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29 Do We Really Need That?

"Escape? What do you mean?" Kaede said with uncertainty in her voice.

"What else could I mean? I mean get off this planet and out of this house." Isaac said back while smiling.

"Ha. That's impossible. You won't be able to break out of her without the royal guard noticing, especially with me with you." Kaede laughed dismissively.

"Kaede, I didn't ask you about the possibilities of the situation, I asked you if you wanted out of here. A simple yes or no will suffice." Isaac said dramatically. Slightly stumbled by Isaac's abrupt and overly serious tone of voice Kaede grappled to find her words before finally answering.

"Well yes, I would like to leave, but where to? Don't misunderstand me, I appreciate the things you have taught me the past few days but I'm not about to go off trouncing into space with someone that I barely know. Who knows where you might take me?" Kaede retorted strongly, causing Isaac's face to light up with understanding.

"Ah that's right, all this time and I haven't actually told what I'm doing on this planet. How could I forget? Kaede, it's nice to meet you, I am a representative of the brand new superhuman school Ten no Ryū. My hope in coming here is that you will become a student of our school." Isaac said earnestly.

When she heard the words of Isaac Kaede stared vacantly for a few brief seconds. The man standing before her now was a teacher of a superhuman school, the very thing that she had been wanting after for a good while now. However something didn't seem quite right to Kaede.

Due to her interest in superhuman schools Kaede had invested a lot of time into researching the various superhuman schools, so she was very familiar with the topic. However no matter how she racked her brain she had no knowledge of the school Ten no Ryū, which caused her to be suspicious of Isaac.

"Ten no Ryū? There is no such school. Tell me truthfully, who are you? Or don't think I won't call the guards." Kaede said threateningly. Isaac looked up with surprise on his face before answering Kaede.

"Eh? No such school? Well we are a brand new school but we certainly exist. Don't you watch the news? We were all over it a few days ago, here have a look. Isaac tapped the screen on his phone a few times and then turned the screen to Kaede. Kaede cast her eyes down to the phone and watched intently as a news report started playing.

"It was announced today that a new superhuman school will be opening. The new academy, Ten no Ryū, will be the first new superhuman training institute to open in over 400 years. The announcement was made in Morningstar City by their representative Yui Shiro, who caused a great deal of controversy with her aggressive actions towards the representatives of the other 10 schools."

After the news reader gave her introductory spiel the scenes of Yui fighting fiercely with the other 8 representatives began playing on the screen. Kaede's eyes were firmly fixed on the screen as the scenes of the ferocious battle played out. Isaac watched joyfully as kaede's facial expression went through a number of changes as the battle unfolded, from worried to excited, anger to joy and finally into a look of wide eyed awe as Yui fired off her final attack.

After the video finished Kaede clearly was at a loss for words for a few seconds as she just sat there wide eyed, staring into space.
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"So, what do you think? Isn't my wife amazing?"

Isaac said with an incredibly smug look plastered on his face. Isaac's proud boasting snapped Kaede out of her daze and she tilted her head to look up at Isaac.

"If I join your school, will I be able to learn from her?"

Kaede said with a solemn expression on her face. Isaac smiled brightly at her question and cheerfully responded.

"Yeah sure you will, in fact, Yui is our dedicated pyrokinesis teacher so you'll definitely be learning from her!"

Hearing Isaac's answer Kaede became agitated.

"Her last attack, do you think I could learn that as well?"

Kaede asked with a hint of expectation in her voice. Isaac's smile spread wider upon hearing the young lady's words. He was practically grinning from cheek to cheek at this point.

"Of course! In fact as one of Yui's students I imagine being able to do that would be the bare minimum for graduation!"

A devilish smile appeared on Kaede's face and she abruptly stood up.

"Very well. You've convinced me. I will grace your school with my presence."

Hearing Kaede's announcement Isaac stood up as well and looked at Kaede proudly.

"Brilliant, I look forward to working with you for the next few years then. Now you better pack your bags quickly, our ride will be turning up soon and we don't want to keep them waiting too long."

Kaede nodded fervently hearing Isaac's words and quickly pulled two luxurious travel cases out of one of her many giant walk-in closets within her room. Flitting around the room quickly kaede began throwing all manner of clothes into her two travel bags as Isaac watched on in amazement at the efficiency of her actions.

Managing to briefly draw his attention away from Kaede's swift packing, Isaac cast his gaze around Kaede's sizeable room. The signs that this was the room that Kaede grew up in were dotted around the room.

There were marks carved into one of the wooden posts on her elegant four poster bed measuring Kaede's growth over the years. On the bed there was a single well worn Teddy bear, from the fact that it hadn't been discarded despite how old it looked it obviously held a fair amount of sentimental value for Kaede.

As his eye's continued wondering around the room his gaze settled on a print of a famous painting of nine dragons fighting with an army of tigers. Isaac's face was expressionless as he silently stared at the print for a few seconds before moving his vision back to Kaede. She was just about finished packing and her eyes were filled with a mysterious light.

