Alexandria's Genesis
20 Prison Break
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Alexandria's Genesis
Author :TopRailGun
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20 Prison Break

Sam sat there dumbfounded, his face still stinging from Yui's fierce slap just now. His tears had long dried up and he was now a bit embarrassed by his earlier outburst of emotion, but the situation really had overwhelmed him for a moment.

For his whole life Sam had dealt with an incredible amount stress and hardships all by himself. He had never relied on someone else to help him and no one had ever offered to help him either. As a result of this he had always put on a brave face despite how troubled he was inside. So when Yui and Yukki both appeared before him in his time of need and said that they would help him he couldn't help but unload all of his heartache on the two of them, despite hardly knowing them at all.

However right now his face was filled with disbelief as he listened to the plans of Yui and Yukki.

"I don't see a way how we can get him out peacefully, I think our best option is to use brute strength and force our way out." Yui said with complete seriousness.

"Yeah I agree, however make sure you don't use fatal force on anyone. It's bad enough that we are breaking out a criminal from jail, we don't want to make it worse by killing some of the guards by using too much force." Yukki replied with an equally serious look on her face.

Sam sat there, unable to believe what he was hearing. When Yui and Yukki had come in and said that they would get him out of prison, he had expected that they would have a well thought out plan. After all, Rinma city's prison was an extremely high security facility. The whole building was covered by an anti-teleportation field and all the prisoners and visitors were required to wear power cancelling bracelets effectively rendering everyone other than the guards in the building normal human beings.

To make matters worse both Yui and Yukki were already wearing the power cancelling bracelets, how were they expecting to break out with sheer brute force when they couldn't even use their powers?

"Um, you do realize that those bracelets on your wrists are gonna stop you from using your powers?" Sam said to the two cautiously. Both Yui and Yukki turned to stare at him blankly for a few seconds before bursting out in laughter.

"Haha you thought that these little trinkets are enough to block our powers?" Yui said while doubling over with laughter.

"Haha that's hilarious. These toys might be enough to fully block your powers, but in our case it's barely enough to dampen our powers." Yukki also said cheerfully whilst wiping a tear from her eyes.

Sam looked on hopelessly as the two young women laughed ceaselessly at his previous words. He was starting to feel stupid for bringing up the point and he started shuffling about in his chair uncomfortably.

"Are you seriously trying to tell me that those bracelets aren't affecting you at all?" Sam cried out defiantly to Yui's and Yukki's laughter. When Yui and Yukki heard Sam's lack of faith in them they sighed in unison.

"Here let me explain it to you." Yukki said as she took one of the spare seats and pulled it in front of Sam.

"Imagine that these bracelets are like a debuff for a second. Now imagine the strength of your superhuman powers is your level, let's say for example you would be about level 5. These bracelets debuff reduce your level by, let's say, 20. Now, for most people that is enough of a debuff to drop them right down to level 0, or in this case a normal person. However I would say that me and Yui are closer to level 100, therefore a drop from level 100 to 80 isn't really going to affect our abilities that much. Do you get it?"

Sam sat there slack jawed as he nodded his head slowly. Were these two actually that powerful or was she just saying that to give an example? How exact was Yukki's comparison just now? Was she really 20 times more powerful than he was or was she just exaggerating for her illustration? These questions rushed through his mind as Yukki got up from her seat and walked up to Sam. Sam's eyes were still wide open as Yukki walked up to him and helped him out of his seat.

"Are you honestly saying you two are twenty times stronger than me?" Sam said with a tone of disbelief in his voice. He didn't believe that a person could be that strong and it had come as quite a shock to him when Yui and Yukki had claimed that they were so powerful. When Yui heard the unbelieving voice of Sam she smirked and spoke up with a boasting voice.

"20 times? No, Yukki just gave that number randomly as part of the explanation. If we were to compare you and us accurately then I would say the number is closer to 50."

Sam breathed a small sigh of relief when he heard Yui's answer. 10 times stronger than him was still insane but these two were supposed to be teachers at superhuman schools so it made sense for them to be that strong.

