Alexandria's Genesis
15 I hate this place!
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Alexandria's Genesis
Author :TopRailGun
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15 I hate this place!

The wind howled relentlessly through the streets of Rimna city, bringing along a piercing chill with it. Snow fluttered down from the sky, dancing between the high rise city scape before settling quietly on the ground. Icicle's hung silently on almost every overhanging surface that was available.

A handful of people could be seen briskly walking between building's and down the snow covered streets. All of the people who were walking the streets held two things in common; they all wore bulky winter clothing and they all walked fast.

This was the standard in Rinma city, and in fact it was the same all through Kumlana planet. The reason was, that on Kumlana planet it was cold. Brutally cold.

At the moment Rinma city was currently enjoying it's summer period, and today the temperature had reached a toasty -50°C. So understandably, the residents of Kumlana planet never really wanted to spend more time that they had to outside. Nearly all recreational activities that were popular amongst the locals were indoor ones, and the city had adapted to this.

Quite a few building's had glass tunnels that connected them together, to spare the locals from having to venture outside. A lot of things that you would find outside on most planets had effectively been shoved under the cover of a building in Rinma city. Things such as parks, playing fields and even farms had been sheltered from the vicious cold.

It could be said, without doubt that people on Kumlana planet didn't like hanging around outside.

However in this moment one person was doing just that, a single girl stood, staring up at the sky with a forlorn look on her face. The girl looked to be about 16-17 years old and was exceptionally pretty. The extreme cold had caused her cheeks and pretty nose to turn a light pink colour, which only helped accentuate her beauty. She had dark brown hair that fell down to her back from under the woolly hat she was wearing.

Not much of her figure could be seen from under the giant winter coat that she was sporting, all that could be discerned was that she was quite tall for a girl standing at around 5ft 7inches. From underneath her long coat you could see her shapely legs sticking out which were dressed in tight fitting blue jeans.

Half of her face was covered by a large scarf but above it the most prominent feature of her face could be seen. She had purple eye's. Her eyes really were mystifying, as the shades of purple in her eyes seemed to be fluctuating subtly.

The mysterious girl who, against the norm of the crowds, was standing still in the freezing cold, let out another heavy sigh. Her name was Yukki Sakurai, and she was a representative of the brand new Ten no Ryū academy.

Today she had gone to the superhuman screening on Kumlana planet, on the lookout for new students. Unfortunately due to the awkward circumstances of their academy she hadn't been able to find any new students.

Ten no Ryū academy had not actually been fully registered as an academy until last month, as a result of this they were not allowed to formally participate in the screenings. So the only way they could attain new students was to approach any students that were rejected after the event.

However there were problems with this as well. While Yukki had the confidence that she and the other teachers at Ten no Ryū could turn almost any superhuman into a formidable figure regardless of their potential, it didn't mean she was going to go out of her way to take in students with next to no potential.

Students like that required an immense amount of effort and time in order to yield any sort of results, and unfortunately at this moment, time was the thing they lacked the most. Although she felt sorry for the first class of Ten no Ryū, the expectations on them were quite high. They would be the class that would, hopefully, put Ten no Ryū academy on the galactic map.

In order to achieve this goal, this class would have to grow at an unrivalled rate. As a result of this, right now they simply didn't have the time to take in students with low potential. When the academy was established and stable after a few years perhaps, they would probably be taking in students left, right and center, regardless of potential.

Right now however, things were tough. The representatives of the other academies almost never missed any students with decent potential and Yukki was, most of the time, left with no one to pick from.

Thinking about her arduous situation, Yukki once again let out a sigh.

"Looks like Kumlana planet is a bust too, I guess I may as well make my way back to the space port and wait for Yui."

As she said this, she saw a hot drinks vending machine on the side of the street and she decided to buy something. As she pulled her purse out of her giant coats pocket she could hear a loud commotion coming from down the street.

As she turned to look, a bright blue light flashed and a young man appeared just before her. In an instant a cheeky smile spread across the teenagers face and he deftly pinched the purse that Yukki had just pulled out of her pocket from her hand.

