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Almighty Coach

Author:Victory General

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Updates:Chapter 411: The Coach’s Talents

How could a poor graduate student without any background or connections become successful? With a coaching system? An upgrade? This is not a computer game, but real life we’re talking about! This will be a fantasy based on reality. Dai Li will fight back against all those who would mock and humiliate him with his astonishing and awe-inspiring training skills. From a nobody he’ll try to become the most illustrious coach in the sports world, so join him in proving to everyone who’s the real master here! 教练万岁
《Almighty Coach》 Text
Chapter 1: Dai Li
Chapter 2: Training for the High School PE Entrance Exam
Chapter 3: Training starts
Chapter 4: Refund
Chapter 5: Retain Customers
Chapter 6: I Only Need One Day
Chapter 7: Convinced
Chapter 8: Looking for trouble
Chapter 9: Misleading the Students
Chapter 10: Who is Misleading the Students?
Chapter 11: I Won Again
Chapter 12: Famous Coach Li
Chapter 13: Third-Rate Coach
Chapter 14: Full Score
Chapter 15: Fatties Make a Move
Chapter 16: 100% Full Score Rate
Chapter 17: Making a Big Fortune
Chapter 18: New Job
Chapter 19: The Summer Training Class in Sports School
Chapter 20: Fired
Chapter 21: Open a Training Class by Himself
Chapter 22: Free Trial Training
Chapter 23: The usage of explosive force halo
Chapter 24: Massive Improvement
Chapter 25: Class Begins
Chapter 26: Reveal the True Color
Chapter 27: Talents of Athlete
Chapter 28: Independent Enrollment Quota
Chapter 29: Exam for National Second-Class Athlete
Chapter 30: A High-Flyer
Chapter 31: Within 11 Seconds
Chapter 32: Treasure
Chapter 33: He Has a First-Class Athlete’s Ability
Chapter 34: A New Opportunity
Chapter 35: Sophomore Coach at an Advanced Level
Chapter 36: A Useless Reward
Chapter 37: The Haunted Training Room
Chapter 38: World Champion or a Whiner?
Chapter 39: Let’s Practice
Chapter 40: Try Once and You Will See the Effect
Chapter 41: The Reason Why People Get Fat
Chapter 42: Fantastic Result
Chapter 43: Coach Xu
Chapter 44: Don’t Believe It
Chapter 45: This Is Not Broadcast Exercise
Chapter 46: The Wind Blows
Chapter 47: The Cloud Moves
Chapter 48: The press conference
Chapter 49: Weigh in Front of Everyone
Chapter 50: Formal Organize Personnel
Chapter 51: An Iron Bowl
Chapter 52: Second-Rate Coach
Chapter 53: Loss Exercise and Massage
Chapter 54: Fitness Coach of Weightlifting Team
Chapter 55: An Experienced Athlete
Chapter 56: Relaxing your muscle
Chapter 57: Magical Massage
Chapter 58: A Father’s Responsibility
Chapter 59: Advertising Effect
Chapter 60: The Busiest Person in the Weightlifting Team
Chapter 61: Coach Also Needs Massage
Chapter 62: Even Periarteritis of the Shoulder Could Be Cured
Chapter 63: Degrade
Chapter 64: Broadcast Exercises
Chapter 65: Curtain Call Competitions
Chapter 66: The Championship Starts
Chapter 67: Snatch
Chapter 68: The Last Shot
Chapter 69: Adding Weight
Chapter 70: Individual Effort
Chapter 71: Father’s Honor
Chapter 72: Extra Reward
Chapter 73: Rehabilitative Massage
Chapter 74: Secondment
Chapter 75: Beikou Training Center
Chapter 76: Feixiang Lin
Chapter 77: Train Himself
Chapter 78: Come Late, Leave Early
Chapter 79: A Degenerate Champion
Chapter 80: Taste of Victory
Chapter 81: Injury
Chapter 82: Rehabilitative Massage
Chapter 83: The Heart Is Still Alive
Chapter 84: The Return Of A Prodigal Son
Chapter 85: Rehabilitation
Chapter 86: Qatar Money Grabbing Game
Chapter 87: Intimidation
Chapter 88: Team Pickup Game
Chapter 89: Back to the Field
Chapter 90: You Are Finally Back
Chapter 91: A Challenger
Chapter 92: Super High-Intensity Training
Chapter 93: Invitation and Rejection
Chapter 94: Broke World Record
Chapter 95: Morale-Boosting Book
Chapter 96: Happy New Year!
