Alexandria's Genesis
24 The Monstrous Yukki
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Alexandria's Genesis
Author :TopRailGun
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24 The Monstrous Yukki

Sam watched on wide eyed at the scenes of Yui breaking down yet another door, and a hint of anxiety spread through his whole body. For the past year, this abandoned warehouse had been a cursed ground for him. A place where he hated but had no choice but to keep coming back to time and again for the sake of his sister's safety. His feelings right now were complicated as he watched the valiant figures of Yui and Yukki as they stood proudly at the broken entrance of the warehouse.

Slowly a large number of burly, rough looking men started appearing at the entrance one by one. They all had menacing looks on their faces as they eyed up the two beautiful girls that had crashed through their front door. All of a sudden a voice all too familiar to Sam rang out.

"Well, well, look who it is! Sam, last I heard you were in jail?" Chris said loudly, the contempt was plain to hear in his voice.

When Sam saw Chris, he flinched instinctively before steadying himself and glaring at Chris fiercely. Chris noticed Sam's abrupt change in attitude and was momentarily taken back that the Sam that he knew would have the guts to stand up to him in any way. When he saw Sam showing him anything other than respect, it caused Chris to become even more frustrated by the whole situation.

"Sam, you've got some guts to look at me like that! Did you forget that we've still got your sister locked up?" Chris shouted out angrily, the threat in his voice clear for everyone to hear. Some of the thugs that had gathered laughed menacingly when they heard the evil threat of their boss, making the whole scene a bit more intimidating for Sam, who was already quite nervous.

Yukki raised her head to look at Chris who was walking down a set of metal stairs and her gaze sharpened, she was starting to become very angry. A thick bloodlust began pouring out from Yukki and started to dominate the air in the large warehouse. The fact that someone was blackmailing someone into stealing massive amounts of money for them by holding a child hostage went beyond her sense of justice, and this step too far had caused her to snap, losing all of her patience in the process.

When faced with the suffocating bloodlust of Yukki a lot of the rough looking men that had gathered subconsciously took a step backwards. Chris too suddenly felt the pressure exuding from Yukki and it caused him to momentarily pause his steps.

"What kind of life has this young girl lived, to be exuding such a thick bloodlust? I've never felt anything like it!" Chris thought to himself before continuing down the steps, trying his utmost to maintain a calm expression.

"What's this Sam? You've managed to get two girls to pick your fights for you now? How pathetic. However you might want to get them to rein themselves in, otherwise something untoward might happen to your sister. It'll only take on word from me, and your sister, well who can say what will happen to her?" Chris's voice trailed off as he pulled a phone out of his pocket and held it up in the air, the look in his eyes was sinister. Slowly, and without breaking eye contact with Sam and his group he began to dial a number into his phone. As he carried out his actions Yukki only got angrier and angrier as she watched on.

A look of horror appeared on Sam's face when he heard the words of Chris and saw him pull the phone out of his pocket, he knew what he was about to do. He turned desperately to Yui and Yukki, pleading with his eyes for them to do something.

"Sam, that's the guy right? The one walking down the stairs is Chris Vallen, right?" Yukki said with an incredibly cold tone in her voice.

"Yeah that's him. Please, you've got to stop him, he's gonna hurt my sister!" Sam cried out desperately, his eyes flitting quickly between Yui and Yukki. Despite the seriousness of the situation, a carefree smile spread across Yui's face.

"Relax, we said that we would save your sister. We've got this, so just sit back and enjoy the show." Yui said with a relaxed tone in her voice. Unfortunately Yui's words didn't have the desired effect on Sam, when he saw Yui's lack of urgency he started to go into a panic.

When Chris heard the conversation between Sam and the two mysterious girls his temper flared up, they were clearly taking him lightly. They were going to save Sam's sister? Not if he had anything to do with it! After the lack of courtesy they had shown him he was no longer in the mood to be showing anyone mercy. He started to bring the phone up to his ear, ready to give the order to kill Sam's little sister. He wasn't known as a cold hearted killer by his men for no reason.