All of a sudden Kaede's facial expression changed, she quickly clipped her bag close, stood up and strode across her room. She pressed a few buttons on a console on the wall next to her bed, after just a moment a ringing tone could be heard.

After exactly one ring a woman's voice could be heard on the other end of the line.

"Princess, what can I do for you today?" A polite well-spoken female voice could be heard at the end of the line.

"Ah Edel, I need you to bring a butlers uniform up to my room immediately. I would say, yeah about 42 long for the jacket and 36 long for the trousers, if you would please." Kaede said with an air of authority in her voice and a wicked smile on her face.

"Hm? That's strange. Those are my exact sizes." Isaac thought to himself.

Kaede had looked him up and down and guessed his clothing sizes perfectly just from a glance. Wait, why was she asking for a butlers uniform in his size? Suddenly, Isaac felt a bad feeling rising up from the depths of his stomach. He shuddered, surely that butler uniform wasn't for him, was it? He had come here to recruit a new student for their new school, not cosplay!

While a minor panic was starting to creep up on Isaac the voice on the other end of the line was questioning Kaede's unusual request.

"Princess. What could you possibly need with a butlers uniform far too large for you to ever wear?"

Kaede's face cringed uncomfortably upon hearing the maids probing question.

"C-cosplay." Kaede muttered unconvincingly.

Isaac's eye's shot open and he stared intensely at Kaede, saying "what are you doing?!" with just his eyes alone. Kaede, aware of Isaac's oppressive stare nervously turned her back to Isaac.

"Cosplay Princess?"

"Y-yes, Cosplay. Its for a friend, he wants to Cosplay as a butler and I said I would do him a favour."

"I see, in that case I will have it sent down immediately."

Kaede breathed a small sigh of relief hearing that she had managed to convince Edel.

"Thank you Edel, that will be all." Kaede said as she ended the call.

"So? Care to explain what exactly you're planning here? I'm guessing that butlers uniform is for me? You know, we really don't have the time for cosplaying." Isaac said with a frown plastered across his face.

Kaede shot a disgruntled look back at Isaac in retaliation.

"I'm aware of that, thank you very much. I'm not dressing you up just for the fun of it. There's a few things left I need to get before I can leave and I might need your help. However we can't just having you wandering around the royal Palace as you are, you'll be thrown in the dungeons. Hence the disguise."

Isaac's suspicious expression gradually became one of understanding as Kaede explained her actions, and he nodded his head in approval of her plan.

"Very well then, let's do this! So what is it exactly that we need to get?" Isaac asked with curiosity in his voice.

Kaede, pleased that Isaac was on board with her plan smiled and faced Isaac.

"Just a couple of small things really, no big deal. Just a certain sword and my dad's credit card." Kaede said innocently.

Isaac flinched upon hearing Kaede and his face was no longer smiling.

"Your dad's credit card? Your dad? As in the King? You want us to steal the King's credit card? Are you sure that we really need that?" Isaac probed with an accusing voice.

"Yes it's absolutely essential, you can't possibly expect a royal princess to leave home without a credit card can you? Look don't worry about it, I steal his credit card all the time! This'll be a cinch." Kaede responded with absolute confidence.

Stunned by Kaede's absolute confidence in herself Isaac could only sigh in defeat and resigned himself to his fate. Isaac wasn't sure where Kaede got her confidence from, but at this point there was nothing he could do but trust in Kaede and hope that she knew what she was doing.

Meanwhile, in a corner of the castle the beautiful platinum blonde haired maid Edel stood, deep in thought. The princess was up to something.

Edel was a similar age to the princess and had been practically brought up alongside her, so it went without saying that she knew the princess very, very well. It was at a level that she could tell when the princess was causing mischief purely on instincts alone, and right now her instincts were telling her that something was about to happen. Frowning she called another one of the maids to her and placed the butlers uniform in her hands.

"Take this to the princesses room, however don't just leave after dropping it off. I want you to follow her for a bit and report back to me. I think she's up to something again." Edel said in an authoritative voice.

The other maid smiled helplessly and just nodded her head, she didn't bother asking any questions. There was no need to, the princess was infamous through the castle for causing trouble and Edel was equally famous for being able to sniff out the princesses mischief. It had gotten to a point where no one even bothered to question Edel on orders regarding the Princess. All of the maids at some point had had to tail the Princess around the castle on the orders of Edel.

As the maid carrying the butlers uniform walked away Edel let out a small sigh. She knew as well as anyone the princesses 'mischief' was just a small rebellion against the oppression that the title royal princess placed on her. Edel knew all the Princess wanted was a little freedom, to just be a normal girl.

As she had been effectively brought up with the princess she had grown to love her dearly. However as much as she loved her and as much as it pained Edel, it was her duty to keep the princess out of harms way. Regardless of how much it went against the princesses wishes.

Once again Edel sighed, composed herself, and went back to her duties all the while preparing herself for the storm the Princess was about to whip up.