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Almighty Coach

Author:Victory General

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How could a poor graduate student without any background or connections become successful? With a coaching system? An upgrade? This is not a computer game, but real life we’re talking about! This will be a fantasy based on reality. Dai Li will fight back against all those who would mock and humiliate him with his astonishing and awe-inspiring training skills....
《Almighty Coach》 Text
Chapter 1: Dai Li
Chapter 2: Training for the High School PE Entrance Exam
Chapter 3: Training starts
Chapter 4: Refund
Chapter 5: Retain Customers
Chapter 6: I Only Need One Day
Chapter 7: Convinced
Chapter 8: Looking for trouble
Chapter 9: Misleading the Students
Chapter 10: Who is Misleading the Students?
Chapter 11: I Won Again
Chapter 12: Famous Coach Li
Chapter 13: Third-Rate Coach
Chapter 14: Full Score
Chapter 15: Fatties Make a Move
Chapter 16: 100% Full Score Rate
Chapter 17: Making a Big Fortune
Chapter 18: New Job
Chapter 19: The Summer Training Class in Sports School
Chapter 20: Fired
Chapter 21: Open a Training Class by Himself
Chapter 22: Free Trial Training
Chapter 23: The usage of explosive force halo
Chapter 24: Massive Improvement
Chapter 25: Class Begins
Chapter 26: Reveal the True Color
Chapter 27: Talents of Athlete
Chapter 28: Independent Enrollment Quota
Chapter 29: Exam for National Second-Class Athlete
Chapter 30: A High-Flyer
Chapter 31: Within 11 Seconds
Chapter 32: Treasure
Chapter 33: He Has a First-Class Athlete’s Ability
Chapter 34: A New Opportunity
Chapter 35: Sophomore Coach at an Advanced Level
Chapter 36: A Useless Reward
Chapter 37: The Haunted Training Room
Chapter 38: World Champion or a Whiner?
Chapter 39: Let’s Practice
Chapter 40: Try Once and You Will See the Effect
Chapter 41: The Reason Why People Get Fat
Chapter 42: Fantastic Result
Chapter 43: Coach Xu
Chapter 44: Don’t Believe It
Chapter 45: This Is Not Broadcast Exercise
Chapter 46: The Wind Blows
Chapter 47: The Cloud Moves
Chapter 48: The press conference
Chapter 49: Weigh in Front of Everyone
Chapter 50: Formal Organize Personnel
Chapter 51: An Iron Bowl
Chapter 52: Second-Rate Coach
Chapter 53: Loss Exercise and Massage
Chapter 54: Fitness Coach of Weightlifting Team
Chapter 55: An Experienced Athlete
Chapter 56: Relaxing your muscle
Chapter 57: Magical Massage
Chapter 58: A Father’s Responsibility
Chapter 59: Advertising Effect
Chapter 60: The Busiest Person in the Weightlifting Team
Chapter 61: Coach Also Needs Massage
Chapter 62: Even Periarteritis of the Shoulder Could Be Cured
Chapter 63: Degrade
Chapter 64: Broadcast Exercises
Chapter 65: Curtain Call Competitions
Chapter 66: The Championship Starts
Chapter 67: Snatch
Chapter 68: The Last Shot
Chapter 69: Adding Weight
Chapter 70: Individual Effort
Chapter 71: Father’s Honor
Chapter 72: Extra Reward
Chapter 73: Rehabilitative Massage
Chapter 74: Secondment
Chapter 75: Beikou Training Center
Chapter 76: Feixiang Lin
Chapter 77: Train Himself
Chapter 78: Come Late, Leave Early
Chapter 79: A Degenerate Champion
Chapter 80: Taste of Victory
Chapter 81: Injury
Chapter 82: Rehabilitative Massage
Chapter 83: The Heart Is Still Alive
Chapter 84: The Return Of A Prodigal Son
Chapter 85: Rehabilitation
Chapter 86: Qatar Money Grabbing Game
Chapter 87: Intimidation
Chapter 88: Team Pickup Game
Chapter 89: Back to the Field
Chapter 90: You Are Finally Back
Chapter 91: A Challenger
Chapter 92: Super High-Intensity Training
Chapter 93: Invitation and Rejection
Chapter 94: Broke World Record
Chapter 95: Morale-Boosting Book
Chapter 96: Happy New Year!
