Wuxiaworld > Alexandria“s Genesis > 22 Yui vs Amelie

Yukki stood a few meters away from Amelie, her eyes were narrowed and she was carefully observing the blue haired woman before her. Yukki's mighty aura began to flare up and clashed against Amelie's own aura, the guards watching on felt as though they were about to watch two Queens face off.

Yukki felt like she had observed Amelie for long enough and was about to make a move, when all of a sudden a third almighty aura flared up and a voice from a distance away caused Yukki to halt her attack.

"Yo sis, can you leave this woman to me? I've got to pay her back for that little gift she just gave me. Sam I suggest you go and hide in that corner over there, things are about to get rough." Yui's voice rang out from down the corridor, her tone was harsh and her face was full of frustration.

Sam didn't need to be told twice as he quickly stepped out of the way of the approaching Yui, who had a fearsome expression on her face.

When Yukki saw the expression on Yui's face she sighed helplessly and relaxed her stance, stepping back slightly she spoke up.

"Fine. But don't you forget what I told you earlier. No matter what you aren't to use your main power, got it?" Yukki said with a serious tone.

"Yeah, yeah, this girl isn't worth me using it anyway. Don't worry about it." Yui said with a haughty voice. Yukki smiled when she heard the confident words of Yui, Yukki knew that she was making light of her opponent here. However the fact of the matter was, that this girl who faced them down right now was one of the strongest opponents that they had come across in a long time. After Yukki saw Amelie's first attack she was surprised to see that there were unexpectedly still people this strong hidden away in corners of the galaxy.

Amelie heard the exchange between the two sisters and her face twisted in anger, she couldn't believe that she was being looked down on by the girl she just sent flying!

"It seem that I didn't hit you hard enough last time, I already told you that this is the end. I can assure you that you will not be escaping from here!" Amelie shouted out viciously. When Yui heard the aggressive words of Amelie she smiled underneath her face mask and she quickly slipped back into her delinquent character.

"Hah? You ain't gonna stop our free spirit with a little thing like that! I thought I had been bitten by a mosquito! With big boobs like that weighing you down, you won't ever be able to hit me properly!" Yui shouted provocatively trying to unsettle Amelie's mental state with her crude insults and false confidence.

When Amelie heard Yui's crude words she immediately blushed and staggered a few steps backwards, Yui's insult seemed to have flustered her more than Yui was imagining it would.

"W-what has the size of my boobs got do to with my attacks? Yours are pretty big too! Are you saying that it doesn't affect you as well?" Amelie shouted back with bright red cheeks and a tone of embarrassment in her voice.

Yui's eyes widened in surprise when she saw the embarrassed reaction and she was slightly taken back by the incredible gap between her looks and her current actions. "I wasn't expecting this kind of response from someone who looks so cold, but whatever, I can make this work" Yui thought to herself whilst smiling. The anger that Yui was feeling after being blasted away had dissipated, and was replaced by excited joy at finding a new person to tease. With a wide smile hidden beneath her mask she spoke up again in a taunting voice.

"Yeah you're right, my boobs are quite big, but unlike you I don't have a fat butt weighing me down." A devious smile spread on Yui's face and her eyes betrayed her mischievous intentions.

"My bum isn't fat! It's just nicely toned!" Amelie cried out as she became more and more flustered.

"Who are you kidding lady? I can tell, you haven't been doing as well on your diet as you had hoped right?" Yui taunted.

"How did you kno-, I mean, that's nonsense! I'm not even on a diet!" Amelie stumbled in her speech for a moment and Yui smiled yet again. She hadn't expected to be able to stall Amelie in this way, however since the opportunity had arisen she was going to make the most of it. Because while Yui was dominating Amelie in their verbal slinging match, Yukki was currently dominating the large number of guards who had assembled as well.

Yukki flitted in between the guards like a phantom, taking out one guard after another with every devastating punch that she threw. Yellow bolts of energy were flying through the air from the guards stun guns as they tried to neutralize Yukki as best they could.

However Yukki really was too fast for them, she was completing multiple teleportations every second and the guards just simply couldn't follow her rapid movements. It seemed Yukki was exerting her full might for the final push towards the exit, and the maneuvers that she was executing would be certain to leave anyone watching on in awe.

Sam was one such person, as he watched from afar a number of thoughts flew through his mind. He knew for certain that he was glad it wasn't him on the end of Yukki's otherworldly techniques, however he was also in awe of her power.

He couldn't even imagine the power it would take to complete as many teleportations as Yukki was currently, in such a short space of time. I wonder if I could ever become that strong, Sam thought to himself briefly as he became excited by the prospect of learning teleportation under Yukki.

Yukki was making short work of the guards but, the sheer number of them meant that it was still taking her some time to take out all of the guards.

