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Chapter 145: Another Physical Examination

Chapter 145: Another Physical Examination
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From Dai Li's experience, when injured people received the massage rehabilitation, they felt an explosive, excruciating pain. But once the pain disappeared, patients would feel comfortable. Yet today, after dozens of minutes of the technique, Chong Lin had not reacted at all.

That's weird. Why doesn't he feel any pain? There shouldn't be anything wrong with my method. massage rehabilitation works on non-athletes, so why isn't it working on him? What's wrong with his leg?

Thinking about this, Dai Li was unable to restrain himself. He pinched Chong Lin.

"Ow! Why did you pinch me? That hurts!" said Chong Lin.

He can feel the pain. So is there anything wrong with my massage rehabilitation? Dai Li shook his head silently. It shouldn't be. I have been practicing it for a while now. Plus, the System has never failed me before!

Noticing that Dai Li's facial expression had changed, Chong Lin asked, "What's wrong? Is it because my leg is indeed hopeless? Don't worry, it's been years since I received that news. I have already accepted the reality. Don't feel sorry for me."

Dai Li suddenly accessed the System. He was worried that the System was down. But after speaking to the System's golden avatar, it told Dai Li that the System was still functioning normally.

"I know you don't understand it. I suggest you check your experience points," said the System.

It has not changed! said Dai Li casually. But he immediately recognized the key problem.

My experience points have not increased at all. I have been massaging for more than ten minutes. How come it hasn't changed? As long as the massage rehabilitation works, I earn experience points. Does this mean that the massage rehabilitation is not effective on Chong Lin?

Dai Li involuntarily recalled the conditions of the massage rehabilitation. Suddenly, a thought popped into his head.

"Your leg is recovered!" said Dai Li.

Massage rehabilitation fit patients whose body had used to function, but had later partially or completely lost function due to external factors such as illness, injury, disability, etc. Massage rehabilitation could promote recovery and help patients heal in a shorter period of time.

Meanwhile, if the patient was not ill, or had recovered, the massage rehabilitation would have no effect at all. If Dai Li gave a person who had fully recovered the massage rehabilitation, he would not gain any experience points.

When Dai Li had given Chong Lin a massage, he had not gained any experience points, which could only mean that Chong Lin was fully healed.

"You mean my leg is recovered? Are you kidding?" Chong Lin shook his head. "I know that you are encouraging and comforting me, thank you, but my leg is disabled. There is no way to heal it."

"Did the doctor say so? Were you misdiagnosed?" asked Dai Li.

"The doctor said so. I met several doctors, including professors from famous hospitals in Huajing. After checking my CT slice, they all gave me the same opinion, which was that this disability is permanent and incurable," Chong Lin said, helplessness flashing across his eyes.

But Dai Li was inclined to trust the System. "I'm not comforting you, I mean what I say. According to my experience in massage rehabilitation, your leg is OK now. You said that you went to the doctor. How long ago was that? It it possible that you were not recovered at the time, but that now you are good?"

"I don't think so. The doctors had said that my injury was irreversible and permanent," Chong Lin said as he shook his head again, "Besides, whenever I put pressure on my leg, I feel discomfort."

"Could it be due to some other reason? I think you'd better go examine your leg again. Because modern medicine has been developing so fast the last few years, some problems that had been difficult to treat years ago have since been solved. Maybe your leg is curable now!" said Dai Li.

"Is that really necessary?" Chong Lin shook his head. Obviously he did not believe what Dai Li was saying.

Chong Lin has to get another examination to double-check his leg. But if I say it straightforwardly, will it make him feel like I don't trust him? Dai Li thought secretly.

Trust was very important between people, especially in the athletic world. If the trainee did not trust the coach, then the training effect would decrease greatly.

I have to find a good reason that will persuade him to get another physical examination. Dai Li brainstormed for a few seconds, then got an idea.

Dai Li said, "The situation you are facing is more complicated than the others. They don't have any leg injuries, so their problems are easy to address. But you are different; your leg is not cooperating, which means that I must give you a special training plan, and that I should be careful with your training intensity."

Chong Lin nodded. Dai Li continued, "But these are all based on the detailed understanding I have on your leg. Otherwise, I cannot design a fitted plan for you, let alone adjust your training intensity. How about this: you ask for leave and get another physical examination, and I can go with you so that I can fully understand your condition."

"I'm afraid that isn't a good plan. If I ask for leave, everyone will know that my leg is injured, won't they?" asked Chong Lin. Apparently he didn't want to make the issue known to anyone.

"We can find an excuse. Say you twisted your ankle. I can help you convince them," said Dai Li, "You are a good policeman. I will try my best to help you. But before that, I have to fully understand your condition. This is the basis of our training. Otherwise we can't move forward."

"Alright then, I will do as you want," Chong Lin finally agreed.


Chong Lin and Dai Li spent the entire afternoon in the hospital.

It was very difficult to register in hospitals in Huajing. Even if one made an appointment six months beforehand, seeing a specialist was not guaranteed. Ticket scalpers made a great amount of money selling registration tickets.

Luckily, Chong Lin had been a policeman for years, so he had some relationships in Huajing. In addition, it was common to see doctors through connections. Chong Lin had asked a familiar doctor for help, and was able to be examined without having to wait.

Dai Li and Chong Lin then had to wait for the results. Usually when people had CT examinations, it would take an entire day to get back the results, or maybe even two days depending on the number of patients. In actuality, however, the beginning of the examination to the diagnosis only took about ten minutes. In Tertiary Hospitals, emergency CTs were required to be diagnosed within half an hour.

"I feel like my injury is worse than before," Chong Lin said sadly.

"Or the opposite?" Dai Li took out his phone to check the time, then said, "The doctor you know said that he had informed the Imaging Department to deal with your CT first, and that we could have the results in half an hour. Time is up; let's go get your CT slice!"