Alexandria's Genesis
28 The Princess
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Alexandria's Genesis
Author :TopRailGun
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28 The Princess

"Father I hate you!"

A loud, clear voice rang out in the halls of the large mansion, followed by the violent slamming of a door. The various maids and butlers looked at each other anxiously, it seemed that the master and the young Misses had gotten into yet another fight.

All of the staff in the building let out a collective sigh when they thought about all the effort it would take to calm the young lady down. It hadn't always been like this though, for a long time the household had been famously harmonious. The young lady had always enjoyed the company of her father and the master enjoyed doting on his daughter, it was a wonderful atmosphere to work in and most of the staff had enjoyed coming to work.

Everything had only changed when the young lady had discovered that she had superhuman powers. Once she had discovered them, she had then set her heart on becoming a peace keeper and joining a superhuman school.

Of course when the young lady told her father about her plans he firmly objected due to her position and the dangerous nature of the peace keeper job. Since that first disagreement things had just escalated from there. Just a few minutes ago they had had the most aggressive argument to date.

"Father, why can't I join a superhuman school? With my powers I'm sure that I could pass the screening." The young lady begged desperately.

"Your abilities have nothing to do with my decision! The important thing is your position. You are the only daughter of the king of planet Birmingham. I am one of the most influential people in the whole galaxy, with that in mind I just think for a second. If news got out that you, my daughter, had become a peace keeper, what do you think that all of my enemies and rivals first moves would be? With you away from the safety of the royal guard they would hunt you down and hold me to ransom! I cannot allow that to happen so my answer is unquestionably no." The young ladies father shouted in reply to her question.

The young lady glared at her father when she heard his negative yet logical reply, the volume of her voice went up another level.

"Well if you let me train then the royal guards wouldn't have to protect me, because I would be strong enough to protect myself!"

"You are still young and you don't know how vast the galaxy is! You have no idea how strong you would have to be to be completely safe in this galaxy! Your optimistic hopes are just childish delusions!" The king shouted back, his face twisting in anger and frustration.

At this point the young lady couldn't fight back, she couldn't refute her father's words. After all she really didn't know how strong she would have to become to become completely safe in the Galaxy. Left without a counter argument all she could do was vocalize her annoyance.

"Father I hate you!" She screamed as she stormed out of the room, loudly slamming the door behind her. The young lady who had just slammed the door was the one and only princess of planet Birmingham, Kaede Garcia.

She was an absolutely stunning young woman whose current angry expression did nothing to diminish her beauty. She had curly mousy brown hair which just hung just above her shoulders and her fringe was swept to one side and held in place by a ornate hair pin. Her bright eyes reflected a deep blue light similar to that of sapphires and all of her facial features were perfectly placed from her cute button nose down to her rosy pink lips.

The various maids and butlers swiftly stepped to the sides of the spacious hallway when they saw the young lady quickly pacing towards them with a furious expression on her face. After a few minutes Kaede stopped at one of the doors and threw the doors open and entered the room, before slamming the door shut behind her.

Not wasting any time she moved across the room to the large balcony where she placed her hands on the stone railings and then let out a frustrated scream. Her father's stubbornness was getting to her, she really couldn't understand why he wouldn't just let her be free. All of a sudden a calm voice came out of nowhere.

"Yo, Kae, had another argument with your pops?"

When she heard the voice, Kaede's furious expression wavered for a moment and was replaced by a smile.

"You know, you always seem to show up after I've just had an argument. Are you stalking me or something?" Kaede replyed without even turning to look at the uninvited guest at her side. She sounded quite cold when she spoke to the mysterious man however, she knew better than anyone how glad she was to see him today.

He had first appeared on her balcony last week. It has to be known that the private mansion of the Garcia family is one of the most secure locations on the whole planet, so when this so-called intruder suddenly appeared on her balcony it had given Kaede quite the shock. In fact, she had almost called the guards on their first encounter, however the way he had quickly got on his hands and knees and begged her not to call the guards insisting that he was no one suspicious made her want to hear him out.

Thinking back, it was such a strange first encounter for her, but she was glad that she had met him. His presence was very soothing and after she had a fight with her father she would always calm down after chatting with him. Plus it seemed that he was actually quite a powerful superhuman, so he had been giving her advice on her own powers from time to time during their little chats, which she appreciated greatly.

"So, what was today's debate about? The young man asked, smiling and completely breezing past Kaede's earlier probing question.

Kaede turned to look at the man in question. He was very tall, about 6ft 5' with a shock of bright orange hair upon his head. His face carried a rugged handsome look and was complimented by his mysterious deep purple eye's. On top of his head rested a pair of glasses, however for the whole time that Kaede had known him he had never actually wore them properly so she had begun to wonder whether they were just for show or whether they were real.

Another odd thing that Kaede had noticed was that he was always wearing a white lab coat, even today he had it on. The strange thing is that it was pristine, so he obviously hadn't been working in it. So she honestly couldn't understand why he always had it on.

It didn't really matter to Kaede at the moment though, and she just wanted to vent her frustrations to the young man, disinterested in the clothes he was wearing.

"You already know Isaac, the same thing as always. I want to become a peace-keeper and he won't let me. His argument today was that I wouldn't be able to get strong enough to properly protect myself." Kaede said whilst pouting.

Isaac frowned when he heard Kaede's words and stroked his chin in contemplation. After thinking for a minute he said:

"Have you been working on the things I told you about? Show me your progress."

When she heard Isaac's request Kaede's eyes lit up in excitement and she hurriedly held out her hand, in just a few brief moments a flame burst into life and danced in her palm. Then Kaede smiled and the flamed flew out of her palm and precisely spiralled around her body a few times before returning to her palm.

She closed her palm and the fire died out, a look of triumph and extreme pride appeared on her face and she looked at Isaac as if to say "how's that?"

Isaac noting her look of pride smiled, and spoke up with joy in his voice.

" Wow I can tell you've been practicing. You've picked it up so quickly. If I'm honest with you Kaede, I think you have the potential to stand at the very pinnacle of this galaxy, take no notice of what your dad says."

Kaede's eyes became even brighter and the joy on her face was undeniable.

"Hehe, you're impressed right? I'm a genius aren't I? It's ok to fall in love with me you know?" Kaede said haughtily, puffing her chest out and wearing a bright smile on her face. Her bad mood from just a few minutes ago was completely forgotten.

Isaac smiled as he watched Kaede's swift mood changes and haughty nature. Truth be told he wasn't that impressed at the level of power she had shown him just now. After all he had seen far more extreme power exhibited by some of his companions and when compared to them Kaede's power was truly nothing. What had impressed him was how quick a learner Kaede was. It was only two days ago that he had tasked Kaede with trying to manipulate her flame in a certain movement pattern, and she had already mastered it. He really did believe that she had the potential to rise up to the pinnacle of the superhuman world.

"Haha I'm sorry Kaede, I can't fall in love with you. My wife would kill me if I even thought about it." Isaac said while laughing.

"Oh yeah you did mention you had a wife. What was her name again?" Kaede asked.

"Her name is Yui. She is an eccentric, beautiful and overly violent woman, but she is, without a doubt, the love of my life. If she found out that I had been cheating on her with a 16 year old there would be no saving me from her anger." Isaac said with real fear permeating his voice.

Kaede laughed when she heard Isaac fearfully talk about his wife. At that moment Isaac's phone buzzed and he pulled it out of his lab coat and read a message that had just come in. He stared at the screen for a while before a bright smile spread on his face. He looked up at Kaede and spoke.

"Hey Kae, would you like to escape from this place?"


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