Meanwhile the verbal slinging match was coming to a close between Yui and Amelie. Just by looking at the faces of the two women it was clear who was the Victor of this match. Yui's face was calm and collected, she had a smile underneath her mask and her eyes were shining brightly with enjoyment. On the other hand Amelie looked thoroughly embarrassed, her cheeks were bright pink and she was stuttering in her speech.

"Y-y-you! Never in my whole life has anyone insulted me like you have. I'll kill you!" Amelie had finally had enough of Yui's verbal abuse and had finally snapped. All of a sudden she shot fowards at a blinding speed and prepared to slam a fist right at Yui.

Yui sighed now she knew that she would have to face her opponent head on from here on out and took up a solid battle stance.

Amelie arrived in front of Yui in no time at all and threw a punch straight at Yui's face. Yui had seen this one coming and side stepped the attack, throwing a counter punch of her own in the process. However Amelie hadn't lost it to such a degree that she couldn't dodge this and also quickly back stepped to avoid the punch.

At this moment Yui opened up her fist and a wave of telekinetic energy burst out from her palm straight towards the face of Amelie. Caught by surprise, all Amelie could do was swiftly lean back to avoid the blast. The wave of energy swept over her body and past her before she leaped backward in order for her to put some space between her and Yui.

Amelie narrowed her eyes and carefully looked Yui up and down, both Yui and Amelie we're beginning to realize that the person before them wasn't someone they could underestimate. Yui moved first and abruptly clapped her hands together in front of her and two large walls of telekinetic energy came crashing into Amelie from both her left and right.

The pressure from the two walls of energy was immense and it took everything that Amelie had to stop her bones from being crushed. Amelie gritted her teeth and the aura surrounding her grew and clashed against the telekinetic walls, causing the air in the cell block to shake.

Suddenly Amelie let out a loud cry and a thick blue lightning bolt shot out from her and crashed into Yui with collosal force. Yui was once again, sent flying by Amelie's brutal attack and crashed heavily into the wall near where Sam was currently hiding.

Sam looked over at Yui's pitiful state with extreme concern, she was currently wedged deeply into a hole in the wall. Sam glanced over at Yukki in the hope that she could come and help Yui. However, right now Yukki was currently wrapped up in dealing with the swarms of guards, Yukki barely even had time to breathe, let alone help out yui.

Sam started to worry at this point, if Amelie overwhelmed Yui before Yukki could deal with the guards, then their chances of escaping successfully would be cut massively. When he realized this Sam looked at Yui and spoke up timidly.

"Erm, why don't you tear the bracelets off now? I mean they already know we are here now, so it doesn't really matter if the alarms go off. I think you might be able to use your powers better then."

Yui turned her head slowly to look at Sam, then she looked down at her arms and then looked back at Sam before dropping her head in disappointment. Dark lines had appeared on Yui's face and she suddenly seemed deeply pained by something.

"Urgh. I'm such an idiot. I got so caught up in the fight I forgot that I had them on. No wonder things didn't feel quite right." Yui said with a hint of embarrassment in her voice. Sam also couldn't believe what he was hearing, how could you forget something as important as that? At the end of the day, they were devices so effective that they completely sapped Sam of his power. He simply couldn't believe that Yui had completely forgotten about their presence.

Yui was extremely embarrassed at her actions but she had no time to worry about it now as Amelie was once again charging at her, ready to unleash her next attack. Yui grabbed the bracelets at her wrists and easily tore them off, as if the bracelets were made of paper.

The instant that she tore them off loud alarm bells began ringing throughout the whole prison and at the same time as this, Yui's aura exploded to an overwhelming level. Without waiting around Yui thrust her palm forward and released a collosal wave of rippling energy in the direction of the charging Amelie.

Due to the incredible speed and extreme size of the attack Amelie could not dodge the attack this time around and crashed into the wave harshly. Now that Yui had torn off the bracelets, her power had elevated to a new level and the power of the attack she had just unleashed was irresistible. It was now Amelie's turn to be sent flying and the wave of powerful telekinetic energy sent her crashing into a wall on the other side of the cell block.

A giant hand print was carved into the wall in which Amelie was buried currently, the power of Yui's attack was just simply on another level. In the brief moment before she passed out, Amelie could only think about the fact that Yui had been fighting the whole time with power cancelling bracelets on. Not only was I not able to beat her silly, but she even managed to match me in a fight with those bracelets on?

"How ridiculous..." Amelie managed to mutter before her eyes rolled back and she fell unconscious.

Yui breathed a deep sigh of relief. She may have crushed her in one attack in the end, but Yui was fully aware that Amelie was quite an impressive superhuman. If anyone else had tried to break out of this prison, other than herself and Yukki, then she had no doubt that Amelie would have absolutely crushed them.

Yui once again let out a deep sigh as she looked over to Yukki, it seemed that she too had had a bit of a rough time with all those guards. Nevertheless she had just about finished up with them and looked over at Yui and Sam.

"Come on. Let's get the hell out of here." Yukki shouted with exhaustion in her voice. It had been a long day so far.