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Chapter 270: Rating

Chapter 270: Rating
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When the Head Coach Ping Wang of the table tennis team had just returned, he was anxious, like a cat on hot bricks. The National Table Tennis Tournament would start soon, and the hospitalization of his physical trainer made him feel quite helpless and desperate.

In order to get a replacement, Ping Wang had almost decided to hang on in the office of the Director of the sports bureau. It was lucky that the Director was quite supportive of the table tennis event.

The Director's approval of the rank of the second officer for the replacement had directly ignited the enthusiasm of the best physical trainers in the provincial sports team, at least in regards to acting as the replacement in the table tennis team. The cost performance of being promoted as a second officer for acting as the physical trainer in the table tennis team for a duration of two or three months was remarkably high!

Ping Wang was suddenly surrounded by happiness, for he could choose any physical trainer from all the training teams of the provincial sports teams at will. However, he was worried at the same time, as there were too many excellent candidates, and he really didn't know which one he should select.

This issue might end up offending others! Ping Wang suddenly realized the selection was indeed a sort of "hot potato" scenario.

If it had just been an issue about making a selection of a physical trainer, it would be quite easy for Ping Wang to make this decision. However, this issue was related to the rank of a second officer, so Ping Wang had to deal with it scrupulously. Otherwise, he might be involved in unnecessary troubles.

Offending others was nothing, but if he was reported for a violation of discipline or regulations in the selection, no matter what the final result was, it would exert a negative influence on him.

It's really a hot potato! Ping Wang let out a long sigh. I have to organize a selection, which will judge the candidates only on their competences. Only the most competent one can be selected. The losers would not blame me, but would blame their own incompetences, so, in that way, I could avoid offending these people.

Ping Wang looked at the wad of registration forms in his hand, and started to think about the selection plan.


The Temporary Selection Criteria for the Physical Trainer of the Table Tennis Team was placed on the bulletin board of the internal website of the provincial sports bureau. The first part was presenting the rating.

For example, the candidates might get more points for their educational background, working experience, and coaching achievements, etc. For the educational background, a bachelor degree would definitely be advantageous than a technical secondary school.

As for working experience, the longer the duration of working years was, the higher the points would be. As for the coaching achievement, a coach who had cultivated an excellent athlete, would naturally get more points.

Apparently, this kind of rating which was performed according to certain rules and regulations, was the most equitable one. The points were fully dependent upon one's personal competence. Coaches with limited educational backgrounds, working experiences, and coaching achievements, could not blame others, but only their own incompetence, for any low points ratings.

The rating, in the first part, could open a big gap among the coaches especially. For instance, the score of the coaches, who used to cultivate high level athletes, would be much higher than the rest of the coaches.

The second part was the interview portion. The candidates would make a presentation, one by one. The presentation time was 15 minutes, and the content of the presentation would center around their understandings of the physical training of the table tennis players, as well as a brief introduction of the candidate's training plan. Then, the candidate would be rated by of the all coaches of the table tennis team.

Normally, the interview was just a formality. The physical training of table tennis was not confidential, like the research of nuclear weapons, as even the most professional content could be found in some theses. The coaches of all levels, from the national team to the sports universities, would publish some theses related to this topic. After reading over 10 theses, and making a summary, a candidate would be able to become an armchair expert easily.

As for the detailed training plan, although different coaches had different plans, their overall training concepts were about the same, only with some different details. After all these years spent developing the athletic training, an optimal training direction had long been summed up through experience accumulation from countless successes and failures, as well as the unremitting research of kinematics experts. Hence, the overall plan couldn't go wrong, as long as this optimal direction was adhered to.

Moreover, in order to avoid the deliberate downplay in the rating, the highest score and the lowest score would be removed in the rating of the interview. The coaches, who were responsible for the rating, had a pretty good idea that all of the candidates were their colleagues, who they would see all the time, so this made them want to save face for the candidates. Without deep hatred, it was unnecessary to give an extra low score. By giving similar scores, the coaches doing the rating wouldn't need to worry about offending the candidates.

After the first two parts, the top three coaches would undergo a one-day field training. After all, the coach was a practice-oriented job, and no matter how good one's theory or educational background was, possessing the real basic skills was essential for a coach. To be sure, one day's trial training wouldn't have any effect on the athletes. However, the competence and training level of the coach would be demonstrated easily from the trial training.


"The score of the first part of the physical trainer selection of the table tennis team has been announced!"

"I've heard that this rating is quite detailed. The educational background and work experience have been taken into consideration."

"Yes, indeed. The scores of all candidates are publicized on the bulletin board. Let's go and have a look."

Seven or eight people had now gathered in front of the bulletin board.

"Alas, I only got 19 points. It seems I have been knocked out."

"Nineteen points is a better rating than mine. I only got 15 points. Alas, I am hindered by my educational background. I've heard that the college degree holder would have an additional 2 points, while the bachelor degree holder would have an additional 5 points. It is a pity that I graduated from a technical secondary school. If I were a university graduate, I would have 20 points!"

"One year of working experience would add 1 point. Wang, you have gained 12 points from your working experience, right?"

"The additional 12 points are still not enough, as my final score is only 20 points. My coaching achievement is poor. The best athlete cultivated by me only got a provincial championship title."

"Look, someone got 31 points! It's Guang Wu of the gymnastic team. Wu, where are you? You got 31 points!"

In the crowd, Guang Wu smiled shyly, but his heart was filled with elation.

"It seems an athlete cultivated by Wu won second place in the parallel bars event of the National Games, right? This achievement will definitely bring a lot of points to him."

"Besides the second place in the parallel bars event of the National Games, his athletes also won several championship titles in the national championships, which could also bring him some additional points," someone explained.

Just at this moment, someone exclaimed, "Youdi Wei of the boxing team got 49 points! It's awesome!"

Every one fixed their eyes on the bulletin board again. The 49 points had been the highest score so far, as it was 18 points higher than the score of Guang Wu. The scores of several coaches were even lower than 18 points.

Someone said, "Our boxing team has achieved great accomplishments in the recent years, including one champion of the National Games and one champion of the national championship. As the physical trainer of the boxing team, Youdi Wei would get a high score, naturally."

The people who were speaking didn't notice that Youdi Wei, who had scored 49 points, was standing at the very end of the crowd. After hearing the discussion of the people in front of him, Youdi Wei smiled triumphantly.

My score should be the highest one. Many coaches, those with similar seniority as me, only got a score which was less than half of my score. I guess I should be No. 1 among all the candidates. I have been a coach for 10 years now, and finally, I'm getting the rank of the second officer.

When Youdi Wei was thinking these things confidently, someone cried out, like they were seeing a ghost.

"What the hell? 122 points! I can't believe what I see! How could it be possible?"

"It's really 122 points. Did they add an extra "1" mistakenly? How could a candidate score 122 points?"

"Who is this incredible guy?"

"Dai Li, it's Dai Li of the track and field team, with 122 points!"