Alexandria's Genesis
25 That Feels Good
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Alexandria's Genesis
Author :TopRailGun
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25 That Feels Good

The pillar of light exploded silently and a wave luminous energy swept across the entirety of Rinma city, silently and harmlessly. Although the massive wave of light energy didn't cause any harm to anyone in the city, it did cause a massive uproar. For starters the gigantic pillar of light did not go unnoticed by the majority of the city, so when it collapsed and exploded outwards the people couldn't help but be curious.

Such a large scale event had, as expected, caught the eye of Rinma city police. When they saw the absolutely awe inspiring pillar of light reaching up into the heavens they began swiftly organizing a number of police squadrons to head to the scene and investigate. Just as the police captains were sorting out the squads that would head to the scene the doors to the room burst open.

The captains turned to look at who would dare to enter the room so brazenly, however upon seeing the person that walked through the door they halted the words of discipline that they had prepared in their heads. The person was a beautiful, tall, blue haired woman. Her uniform was dirty and creased and she currently had a few scrapes and bruises marking her beautiful face, it seemed as though she had just been in a fight.

"Ms Roth! What brings you here today?" One of the police captains called out in surprise. The beautiful woman who had walked through the door was Amelie Roth, who had just a few minutes ago regained consciousness. As soon as she had awoken she had glanced outside to see the almost celestial pillar of light reaching up into the sky, and she immediately thought of the person who had knocked her out so comfortably.

Although Amelie had no desire to be slapped around by that ridiculous girl again, she had hoped to meet her one more time. Amelie's main goal in life had always been to be the strongest in the whole Galaxy. This had always been her number one priority, to get stronger and stronger, everything else was second place to her. She did well in her job and other such things on account of her serious personality, earning her the position that she held today. However these things weren't actually that important to her compared to her goal of being the best.

Annoyingly for Amelie however she had recently plateaued and was struggling to get any stronger. It was frustrating for her but she was able to comfort herself with the fact that there probably wasn't anyone out there who was able to completely suppress her, meaning that she was probably one of the strongest in the galaxy.

However the relative comfort that fact had granted her had been completely destroyed by that girl earlier. Amelie wanted to know how she had gotten that strong, how did she train? What did she do? She had to meet her again! She looked resolutely at the police captains.

"Allow me to lead the police squadrons in the investigation of the supernatural occurrence that has just taken place." Amelie said with a commanding voice. The captains glanced at each other, although Amelie had voiced her appeal as a request, none of them had the guts to reject Amelie Roth's request. In fact, before Amelie had been the head warden at Rinma city prison she had been part of the police force. As a result of this, they were all well aware of Amelie's fierce reputation and incredible power and none of them had any intention of getting in her way here. Especially since with her leading the investigation, nothing could possibly go wrong.

"Ms Roth, if you were to lead this operation it would put all of us at ease. If this is what you want we are more than happy to oblige." One police captain replied with respect in his voice. Amelie's cold face broke out into a warm smile for a second when she heard the response she had wanted to hear.

The police captains were stunned for a moment by the rare beautiful smile of Amelie before quickly regaining composure and refocusing on the task at hand.

"The squadrons are ready to lead out whenever you are ready to leave Ms Roth." One of the captains said after quickly regaining his composure. Amelie had also dropped her smile and replaced it with a dead serious expression, she nodded curtly and replied.

"Excellent, we leave immediately."

"We will give the order right away." The police captains replied whilst saluting.

Meanwhile at the abandoned warehouse, Yukki stood solemnly in front of the bewildered Chris. The light had dispersed and the unbelievable power that had gathered just a second ago was gone completely.

Chris didn't know what had happened to him and he started patting his body up and down, trying to see if everything was still as it should be. After a few moments of checking he couldn't find any problems. After that massive light show just now he couldn't believe that it was all for nothing and looked up at Yukki with a puzzled look on his face.

"What did you do to me?" Chris said with fear in his voice.

"I told you didn't I? You were too dangerous to have powers, so I took them away from you." Yukki said in a casual tone, whilst looking on in pity at Chris. When Chris heard this he immediately tried to channel aura through his body to create a flame in his hand, only to find that, as Yukki said, his aura was all gone! This had never happened to him before, he had never completely run out of aura no matter how much he overexerted himself. Was it really true? Had he lost his powers?

"That's impossible! Superhuman powers are part of a superhumans themselves! It's not possible to remove the powers from superhumans, not without killing them! No such power exists!" Chris cried out from desperation, he simply wouldn't accept that his powers, which he was so proud of, were gone forever.

"It's not impossible. I just did it. This is your punishment. To live on powerless, after having experienced the power granted to you by your superhuman status. You must now live as one of the weak, and feel what it's like to be surpressed by those stronger than you." Yukki said with a harsh tone, before turning and walking towards the entrance.

"Come on let's get out of here, the police will be here any minute." Yukki said calmly as she walked towards Sam, Vena and Yui who were already standing at the entrance.

Chris sat there in despair, while Yukki walked slowly towards the entrance. He was losing his mind. His powers were gone and the police were going to be here soon, probably to throw him in jail. Everything had been taken from him by this girl that Sam had brought to him. The pain in his hand continued to sweep through his whole body and was deteriorating any sense of reason left in him.

Slowly, he rose to his feet and, all of a sudden charged at the departing Yukki. Sam saw the charging Chris and before he could even think about what he was doing, a blue light covered his body and he flashed in front of the charging Chris Vallen.

Without hesitating he threw a right hook that landed cleanly on Chris's chin, knocking him out soundly.

"Ah. That felt good." Sam thought, surprised. He didn't think that he would enjoy that so much.

When Yui and Yukki saw the actions of Sam they smiled with satisfaction.

"Come on, let's get out of here." Yui said before turning to walk away, leaving the unconscious Chris where he was.

Sam's little sister ran up to him with a mix of confusion and excitement plastered on her little face.

"Sam who are these ladies?" She said sweetly whilst grabbing hold of Sam's hand.

Sam knelt down so that his eyes were at Vena's eye level and he had a warm smile on his face.

"These two young ladies are my new teachers. I've been accepted into a superhuman school Vena! Right now we're all going to the space port and we're going to leave this planet!" Sam said in a kind voice.

"We're leaving this planet? In a spaceship!?" Vena said with increasing excitement in her voice, especially at the thought of riding in a spaceship for the first time. Yui couldn't help but smile at Vena's childlike excitement and also bent down to Vena's eye line to speak with her.

"That's right, in a spaceship, a really fast spaceship too! Will you come along with us and Sam, Vena?" Yui said with a kind tone of voice.

"Can I?" Vena said in an excited voice. Yui let out a loud laugh at this. Yui reached forward picked up Vena and placed her safely on her shoulders while saying:

"Of course you can! Look, I'll take you to our spaceship now on my shoulders! We're going to go quickly though so hold on tight!" Yui said excitedly whilst smiling and laughing, Vena too was laughing along with Yui.

Sam and Yukki also couldn't help but smile warmly too, Sam especially was grinning from ear to ear. Right now he was seeing a completely new side to his teachers-to-be, a complete contrast from the fierce warriors that had dominated multiple people so far today. As he watched the warm scenes before him the events of the day slowly slipped to the back of his mind and were soon forgotten.

Despite the extreme cold, there was nothing but warm feelings between the cheerful group as they made their way to the space port.


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