Chapter 97: Become A Chief
Chapter 98: A Period of Shortage
Chapter 99: They Don’t Listen
Chapter 100: A Solution
Chapter 101: Never Give Up
Chapter 102: A New Hope
Chapter 103: A Visit From A Strong Rival
Chapter 104: Battle Preparation
Chapter 105: Strong Rivals
Chapter 106: The Strongest of the Strong
Chapter 107: A High Mountain
Chapter 108: The Best of the Best
Chapter 109: Losers' Success
Chapter 110: The Only Winner
Chapter 111: Goodbye, "Agent"
Chapter 112: Freeloader
Chapter 113: An Awful Mess
Chapter 114: An "A"
Chapter 115: A Rich Second-Generation Athlete
Chapter 116: My Dream
Chapter 117: Rejection
Chapter 118: Proof
Chapter 119: Participant
Chapter 120: Throwing Money
Chapter 121: Choose Your Own Path
Chapter 122: Haiquan Fang's Competition
Chapter 123: It's A Small World
Chapter 124: A Strong Opponent
Chapter 125: An Overage Athlete
Chapter 126: Competing for Glory
Chapter 127: The Last Jump
Chapter 128: My Pride Forever
Chapter 129: Two Records
Chapter 130: Digressive Plot
Chapter 131: Trading the Gift for the Gift Wrap
Chapter 132: Recruitment
Chapter 133: National Team Experience
Chapter 134: Hit Twice
Chapter 135: The Youth Training Program
Chapter 136: Resource is Better than Ability
Chapter 137: Background Battle
Chapter 138: The Final Candidate
Chapter 139: I Am Not On The List?
Chapter 140: Police Training Base
Chapter 141: Eliminate Half First
Chapter 142: Training Policemen
Chapter 143: TV Dramas are Deceiving
Chapter 144: Conceal the Injury
Chapter 145: Another Physical Examination
Chapter 146: Your Leg is Cured
Chapter 147: Mental Disorder
Chapter 148: I Just Need to Pass
Chapter 149: Faith
Chapter 150: Bad Example
Chapter 151: 1st Place, Chong Lin!
Chapter 152: The Bad Example’s Counterattack
Chapter 153: The Real Competition
Chapter 154: Observation and Learning
Chapter 155: The Miraculous Secret Weapon for Coach
Chapter 156: The Selection Examination
Chapter 157: I Should Keep a Low Profile
Chapter 158: Examination Paper Marking
Chapter 159: A Full Score Examination Paper
Chapter 160: Another Career Change
Chapter 161: New Sprinting Technique
Chapter 162: This Could Even Be Found By You!
Chapter 163: New Task
Chapter 164: The Useless A-Level Gift
Chapter 165: I Have to Put on an Act Again
Chapter 166: What Coach Li Said Makes Sense!
