Alexandria's Genesis
18 Sam Lacoti
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Alexandria's Genesis
Author :TopRailGun
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18 Sam Lacoti

Asai placed Momoka in a seat as the four of them took their seats around a small table in a corner of the strawbucks. Momoka's teeth were no longer chattering and her body temperature seemed to be returning to normal, much to the relief of Asai.

Yui looked at the people gathered around the table with a calm smile on her face.

"Allow me to formally introduce you. This is Yukki Sakurai, my little sister and also our teleportation specialist at Ten no Ryū academy. Yukki, these are our two new students, Asai Kinnosuke and Momoka Hiraga. Who, for the record, are not lovers, Asai was carrying Momoka because of extenuating circumstances which we won't go into right now."

Yukki looked Asai and Momoka up and down before locking on to Asai and leaning in close, whilst maintaining eye contact.

"You have purple eye's." Yukki said with a hint of curiosity in her voice. Asai was slightly confused by Yukki's abrupt observation and could only awkwardly stare back at her.

After staring into his eyes for a few seconds longer Yukki leant back in her seat and began speaking again.

"Asai, Momoka, it's a pleasure to meet you both in person. I hope that we can have fruitful few years together."

Yukki smiled calmly at the two of them, "despite being the younger sister she seems to be the more composed of the two." Asai thought to himself as he smiled back at Yukki. Yukki was sat in her chair with her back upright and her chin up, whereas Yui was comfortably slouched in her chair with a lazy smile on her face. The more Asai looked the stronger the contrast between the two sisters became.

"I guess I should explain what's going on then."

Yui nodded her head and Yukki explained what had happened with the young man Sam earlier and how he had been arrested by the police. Yui and the group listened patiently as Yukki recounted her story and complained about how awful the cold on planet Kumlana was. Momoka nodded fervently in agreement while Yukki was complaining about the cold, Asai couldn't help but smile when he saw Momoka's earnest reactions to Yukki's words.

After Yukki had finished speaking the table was quiet for a short while before Yui broke the silence.

"This all sounds like a lot of trouble, wouldn't it be easiest just to go and break him out of jail? In fact, couldn't you just bring him out by teleportation?" Yui said with a tone of confusion in her voice. Yukki frowned at the words of Yui and she considered the possibilities silently. Seeing that Yukki was obviously struggling to decide what their next course of action would be, Yui spoke up again in an attempt to prompt her sister into some form of action.

"Well, whatever the case, you need to ask him if he wants to join Ten no Ryū academy first. Have you done that yet?"

Yukki's eyes widened and she slapped her forehead in annoyance for not thinking of these obvious things earlier. How embarrassing would it be if they broke him out of jail only for him to turn around and say he didn't want to go? It's not like they could force him to come if he didn't want to. If that were the case they would have made a big mess for no reason at all.

"From your reaction I can tell you hadn't even thought of it right? What were you going to do if he had said no?"

Yukki blushed slightly at the questioning of Yui and her composed aura was starting to falter. Realizing that her composed image was starting to fall apart, Yukki quickly cleared her throat and her face quickly became serious before speaking up again.

"Very well. I have decided that we will go and visit Sam in jail and ask him if he wishes to join our academy. We can plan our next course of action from there." Yukki said with an authoritative tone, while trying her absolute best to maintain her composure despite her earlier failings.

Yui giggled when she saw the way Yukki was acting, Momoka and Asai were not aware but Yui knew that Yukki was currently acting out of character. Yukki was actually only 16 years old, roughly the same age as Asai and Momoka. So despite being the same age as them she was going to be their teacher, a senior figure in the eyes of Asai and Momoka. As a result of this, Yukki was currently trying her best to establish a mature responsible image in front of her two new students. Yui smiled and decided to play along with her act for now.

"That sounds like a plan to me. Do you know where he is being kept?" Yui said.

"Yeah, fortunately for us there is only one prison in Rinma city, so I would guess that that is where he is being held." Yukki replied.

"Lead the way then Yukki." Yui said with a smile on her face.

Yukki nodded and the group began to make their way out of the strawbucks. Just as they were leaving Momoka spoke up in a very nervous voice.

"Um, we won't be going outside again will we?"

Yukki turned around when she heard Momoka's question and a questioning look appeared on her face.

"Yeah we will probably have to walk for a little while outside, why?"

"Ah, Momoka is a Dragonian and she doesn't do well in the cold. I think this time it might be wise to take a taxi over to the prison." Yui chimed in at this point, just as a look of terror was beginning to appear in Momoka's face. It seemed that she was done with her teasing for today much to the relief of Asai and Momoka. Asai didn't know what he would do if he had to princess carry Momoka across the city and into a prison.

"Ah I see, yeah let's do that then." Yukki agreed, her face now filled with understanding.

With that settled the group of four made their way to the taxi terminal of the space port and caught a taxi to Rinma city's prison.

Meanwhile deep inside Rinma city's prison a loud laughing could be heard echoing through the hallways.

Connal Bruce had been serving as a police captain now for almost 10 years, in his time in the force he had accomplished many meritorious deeds and was well loved by his subordinates. However, never in the 10 years that he had been stationed as a captain, had anyone given him more of a headache than the young man sitting before him.

The young man, Sam Lacoti, had earned such a fearsome record for his large-scale thefts that he had earned himself the nickname the Blue Light Burglar. The name came from the way he would disappear from the crime scene in a flash of blue light as teleported out of the clutches of the police.

Connal had been chasing this young man obsessively for the past year since Sam had made his way on to the scene, and after having him slip through his fingers multiple times, today he had finally caught the blue light burglar. He was so happy that he couldn't help but laugh aloud, whilst looking at the miserable Sam bound to the chair before him.

"So this is how the blue light burglar meets his end! Crushed, under the long arm of the law. For the past year you have terrorized the peaceful city of Rinma; stealing more and more, going on bigger and bigger heists, like a man possessed. And look where it has gotten you, you're looking at around 10 years in jail due to the sheer size of heists you carried out. I guess it goes to show, crime never pays!"

Connal stood proudly in front of Sam whilst lecturing him righteously. Sam listened half-heartedly as Connal droned on and on about justice and about how crime never pays. However Sam wasn't really interested in what Connal had to say as he already knew full well about these things.

"It's not like a wanted to become a thief, I had no choice." Sam protested silently in his mind. He was frustrated. Not because he had been caught today, but he was fed up with how unfair life was. As someone born and raised as an orphan in the slums of Rinma city, from the get go he had been dealt an awful hand in life. It's not like things got better from there either, at every step of the way life found a way to make things hard for him.

Even when he had found out that he had superhuman powers, instead of finally bringing a bit of good fortune into his life like he had hoped, it had brought him to the situation he was in right now. He had never wanted things to be this way, but as he was already well aware, life wasn't fair.

"Ah if only a bit of good fortune could come my way for once." Sam thought to himself desperately. His head dropped in defeat, after all that he had been through he knew life wasn't going to do him any favours now. This was the end of the line for him.

At this moment Connal's speech was interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" Connal shouted through the door.

"It's Alec sir. Sam Lacoti has some visitors."


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