Alexandria's Genesis
17 You“re Doing it All Wrong!
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Alexandria's Genesis
Author :TopRailGun
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17 You“re Doing it All Wrong!

As the landing ramp opened, the group of three were assaulted by a viciously cold wind blowing in from the outside. Asai took a swift breath in as the cold swept through his whole body like a frigid storm.

What an incredible chill! Asai thought to himself as he tried to calm his breathing after being shook initially by the cold. He turned his gaze to Momoka and Yui to see how they were faring with the cold.

Surprisingly Yui stood there seemingly unmoved by the extreme cold of Rinma city. She stood there at the top of the landing ramp in a relaxed position as if the brutal cold had no effect on her at all. As she even had a relaxed smile floating on her face, Asai started to wonder if Yui was in fact, human at all.

Asai then looked at Momoka, who was not faring anywhere near as well as Yui was. She already had her arms wrapped around herself and was shivering intensely. Asai couldn't believe the cold had hit her this hard already as he watched her teeth chatter away in the freezing cold.

"C'mon! Let's hurry up and get inside!" Yui shouted out to Asai and Momoka above the loud howling of the wind.

The group of three began to briskly walk towards the door which led into the warm haven of the space port. In just a matter of seconds Asai reached the door, wanting to get out of the cold as quickly as possible. When he opened the door, he stood to the side and held the door whilst looking behind him, expecting to see Yui and Momoka directly behind him.

Yui was there as expected, howeve,r for some reason Momoka was only halfway to the door. Momoka seemed to be the one who was most keen to get out of the cold, is something wrong? Asai thought to himself.

"What is Momoka doing?!" Yui yelled above the wind.

"I don't know, but doesn't it kinda look like she's moving in slow motion? I didn't think that she of all people, would be playing around in the cold like this." Asai shouted back slightly confused at Momoka's bizarre actions.

"Go and check on her, there might be something wrong." Yui shouted with a look of concern on her face.

Hearing that something might be wrong a serious expression appeared on Asai's face and he steeled himself to face the cold wind yet again. Clenching his fists he boldly walked towards Momoka, taking large, purposeful steps as he went.

As he drew near he could see Momoka's face that was filled with horror, and sped up fearing that something may actually be wrong.

"Momoka! What's wrong? Why did you stop?!" Asai yelled with strong concern in his voice, he was running towards her now.

As he came up to her, he could see her shivering and shaking, her face had turned red from the cold. Seeing that Asai was calling to her, with great effort she raised her head and answered him.

"Y-y-you see, as a D-D-Dragonian, I am c-cold b-b-blooded. Which m-means in c-c-cold weather I slow down s-significantly."

Asai's eyes widened as he began to realize exactly why the Dragonian's hated the cold. He quickly turned to face Yui and shouted at the top of his lungs.

"Momoka is cold blooded! She can't move well in the cold!"

Yui wasn't stupid and her face lit up in realization upon hearing Asai's shouting. She sighed, disappointed in herself for not noticing such an obvious thing sooner. However, in that moment, the cogs of Yui's mind began to spin at a furious rate and an amusing thought sprouted in the mind of Yui. When she thought about what an amusing situation she could create from this little mishap, a mischievous smile spread across her face.

"I guess there's nothing else for it. You'll have to carry her then Asai!" Yui yelled at Asai from the door.

"Eh? Carry her?" Asai repeated those words thinking that he may have misheard Yui.

"That's right, carry her. Don't tell me that you can't do it!" Yui shouted back again, her words almost taunting Asai into doing it. Asai frowned. As a superhuman, he was blessed with strength beyond that of a normal person so naturally carrying another person wasn't a problem for him. The problem was that it was a bit embarrassing for him and also for Momoka.

However after thinking for a moment he let out a sigh and resigned himself to his fate. After all, if he left Momoka to try and move herself she would probably end up freezing to death.

He walked in front of her and got ready to fireman lift her over his shoulder, but just as he was about to pick her up he heard Yui screaming at him and he turned to see what she was saying.

"Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! You're doing that all wrong Asai!" Yui was shouting these words angrily as she ran over to him at an incredible speed.

"Don't you know the proper way to carry a lady Asai?" Yui questioned with a tone of helplessness in her voice.

A look of confusion spread on Asai's face, he didn't know there was a right and wrong way to carry a lady. He shook his head slowly at Yui's bewildering question. Yui let out a disappointed sigh when she saw Asai's negative answer.

"You're hopeless. Look, I'll show you how to do it, so watch carefully ok?" Yui said before signing again. Asai nodded his head and paid close attention to Yui's actions.

Yui walked up to Momoka and, supporting her back with one hand and her legs with the other, lifted Momoka up. Yui looked incredibly dashing as she stood bolt upright while embracing Momoka in her arms. Seeing the intimate way Yui wanted Asai to carry Momoka, Asai's face blushed slightly and he took a tentative step backwards.

"This is called the princess carry! It is the one and only way to carry a lady!" Yui pronounced with an incredible amount of pride and confidence in her voice. Yui then proceeded to put Momoka back as she was before and gestured for Asai to do as she had just done.

