Alexandria's Genesis
16 Never Underestimate a Dragonian!
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Alexandria's Genesis
Author :TopRailGun
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16 Never Underestimate a Dragonian!

The sleek triangle shaped ship flew speedily over the surface of the white planet. Asai and Momoka pressed their faces against the glass as they observed the new and unfamiliar world with a mix of expressions on their faces.

Asai had nothing but a look of enjoyment and anticipation on his face. The experience of travelling through space and exploring new planets had stirred his emotions greatly and he was excited to get off of the ship.

Momoka had a slightly different look on her face. Although the feeling of space travel was still quite a new and exciting experience for her, when she looked out and saw the deep snow settled on the ground her head dropped and a look of despair appeared on her face.

To make things worse Yui spoke up at this point.

"You guys are in luck! It's only -50°C today, one of the warmer days here in Rinma city!"


Momoka's turned swiftly and cried out in horror hearing Yui's negative weather report. Tears had started to form in the corners of her eyes and she looked truly miserable.

Asai felt bad for her as she truly did seem to hate the cold, he started to wonder why it was that Dragonian's hated the cold so much.

As Momoka silently broke down in a corner of the ship, Yui was sat in the pilots seat with a carefree look on her face, as usual. Rinma city was gradually coming into view on the horizon, the grey behemoth breaking through the white world.

Seeing that they were nearing their destination, Yui started to press a number of buttons on the dashboard and suddenly started to speak.

"This is space cruiser B34RBL to space port main control, requesting permission for landing. Over."

After a few seconds a monotone voice responded.

"This is space port main control, you have been cleared for landing. Please proceed to dock A21. Over."

Hearing this Yui turned to Asai and Momoka and smiled.

"You two, we are going in for landing in a minute so make sure to strap yourselves in."

Asai and Momoka did as they were told and soon they were flying over Rinma city on their way to the space port. Whilst they were soaring over the tops of the large grey building, Yui's phone began to ring.

"Ah Asai, could you get that for me? It's illegal to fly and use a phone."

"Ah, yeah sure, no problems."

Asai took the phone from Yui's hand answered the call and put the phone to his ear.

"Yui, when are you gonna get here!? I'm sick of this stupid cold! It's turned me into a complete idiot! Because of that I missed the chance to pick up a new student, now we may have to bust him out of jail in order to recruit him!"

Out of nowhere a feminine voice came blasting out of the phone in a stream of fast flowing words that Asai couldn't fully grasp, threatening to burst Asai's eardrums. He quickly pulled the phone away from his ear and waited a moment before carefully putting the phone closer to his ear again and speaking.

"Ahoy-hoy? This is the phone of Yui Shiro, may I ask who it is who is calling?"

Asai was uncomfortable using Yui's cell phone as he had never actually used one before. His discomfort showed through his old fashioned speech when answering the phone, and his strange way of answering caused Momoka to let out a stifled laugh.

In his mountain village where he grew up no one had a cellphone, not many people even had a house phone. If people needed to speak to each other they would literally go and find one another. On the very few occasions when Asai had seen someone use a house phone, this was the way they had answered. So Asai had presumed that this was the way that everyone had answered phones.

Hearing Momoka's stifled laugh, Asai could feel his face burning up in embarrassment and the person one the end of the phone also added to his discomfort.

"Ahoy-hoy? What era did you crawl out from? Also who the hell are you? Look, I'm cold, frustrated and I think I'm turning into an idiot, can you just hurry up and pass the phone to Yui?"

The voice across the phone sounded fed up and annoyed and Asai was struggling to find the guts to tell her that he couldn't pass the phone to Yui.

"I'm sorry I really can't, Ms Shiro is flying the ship at the moment. If you could just tell me who you are I can let her know." Asai said timidly.

"Ah is that so? Wait, Ms Shiro? You wouldn't happen to be a new student would you? Yui actually managed to recruit a new student?"

Hearing that the person on the other end of the phone had calmed down a bit Asai smiled and answered her question.

"Yes, my name Is Asai Kinnosuke, I am also here with my fellow student Momoka Hiraga, Who Ms Shiro also accepted into Ten no Ryū. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Two students?! Seriously? Way to go Yui! Ah, I should introduce myself, my name is Yukki Sakurai and I am one of the teachers at Ten no Ryū academy, and likewise it's a pleasure to meet you."

After finally learning the identity of the person on the phone Asai turned to Yui

"She said she's one of the teachers at the school, her name's Yukki Sakurai."

"Oh Yukki is it? She's the teacher who we are about to pick up. Ask her what she needs."

Turning his attention back to the phone Asai relayed Yui's message.

"Tell her that I have a potential new student but the circumstances are a bit awkward and we will have to put our heads together for this one. When you land tell her to come and meet me in the strawbucks in the space port and we can talk there."

"Ok, I will do. See you later then Ms Sakurai."

With this Asai ended the call and passed the phone back to Yui.

"It seems she's come across a bit of trouble with a potential new student and she says that it will take the two of you to resolve it. She wants to meet us in the space ports strawbucks."

A look of confusion and concern spread on the face of Yui, this was perhaps, the first time Asai had seen Yui make such an expression.

"Something that would require both of us to handle? It must be quite an awkward situation then. Well, it shouldn't be anything that we can't handle if the two of us put our minds to it. I guess we will find out what it is when we get there."

After Yui spoke these words, everything went quiet in the cockpit. Momoka was still curled up miserably in the corner, not looking forward to the fact that soon they would have to leave the warmth of the ship. Asai was also wondering what kind of difficult situation would be awaiting them once they landed.

With the silence still hanging heavily over the cockpit and the variety of thoughts rushing through their minds, the ship soon came in to land at the space port.

The ship was landed without problems and soon it was time for the group to depart. When they had landed Yui had told them to get ready put on any warm clothes that they had, because of how cold it was outside. Fortunately Asai had brought with him a large winter coat. He had come to the superhuman screening prepared with all kinds of clothes, as he had no idea what kind of planet his new school would be on, had he passed the screening.

At the moment he was too warm in the ship with his large winter coat on, however he knew that he would soon be grateful for this warmth when he stepped outside the ship. Yui had her large winter coat on as well and they both stood at the exit of the ship, waiting for Momoka to arrive, who was taking an unusually long time to get ready.

After a short while uneven and heavy footsteps could be heard heading their way, and Momoka appeared before them. Upon seeing Momoka, it was Asai's turn to stifle a laugh of his own. Yui didn't even bother doing that and laughed out loud upon seeing Momoka's unusual form.

"Momoka, how many layers have you put on?" Asai question with a hint of laughter and disbelief in his voice.

Seeing that her choice of dress had brought a laugh out of Asai, Momoka blushed a deep crimson and she answered with a hint of worry in her voice.

"Ten, although I fear it may not be enough."

Momoka looked like some kind of walking marshmallow. Her face was squashed up under the mass of jumpers she had put on and, along with it looking very funny, with her bright blushing cheeks, it looked a little cute as well Asai thought.

"You know Momoka, we only have to walk about fifty meters outside before we get inside again. Even if you walked at a relatively slow pace you would hardly even have a chance to get cold before you are back inside again." Yui said whilst wiping a tear of laughter from her eyes and smiling.

"Never underestimate a Dragonian's ability to get cold!" Momoka said with complete seriousness and turned to face Yui.

Yui was slightly taken back by the incredible seriousness in Momoka's voice and could only sigh and shrug her shoulders in response. With this Yui opened the landing ramp and for the first time they headed out into the cold of Rinma city.


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