped, then said to Martin Thess, "Stand up and walk a few steps. Tell me how you feel."

Martin Thess nodded, stepped on the ground, stood up and walked around.

"Much better now. Just standing here, I feel no pain. But it gets a little painful when walking. I think it will be alright, if I do more movements to promote blood circulation," Martin Thess said.

"Do some simple actions. Jump, or move around fast," Dai Li continued.

Martin Thess did this immediately. He jumped several times, moved around fast, and then shot several times.

"Seems like he is recovered. His actions seem quite fluid!"

"Coach Li is like a god. Only minutes of massage, and he heals Martin Thess. Just now, Thess even couldn't walk!"

"A moment ago, Jingyuan Zhang was also limping, and then he was healed by Coach Li. Now, so is Martin Thess. I'm afraid that Coach Li is better than that foreign therapist."

People around started to whisper. Looking at Dai Li, the team doctor Maraloni, with his eyes wide, was in great shock.

"It's true! What kind of massage is this? So amazing! Only minutes of massage healed Martin Thess injury totally. Is that witchcraft of the orient?"

Suddenly, Maraloni felt that his decades of experience in medicine had been completely overturned at this moment. Meanwhile, the physical therapist that was observing was so shocked that even a cold sweat appeared on his head.

"Was the effect of the massage so good? Being a physical therapist for a dozen years, I haven't seen such a kind of massage. Is Coach Li a physical coach, or physical therapist? Fortunately, I signed a five-year contract with Coach Harman. Otherwise, I would be out of work in the next season!"