Alexandria's Genesis
27 Peace Keepers
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Alexandria's Genesis
Author :TopRailGun
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27 Peace Keepers

Sam and his group, who seemed to be gathering more and more people, quickly made their way to the dock where the spaceship was left. After sorting the matters with Amelie everyone was in a pleasant mood, and they soon reached the spaceship where Asai and Momoka were anxiously waiting for them.

When Yui and Yukki finally returned Asai and Momoka were surprised to see not just the young man who was obviously the new student who they had broken out of jail, but a little girl who looked to be about eleven and a full grown beautiful lady alongside them too.

Asai looked at the small crowd of new people who were casually boarding the ship behind Yui and Yukki with a look of confusion on his face. Who were these people? Wasn't there only supposed to be one new student? Asai wondered to himself.

"Are you Asai and Momoka?" Sam said cheerfully as he walked into the central hub of the spaceship.

"Yeah that's right, are you one of the new students as well?" Asai replied amiably, with a smile on his face.

"Yes! I'm Sam Lacoti. I hope that we can get along, Asai, Momoka." Sam said with a warm smile on his face. Asai and Momoka instinctively smiled back at Sam seeing his infectious smile before turning their attention to the young woman and adorable little girl standing behind Sam.

"So you're a new student Sam, but who might the people standing behind you be?" Momoka asked timidly, curiosity filling her face.

Sam looked behind him and he walked up to Vena and lovingly put his arm around her.

"This is my little sister, Vena Lacoti. Say hello to Asai and Momoka, Vena." Sam encouraged kindly. Vena blushed slightly and spoke up quietly.

"Nice to meet you." Vena said softly.

The hearts of everyone present melted when they saw Vena's adorable self introduction. Momoka knelt down and with a soft expression on her face replied to Vena's introduction.

"It's nice to meet you too, Vena." Momoka said cheerfully.

Sam smiled seeing Momoka's kind reaction to Vena's nervy introduction and then turned to Amelie and spoke up again.

"As for this person, I'm not really sure about her situation and I don't really know what she is doing here." Sam said with uncertainty in his voice. Amelie cringed uncomfortably when she heard Sam's blunt words, however she remained silent because she didn't know what to say, her circumstances really were unusual!

Yui smiled when she saw Amelie squirming uncomfortably at Sam's scathing words and stepped forward to put an end to her discomfort.

"This is Amelie Roth and although she will be a teacher at Ten no Ryū in a few years, but for now she will be one of your fellow students so please get along with her." Yui said flatly. Amelie turned sharply when she heard Yui's words. They wanted to her to be a teacher? She didn't know about this! She thought that they were just going to teach her how to become stronger.

"You want me to be a teacher? Are you sure about that?" Amelie said with uncertainty in her words.

"Yeah that's right. You have excellent leadership qualities and are suited for guiding students along the correct path. However right now you aren't strong enough to qualify as one of our teachers, in fact, what rank are you currently?" Yui said with an questioning look on her face.

"I'm currently rank B." Amelie said with a hint of pride in her voice.

"Yeah, that's really no good. You're going to have to be at least rank S before you're qualified to be one of our teachers.." Yui said plainly.

"Rank S!? Are you serious!?" Amelie cried out in disbelief. Asai interjected at this moment with a perplexed look on his face.

"What are these ranks that you are talking about?"

"Peace keeper ranks. They give a rough gauge of how strong a superhuman is and how experienced they are. The ranks range from F all the way up to SS, if I were to give you an example and rank you guys now, I would say that you aren't even at F rank yet." Yukki explained calmly.

"We're that weak?" Momoka said pitifully, her head and shoulders dropping weakly.

"Yeah, right now I would say you are. But fear not! Under our tuition it won't be long before you are shooting through the ranks! So just be patient and believe in us, we'll take you to the top!" Yukki said with a confident smile on her face. At this moment a shout from the cockpit echoed through the various compartments of the spaceship.

"Strap yourselves in kids! We're taking off in a minute!" While the rest of them had been talking Yui had made her way to the cockpit and began preparations for take off. At Yui's shout everyone started to find somewhere to sit down.

The excitement was clearly visible on the face of Sam and Vena who were flying in a spaceship for the first times in their life. It was hard to tell who was the older sibling as they were both fidgeting excitedly in their seats, waiting anxiously for take off.

Asai watched the two with amusement for a moment before turning to Yukki and asking some questions that were on his mind.

