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After blasting through the blockade set up by Amelie and the mob of guards she brought with her, Yukki, Yui and Sam faced didn't face much more resistance as they travelled through the rest of the prison. The way out from that point on was lightly guarded and with the power cancelling bracelets now removed from their wrists, they easily swept aside any obstacles in their way.

It wasn't long before the group of three made it to the main entrance of the prison where they found another group of guards, awaiting their arrival. Sam looked at the faces of the guards and recognized one of them as the man who had been lecturing him before Yui and Yukki had arrived, Connal Bruce.

The look on his face was truly atrocious, filled with anger and frustration. Connal had thought for sure, this time he had caught him, but now he was only a few steps away from escaping! When he had heard that the blue light burglar had been broken out of his cell he gathered all the guards he could to the main entrance and prepared to stop them himself, whatever it took.

Not long after had he gathered the guards at the entrance had he heard the news that Amelie Roth, the head warden was going out personally to stop them. When he heard this he felt a bit silly for gathering all of these guards, after all, if the head warden was making a move there was no way they were going to be needed. However for some reason Connal just couldn't give the order to his guards to stand down.

His gut was telling him that he needed to stay here just to be sure. He didn't know how they could possibly slip by Amelie but he didn't want to take any chances, not after how hard he had worked to catch the blue light burglar.

For 10 years Connal had always trusted his gut and it hadn't let him down so far, he was really hoping that today it would be wrong for the first time. Unfortunately for for him he was right again, and before him the breakout group stood intimidatingly. He already had heard about what had gone down earlier in the cell block, these punks hadn't just managed to luck out and slip past Amelie by some small miracle. Instead they had comfortably destroyed Amelie and the large number of guards that she had brought with her!

Connal could only imagine the strength that it would take to overwhelmingly crush the head warden, he knew for a fact that he definitely couldn't accomplish such an unreasonable thing. He gulped loudly now that he was face to face with such unrealistically powerful opponents, the auras that they were exuding definitely didn't lose out to the head wardens in any way. In fact they may even be slightly stronger than the head wardens, a fact which only served to intimidate Connal even more.

However Connal steeled himself and glared at Yui and Yukki with determination in his eyes, he wasn't going to let them get away even if he had to give his life away to do it! No one can escape the long arm of justice, no matter how powerful you are!

"You're in the way, move."

Yui's words rang out with a hint of exhaustion as she waved her arm in front of her. A mass of sweeping telekinetic energy followed her action and crashed into all of the guards that were standing in their way. Yui sighed, the day so far had been long and exhausting, she had exerted way more energy than she had wanted to. All she wanted to do now was finish up their objectives for the day and have a nap, she didn't have the energy to play around with the small fry blocking their way.

Connal and all of the other guards were caught up in Yui's merciless attack and smashed into a wall off to the side.

"It's over? Just like that? That's not fair..." Connal thought to himself as his consciousness slipped away from him. After Connal had worked up such incredible resolve, to have it swept aside so heartlessly really was too much for him.

"I'm definitely going on a holiday after this..." These were the final thoughts of a thoroughly defeated Connal before he passed out entirely.

Yui and Yukki sighed heavily as they kicked down the final door to the outside. The other visitors in the prison watched on with fear and astonishment as the group of three just casually left through the front door.

As they stepped outside the brutal cold of Rinma city assaulted their whole bodies, causing them to crease their brows in discomfort.

"Come on, show us the way to Chris Vallen. Let's go save your little sister." Yukki said with a tired smile on her face. When Sam heard this his eyes lit up and he nodded his head firmly.

He couldn't believe how his fate had changed on this day. At the start of the day if someone had told him that today would be the day he would be able free his little sister from Chris Vallen's clutches, he would have laughed in their face. However now, here he was on his way to confront Chris Vallen with two of the most stupidly powerful superhumans he had ever met! He was filled with a childlike excitement when he thought of how Chris would soon get his just desserts.

With these thoughts in his mind he began teleporting in the direction of Chris's hideaway, with Yui and Yukki steadily following him behind.

Meanwhile in an abandoned warehouse in another part of the city, a man was sat by himself in a room by himself. He had a ferocious expression on his face and his chin was resting on his intertwined fingers. The man sat in the chair was Chris Vallen.

He was angry because he had heard the news of his Cash cow, Sam Lacoti getting caught by the police. Today he had sent Sam to rob one of the highest end jewelry stores in the city. The amount of jewelry that he was having Sam steal was worth about one million galactic credits! Chris had already begun to fantasize about what he would spend his new fortune on when Sam brought home the prize load, so when he found out he had been caught he was furious at how incompetent Sam was.

Chris was sat alone steaming when all of a sudden there was a knock on the door, followed by a voice.

"Boss, it's me Dave."

Chris was still angry, but Dave was his most trusted follower so he couldn't bring himself to snap at him.

"Dave is it? Come in, what do you need?" Chris said whilst putting on a calm expression.

At Chris's words Dave entered into the room, Dave was a tall slender man with a skin head. He looked at Chris timidly and said:

"Well, what are we going to do about Sam?"

"Hmm, I don't know. It will be tough to find a replacement, he was pretty convenient to have around..." Chris's voice trailed off as he thought about what he should do next. His words showed no sign of hiding what Sam was to them, nothing more than a tool to use for their convenience.

"I don't know, I guess put some feelers out for another homeless kid with powers. There are plenty of homeless kids about, I'm sure one or two of them have powers that can be useful to us." Chris said with an evil tone in his voice.

"Very well, I will get send out some of the boys to have a look. However in the meantime, what are we going to do about the girl? You know, his little sister?" Dave said.

Chris's eyes widened for a second and his face became filled with nonchalance, as if he had only just remembered about her existence.

"Oh, her? Well if we look at Sam's crimes he's gonna be in there for at least ten years, so he doesn't really hold much use for us anymore. So she doesn't really fulfill any purpose either, just get rid of her." Chris said casually, as if he was just ordering a meal or greeting someone.

Dave was already aware of Chris's cold hearted nature and just nodded before turning to face the door. He wasn't completely comfortable with Chris's command but he knew how ruthless Chris was to those who disobeyed his orders.

He definitely wasn't about to defy him over a little bit of discomfort, so he would get it done no matter the cost. Just as Dave opened the door the building shook suddenly and a loud boom could be heard resonating through the building.

After the loud boom an equally loud feminine voice could be heard.

"Chris Vallen! Get your ass down here! I'm gonna kick it from here to the other side of the city!"

The voice was loud enough even to be heard where they were, and the words resonated in the ears of Chris. His face once again filled with fury as his true emotions came bursting forth. It had been a tough day in the eyes of Chris and now someone had dared to make trouble on his turf? Did they have a death wish? He wondered to himself angrily.

"Dave forget that order for now. It seems like we got some trouble makers. Gather everyone! We are gonna teach these punks a lesson in manners!"