Alexandria's Genesis
19 Sam“s Reasons
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Alexandria's Genesis
Author :TopRailGun
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19 Sam“s Reasons

"A visitor? Who are they?" Connal said to the guard on the other side of the door.

"Erm, they say that they're Sam's buddies, in fact you didn't even tell me your names?" The guard could be heard questioning the mysterious visitors whilst replying to Connal.

"Ah? We ain't gotta tell you our names man!" One female voice could be heard aggressively answering the guard.

"Yeah! You made us wear these dumb restraining bracelets and now you want our names?! Shut the hell up and let us see our bud!" Another woman's voice could be heard following up the first one in a tone just as aggressive as the first.

Hearing the commotion outside the door Connal called to the guard.

"Let them in. As long as they are wearing the restraining bracelets they won't be able to do any harm. We'll have plenty of time to continue our little talk later, blue light burglar. After all, it seems like you are going to be in here for a long time." Connal made his final remarks with a smile upon his face.

As he opened the door and left two young women entered the cell. A feeling of curiosity arose in Sam's heart, he didn't know anyone who would bother to visit him in jail and he definitely didn't recognize the rough voices that he had heard just now. When he saw the two girls that had walked in Sam's confusion only deepened, he didn't know these two girls at all! Let alone, to go as far as calling them his buddies, he had never even seen them before.

The two girls were dressed up in loose fitting clothing, similar in fashion to the type that you would see old school delinquents wear. One of the girls had bleach blonde hair and wore a woollen beanie hat. The other girl had brown hair that came down to just below her shoulders and she wore a baseball cap backwards he her head. Both of the girls wore face masks that covered a large majority of their faces, but Sam was fairly certain that he wasn't 'buddies' with these two girls.

However as soon as the door closed behind them, the aura of the two young women changed instantly. Previously they were giving off the feeling of two common street thugs, however now that they were alone, all of a sudden the air surrounding them became a lot more composed.

"Haha I can't believe it actually worked!" The girl with brown hair said quietly as she chuckled to herself.

"So it would seem, I guess it wasn't a waste dying my hair blonde after all." The other girl replied before turning to face Sam.

"Well I'm sure you're already aware but we aren't your buddies. In fact we met earlier today, do you remember? I'm the girl who's purse you tried to steal."

As she said this the girl pulled her face mask down and Sam instantly recognized the girl from earlier who, he suspected was partly responsible for his capture.

"It's you! What the hell do you want?" Sam said angrily, frustrated that the visitor that he had was the person responsible for him being there in the first place and not the miraculous saviour he was hoping for.

Yukki sighed with understanding when she heard the aggressive tone of Sam, it wasn't like his anger was without reason. After all whether he was aware of it or not it was directly as a result of her power that he hadn't been able to escape the police.

"I can understand why you might be angry, but you need to listen carefully because we are here to offer you a way out of here." Yukki said in a hushed tone, barely loud enough to hear. Sam immediately came alive when he heard Yukki's words but he dared not believe her so readily. After all, when something sounds too good to be true it usually is. However he wasn't about to throw away a potential lifeline so he pressed Yukki further for answers, still with doubt in his mind.

"Hah, a way out? Look around you, we're in the middle of a high security prison and there is undeniable evidence of my crimes. There is no longer any way out for me."

Yukki sighed again, he was right. The situation he was in would certainly seem insurmountable to most people, however to Yui and Yukki they had no doubts in their mind that they could get him out of here one way or another. Knowing this she carried on with what she had to say.

"You're wrong, there is a way out for you, but there's a catch."

Sam rolled his eyes, he understood now. The people who came into his life never helped him for free, there was always some catch or condition. They probably wanted him to steal something for them or do some other bit of dirty work that most people couldn't get done. He was annoyed that someone would take advantage of him in his time of need. However he was desperate and he would do anything to get out of here, whatever kind of twisted job it may be.

"Fine, what's the catch?"

Yukki smiled when she heard the answer that she wanted to hear.

"Join our superhuman school, Ten no Ryū, and give up your life of crime. If you promise us this we will do whatever it takes to get you out of here."