Chapter 97: Become A Chief
Chapter 98: A Period of Shortage
Chapter 99: They Don’t Listen
Chapter 100: A Solution
Chapter 101: Never Give Up
Chapter 102: A New Hope
Chapter 103: A Visit From A Strong Rival
Chapter 104: Battle Preparation
Chapter 105: Strong Rivals
Chapter 106: The Strongest of the Strong
Chapter 107: A High Mountain
Chapter 108: The Best of the Best
Chapter 109: Losers' Success
Chapter 110: The Only Winner
Chapter 111: Goodbye, "Agent"
Chapter 112: Freeloader
Chapter 113: An Awful Mess
Chapter 114: An "A"
Chapter 115: A Rich Second-Generation Athlete
Chapter 116: My Dream
Chapter 117: Rejection
Chapter 118: Proof
Chapter 119: Participant
Chapter 120: Throwing Money
Chapter 121: Choose Your Own Path
Chapter 122: Haiquan Fang's Competition
Chapter 123: It's A Small World
Chapter 124: A Strong Opponent
Chapter 125: An Overage Athlete
Chapter 126: Competing for Glory
Chapter 127: The Last Jump
Chapter 128: My Pride Forever
Chapter 129: Two Records
Chapter 130: Digressive Plot
Chapter 131: Trading the Gift for the Gift Wrap
Chapter 132: Recruitment
Chapter 133: National Team Experience
Chapter 134: Hit Twice
Chapter 135: The Youth Training Program
Chapter 136: Resource is Better than Ability
Chapter 137: Background Battle
Chapter 138: The Final Candidate
Chapter 139: I Am Not On The List?
Chapter 140: Police Training Base
Chapter 141: Eliminate Half First
Chapter 142: Training Policemen
Chapter 143: TV Dramas are Deceiving
Chapter 144: Conceal the Injury
Chapter 145: Another Physical Examination
Chapter 146: Your Leg is Cured
Chapter 147: Mental Disorder
Chapter 148: I Just Need to Pass
Chapter 149: Faith
Chapter 150: Bad Example
Chapter 151: 1st Place, Chong Lin!
Chapter 152: The Bad Example’s Counterattack
Chapter 153: The Real Competition
Chapter 154: Observation and Learning
Chapter 155: The Miraculous Secret Weapon for Coach
Chapter 156: The Selection Examination
Chapter 157: I Should Keep a Low Profile
Chapter 158: Examination Paper Marking
Chapter 159: A Full Score Examination Paper
Chapter 160: Another Career Change
Chapter 161: New Sprinting Technique
Chapter 162: This Could Even Be Found By You!
Chapter 163: New Task
Chapter 164: The Useless A-Level Gift
Chapter 165: I Have to Put on an Act Again
Chapter 166: What Coach Li Said Makes Sense!
Chapter 167: Convincing the “Ringleader”
Chapter 168: Convincing
Chapter 169: “Walking Dead” on the Training Ground
Chapter 170: I Don’t Want to Be an Athlete
Chapter 171: Shoot Oneself in the Foot
Chapter 172: You are The Owner of Your Youth
Chapter 173: You Are The One To Blame
Chapter 174: Misunderstanding
Chapter 175: Father and Son
Chapter 176: I Am An Athlete
Chapter 177: University Games
Chapter 178: Old Friends
Chapter 179: An Unexpected Opponent
Chapter 180: We Are Beating The National Team
Chapter 181: Stay Tough
Chapter 182: A Resolute Fighting Will
Chapter 183: Outdo Himself
Chapter 184: Catch Up from Behind
Chapter 185: Expendable
Chapter 186: Reasons
Chapter 187: Parents
Chapter 188: Way Out
Chapter 189: Opportunity
Chapter 190: Parenthood
Chapter 191: Teach You A Lesson First
Chapter 192: Take the Lead
Chapter 193: I Want to Be Stronger
Chapter 194: Qualifying Standard
Chapter 195: The Marvellous Effect of the Halo
Chapter 196: Sense of Urgency
Chapter 197: Iron Man
Chapter 198: The Result is Certain
Chapter 199: Relay Race Training