Chapter 167: Convincing the “Ringleader”
Chapter 168: Convincing
Chapter 169: “Walking Dead” on the Training Ground
Chapter 170: I Don’t Want to Be an Athlete
Chapter 171: Shoot Oneself in the Foot
Chapter 172: You are The Owner of Your Youth
Chapter 173: You Are The One To Blame
Chapter 174: Misunderstanding
Chapter 175: Father and Son
Chapter 176: I Am An Athlete
Chapter 177: University Games
Chapter 178: Old Friends
Chapter 179: An Unexpected Opponent
Chapter 180: We Are Beating The National Team
Chapter 181: Stay Tough
Chapter 182: A Resolute Fighting Will
Chapter 183: Outdo Himself
Chapter 184: Catch Up from Behind
Chapter 185: Expendable
Chapter 186: Reasons
Chapter 187: Parents
Chapter 188: Way Out
Chapter 189: Opportunity
Chapter 190: Parenthood
Chapter 191: Teach You A Lesson First
Chapter 192: Take the Lead
Chapter 193: I Want to Be Stronger
Chapter 194: Qualifying Standard
Chapter 195: The Marvellous Effect of the Halo
Chapter 196: Sense of Urgency
Chapter 197: Iron Man
Chapter 198: The Result is Certain
Chapter 199: Relay Race Training
Chapter 200: Campaign for the Asian Games
Chapter 201: Persistence
Chapter 202: Hang On
Chapter 203: Fly
Chapter 204: The Reason I Can’t Lose
Chapter 205: An Unexpected Accident
Chapter 206: Fight for My Father
Chapter 207: The Interlinked Iron Chain
Chapter 208: Absence
Chapter 209: Racing in the Rain
Chapter 210: The 200m Sprint Final
Chapter 211: Say Goodbye to the Past
Chapter 212: A Volunteer
Chapter 213: Li’s Army
Chapter 214: A Makeweight
Chapter 215: Closeness of Li’s Army
Chapter 216: The Last Baton Exchange
Chapter 217: We are the Champions
Chapter 218: They Are All Ordinary People
Chapter 219: Mystery
Chapter 220: Role Play
Chapter 221: The Windfall
Chapter 222: The Half Marathon
Chapter 223: The Opponent
Chapter 224: Giving a Hand With No Hesitation
Chapter 225: The Good Man
Chapter 226: The Score Counting
Chapter 227: You Owe Me This Time
Chapter 228: The National Games Are Coming
Chapter 229: Dai Li Is Coming Back
Chapter 230: Failed to Ally
Chapter 231: I Want to Strive for a Gold Medal
Chapter 232: A Big Appetite
Chapter 233: The Highest State
Chapter 234: Undermine
Chapter 235: Laugh Impudently
Chapter 236: Team Building
Chapter 237: Beg for Membership
Chapter 238: Nobody was Happy but Somebody was Sad
Chapter 239: The First Place
Chapter 240: A Saint Knight
Chapter 241: Frame Up
Chapter 242: Achieve Something Big
Chapter 243: Bluffing
Chapter 244: Make Things Right Once And For All
Chapter 245: Remove the Obstacles
Chapter 246: The National Games
Chapter 247: Speed vs Teamwork
Chapter 248: A Finish That Takes Everything
Chapter 249: Regretful People
Chapter 250: Go To the USA
Chapter 251: The Stolen Quota
Chapter 252: The Turnaround
Chapter 253: The Guess Work
Chapter 254: He Has Connections
Chapter 255: The Visit To UCLA
Chapter 256: The New Dream
Chapter 257: The Basketball Camp
Chapter 258: The Talent Who Was S-level For Two Sports
Chapter 259: The Feast Of Hamburgers
Chapter 260: The Ghetto
Chapter 261: Happy Hunting
Chapter 262: Forge the Scoring Machine
Chapter 263: Children of The Poor
Chapter 264: The Opportunity Came Up
Chapter 265: A Convergence of Celebrities
Chapter 266: Here Comes the Scoring Machine
Chapter 267: A Great Young Man
Chapter 268: Go Home
Chapter 269: Be an Official
Chapter 270: Rating
Chapter 271: The Competition is a Show
Chapter 272: Practical Training
Chapter 273: A Feast
Chapter 274: Increase Difficulty
Chapter 275: Training Seniors
Chapter 276: Arthritis And Scapulohumeral Periarthritis
Chapter 277: He is More Skillful
Chapter 278: A Red Envelope
Chapter 279: The Dream of Three Generations
Chapter 280: Feng Zhu’s Story
Chapter 281: Practice Yoga
Chapter 282: Two Amateurs
Chapter 283: Yoga Worked
Chapter 284: Dai Li’s Yoga Class
Chapter 285: Helped by Some Master
Chapter 286: National Team Came to Poach Him
Chapter 287: Everyone Wants to Go Upwards
Chapter 288: The Surprising S-Plus Grade Talent
Chapter 289: Chapter 289
Chapter 290: The Test
Chapter 291: Seventy-eight Training Plans
Chapter 292: Hired a Superman
Chapter 293: The Way of Changes
Chapter 294: Trust Building
Chapter 295: Rehabilitation Training
Chapter 296: Help Only the One in Need
Chapter 297: The Core of the National Table Tennis Team
Chapter 298: The Reason for Being Number One
Chapter 299: The Athlete Album
Chapter 300: The Warm-up Square Dance
Chapter 301: Have Some Music!
