Alexandria's Genesis
26 Onward and Upward
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Alexandria's Genesis
Author :TopRailGun
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26 Onward and Upward

Not long after the Sam's group left Chris Vallen and merrily went on their way to the space port the police showed up at the abandoned warehouse. Amelie carefully observed the surrounding area, especially the state of the warehouses entrance.

Looking at how the door had once again been torn clean off of it's hinges her mind thought back to a certain unbearably strong girl. The other police officers had already begun to inspect the scene and quickly zeroed in on the unconscious Chris.

"Ms Roth! This is Chris Vallen! A high profile criminal we've been chasing for quite some time now, he's the leader of a large organized crime gang." One of the officers shouted suddenly, with a hint of surprise and excitement in his voice. A few officers rushed over when they heard this to have a closer look at the criminal they had been chasing for a while.

"Whoa! What happened to his hand!?" One officer shouted when he saw Chris's purple crushed hand.

Amelie knew about the reputation of Chris Vallen and was surprised to see him here, unconscious. However her main concern was where the people who had did this had gone, the problem was when she looked around all of the people on the scene other than the police officers were unconscious!

Amelie sharpened her gaze and scanned her surroundings again, more carefully this time. Out of the corner of her eye she suddenly saw something move behind one of the large wooden boxes that were stacked up near the corner. The look in her eyes sharpened even further and she strutted over to the boxes with purpose.

When Amelie peered behind the boxes she found a rough looking man cowering fearfully behind the box. Without warning Amelie grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and pulled him up to his feet.

"Tell me what happened here." Amelie said coldly. The man looked into the beautiful eyes of Amelie and knew that it would be best not to mess around here.

"It was those two monstrous girls! They destroyed the entrance, crushed the boss's hand and then used that crazy power to take his powers away!" The man cried out miserably, visibly shaken by whole series of events.

Amelie frowned when she heard his words. They took away his powers? That shouldn't be possible without killing him. How did they do it? Amelie thought to herself, the more she learnt about these two girls the stronger her resolution became to meet them again.

"Where did these two girls go?!" Amelie shouted intimidatingly, causing the man to shrink in fear at this fierce woman before him.

"I don't know, but they were shouting something about the space port so maybe there?" The man said with uncertainty. When Amelie heard this she released the man and turned to bark orders at the other policemen.

"Round up all of the men here and take them in for questioning. Tape off this whole area too! I am going ahead to the space port." Amelie commanded as she rushed off in the direction of the space port at her full speed. Whilst Amelie was blasting towards the space port at an unbelievable speed, Sam and his group were just about to walk through the main entrance of the space port.

"Phew, it really is cold on this planet I can't wait to get to our next destination." Yui said while helping an excited Vena off of her shoulders, Vena had truly enjoyed the ride over on Yui's shoulders as they had raced through Rinma city at an impressive speed.

"Where is our next destination? Is it not the academy?" Sam said with curiosity.

"Haha no, I'm afraid not. Since Ten no Ryū academy only has a few spaceships we are having to pick up some other teachers at other screenings before we can head to the academy. The next planet, planet Birmingham is our last stop before we head to the academy." Yui said while smiling.

"Oh I see, so have you already been to some other planets before here?" Sam asked.

"Yeah that's right, I picked up two students on a different planet before I came here, Asai and Momoka. They are waiting in the ship for us." Yui replied.

Sam smiled when he heard this, he wondered what his new classmates would be like and he was excited to meet them. They were slowly making their way through the space port when suddenly, they heard a loud commotion behind them. They turned around to look and in the midst of the crowd saw snakes of blue electricity flowing out from a beautiful young woman, who was looking around frantically.

The woman who was constantly shifting her vision suddenly stopped when she laid eyes on Yui and Yukki from a fair distance away. Without warning she shot forward at an unbelievable speed straight in the direction of the sisters.

"Yui get ready, she's coming again." Yukki said with seriousness.

"Yeah, don't worry. I'm not gonna mess around this time, I'll blow her away in one move." Yui said as her aura began to flare up. She took up a fighting stance and as Amelie got closer to her she prepared to thrust her palm forwards.

Amelie got closer and closer soon she was just a few meters away, anticipating Amelie's upcoming attack Yui began to thrust her palm forwards. Just the same as her previous attack, massive telekinetic energy began to build as her palm moved forward, at this moment Amelie also began to make her move.

