Alexandria's Genesis
13 Without a trace
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Alexandria's Genesis
Author :TopRailGun
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13 Without a trace

The dock that the spaceship was sat in was an open roofed area, with a small canopy covering the spaceship that Asai and Momoka were sat in. The spaceship itself was quite sizeable and had a sleek triangle shaped body with a pointed nose, in which the cockpit sat. If the ships appearance could be described with one word it would definitely be: fast!

As Asai sat in the chair, despite his focus being on wanting to save Yui, a nervous energy had swept over him. Questions like; how much did this ship cost? If I damage it, will I have to pay for it? Will I even be able to pilot it properly without crashing it? All rushed through his mind at an inconceivable speed. Not only was he nervous, Momoka, who was sat in the co-pilots seat was also radiating a nervous energy that came from sitting in a cockpit for the first time. None of this was helping Asai to calm down and he sat there in a daze for a few seconds.

Soon he was jolted out of it however by the fierce shaking of another explosion. Hearing this, his thoughts turned to Yui who was literally putting her body on the line right now and once again he became focused on the task at hand.

"The controls are pretty simple. Come on you can do this!" Asai egged himself on in his mind and pulled the right handle towards him in order to raise the ship slightly off the ground.

However, what Yui didn't mention to Asai is how sensitive the controls of the spaceship were. Asai had pulled the right handle towards himself quite vigorously due to his excitement and eagerness to help Yui, and in doing this caused the spaceship to slam hard into the canopy above the spaceship.

Asai and Momoka both cried out after being thrown from their seats as a result of the jolt from the crash. Rubbing his head Asai complained aloud.

"These controls are so sensitive! Why didn't Ms Shiro tell me about how delicate these controls are?"

He bemoaned his situation but now was not the time to be sitting and grumbling. He got back in the pilot seat with a groan and tried his utmost to focus his mind yet again. He shut out the sounds of Momoka panicking about the fact that they had just crashed the ship and this time very gently pushed forward on the left handle.

This time the streamlined spaceship slowly edged forward until the only thing that was above them was the open sky. Seeing that he was in the clear Asai gently pulled the right handle towards him and they slowly ascended above the ground section of the space port.

Asai breathed a large sigh of relief seeing that he had managed to maneuver the ship out of it's dock without crashing more than once. Hopefully, Yui would forgive him for bumping it once since it was his first time, but he pushed that thought to the back of his mind for now and began steering the ship in the direction of the large tower that Yui mentioned previously. As Asai pushed the left handle forward to head for the tower he noticed that despite pushing the handle as far forward as it would go, they weren't moving particularly fast.

They weren't moving particularly slow either but this was not the kind of speed he was expecting when he looked at the ship for the first time. Why is it so slow? Asai thought to himself.

"Can't you go any faster? At this rate it's going to take at least a couple of minutes before we fly over that tower, will Ms Shiro be able to hold out long enough?"

Momoka, despite her worrying had also realized the sub par speed of the ship and her concern for Yui had begun to grow.

"I don't know! This seems to be as fast as it can go! All we can do is hope that Ms Shiro can hold on long enough."

Gritting his teeth Asai replied and a look of frustration spread on his face.

"Please hold on Ms Shiro! We're coming!"

Meanwhile at the north entrance the battle between the representatives and Yui was beginning to intensify. The representatives were now coming at Yui with not just their physical strength but also their powers as well.

The Yongheng de Yu representative had size shifted his whole body and he currently stood at a towering ten meters tall. He sent a dominating fist hurdling down towards Yui. However Yui, instead of dodging out of the way stood her ground and threw a fist of her own right at the oncoming attack.

The Yongheng de Yu representative smirked seeing this, in his giant form his already impressive strength was increased tenfold! She should have dodged, he thought to himself as their fists connected. Contrary to his expectations however he found that upon making contact with her attack, an overwhelming might overcame his whole arm, breaking all of the bones within his arm and sending him stumbling backwards in pain.