Chapter 302: Let’s Dance!
Chapter 303: The Attractiveness of Square Dance
Chapter 304: A New Continent
Chapter 305: Spread Square Dance in the Team
Chapter 306: A Slow Starter
Chapter 307: Young and Frivolous
Chapter 308: A Slow-Starter?
Chapter 309: Concede Points
Chapter 310: Always the Second
Chapter 311: Conceal Strength in Each Final Match
Chapter 312: Happy Sport
Chapter 313: A Famous Coach
Chapter 314: Howl of the Mighty Wind
Chapter 315: An Outstanding Tree in the Woods
Chapter 316: Each Sovereign Maintains His Own Courtiers
Chapter 317: Departure
Chapter 318: New Challenges
Chapter 319: People from Two Different Worlds
Chapter 320: Mission Accomplished
Chapter 321: True Blue Will Never Stain
Chapter 322: Second-Rate Young Player
Chapter 323: Outbreak Movement
Chapter 324: Wish Fulfilled
Chapter 325: Period Training
Chapter 326: Coach Li Likes Warming Up
Chapter 327: Warming up
Chapter 328: Running
Chapter 329: Massage Master Li Came Back
Chapter 330: To the Rescue
Chapter 331: Aspiration for Talent
Chapter 332: Boyfriend
Chapter 333: A Shield
Chapter 334: A Fitness Trainer and His Female Customer
Chapter 335: Father-in-law
Chapter 336: The Final of the AFC Championship League
Chapter 337: Association of Hearts
Chapter 338: Athlete Patches
Chapter 339: Skill Upgrade
Chapter 340: The Glee Feast
Chapter 341: Be Vulnerable to Envy
Chapter 342: Guidance
Chapter 343: No Mercy
Chapter 344: A Scoundrel Encountered Another
Chapter 345: Singaporean Champion
Chapter 346: Professional Level
Chapter 347: The One Who Is Hiding His Strength
Chapter 348: Breaking Up the Affectionate Couple
Chapter 349: Father-Daughter Relationship
Chapter 350: The Injured Racing King
Chapter 351: Will You Believe in Miracles?
Chapter 352: For the Family
Chapter 353: Get Him Convinced
Chapter 354: The Miracle Happened
Chapter 355: Buck-Passing
Chapter 356: The Scapegoat
Chapter 357: The Duke
Chapter 358: Life is Full of Hope
Chapter 359: This Car Is Yours
Chapter 360: Birthday Gift
Chapter 361: Birthday Party
Chapter 362: Here Comes the Roadster
Chapter 363: Unloading
Chapter 364: The Unique Gift
Chapter 365: He is Lucky
Chapter 366: Ruthless Man
Chapter 367: A Confusing Conversation
Chapter 368: Go to America
Chapter 369: Training Gym
Chapter 370: Coach Lee Physical Training Center
Chapter 371: Reception
Chapter 372: An Immediate Correction
Chapter 373: Chancing Upon a Gem
Chapter 374: The Big Debut
Chapter 375: The Birth of the Blade Warrior
Chapter 376: Equivalent Respect
Chapter 377: Venture into the 400m
Chapter 378: 5%
Chapter 379: A Small Test
Chapter 380: What the Heck Is This?
