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21 Prison Break 2

Sam panted heavily as he ran at full pace trying to keep up with Yui and Yukki as they sped through the corridors of the prison. They turned a corner and came across a couple more men standing guard in front of another giant Synthian Steel door.

Before the two guards could even ask them who they were, Yukki had flashed beside them in an instant. She quickly threw a swift left-right, one punch to each of the guards jaws, cleanly knocking them unconscious. Sam watched on from behind and was astounded at the incredible speed Yukki had teleported. Unlike other top teleporters he had seen there was no delay in her teleportation, it was instant, and it was many times faster than his own top speed.

As a teleporter himself he was well aware of how difficult it was to teleport as fast as Yukki had. After all, teleporting was effectively ripping a hole through space and throwing yourself through it. So the faster you tried to complete this process the more energy you would have to exert to do so. So when he saw the speed at which Yukki completed her teleportation he could only sigh with amazement.

Yui was already charging towards the door, ready to try and smash it down before Yukki abruptly called out.


Yui quickly ground to halt just short of the massive door. Having been stopped so suddenly and for no obvious reason Yui turned to look at Yukki with a look of surprise and bewilderment on her face.

"What is it?" Yui called out still confused by Yukki's shout. Yukki looked Yui in the eye with a stern look on her face before firmly addressing Yui.

"I'm going to say this now because things might get a bit wild later, but Yui if things get a bit tough, no matter what, you can't use your fire power's." Yukki's tone was heavy and her expression was solemn.

Yui's face immediately turned grumpy when she heard Yukki's afflictive words and she complained in a moaning voice.

"Eh? Why? I don't want to use my other powers." Complained Yui in a childish manner. Yukki's eyebrows immediately twitched when she heard Yui's childlike whining and her expression became one of annoyance.

"Yui. Let me remind you why I was forced to dye my hair blonde today. It's because when I said we needed disguises you absolutely insisted that the police would recognize me if I didn't dye my hair blonde! You said I simply had to dye it if we didn't want anyone to recognize us later on as Ten no Ryū teachers! Now, speaking of being recognized, need I remind you the mess you made in Morningstar city a few days ago? The whole Galaxy knows what happened, and about the incredibly powerful fire breathing girl from the brand new Ten no Ryū academy!"

Yui flinched when she heard that Yukki knew about what happened and laughed nervously when faced with her little sisters anger.

"Ah, you heard about that?"

"Damn straight I did! Right now your flames are your defining mark, so who do you think is going to spring to their minds if you start spewing flames left and right here!? I'm telling you right now, if you use your fire they are going to find us out. So no fire. Do you understand me?" Yukki said commandingly.

"Tch, fine." Yui said begrudgingly whilst pouting like a child. Seeing that she had got what she wanted Yukki nodded her head in satisfaction. Sam stood behind them and watched their whole conversation take place, he also nodded in agreement when Yui agreed not to use her fire power's.

Having accepted her fate Yui once again faced the looming metal door before them. This door was a lot larger than the one Yui broke down before and Sam was interested to see if she could just as cleanly break this one down as well. While still pouting and with her hands stuffed in her trouser pockets by her sides she kicked out viciously at the door. Once again the door couldn't handle the sheer force of Yui's attack and was ripped cleanly out of the door frame, falling down to the ground with a reverberating thud.

The number of guards on the other side of the door slowly turned to face Yui and Yukki as they tried to link the broken door to the pouting young woman on the other side of the door. The guards gradually digested the scene in front of them before one of the guards cried out:

"Sound the alarm! We have intruders!"

There was about 6 guards in this particular part of the prison and the speed in which they reacted displayed their high level of training and experience. 5 of the guards pulled out their stun guns and took aim at the intruders while the remaining free guard made a break for the panic alarm just a few meters away from him. They carried out these actions efficiently without any communication's between them, once again exhibiting their high standard of training.

Yui and Yukki didn't waste time making their moves either, as soon as Yukki saw the one guard shooting towards the obvious red panic button her figure flashed. In an instant she was standing in between the guard and the panic button and was already throwing her fist upwards towards the guards chin. Caught unaware, the guard took the the full force of Yukki's punch without resistance and was swiftly knocked unconscious.

At the same time Yui swept her arm out in front of her and a wave of rippling energy tore through the air in the direction of the other 5 guards. The wave of energy quickly swept past them and in doing so, ripped the stun guns from their hands and flung them far away from themselves.

With their best means of defense having being brutally taken away from them, the guards could only put up a short resistance before they were cleaned up by the two sisters.

As he followed them from behind Sam's impression of his two new teachers was only improving. Just now their coordination had been perfect, they hadn't even had to exchange words for them to figure out the best plan of attack against these guards. It had only been a few seconds but they had already taken out this group of guards and as they progressed they seemed to be getting even faster. This was all with the power cancelling bracelets on! Unfortunately they couldn't remove the bracelets at the moment as it would trigger the alarms and make their breakaway all that more difficult. However he couldn't help but be curious about how strong they would be once eventually took them off.

As Sam's mind wondered, the group of three progressed speedily in this manner through the prison, quickly crushing any guards that they came across. While they were progressing rapidly through the maze like corridors of the prison, in a different part of the prison their actions had not gone unnoticed.

Here in the main security room office of the prison a number of officers watched the large screen on the wall intently with looks of horror on their faces.

The screen was, of course, displaying the live footage of; Yui, Yukki, and Sam's breakout attempt. The officers couldn't hide the looks of shock on their faces as they watched them tear through group after group of highly experienced guards, making it seem as if they were nothing more than training dolls. Even their triple reinforced Synthian steel doors were only able to act as punching toy's for these two monsters.