When Sam saw Chris raising his phone to his mouth a panic set in in his heart and his face became one of sheer terror. He looked again in desperation at Yui and Yukki and in that instant Yukki disappeared, before anyone could register what had happened she was standing behind Chris and had firmly grasped his hand which was holding his phone.

When Chris realized what had happened he quickly tried to pull his hand from Yukki's firm grasp, however when he put power into his arms he found that his arm wouldn't move an inch. He tried exerting more power against Yukki's hold only to find that it felt that he was pushing against a steel wall and he just couldn't free his hand at all. All of a sudden Yukki's grip started to tighten on his hand, slowly but surely his hand was being crushed!

When he felt the overwhelming pressure beginning to closely wrap around his hand, he desperately tried to channel his full power into his arm in the hope that he would be able to pull his hand free from this death grip he was currently experiencing. However the power of the young girls relatively small hands was immense! No matter how he struggled he just couldn't break free, he looked into the girls eyes and what saw him terrified Chris to his very core.

Never in his whole life had he been looked at with such empty, hate filled eyes. The strength of the girl was beginning to crack the bones in his hand and he had long dropped the phone that he was threatening Sam with so boldly just a second ago. Chris could no longer bear the pain and let out a loud, agonizing scream that sent a chill shooting down the spine of anyone listening. Once the other men gathered noticed that something clearly wasn't right with their boss they all sharply turned and charged at Yukki.

However just as they began charging towards Yukki a wave of telekinetic energy swept them all up and blasted them all outwards away from Yukki. Yui smiled widely when she observed her handiwork, she wasn't about to let these mob characters to get in the way of Yukki and Chris.

When Chris saw that no one was going to come and help him, he panicked and suddenly channeled his aura through his body. Without warning he thrust his free hand forward and a searing stream of fire shot out straight into the face of Yukki. Seeing that his attack had hit cleanly he smiled inwardly and questioned why he hadn't done that sooner. Unfortunately for him however he found that, to his absolute terror, the devastating power bearing down on his hand hadn't subsided in the slightest, in fact it was only increasing!

The flames settled after a few seconds to reveal a Yukki that was completely unscathed. Chris was starting to lose his mind when he saw that his previous attack hadn't even touched the monstrous girl behind him. The bones in his hand were now completely crushed and the pain was unbearable.

"Please stop! I'll let her go! Just let go of my hand please!" Chris screamed desperately, he just wanted the pain to go away at this point even if it meant abandoning his pride.

Yukki smiled coldly when she heard Chris's pitiful cries and she let go of his hand. When Yukki released him, Chris fell down to his knees, cradling his pulverized hand with his other free hand whilst his whole body shook violently. Waves of pain assaulted his body relentlessly and threatened to overwhelm his mind completely before a cold voice snapped him out of his meltdown.

"Oi, I didn't let you go for nothing. You better get his sister down here in the next 5 minutes otherwise next, I'm going to crush your other hand." Yukki said frigidly, not attempting to hide the threat in her voice in any way. Chris let out a high pitched squeal when he heard the words of Yukki and quickly began dialing a number into the phone with his uninjured hand.

"Quick! Bring the kids sister down here now! And don't you dare even harm a hair on their head!" Chris shouted down the phone with a shaking voice, tears were starting to form in his eyes at this point.

Sam watched on with disbelief at the pitiful figure of Chris, who was currently crying on his knees on the floor. This demon who had tormented him for the past couple of years had been brought to his knees so comprehensively before him. Soon he would be able to take his little sister away from this place and this whole ordeal would be quickly forgotten like some sort of bad dream. He could feel the immense pressure that had been weighing upon his heart begin to lighten and a look of peace appeared on his face.

Chris noticed the look of peace on Sam's face and instantly became furious. He wanted to hurt him! No, he wanted to kill this little punk, but what could he do with the two monstrous girls looming over him, watching his every move?