Chapter 381: Tricked
Chapter 382: Group of Death
Chapter 383: Qualifier
Chapter 384: Advancement
Chapter 385: The Ability of a Finalist
Chapter 386: The Meaning of Running
Chapter 387: New Rewards for Leveling Up
Chapter 388: Recruitment
Chapter 389: Pre-Emptive Strike
Chapter 390: Research Report
Chapter 391: Los Angeles Police
Chapter 392: A Has-Been Boxing Champion
Chapter 393: In Debt
Chapter 394: New Client
Chapter 395: Lost Confidence
Chapter 396: Fitness Issue
Chapter 397: Price Markup
Chapter 398: Unprofitable Deal
Chapter 399: Opponent
Chapter 400: Singing a Different Tune
Chapter 401: You’re the Best
Chapter 402: Revival of the Boxing Champion
Chapter 403: It Was Just a Coincidence
Chapter 404: High-Difficulty Instance
Chapter 405: Stage Clear in 37 Seconds
Chapter 406: Boss Fight
Chapter 407: Re-emergence
Chapter 408: Becoming Indian
Chapter 409: It's Not Always Good To Be Too Educated
Chapter 410: The Legendary Coach
Chapter 411: The Coach’s Talents
Chapter 412: A Worthy Opponent
Chapter 413: The Meaning of Iron
Chapter 414: Money Matters
Chapter 415: Change to Another Training Center
416 An Easy Game
417 A Fallen Star
418 Sponsors Lef
419 The Truth That We Need
420 I’m Going to Retire
421 Growth
《Almighty Coach》 Volume 2
422 Physical Fitness Battle
423 Advancing and Retreating
424 The Celebrated Coach
425 The Successor
426 Rebirth
427 Job Hopping
428 Old Trade
429 Increased Difficulty
430 A Fatty with a Ques
431 Mediocre
432 Hassel’s Race
433 Follow-Up Calls
434 One Hundred Percent and Zero
435 Press Conference
436 Tragic Last Sho
437 The Shadow of the Failure
438 A Trap
439 Dai Li the Bluffer
440 Marathon of Shooting
441 Tragic Last Sho
442 Effective Training
443 Defeating Inner Demons
444 Lost Person
445 God’s Guidance
446 Time Bomb
447 Unfair Competition
448 Utterly Convinced
449 Leg Length Discrepancy
450 Leg Length Discrepancy Has Its Advantages Too
451 A Different Coach
452 Measuring Other People's Corn by One's Own Bushel
453 A Little Bit Expensive
454 The Former Ruler of the 400-meter Sprin
455 Three Trump Cards
456 Why him Again
457 Still Him
458 The Taste of Youth
459 Return of the King
460 The King’s Glory
461 The Coach Who Beats Time
462 The Surprising Progress
463 The Worst Champion of the World Championship Ever
464 The Joy of Being a Coach
465 The Father of Prohormone
466 The Poor Investigator
467 Occupational Injury Part 1 of 2
468 Occupational Injury Part 2 of 2
469 Missions Failed
470 Toast or Forfeit?
471 Kidnapping
472 Giving Up Resistance
473 No Way Ou
474 Fishing
475 Break Ou
476 The Coach Is a Good Boxer
477 A Trapped Beas
478 You Know Me?
479 Hopelessness
480 Self Rescue
481 Counterattack
482 The Big News Is Here
483 Turning Sour
484 Moral Coercion
485 A Battle Outside the Court Part One
486 A Battle Outside the Court Part Two
487 Attempted First-Degree Murder
488 A Battle in Cour
489 Trump Card
490 I’m Owning You Guys
491 Unyielding Spiri
492 The Fish Took the Bai
493 A Sharpshooter
494 Everyone Had a Tough Day
495 A Deadly Strike
496 Different Reactions 1
497 Different Reactions 2
498 Hard to be a Head Coach
499 Other Possibilities
500 Finding a Scapegoa
501 A Disaster
502 Well-Prepared
503 The Student has Surpassed the Master
504 Different Reactions