"Ah you are closer to level 50 then, so you're more like 10 time stronger than I am right? That's still incredible, I can't even imagine being that strong." Sam said emotionally, nodding his head while he was speaking. Yui tilted her head and raised one of her eyebrows upon hearing Sam's words.

"No, I think you've misunderstood me. I didn't mean level 50, I meant that, in reality, me and Yukki are about 50 times stronger than you are. You shouldn't take the numbers Yukki used randomly as fact you know?" Yui said with bewilderment.

Sam truly didn't know what to say this time around. He couldn't believe what he was hearing, in fact he didn't believe it. He had started to suspect that Yui was lying to him, there was no way anyone could be that strong, especially someone as young as Yui and Yukki. He was about to call out Yui for lying and ask her to tell the truth but before he could Yukki spoke up.

"Alright then Yui, Sam, are you ready for this?"

"Yeah, let's do this. Sam just stay behind us and try to keep up ok? I want to be almost out of the door by the time they get a chance to ring the alarm. Oh actually I had better tell Asai and Momoka to clear out of here before we start." Yui said confidently as she pulled her phone out of her pocket.

As Yui called Asai and Momoka to tell them to go back to the ship for now, Sam stood there aimlessly, his trauma only getting worse. They were serious about breaking out of here with force? Could it be that they are really that strong? No! There's no way. It would be tough enough to break out of Rinma city prison even with the full use of ones powers, don't even think about trying to do it with the power cancelling bracelets on. I can't even imagine how strong you would have to be to pull off such a feat. Just as Sam was about to voice his thoughts and try to talk some sense into the the two, Yui finished her phone call and smiled brightly.

"Alright! Let's bust this joint!" Yui shouted cheerfully as she paced towards the door with purpose. Just as Sam was wondering what exactly she was going to do, Yui pulled her fist back and threw a punch at the reinforced door. Sam sighed when he saw her actions, that door is a triple reinforced Synthian steel door, there's no way you're going to break it down by punching it, Sam thought to himself hopelessly.


As Yui's punch made contact with the door, the metal of the door twisted violently and the door was ripped powerfully from it's hinges. There was so much force behind the door that it carried on after it had been ripped from the door frame and crashed into the wall on the opposite side of the prison corridor. The two guards standing on either side of the door just stared for a moment at the ruined door before realizing what was happening.

Quickly they turned and reached for powerful stun gun in their holsters but before they could even finish turning they were met by the fists of Yui and Yukki. Their punches landed cleanly and the guards crumpled to the ground, unconscious. Yui let out a small sigh of relief and turned to Yukki.

"So you're sure you can't teleport us out of here?"

"Unfortunately not. With a combination of these bracelets and the excessive amount of anti teleportation fields covering this place I'm not confident I can teleport us out easily. I don't want to overexert myself when it will probably be easier to leave through the front door." Yukki replied with a look of exasperation on her face. Yui smiled widely when she heard the arrogant words of her younger sister.

"Well that's true. Do you remember the way out of here Yukki?"

Yukki stepped forward and held her head up proudly, the aura that she was exuding was similar to that of a Queen.

"Humph! That goes without saying. Follow me." Yukki said with arrogance dripping off of her every word. This was the Yukki that Yui was more familiar with, extremely arrogant and confident in her abilities. When they had decided to start a school Yukki acknowledged that she would have to change this trait of hers if she was going to be a respectable teacher and for the most part, she had succeeded.

However on occasions like this she tended to get caught up in the moment and slip back into her old habits. When Yui caught a glimpse of Yukki's old self she smiled with nostalgia and began following her lead.

Sam hadn't moved a muscle since Yui had destroyed the cell door. He stood there with his mouth wide open for the third time in such a short period of time. She was telling the truth? They were really that strong? And what did she mean by 'its easier to leave through the front door'? Sam didn't know anymore. His world view was collapsing at an alarming rate, and all he could do was stand there dumbly before Yukki's voice snapped him out of his stupor.

"Sam, if you don't hurry we will leave you behind." Yukki's cold voice resonated through the corridor. When her voice rang out in his ears he knew that he no longer had any time to think, left with no choice he quickly ran after Yui and Yukki.


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