"C'mon now, it's your turn. Make sure you do it properly this time." Yui now had a wild grin on her face as if she was having the time of her life teasing Asai in such a manner. Asai's already embarrassed face became filled with reluctance and he wanted to run away from this situation, but when he looked into Yui's eyes he had a feeling that, no matter what he did, there would be absolutely no escape from this.

He clenched his fists and steadied his emotions and walked up to Momoka with determination in his eyes. Without thinking about anything he lifted Momoka up in the princess carry, just the way Yui had shown him. He stood up straight with a serious expression plastered on his face, hiding the fact that inside, he was ridiculously embarrassed.

Despite his best efforts not to, Asai glanced down and looked at Momoka's face. She, like Asai, was very embarrassed by the whole situation. However Momoka was making absolutely no attempt to hide how embarrassed she was, her face was a bright crimson colour and her eyes could be seen darting about nervously.

Asai felt sorry for Momoka seeing her in this state but, at the back of his mind he was silently appreciating how cute she was right now. The bright pink blush in her cheeks only served to accentuate her beauty, and the way that she was bundled up in an excess of layers like a little kitten was incredibly cute too.

Asai had no idea that girls could be so soft, and it was taking all his will power to keep a serious expression on his face.

"Ooohhh. What a man." Yui said whilst sounding slightly impressed. Asai started to blush when he heard Yui's teasing remarks and he hurriedly rushed towards the door that led inside, wanting this whole thing to be over soon. Yui let out a quiet laugh when she saw the flustered state of Asai, and she racked her brain, trying to think of ways to make the situation even more amusing for her.

It was only a short distance and after just a few agonizing seconds Asai rushed through the door to the inside. Asai heaved a sigh of relief now and was glad that there wasn't many people around to see him. Just as he was about to put Momoka down, Yui's voice rang out from behind him.

"Whoa, what do you think you're doing?"

Asai flinched and he started to have a bad feeling in his gut.

"What do you mean Ms Shiro? We're inside now, so I'm going to put Momoka down now."

A wicked smile spread across the face of Yui when she heard Asai's words. She was having a great time teasing Asai with this and she wasn't about to let the fun end yet.

"No, no, no. That's no good. We've only just got inside, it's not like Momoka is going to instantly warm up. You're going to have to keep on carrying her."

Hearing these words Asai's face dropped, he was starting to understand what exactly his bad feeling was about.

"Ok then, we can just wait here until Momoka warms up then right?"

Asai looked around him, the corridor that they were in at the moment was very quiet. He thought that if it was here he could carry Momoka like this until she warmed up, without being too embarrassed by it all. Seeing Asai's desperate struggle Yui's smile only deepened.

"No that won't do. We have to go and meet Yukki right now. The situation sounded quite urgent so we had better not keep her waiting. You can carry Momoka through the space port right?"

Hearing Yui's words and noting the expression on her face Asai now knew that she was definitely toying with him, but unfortunately there was nothing he could do about it. He let out another deep sigh and decided to follow Yui without any more resistance, as it seemed that, resistance was futile.

Asai's face was serious as he walked through the bustling crowds of the space port, however his true feelings were betrayed by his bright red face. This is so embarrassing! Asai screamed to himself internally.

The space port was a giant facility and was the main transport point for people who wanted to travel to other planets. As a result of that the main area of the space port was absolutely heaving with people, and as far as Asai was concerned they all seemed to be looking at him carrying Momoka. While it wasn't true that everyone was looking at them, it was true that Asai princess carrying Momoka was drawing a lot of attention from the crowds of the packed space port. The crowds looking on all had confused or concerned looks on their faces, some people were pointing and smiling. Asai put his head down and picked up his pace when he noticed how many people were looking at them.

Seeing Asai's blushing face a smile spread across Yui's face and she giggled to herself, quite pleased with her work.

Thankfully for Asai, the strawbucks soon came into view and the group of three quickly entered into the shop. As they entered, amongst the strange looks they got from customers of the shop they could hear a voice calling out Yui's name. They turned to face the person who was calling them and saw a beautiful young girl waving at them from one of the tables in the corner. Obviously recognising the girl, Yui rushed up to her and embraced her warmly.

"Yukki! My darling sister! How are you?"

A look of surprise appeared on the face of Asai when he heard the words sister come from Yui, however after he looked a bit closer at the person who he presumed was Yukki he started to see the resemblance. In fact she was just like a younger, shorter version of Yui, Yukki even had the same purple eye's as Yui.

Breaking away from Yui's overbearing love, Yukki turned to face Asai and Momoka, who was still being held in Asai's arms. After staring at the two of them for a few seconds she turned back to Yui with a deadpan expression and asked:

"What's the deal with those two? I'm guessing they are your new students, are they lovers as well?"

Yukki's words were delivered without mercy or consideration for the thoughts or feelings for Asai or Momoka and they caused Asai and Momoka both to turn an even brighter shade of pink.

When Yui heard Yukki's unrestrained words she let out a loud laugh and decided that, with this, the teasing should come to an end today. Ah, what fun it was, but anymore and those two might just pass out from embarrassment. Yui thought to herself with a warm smile on her face.

"Well it's a bit of a long story. How about we sit down and we can talk about the situation at hand?" Yui said as her expression became serious.

Yukki too, suddenly turned serious and the four of them headed to a table in the corner of the strawbucks to discuss what had happened so far.


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