Sam flinched when he heard Yukki's words and he looked up sharply at Yukki and Yui who were grinning at him wholeheartedly. Join a superhuman school? Had he heard correctly? All of a sudden the mind of Sam jolted and he remembered back to the time when he first found out about his power. He had dreamed of joining a superhuman school and reversing the awful fate that he had been handed at birth. However things didn't quite work out that way at the time, but now life was for the first time giving him a chance to change his life. He looked up at Yukki with hopeful eyes.

"Ok I will join your school, but I have a condition of my own."

Yukki's eyes narrowed and she replied.

"Oh? And what might that be?"

Sam looked on resolutely into the eyes of Yukki.

"Please save my sister." Sam said with determination. Yukki and Yui exchanged glances when they heard the request of Sam, a look of uncertainty on the faces of the two.

"Sure, we'll save her, but you're going to have to tell us a bit more about it." Yui spoke up for the first time. Yukki turned sharply to look at Yui, surprised at her abrupt decision. When Sam heard the answer of Yui his expression softened and he felt a hint of excitement in his heart. His face became a bit sad and he began to recount his story.

"It all began a few years ago, when I first found out about my powers. My sister and I are both orphans and we lived in the slums of Rinma city. So life was pretty tough. We couldn't afford to go to school so all we could do was beg for money on the streets to keep ourselves alive. So you can imagine the thoughts that went through my head when I found out I had powers. I thought if I can train my powers up I might be able to join a superhuman school and I could take me and my sister off of this planet and live a comfortable life on some subtropical planet somewhere. So that's what I did. I trained hard and I made quick progress, I became quite good. In fact I started stealing food from shops so we could at least fill our belly's properly, but who can blame me? Who wouldn't do the same in my situation? Wouldn't you?"

Yui and Yukki both nodded their heads in understanding hearing Sam's words. While it might not be the most noble or honest thing to do, stealing food to feed his family was understandable given his circumstances.

"I only ever took enough to feed me and Vena, I never intended to do anything more than that. However one day someone obviously noticed my ability and wanted to use it for themselves. One day I came home to the shelter and Vena was gone, the only thing left was a note telling me to go to some abandoned factory if I ever wanted to see my sister again. Naturally I went there immediately. When I got there I was met by a man called Chris Vallen and a large number of rough looking guys with him. They told me they wanted me to steal something for them and if I did it successfully they would let my sister go, and that if I failed or refused that they would kill her. Left with no choice I did as they said, however when I got back with what they wanted they said that I was too useful to let go and they refused to release my sister. To make matters worse Chris Vallen is an exceptionally powerful superhuman as well so there was no chance for me to take my sister by force. As a result of that I was forced to continue doing all kinds jobs against my will and that eventually brings me to where I am today."

Yukki and Yui stood in silence and looked at Sam with expressionless faces. Tears were starting to well up in the eyes of Sam as he poured out his emotions that he had bottled up to someone for the first time.

"What could I have done in a situation like that? I didn't want to be like this! I wanted to live an upright life, helping people with my power! But look at me! Why is it all so unfair! I'm begging you, I don't care about myself anymore but please save my sister!"

Sam was bawling now, his tears were like flowing out uncontrollably as the flood gates opened for the first time.


A crisp slap sound echoed throughout the room as Yui slapped Sam cleanly on his face.

"You can cry and whine about life all you like, but I never, ever, want to hear you say you don't care about yourself anymore! From this moment on you are a student of Ten no Ryū academy! It is your duty to live with your head held high never bowing your head to anyone or anything! Do you understand!?"

Sam looked up at Yui and nodded his head slowly, dumbfounded at the sudden actions and powerful words of Yui.

"Well have you heard enough from our little convict now to spur you into action?"

Yui said with clear sarcasm in her voice as she turned to Yukki. However she already had an idea what she was going to say before she even asked, as a powerful bloodlust was pouring out from Yukki and she had a rare furious expression on her face.

"Yeah. I'm setting two objectives for today. Number one, break our brand new student Sam Lacoti out of jail by whatever means necessary and number two. Destroy Chris Vallen."


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