He took a few more steps and the same blue light began to envelop him again. Yukki stood there bemused for a brief moment, unsure of what to make of what had just happened. Before the thought of even getting angry crossed her mind, her aura flared up just as the young man was about to flash away.

Just as the young man disappeared in a flash of blue light he reappeared in a similar fashion, right at the feet of Yukki.

The young man looked up at Yukki with a face full of confusion.

"What happened? I definitely didn't make a mistake with the teleportation." The young man mumbled to himself, confusion mixed in his words. Yukki looked down at him with a calm face and answered his question with a confident tone in her voice.

"No one can teleport in my presence if I don't allow them to do so, now give me back my purse."

All of a sudden loud shouts could be heard off to the side of Yukki and the boy. A mob of police officers on hover bikes were racing in the direction of Yukki.

"Crap! There's no time for this I've got to get out of here!"

The boy ignored the strange words of the girl standing in front of him, he guessed he had just made a rare mistake with the destination of his teleport. Once again the boy turned to run and a blue light started to envelop his body.

Seeing that she had been ignored, Yukki's expression became one of frustration, and her aura flared up again. Once again, as the boy disappeared in a flash of blue light he instantly reappeared at the feet of Yukki in a similar fashion to which he disappeared.

This time Yukki held out her hand and said commandingly:

"Look, you aren't going anywhere until you hand me my purse."

The boy looked lost seeing that he had, once again, landed somewhere completely different from where he had intended. For a second he looked extremely conflicted before quickly putting the purse back in Yukki's hand.

Just as he was about to turn and make a dash for it, one of the police officers threw himself off his bike and straight at the young man. The young man fell to the ground with the force of the tackle and rolled a couple of times. Yukki was surprised by the dramatic dive of this one police officer and wondered why he would go to such extremes to take out this young man. Quickly following after the initial tackle a number of other officers also jumped on him. With practiced motions they quickly threw the handcuffs around his arms. Seeing that they had been successful the man who seemed to be a police captain jumped off his bike and started shouting triumphantly.

"Finally we got you! You won't be getting away this time Sam! Those handcuffs are made especially to block teleporting powers, so they'll be no escaping this time!"

The police officer laughed madly, as if he had just defeated his greatest enemy. It seemed that this young man Sam, had given him quite the trouble in the past.

Sam looked extremely agitated hearing the police officers words, he knew that this time he would need a miracle in order to escape. He looked at Yukki with a look of anger and defeat on his face. He was starting to believe that the mistakes with his teleportations weren't his fault, but somehow the fault of the girl stood before him.

Before he had a chance to think about it any further however, he was bundled into the back of a police hover car. A couple of the police officers tipped their hats to Yukki before flying off after the car on their hover bikes.

It had all happened so quickly and it was over just as quickly as it had started. Without really meaning to, it seemed that Yukki had helped to catch a young juvenile. Yukki let out yet another sigh, disappointed with the state of the world and the youth of today. The street had turned quiet once again and Yukki stood there for a moment before thinking to herself,

"It's a shame I couldn't find a student like that on this planet, he had some decent potential."

All of a sudden a realization struck Yukki.

"I could have taken him as a student! Ah! What have I done? The stupid cold must have turned me into an idiot! God Damnit! I hate this stupidly cold planet!"

Yukki started cursing planet Kumlana aloud in order to vent her frustrations. After about a minute of stomping about and lamenting her own idiocy, she stood up straight and her face became serious.

"Right, I have decided. I will have that young man become a student of Ten no Ryū academy one way or another!"

Completely forgetting her previous thoughts about the desolate state of the world, she clenched her fist in determination as she gazed off at the sky.

"But first things first, I need to go meet up with Yui. I think I'm going to need her help this time around. Also I need to get out of this god awful cold."

Yukki shivered as these thoughts rushed through her mind and she heading towards the nearest building to take shelter from the cold.


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