He immediately shrunk back to his normal height and started screaming in agony. Carol swiftly rushed to his side and started healing his ruined arm.

"How much physical strength does she have? It would be one thing to just match me in power when I'm in that form, but to completely overpower me to such a degree? That's insane!"

The Yongheng de Yu representative grimaced as he thought these thoughts and the battle raged on.

At this point the Prodigium representative called forth an incredible volume of water and had it charge at a vicious speed towards Yui, in an attempt to douse her flames. Yui jumped backwards seeing the tsunami heading her way and swept her arm in front of her. A dazzling wall of flame followed this action and met the surging wave head on.

When the water hit the wall of flames, again, against the expectations of everyone watching, the flames were not put out but instead the water evaporated against the incredible heat of the flames.

However, the representatives, although constantly surprised at her shocking power knew that now wasn't the time to stop and be amazed, they had to keep pressing!

The Excousia representative slammed his palms on the ground and a fissure spread out in front of him, and the ground where Yui was about to land disappeared. To make things worse for Yui, Doug had flown over above her using his telekinesis and was about to land a drop kick straight onto her head to knock her into the fissure.

Yui reacted quickly though and caught Doug's vicious kick cleanly. Then, quickly maneuvering her body around him she moved to a position above him and used his body as a kick board for her to jump off to a part of the ground that was still intact.

Seeing that he had been used as little more than an object Doug's anger flared again and he expended a large amount of his aura to send a telekinetic blast to where Yui had just landed. The blast landed with great force and kicked up a large amount of rubble and dust.

"I got her! There's no way she can walk unscathed out of that!"

Doug laughed crazily to himself as he had finally managed to land the first hit on Yui.

There was no movement from Yui for a few moment as the dust settled. Was it possible that Doug's telekinetic blast had been enough to stop her? Some of the representatives thought to themselves hopefully.

After a few tense seconds passed the dust finally settled and, much to the disappointment of the representatives, Yui stood valiantly amidst the rubble completely unharmed. She looked up and glared at Doug, her bloodlust began to thicken after having to use her aura last second to fend off Doug's attack.

Yui didn't have much time to rest however as the representatives were soon launching another wave of fierce attacks. The teleporters of Mezumo and Supremacy quickly flashed and ended up at the sides of Yui. Without stopping to adjust themselves they both lashed out with fearsome punches of their own.

Yui threw up both of her arms to block the punches coming from both of her sides. The punches of the Mezumo and Supremacy representatives both stopped dead upon hitting Yui's arms but they didn't stop applying force to their fists and continued to put pressure on Yui's arms.

While the two representatives pinned Yui down with the combined pressure of their punches, the Tenebris representative made his move for the first time. Quietly he melted into darkness, disappearing from the vision of everyone fighting.

Just as everyone was beginning to wonder if he was still here or he had opted to run away he leaped out of the shadow of Yui and aimed a lethal kick at her head!

Although Yui couldn't see the Tenebris representative behind her she could definitely sense him about land a devastating kick right on her head. Under the pressure of the other two representatives she managed to twisted her body slightly to allow her to turn her head back and look at the Tenebris representative.

Seeing Yui turn to look at him, the Tenebris representative almost hesitated however, seeing that both her arms were trapped and she had no other way of retaliating he pushed forward. The other representatives watched on in expectation seeing the bit of brilliant coordination between the three representatives.

"This time we've got her for sure! She won't get out of this one!"

However just as the Tenebris representative was swinging his leg Yui took in a deep breath and, at point blank range exhaled a mighty blast of fire from her mouth that engulfed the Tenebris representative.

After just a brief moment the Tenebris representative could be seen flying out of the cloud of fire at an absurd speed and slamming into a wall not too far away. He was burnt all over and unconscious, everybody knew that he wouldn't be getting up any time soon.

All of the representatives fell into a state of disbelief once again, she can even breath fire? Is this girl a human or a dragon?

