Alexandria's Genesis
12 Hold on!
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Alexandria's Genesis
Author :TopRailGun
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12 Hold on!

Yui's expression was dark and almost angry as the group paced towards the space port, the light and joyful atmosphere that surrounded the group earlier was gone without a trace. Asai and Momoka both had sullen looks on their faces as they were fully aware of the risks that their new teacher was about to take on for the sake of their safety.

Patrick and Dave were still following the group closely, ready to capture the inevitably incredible scenes that resulted from Yui Shiro's fight with the 8 representatives waiting at the north gate of the space port to meet her.

Know that it was almost time to face the representatives, Yui beckoned over Asai and Momoka. When the two of them came close she put her arms around the two's shoulders and pulled them in close so that their faces were almost touching. Yui then glanced behind her and checked at how close Patrick was to her and, when she was sure that she was out of earshot of Patrick and his microphone Yui started speaking in a hushed voice to Asai and Momoka.

"You guys, listen carefully. I have a plan to escape. But it's going to involve one of you two flying a ship. Now, I think I know the answer to this, but can any of you fly a spaceship?"

Asai and Momoka both shook their heads.

"As expected, nevermind, which one of you wants to fly the spaceship?"

Again both of them, shook their heads and said "not me."

Yui had a disappointed look on her face hearing the negative answer of the two, but quickly refocused her mind and looked sharply at Asai.

"Asai, you're going to fly the ship."

"Eh?! Why me? I've never rode anything even remotely similar to a spaceship before!"

"Because look at Momoka."

Asai turned his eyes away from Yui and looked at Momoka. He immediately grasped the reasoning of Yui's decision. Momoka's eyes were spinning and she was nervously mumbling about some sort of worst case scenario that would apparently occur, if she were to pilot the spaceship.

"Momoka is a nervous wreck just thinking about the possibility of flying the spaceship. You need to have some degree of calm when piloting a ship and if I had to pick between you and Momoka based on that quality, I would pick you 10 times out of 10."

Asai nodded firmly after agreeing strongly with Yui's reasoning.

"Alright listen up, I'm gonna go through the controls with you real quick so pay attention."

Asai leaned in close and focused carefully on what Yui was about to say as his performance here could very well affect whether or not they could escape safely.

"When you get into the cockpit, on the main center console there's gonna be a green button, right on the dead middle. I want you to press and hold that button for three seconds, that should fire the engines up and put you into take-off mode. From there the controls are actually pretty easy, there should be two handles in front of you. The one on your left only goes forward and backwards and it controls, believe it or not, the forwards and backwards thrusters of the ship. The one on the right controls the direction of the ship; left to go left, right to go right, pull it towards you to go up and push it away to go down. Simple right?"

Asai nodded his head again, surprised at how easy it sounded to fly a spaceship.

"Once you've got the ship going, that's when you need to carry out the most important part of this plan."

Asai's face became even more serious when he heard the words of Yui.

"Do you see that tower over there?"

Yui pointed to an absolutely collosal tower not too far away in the distance. It was easily noticable because of how much taller it stood than all of the building's that surrounded it. Asai nodded having seen the tower Yui was pointing at.

"Good, when you are out of the space port you need to fly directly over that tower. Do you understand?"

"I understand. No. Wait, what about you? We aren't going to leave without you!" Asai said in protest, it was one thing for Yui to put herself in danger to help them escape but to then leave without Yui altogether? That was unacceptable to Asai.

Yui sighed with exhaustion when she heard Asai's protest.

"Who says you are leaving without me? Obviously, I have a plan. That's why I need you to head to that massive tower in the spaceship. Now I don't want to hear any more questions or concerns from you two please, just do as I say and believe in your teacher. Is that clear?"

Asai was relieved to hear that Yui did in fact have a plan and he replied positively.

"Yes Ms Shiro! I understand."

Hearing that Asai had understood her commands Yui smiled and patted both Momoka and Asai on the shoulders.

"Good. This is where we part ways then. You two should head towards the east entrance of the space port from here. Here are all the documents you will need to get through the space ports check-in."

Yui rustled around in her pocket and found a handful of folded up papers and handed them over to Momoka. Yui then proceeded to smile proudly as she looked Asai and Momoka up and down.

"Right then, if all goes well I'll see you in a little while."

Saying these words Yui then turned her back to the two and began to steadily walk away. Seeing Yui's valiant figure heading off into the distance, Asai and Momoka's eyes had started to redden and they began to feel quite emotional. Momoka couldn't help but shout after Yui.

"Please be careful!"

Yui turned around hearing the words of Momoka. Feeling quite touched by the care and consideration of her new students Yui replied with a big smile on her face.

"Don't worry about me! Those guys aren't a match for me anyway!"

With this, Yui turned around for the final time and walked off briskly, not wanting to drag this out any longer.

Asai and Momoka stood there for a while feeling quite sorry for themselves, thinking about Yui's final words. They knew that she wasn't going to be a match for all 8 of them but she had obviously spoken these words to reassure them so they would be able to do their job and escape properly.

"Come on, we've got to go. Otherwise all of Ms Yui's efforts will be in vain."

Momoka nodded her head in agreement and here face turned serious. The two of them headed off in a run towards the east entrance of the space port.