At this moment one of Chris's grunts walked in with Sam's little sister Vena following closely behind. When the siblings eyes met, both of their expressions lit up instantly and they both called out each other's names in joy. The weight on Sam's heart at this point had completely disappeared and he felt carefree and happy for the first time in a very long time.

Chris watched on in disgust before a wicked thought surfaced in his mind.

"Maybe I can't hurt you, but it won't take much to hurt your precious little sister!" Chris cried out madly, the pain in his hand and the extreme anger in his heart had caused him to completely lose his sense of reason at this point. As his mind descended into almost complete madness, he no longer cared about the consequences of his actions and was only concerned with paying Sam back for what he had done to him. If he hadn't brought those girls to his doorstep none of this would have happened! His hand was ruined forever! It was all his fault!

At an incredible speed a flash of burning flame shot out of Chris's hand and burst towards Sam's sister Vena.

"No!" Sam cried out desperately when he saw what was about to happen.

However in the very instant that the fire burst from the hand of Chris it fizzled out to nothing, before even coming close to the terrified Vena. Chris and Sam both had looks of confusion on their face seeing the unexpected result of Chris's attack, in desperation Chris tried again only to produce the same result. The fire would leave his hand and then dissipate instantly, before it could travel any kind of distance. This obviously wasn't what Chris was intending and the dumbfounded look of confusion on his face said everything about what he was thinking. As he stood there, bewildered, the relaxed voice of Yui rang out.

"Sam what are you getting worried about? I told you, we've got this. No one can wield flames in my presence, unless I allow them to. You're a brave man to even try Chris Vallen, however you made a poor choice here. The look on my dear sisters face says that you are in for a world of hurt."

When Chris heard the words of Yui he came back to his senses and a look of sheer dread appeared on his face as he slowly turned around to look at Yukki. Yui wasn't lying, the look on Yukki's face truly was atrocious; her eyes were as cold as planet Kumlana's north pole and her expression was one of pure anger.

"No, no sis. I would say he's quite lucky, he gets to experience something quite rare today. You know Chris, after you handed over Sam's sister I was just going to leave you in peace, after all it's not my job to clean up every scumbag off the streets of Rinma city. However after observing you further I have come to the conclusion that you are too dangerous of a person to own powers as strong as you do." Yukki trailed off for a moment letting her words sink in.

It didn't take long for Chris to understand what Yukki was hinting at here. There was only one way to prevent a superhuman from being able to use their powers, that was to kill them! When he realized this fact, the look of fear on his face became one of panic as he fully aware that these two girls could kill him without even breaking a sweat.

"Y-you're going to kill me?!" Chris said with fear and disbelief permeating his voice.

"Kill you? No, no, I'm not gonna kill you. I'm gonna... Well I guess it will be easier just for me to do it rather than explain it." Yukki said nonchalantly.

After she finished speaking her whole body started to glow in a bright white light, starting at first with quite a dim glow but swiftly intensifying into a blinding luminance. Soon Yukki's features could barely be discerned and were replaced by the incredible white light.

Chris watched on with astonishment, what the hell was happening here? The power that Yukki was putting out right now was unfathomable, like nothing that he had ever experienced before. On one hand Chris was just in sheer awe of the otherworldly aura being exuded by Yukki, however on the other hand he was scared stiff by the unknown fate that awaited him after Yukki finally released the move that she had been building.

Yukki's aura was still building and it was almost becoming unbearable for the weaker Sam and Vena and they were forced backwards until they were practically out of the building. When they stepped outside of the building they were shocked to find that the light was now so extensive that a thick pillar of light was extending up into the sky. Just what was Yukki about to do? Sam thought to himself in amazement.

All of a sudden the blinding figure of Yukki shot forward and slammed her palm into the chest of Chris.

"May the universe judge you. Cosmic aura-breaking palm."


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