As fast as lightning she went down onto her hands and knees, she also put her head to the ground. In fact she bowed her head so quickly that it caused the ground beneath her to crack slightly.

"Please teach me to be as strong as you are!" Amelie shouted out with deep conviction while not looking up from her bowing position. Yui, caught completely by surprise by Amelie's totally unexpected actions, staggered forward a few steps as she struggled to cancel out the tremendous attack that she had prepared.

After a few seconds she managed to rein in her own might and steady her steps, and sharply looked at Amelie who was still bowing on the floor. She was about to reprimand the beauty bowing her head before her, however a thought suddenly appeared in Yui's mind. She stood there and thought for a moment, Yukki, Sam and Vena watched on, interested in what Yui was about to say.

"Okay, I'll teach you. Follow me." Yui said plainly.

An excited look appeared on Amelie's face as she looked up at Yui quickly. The looks on the faces of Yui and Sam were that of shock. What was going through the mind of Yui here? There was so many things wrong with this!

"Yui. May I please have a word with you?" Yukki said in a firm voice while beckoning Yui to come closer. Yui looked confused for a moment before leaning in close to Yukki to hear what she had to say.

"What are you thinking? You know this is the woman who worked at the prison right? What are you thinking, inviting her along with us?" Yui whispered with a vicious tone.

"Well, she said she wanted to get stronger. I thought that we could train her up a bit and have her eventually become a teacher. We need more teachers don't we?" Yui replied cheerfully.

"Yes we do need more teachers, but I don't want to invite the woman who watched and tried to stop us carry out a jailbreak, which, might I remind you is an illegal activity, to become one of our teachers!" Yukki hissed as she tried to keep her voice down.

"It's fine, don't worry. Look I'll just make sure she's cool that we did the jailbreak and then everything will be sorted."

"Make sure that she's cool? There's no way-"

"Hey, you know that we are the ones that broke Sam out of your prison right? Are you sure you're ok with coming with us?" Before Yukki could finish her sentence Yui had already interrupted her and was asking Amelie her question.

Amelie looked Yui in the eyes for a moment before replying.

"As of right now, I resign as the head warden of Rinma city prison. Therefore it no longer matters to me who you are or what you have done, as long as you can help me pursue my goal of becoming stronger. Plus I already know that you aren't truly bad people. If that were the case you would have been able to slaughter a large number of guards in that prison and yet there wasn't a single fatality, I don't think that was a coincidence was it?" Amelie said with determination in her voice and smiled knowingly at Yui and Yukki.

Yukki sighed deeply and Yui smiled broadly, Yui walked up to Amelie and patted her on the shoulder.

"Welcome aboard, er, what was your name again? I don't think you told me?" Yui said, very pleased with the outcome of this encounter. Amelie stood up proudly, a big smile on her face when she heard the words of Yui.

"My name is Amelie Roth."

"Well then Amelie, I welcome you on behalf of the teachers at Ten no Ryū academy. I'll be looking forward to working with you." Yui said while grinning widely.

Amelie stood for a moment when she heard the words of Yui. Ten no Ryū? Where had she heard that before? Also did she just say academy? Wait, that name was on the news just yesterday! The brand new school whose representative made an absolute mess in Morningstar city, destroying representatives from eight other academies at the same time! These young ladies were teachers at a superhuman school?

"You are teachers? What kind of teachers carry out jail breaks?" Amelie said with astonishment.

"Yeah, well what kind of prison warden becomes the student of people who carry out jail breaks? Look, we won't be doing it again so isn't it fine?" Yui said nonchalantly while shrugging her shoulders. Amelie was taken back by the carefree attitude of Yui, but she had made a fair point. She was joining up with the jail breakers so what right did she have to criticize Yui's choices? However she was just a bit surprised that teachers of a superhuman school, who usually care so much about their reputation would do something like a jailbreak.

"That's why we went in disguises. We didn't want the media to find out about it, and if you have any sense as a new teacher of Ten no Ryū you won't go around talking about it. Anyway we've stood around long enough, if Amelie has found us the rest of the police probably won't be too far behind. So let's get off of this awful planet!" Yukki said firmly, ready to finally get off of the frigid planet Kumlana.

"Alright! Only one more stop, then we are heading home! Let's get out of here! Onward and upwards!" Yui shouted out before they headed onwards to the spaceship dock.


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