Whilst the Supremacy and Mezumo representatives were in a state of shock, Yui clenched her fists tightly and two explosions of fire erupted from the feet of the two representatives, blasting them up into the air before crashing heavily into the ground. Seeing Yui viciously destroy the brilliant bit of coordination all by herself the spirits of the representatives hit an all time low. They started to wonder just what they would have to do to take this monster down.

Yui smiled menacingly at the remaining representatives, she had taken half of the representatives out of action and she hadn't even broken a sweat doing it. For the first time the remaining representatives felt a real sense of danger pouring out from Yui and they gulped loudly as they considered what their next move would be.

The Prodigium representative didn't hesitate any longer and decided to launch another attack. This time large crystals of ices erupted from the ground and shot towards Yui. However, at this point how could this pose any threat to Yui?

She casually waved her hand and once again that burning wall of flames materialized and clashed with the oncoming ice. The ice stood no chance against the fire and almost as soon as it crashed into the fire it quickly melted away.

Yui let out a mocking laugh as she stood there proudly staring at the sky as if looking out for something. Sure enough, in the distance she spied her spaceship slowly progressing towards the large tower.

Seeing that it was almost at the tower, Yui's smiled widened and she spoke up loud enough for everyone, including the swarms of TV crews filming, to hear.

"Well, I'm going to go now."

The sudden announcement of Yui took everyone by surprise. She was done? She called out all these representatives, beat up half of them, and now she was just going to leave? Everyone listening engaged their minds to the full in order to keep up with Yui Shiro's abrupt thinking patterns.

"After everything you've done, do you really think we will let you just leave?"

Doug shouted out angrily without restraint. He had finally lost his temper completely and was no longer concerned about his surroundings and who was watching.

"Even if you wanted to stop me, do you really think that you could?"

Yui's words were now overflowing with power and confidence and Doug was forced to take a step back when he heard the words of Yui. However he quickly retorted.

"Even if I have to pay with my life, I will do anything to keep you from escaping!"

A sinister smile spread across the face of Yui hearing Doug's words and the bloodlust in the air became heavy and suffocating. Yui's aura started to grow and grow reaching heights that it hadn't reached so far that day. Everyone watching the fight felt that this was no longer a semi serious brawl like before, and was about to become a full-on bloodbath, so everyone watching started retreating to a safer distance.

"You know, a human life isn't something so cheap that it should be thrown away so quickly, but very well. If taking your life will allow me to leave then so be it."

At this, a chill shot down the spines of everyone nearby as Yui floated up into the air. She raised both of her hands to the sky and a large dense fireball quickly appeared in her hands above her.

Doug and the other representatives stared up at Yui with eyes filled with horror as the blazing fireball just grew and grew in size. The representatives quickly began to realize that this wasn't an attack that they were able to face head on.

Quickly realizing that his life was more important than his pride, Doug promptly barked out some orders.

"Everyone grab one of your fellow representatives and run!"

The other representatives didn't need to be told twice. Also realizing that their lives were in extreme danger they swiftly followed Doug's order. As they started to run Yui let loose her apocalyptic attack towards the area where the representatives had been. The fireball slammed into the ground with devastating force, and the resulting explosion annihilated everything within a hundred meter radius. All that was left behind was ashes.

Doug looked around and found to his relief that all the representatives were, at least, physically ok. However when he thought back to the tremendous power that Yui had displayed, he started shivering in fear of what could have occurred. He looked at the area where the attack had landed, and saw that there was literally nothing left other than black singed ground. A feeling of absolute terror arose from his stomach and he started to feel sick. He blurted out the thought that had overtaken his mind.

"Just, how strong is Yui Shiro really?"

As the dust from that extraordinary explosion settled, the TV crews were scanning the area for any signs of the monstrous Yui Shiro. However after the dust had settled down she was nowhere to be found. They desperately searched around for her but she was truly gone, not even a trace of her godly aura that dominated the area earlier remained.

An unusual silence descended on the area as the people who had witnessed that incredible battle tried to digest what had just happened.


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