Chapter 200: Campaign for the Asian Games
Chapter 201: Persistence
Chapter 202: Hang On
Chapter 203: Fly
Chapter 204: The Reason I Can’t Lose
Chapter 205: An Unexpected Accident
Chapter 206: Fight for My Father
Chapter 207: The Interlinked Iron Chain
Chapter 208: Absence
Chapter 209: Racing in the Rain
Chapter 210: The 200m Sprint Final
Chapter 211: Say Goodbye to the Past
Chapter 212: A Volunteer
Chapter 213: Li’s Army
Chapter 214: A Makeweight
Chapter 215: Closeness of Li’s Army
Chapter 216: The Last Baton Exchange
Chapter 217: We are the Champions
Chapter 218: They Are All Ordinary People
Chapter 219: Mystery
Chapter 220: Role Play
Chapter 221: The Windfall
Chapter 222: The Half Marathon
Chapter 223: The Opponent
Chapter 224: Giving a Hand With No Hesitation
Chapter 225: The Good Man
Chapter 226: The Score Counting
Chapter 227: You Owe Me This Time
Chapter 228: The National Games Are Coming
Chapter 229: Dai Li Is Coming Back
Chapter 230: Failed to Ally
Chapter 231: I Want to Strive for a Gold Medal
Chapter 232: A Big Appetite
Chapter 233: The Highest State
Chapter 234: Undermine
Chapter 235: Laugh Impudently
Chapter 236: Team Building
Chapter 237: Beg for Membership
Chapter 238: Nobody was Happy but Somebody was Sad
Chapter 239: The First Place
Chapter 240: A Saint Knight
Chapter 241: Frame Up
Chapter 242: Achieve Something Big
Chapter 243: Bluffing
Chapter 244: Make Things Right Once And For All
Chapter 245: Remove the Obstacles
Chapter 246: The National Games
Chapter 247: Speed vs Teamwork
Chapter 248: A Finish That Takes Everything
Chapter 249: Regretful People
Chapter 250: Go To the USA
Chapter 251: The Stolen Quota
Chapter 252: The Turnaround
Chapter 253: The Guess Work
Chapter 254: He Has Connections
Chapter 255: The Visit To UCLA
Chapter 256: The New Dream
Chapter 257: The Basketball Camp
Chapter 258: The Talent Who Was S-level For Two Sports
Chapter 259: The Feast Of Hamburgers
Chapter 260: The Ghetto
Chapter 261: Happy Hunting
Chapter 262: Forge the Scoring Machine
Chapter 263: Children of The Poor
Chapter 264: The Opportunity Came Up
Chapter 265: A Convergence of Celebrities
Chapter 266: Here Comes the Scoring Machine
Chapter 267: A Great Young Man
Chapter 268: Go Home
Chapter 269: Be an Official
Chapter 270: Rating
Chapter 271: The Competition is a Show
Chapter 272: Practical Training
Chapter 273: A Feast
Chapter 274: Increase Difficulty
Chapter 275: Training Seniors
Chapter 276: Arthritis And Scapulohumeral Periarthritis
Chapter 277: He is More Skillful
Chapter 278: A Red Envelope
Chapter 279: The Dream of Three Generations
Chapter 280: Feng Zhu’s Story
Chapter 281: Practice Yoga
Chapter 282: Two Amateurs
Chapter 283: Yoga Worked
Chapter 284: Dai Li’s Yoga Class
Chapter 285: Helped by Some Master
Chapter 286: National Team Came to Poach Him
Chapter 287: Everyone Wants to Go Upwards
Chapter 288: The Surprising S-Plus Grade Talent
Chapter 289: Chapter 289
Chapter 290: The Test
Chapter 291: Seventy-eight Training Plans
Chapter 292: Hired a Superman
Chapter 293: The Way of Changes
Chapter 294: Trust Building
Chapter 295: Rehabilitation Training
Chapter 296: Help Only the One in Need
Chapter 297: The Core of the National Table Tennis Team
Chapter 298: The Reason for Being Number One
Chapter 299: The Athlete Album
Chapter 300: The Warm-up Square Dance
Chapter 301: Have Some Music!
Chapter 302: Let’s Dance!