As Asai and Momoka rushed full speed towards the space port Yui was moving at a much more leisurely pace. Her actions seemed completely natural like she was just about to go shopping for groceries or about to go and do some other everyday job. However the air around her betrayed her true feelings towards the upcoming battle she was about to face.

People on the street who stood and watched as she passed by felt that they were unable to breathe, the aura Yui was emitting was almost suffocating. They onlooking crowd only felt like they could breathe easy again once Yui had passed them by.

Patrick and Dave who were now filming and reporting from the air could also sense the incredible pressure being generated by the beautiful girl down below. How powerful was Yui Shiro? Right now she felt like an ancient deity, angry that someone had even dared to challenge her. Patrick was trying his best to report on the situation professionally, however the atmosphere was making it very difficult to do so.

Yui got closer and closer to the space port and as she did so her oppressive aura became more and more pronounced.

At the north entrance of the space port, the representatives could sense an incredibly powerful aura approaching them at a steady pace. When they sensed this they stood up and prepared themselves for the upcoming battle. A couple of them wore sinister smiles on their faces, they had waited here impatiently all day and were ready to teach Yui Shiro a lesson that she would not forget in a hurry.

Even though they were certain that with the eight of them they would be able to defeat Yui Shiro, they were still shocked by the absurd level of power pulsing out from her. All of them became certain at that moment that in a one on one fight Yui Shiro would absolutely crush each one of them. Fortunately for them Yui Shiro had foolishly agreed to take them all on at the same time.

Sure enough, not long after sensing the massive aura Yui Shiro also came into sight.

"You know, I'm surprised. I thought beating you down once would be enough to teach you to steer clear of me, but it seems that you are awfully keen to be beaten again. Could it be that you are one of those? You know? An M? I mean, it's alright if you are, I'm not one to judge. It takes all sorts after all right?"

Yui stopped a good hundred meters away from the group of representatives and opened up their exchange with some taunting words filled with mockery. The people who were watching from a good distance heard Yui's words and began to laugh and murmur between themselves.

Doug, who was standing at the front of the group, despite being apocalyptically angry, managed to keep his calm before Yui's taunts this time and answered steadily.

"You can make your jokes now, but soon you will be begging us for forgiveness. Look around you! It's one to eight. Do you really think that the ones been beaten down will be us?"

Yui let out a sarcastic laugh hearing this, and replied with words of contempt.

"Well, with odds of only one to eight I can't say I fancy your chances, but if you want to come at me anyway then go for it. I've had enough of talking. I'll let you make the first move."

With these words the representatives had finally reached the end of their tether and charged straight towards Yui.

Yui didn't move, and didn't step back, instead her aura flared up to an all time high and the temperature of the air started to rise swiftly. The 8 representatives came at her from all angles, and it seemed that Yui was trapped in their formation. However before they could reach her, tongue's of blistering flames engulfed her whole body before a gigantic tempest of flames erupted from before her. The ground shook as the inconceivable storm of fire forced the representatives to quickly back off and split up. Standing in the eye of the fearsome storm Yui smiled before springing into action.

She dashed forward at a speed untraceable by normal means and sent a swift punch straight in the direction of Doug. The punch was unnaturally fast, however, things were different for Doug this time and he had had chance to prepare himself for Yui's onslaught. Feeling the immense power behind Yui's punch he quickly decided that the best option was to dodge and speedily took a step back just putting him out of range of Yui's fist. Just as Doug smiled smugly for dodging Yui's punch and thought about launching his counterattack, Yui's fist, which was just about a foot away from his face exploded in flames and an almighty blast of fire blew Doug away.

Doug flew away at an absurd speed and crashed along the ground in a heap. Fortunately for himself he managed to activate his aura at the last second to prevent serious damage to himself and he got up quite quickly. Doug felt a shiver shoot down his spine despite the dreadful heat surrounding him, Yui's power was far beyond what he had imagined. Even with the eight of them here it was still going to be difficult to take her down.

Yui watched as Doug got to his feet and a taunting smile spread across her face.

"Come on. I thought you were going to teach me a lesson?"

These words only served to provoke the representatives and they began their attack once again, this time not daring to hold back.

Meanwhile at the East gate of the space port Asai and Momoka had just finished checking in and were heading to dock 37E, where the spaceship which they would escape in was being held. Asai and Momoka were running through the halls of the space port when all of a sudden a violent shaking threatened to knock them off their feet.

"What was that?!" Momoka cried out in surprise.

Asai had a look of fear on his face, as an idea as to where the shaking was coming from formed in his mind.

"They've already begun to fight! Quick! We've got to hurry! There isn't much time!" Asai shouted out trying to raise his voice above that of deafening noise.

Momoka heard him and nodded her head and they proceeded to fully expend themselves in running toward dock 37E.

After pushing themselves, and their lungs to the limit they soon arrived at their destination. Both of them were out of breath and gasping for air but they didn't stop. They didn't have the time to stop, they had to get to the tower as quickly as possible so Yui could escape from danger with them.

Running up to the spaceship Asai quickly found his way to the cockpit and sat in the pilot seat. He had no time to think about how exciting it was to be flying a spaceship for the first time and how nervous he was, his only thoughts were on trying to save their teacher.

He found the green button in the center of the console and after pressing and holding it for three seconds the engines roared into life.

"Please hold on Ms Shiro! We are on our way!"


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