"S rank is pretty strong right? Isn't it going to be pretty tough for Amelie to become S rank? In fact, how will you know when she becomes S rank? Is there a test or something?" Asai rattled out his questions rapidly without taking a breath, causing Yukki to raise her eyebrows in surprise at the swift flow of questions. Taking a short breath, Yukki prepared to answer all of Asai's questions.

"First of all, yes. S rank is quite strong. To help you understand how strong, throughout the whole galaxy there is a grand total of about 400 S rank superhumans. Out of the hundreds of billions of people in the galaxy only 400 are strong enough to be classed as S class. So yes it's going to be tough for Amelie to become S rank, that's why her training schedule is going to be hellishly difficult." Yukki said with an evil smile on her face.

When Amelie heard Yukki's words her face was filled with determination and she spoke up in reply to her words.

"Yukki, as long as the training will make me stronger I'm confident that I will be able to complete the training to your satisfaction."

When Amelie said these words Yukki's wicked smile only widened.

"Hoh~, I do hope so... I'm sure that there will be a number of consequences if you can't keep up, you know, to help you keep motivated." Yukki said in a truly menacing tone of voice. When Amelie heard Yukki's words a chill shot down her spine, causing her to shiver with an unknown fear.

Asai watched the short exchange with pity in his eyes for Amelie, he was sure that the consequences that Amelie would be given was certain to be something evil. Turning away from the fearfully shaking Amelie, yukki faced Asai to answer the rest of his questions.

"In order to gain a peace keeper rank you need to head to one of the peace keeper headquarters and, as you guessed take a test. Whatever rank you are the tests basically all require you to win a fight, the only thing that changes are the strength of the opponents. So to attain S rank Amelie will have to match or even beat another S rank superhuman. Right now she wouldn't stand a chance but after a bit of Spartan training from us I'm sure she will be able to pass with flying colors." Yukki said, again with confidence filling her face. Amelie, on the other hand was not looking as confident.

As a B rank superhuman, she had attained quite an impressive level of strength, however the stronger one became the harder it became to progress further. Could she really become strong enough to grasp that almost legendary S rank? She didn't know. What she did know is that she would do her utmost to try.

Asai sat in silence for a moment, digesting the information that Yukki had just given him. After just a few seconds another question rose up in his mind.

"Hold on a minute, what are the peace keepers?" Asai asked embarrassedly. Yukki frowned when she heard Asai's question.

"Asai, have you been living under a rock your whole life? How do you not know about the peace keepers?" Yukki said in an unbelieving tone of voice. Asai immediately blushed when he heard Yukki's harsh questioning.

"Well, I lived in a little village in a mountain for most of my life, so I haven't really heard of them before." Asai said ashamedly. Yukki sighed when she heard about Asai's sheltered upbringing, she couldn't believe that there were people living in this day and age who hadn't heard of peace keepers.

"Listen up, the peace keepers are an organization directly managed by the galactic council. It is an organization that governs practically all of the superhumans in the galaxy. They utilize the incredible amount of superhumans who are a part of their organization to help to quell any sort of threat to the peace of the galaxy, big or small. Because the threats can vary from large to small they set up the ranking system in order to properly administer the correct jobs to the appropriate people. So for example, F ranked superhumans can only take on F rank jobs, and S rank superhumans can only take on S rank jobs. That way, their forces are not overstretched or under worked and it maximizes the efficiency of the whole organization. The peace keepers are, without doubt, the strongest sword that the galactic council wields and you would have to be pretty fool hardy to try and oppose them." Yukki explained patiently.

Asai was amazed hearing about the grand scale of the peace keeper organization and was quite embarrassed at not hearing about them before now.

At this moment the spaceship shook and they jumped into hyperspace. As they hurtled through the vast expanse of space at an impossible speed Asai allowed his mind to wander, as he thought about all of the new things that Yukki had taught him about. However, despite the wide variety of things he thought about he couldn't help but constantly wonder about one certain thing.

I wonder what Yui and Yukki's peace keeper rank is?

Another authors note:

I'm writing it here because there wasn't enough room in the authors thoughts

These past few days I've done some thinking and I had a little idea. So after the next short arc, there will be a quite a few new characters introduced as we will finally be returning to academy and meeting the other new students and I have yet to come up with names for them.

So as a way to involve the fans I thought that I would ask you guys for names! Haha I don't know how many fans there actually are reading this, but if you are out there I would like to hear your voice! Any sort of name would do, hell, it can even be your own name! I will take them all! So please leave your names in the comments section so I don't have to engage my brain!


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