Chapter 303: The Attractiveness of Square Dance
Chapter 304: A New Continent
Chapter 305: Spread Square Dance in the Team
Chapter 306: A Slow Starter
Chapter 307: Young and Frivolous
Chapter 308: A Slow-Starter?
Chapter 309: Concede Points
Chapter 310: Always the Second
Chapter 311: Conceal Strength in Each Final Match
Chapter 312: Happy Sport
Chapter 313: A Famous Coach
Chapter 314: Howl of the Mighty Wind
Chapter 315: An Outstanding Tree in the Woods
Chapter 316: Each Sovereign Maintains His Own Courtiers
Chapter 317: Departure
Chapter 318: New Challenges
Chapter 319: People from Two Different Worlds
Chapter 320: Mission Accomplished
Chapter 321: True Blue Will Never Stain
Chapter 322: Second-Rate Young Player
Chapter 323: Outbreak Movement
Chapter 324: Wish Fulfilled
Chapter 325: Period Training
Chapter 326: Coach Li Likes Warming Up
Chapter 327: Warming up
Chapter 328: Running
Chapter 329: Massage Master Li Came Back
Chapter 330: To the Rescue
Chapter 331: Aspiration for Talent
Chapter 332: Boyfriend
Chapter 333: A Shield
Chapter 334: A Fitness Trainer and His Female Customer
Chapter 335: Father-in-law
Chapter 336: The Final of the AFC Championship League
Chapter 337: Association of Hearts
Chapter 338: Athlete Patches
Chapter 339: Skill Upgrade
Chapter 340: The Glee Feast
Chapter 341: Be Vulnerable to Envy
Chapter 342: Guidance
Chapter 343: No Mercy
Chapter 344: A Scoundrel Encountered Another
Chapter 345: Singaporean Champion
Chapter 346: Professional Level
Chapter 347: The One Who Is Hiding His Strength
Chapter 348: Breaking Up the Affectionate Couple
Chapter 349: Father-Daughter Relationship
Chapter 350: The Injured Racing King
Chapter 351: Will You Believe in Miracles?
Chapter 352: For the Family
Chapter 353: Get Him Convinced
Chapter 354: The Miracle Happened
Chapter 355: Buck-Passing
Chapter 356: The Scapegoat
Chapter 357: The Duke
Chapter 358: Life is Full of Hope
Chapter 359: This Car Is Yours
Chapter 360: Birthday Gift
Chapter 361: Birthday Party
Chapter 362: Here Comes the Roadster
Chapter 363: Unloading
Chapter 364: The Unique Gift
Chapter 365: He is Lucky
Chapter 366: Ruthless Man
Chapter 367: A Confusing Conversation
Chapter 368: Go to America
Chapter 369: Training Gym
Chapter 370: Coach Lee Physical Training Center
Chapter 371: Reception
Chapter 372: An Immediate Correction
Chapter 373: Chancing Upon a Gem
Chapter 374: The Big Debut
Chapter 375: The Birth of the Blade Warrior
Chapter 376: Equivalent Respect
Chapter 377: Venture into the 400m
Chapter 378: 5%
Chapter 379: A Small Test
Chapter 380: What the Heck Is This?
Chapter 381: Tricked
Chapter 382: Group of Death
Chapter 383: Qualifier
Chapter 384: Advancement
Chapter 385: The Ability of a Finalist
Chapter 386: The Meaning of Running
Chapter 387: New Rewards for Leveling Up
Chapter 388: Recruitment
Chapter 389: Pre-Emptive Strike
Chapter 390: Research Report
Chapter 391: Los Angeles Police
Chapter 392: A Has-Been Boxing Champion
Chapter 393: In Debt
Chapter 394: New Client
Chapter 395: Lost Confidence
Chapter 396: Fitness Issue
Chapter 397: Price Markup
Chapter 398: Unprofitable Deal
Chapter 399: Opponent
Chapter 400: Singing a Different Tune
Chapter 401: You’re the Best
Chapter 402: Revival of the Boxing Champion
Chapter 403: It Was Just a Coincidence
Chapter 404: High-Difficulty Instance
Chapter 405: Stage Clear in 37 Seconds
Chapter 406: Boss Fight
Chapter 407: Re-emergence
Chapter 408: Becoming Indian
Chapter 409: It's Not Always Good To Be Too Educated
Chapter 410: The Legendary Coach
Chapter 411: The Coach’s Talents