"Are they even wearing the power cancelling bracelets?" One officer cried out in terror.

"They must be! If they had broken them or removed them without our permission then all the alarms would have gone off!" Another officer shouted in reply.

When the group of officers heard these words they began glancing around anxiously and a loud commotion enveloped the room. It's not like they had never had to face an attempted breakout before, but those attempts had all been tame and they were easily supressed by the prison and it's guards.

However, never before had they faced a breakout by anyone that threatened them as much as the one they were currently facing. The two girls currently blasting their way through the prison were perhaps, the most powerful people they had ever faced.

When they watched the CCTV footage back they could see that they had clearly put the power cancelling bracelets on, normally this is enough to take the bite out of even the most powerful individuals. However, in this case it seemed like the bracelets hadn't affected the at all! When they had seen the level of power they had displayed even with the bracelets on, the panic in the room had reached a fever pitch.


All of a sudden a powerful female voice cut through the clamor of the room and silenced the panicking officers. The expressions of the officers sharply hardened and the officers in the room stood up straight abruptly.

"Head Warden!" The officers called out in unison whilst saluting. The person who had just entered the room was the head Warden of Rinma city prison. She was a tall, light blue haired woman who carried a commanding aura about her. She was incredibly beautiful woman with a curvaceous body that her loose militaristic uniform was unable to hide. The head wardens name was Amelie Roth.

Amelie Roth was not only an incredible beauty but also an incredibly capable superhuman and person. At the young age of 24 she had already worked her way up through the ranks of the police force up to her current position as head warden of Rinma city prison. Such a feat was only possible as a result of her massive power level and brilliant mind. Right now however, her beautiful face was twisted in anger and frustration.

"I come here in response to an emergency, and when I get here I find you flapping about like a bunch of idiots!" The head Warden berated loudly.

The officers in the room gulped audibly as a cold sweat formed on their foreheads. No one in the room dared to speak up at this moment and resolved to stay silent for now.

Amelie sighed when she saw the fickle nature of her officers and lamented the fact that she didn't have more reliable subordinates. Softening her expression slightly, Amelie tried to get a better grasp of the so called emergency.

"So, what's this emergency? I rushed here from a meeting with the head of police, so it better be damn important." Amelie said with a chilling tone in her voice. A shiver shot down the spines of the officers when they heard her words and they didn't dare remain quiet any longer.

"Head warden, please have a look!" Stammering, one of the officers answered her while pointing at the large screen on the wall. Amelie followed the direction of the officers finger and turned to look at the screen on the wall.

As Amelie watched the scenes unfolding on the screen her eyes narrowed and her expression became more and more intense.

"You were right to call me for this, these two are not people you can handle." Amelie said with a grave tone in her voice. When the officers heard this they breathed a deep sigh of relief, it seems that they wouldn't be facing the head wardens full wrath today.

After watching the footage for a few moment later Amelie turned to address the other officers.

"Gather all of the strongest guards and station them at cell block C, I will meet them there and face the two intruders myself." Amelie said with a commanding voice. When the officers heard that the head Warden would be making a move herself they breathed another sigh of relief. Who among them wasn't aware of how absurdly powerful the head warden was? The two girls on the screen were strong but they couldn't imagine anyone matching up to the head warden, especially while they were wearing the power cancelling bracelets.

"No one has ever broken out of Rinma city prison before and I have no intention of letting these two punks be the first! So stop your dawdling and get to work!" Amelie shouted out powerfully before turning sharply and heading towards the door.

When the door closed behind her the officers in the room finally relaxed their stances and their shoulders slouched. The head wardens aura really was too oppressive, it was impossible to relax around her! However even now, they dared not relax for too long and soon started to busy themselves with carrying out Amelie's orders.

Meanwhile Sam and the two sisters were quickly progressing through the prison and had reached yet another massive steel door.

"After this door we are almost clear, this is the last cell block before the main entrance, break it down Yui we are almost through!" Yukki shouted excitedly as she could see the end in sight.

"Alright! Here we go!" Yui shouted back as she slammed her fist into the door, equally excited as they approached the end of their break out.

As expected, the door couldn't stand up against the force of Yui's punch and was torn from it's frame and landed loudly on the ground. However this time they were not met by the astounded gazes of a handful of guards but instead, the moment the door hit the ground a blue lightning bolt shot towards Yui at a dazzling speed.

The lightning bolt was following the fist of Amelie who stopped right in front of Yui and sent her lightning charged fist straight at Yui's face. The speed of this attack caught even Yui by surprise and she was only capable of throwing up her arms to block the fist. Amelie's fist collided with Yui's guard and, caught unaware, Yui was unable to fend off the full force of Amelie's attack and was blasted backward in an explosion of blue lightning.

As soon as Amelie's attack landed Yukki made her move, teleporting behind Amelie in an instant and throwing out a punch of her own. Amelie however, seemed to have anticipated this and, turning quickly threw a punch of her own in Yukki's direction.

Their fists collided with a resounding bang and turbulent waves of energy pulsated outwards, originating from their fists. After a few brief moments both Amelie and Yukki were sent stumbling a few steps backwards.

Yukki narrowed her eyes when she came to a stop and began quickly reassessing the woman before her, it was quite clear that she wasn't some run-of-the-mill guard just by the way that she had blasted Yui away.

Amelie stood a few meters away from Yukki holding a firm fighting stance, while snakes of blue electricity coiled around her whole body. She was currently wearing a fierce expression on her face and she was emanating a powerfully oppressive aura. She spoke up in a cold voice:

"Sorry ladies, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to bring an end to your happy little escapade."