505 Recruiting Soldiers and Buying Horses
506 Coach Logan
507 Not a Simple Coach
508 The Ambition to Win Gold Medals
509 The Aura of an Overbearing CEO
510 You Really Can Do Anything When You are Rich
511 The Weakest in History
512 The Olympics
513 Social Gap
514 Counterattack of the Extra
515 Lady Luck is on My Side
516 Chapter 516 - Upse
517 Taking the Top Three
518 A Bonus
519 Things to Protec
520 The Pursuit of Victory
521 Two World Champions and One Newbie
522 The Newbie’s Counterattack
523 Clearing the Bar
524 Advance Triumphantly
525 Triumph Belongs to the Brave
526 The Desire for Showing off and Stability
527 The Person Who Uses the Axe
528 The Final Proof
529 The Trap in the Interview
530 Harmony Firs
531 A Good Harves
532 When the Dream Came True
533 A New Reward
534 Dai Li Saved U.S. Track and Field
535 The Luckiest Draw
536 Drop the Baton
537 The Power of the Luckiest Draw
538 20 Gold Medals
539 A Great Day of Miracles Part One
540 This Time It Was the Worst Draw
541 A Day of a Great Miracle Part Two
542 Taking Credi
543 Dwarfism
544 A Guest Arrives
545 The Future King of Football
546 Rebellious Puberty
547 Talk to the Boss if You’re Looking for a Job
548 Real Madrid
549 Born to Excel at Football
550 The Father and Son Who Pursued Their Dreams
551 The Ultimate Favor
552 A Dream Come True
553 No Chance
554 King Versus Cannon Fodder
555 Evenly Matched
556 Becoming Famous Overnigh
557 Laureus World Sports Awards
558 The Beauty of the Tennis World
559 Brothers Part One
560 Brothers Part Two
561 Grow Tall
562 Recommendation
563 “Pervert” Coach Li
564 A Coach With a Pure Soul
565 Gossip
566 Unintentional
567 New Opportunities, New Challenges
568 No Past, No Present, No Future
569 The Head Coach of a Garbage Team
570 Some Are Happy, Some Despair
571 Dai Li’s First NBA Game
572 Won't Stop Even If Beaten to Death
573 King of Overtime
574 Los Angeles’ Overtime Team
575 I Hate Overtime
576 Physical Fitness
577 Avoiding Overtime
578 The Entire League is Working Against Me
579 Condemnation
580 The Newbie Coach with a High Win Rate
581 An Entire Team of Training Partners
582 Group Training for the Men’s Basketball Team
583 Nominee
584 A Man Who is Not Content With What He Deserves is Like a Snake that Tries to Swallow an Elephan
585 Rookies
586 Nobody Cares
587 Untamed Horse
588 Detoxification
589 Fighting For His Dignity
590 The Power of a Role Model
591 Love of the Game
592 The Feeling of Victory
593 I Am Unwilling
594 Because of Talen
595 Strong
596 A New Lease on Life
597 Shelter for the Old and Weak
598 A Complicated Transaction
599 Blocked Shot Leader
600 All-Star Strategy
601 Pass the Ball to Wood
602 Natural Born Leader
603 Simple Rehabilitation Training
604 Free-throw Lane Defender
605 Too Talented
606 Short End of the Stick
607 Fulfilling Potential
608 Resurrection of the Yellow Mamba
609 Not Enough
610 The Big Four
611 Enjoy the Show, It’s No Big Deal
612 Figh
613 They are Committing Murder
614 Another Perfect Recovery
615 Championship puzzle
616 Half God
617 First in the Western Conference
618 Fraudulent Tool
619 For the Championship
620 Good Luck
621 Every Dog Has His Day
622 The Man God Has Forsaken
623 A Disabled Person Has to be Strong
624 A Mother
625 World’s Bes
626 Legendary Coach Finale