Alexandria's Genesis
10 Exclusive Interview
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Alexandria's Genesis
Author :TopRailGun
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10 Exclusive Interview

After deciding on their plan of action the group quickly finished up their food, paid, and went on their way.

Above them in the sky's a rather embittered young reporter floated along aimlessly on his hover bike. The young man named Patrick had only just started this year and so far had received nothing but dull and uninteresting stories to cover. Last week for example, Patrick was sent out far into the countryside to cover a story about a woman who had found her lost hat stuck at the top of the tree. He really was bottom of the pile at the moment and today was no different. All of the available reporters were searching for the woman who had made quite the stir today, Yui Shiro. However all the main roads leading up to the space port were being patrolled by the more senior reporters while he was stuck on the backstreets in a place where he would likely never run into Yui Shiro.

Patrick thought that it would be hopeless to bother so he turned to the camera man on the bike behind and asked him if he wanted to go for an early lunch.

The cameraman also knew their chances of seeing Yui Shiro today were next to none so he readily agreed to Patrick's suggestion.

Making up their minds the two descended down to the ground and parked up their bikes. They started to walk towards a decent diner that Patrick had been to before. It was an old style American diner, that was famous in this particular area for it's large portion sizes.

As they approached the restaurant Patrick noticed a rather beautiful girl with black hair and golden eyes walk through the main doors. Following closely behind her was a taller than average young man with black hair and purple eye's. Patrick gazed thoughtfully at these two young adults for a moment, he was sure that he knew these two from somewhere. While Patrick stood there trying to remember where he had seen the two young adults, a tall, beautiful woman graciously walked out behind the two youngster's.

Seeing this, Patrick took a careful at the woman who had just walked out of the building and did a double take. He quickly loaded up the picture of Yui Shiro that the managers had sent to him and confirmed his suspicions. They had found her?? He couldn't believe his luck, what was Yui Shiro doing all the way out here? Wasn't she heading to the space port?

Patrick quickly turned to his camera man and brought his attention to Yui Shiro.

"Quick! Dave, run the camera!"

Noticing that they had lucked out, Dave, the camera man, quickly started up the camera's live broadcasting function and began following after Patrick who was briskly pacing up to Yui Shiro.

"Excuse me! Miss Shiro! Could I have a moment of your time please?"

Hearing Yui's name being called aloud the group of three turned to face the person who had called out to them. Asai and Momoka, upon seeing the man holding a microphone being followed by a man with a camera immediately turned pale, realizing that with this their position has been given up to the whole world. Yui on the other hand was as laid back as ever and directly answered the question of Patrick.

"Yeah sure, but I'm afraid we have a lot of things to see and not much time to do it in. Oh, I know! Why don't you come with us?"


Asai and Momoka both let out cries of surprise and confusion, Patrick too also looked shocked at how easy it had been to get Yui Shiro to give an interview.

"It will be like an exclusive Interview. The first one with one of the teachers of the brand new Ten no Ryū academy. It can be like a day in the life of Yui Shiro, what do you say?"

Patrick was stunned for a moment by how open Yui Shiro was, he quickly calmed his emotions and replied to Yui's question.

"Well that would be brilliant, is it alright if we begin right away?"

The group began following behind Yui as they walked to wherever was next on Yui's list of tourist spots. Yui looked at Patrick and gave him the signal to go ahead. Seeing Yui's affirmative answer Patrick's expression turned calm and serious. Dave the camera man put the camera on his shoulder and gave Patrick the cue to begin his usual spiel.

"Good afternoon everyone, I'm Patrick Wooton with GBC news 1. I have with me today a very special guest."

The camera then turned Yui

"We have Yui Shiro here today with us who has kindly agreed to allow us to follow her activities for the day. Yui Shiro, first and foremost, thank you for agreeing to this interview today."

Despite his excitement for landing this interview, Patrick was calm and collected on the surface. Even though he was a newbie he was, nevertheless still a pro and he knew what he was doing.

"No problems. Thanks for having me."

Yui grinned widely.

"You seem quite relaxed Miss Shiro, are you aware of the situation at Morningstar space port?"

"Yeah we saw the news, but they didn't need to go to the trouble of guarding all of the entrances. I'll be going in through the north entrance, if they want to fight me they can meet me there."

Patrick's professional demeanor was broken by Yui's outrageous statement. Asai and Momoka too were both in shock, why did it seem like Yui wanted to get into a fight with the other representatives? Patrick made an attempt to calm himself and asked another question

"You seem quite confident, do you have some sort of plan to defeat them all?"

Yui laughed heartily at Patrick's question.

"Haha not at all, I think I will struggle to even hold them off let alone beat them all."

"Then why would you call them all out if you know you will likely be defeated?"

Patrick questioned further slightly unsure of Yui's motives.

"Well if I can hold them all off at one entrance, it will allow my two students to escape through one of the other entrance."

Yui paused for a moment considering her options.

"They'll be able to see this interview right?"

"Yes it will be broadcast all over the city."

"Good. This is a message to all the representatives waiting outside the space port for me. I will give you the perfect opportunity to teach me a lesson in manners. I only ask that you let my students pass through the gates unhindered. If you allow me this one condition I will come alone to the north gate. If not, be aware that I am a very capable superhuman, and I have a number of ways to bypass any one of your blockades. I'm granting you this opportunity because I want to guarantee with absolute certainty the safety of my students, if you were wise you would grasp this chance."

When Asai and Momoka heard Yui's words their eyes turned red and they threw themselves in front of the camera.

"Ms Yui! You don't have to do this for our sakes! We will fight by your side if we have to. Taking on eight people at the same time is insane!"

Momoka ran up to Yui and pleaded with her. Yui smiled affectionately hearing the protests of Asai and Momoka. However she had made up her mind.

"Don't be silly. If either of you two were to get caught in the crossfire of a battle that intense there's no way you would be making it out alive. This is the only option I have to ensure your safety, this is what I've decided so that is what is going to happen."

The two had no choice but to yield to Yui after hearing her words. The looks on their faces were incredibly sad and guilty. Realizing that her strong words had crushed their good intentions and lowered the mood, Yui panicked slightly. However after walking for just a few more seconds Yui saw what was up ahead and smiled.

"Don't be so down, look ahead! We've reached our sightseeing spot."

While the interview had being going they had walked a fair distance and they had reached their destination. Asai and Momoka both looked up. They had come to a spacious open square. In the middle of the large square there was a giant hole in the ground. Around the edges of the sizeable hole cut out of rock there was a couple of staircases that seemed to descend down into the hole.

The thing that caught the eyes of Asai and Momoka however was not the hole but the sphere's of water eerily floating above the hole. They were all steadily floating up higher and higher before bursting and then sprinkling back down into the hole. Amazed by the mysterious sight before him Asai could not help but blurt out a question.

"What is this?"

"Do you like it? This is basically a phenomenon of naturally occurring water aura affecting the underground river. There seems to be a pillar of water aura that picks up the water below and steadily lifts it up, however once the water falls outside the range of the aura it once again conforms the laws of physics and falls back down into the hole."

Asai listened to Yui's explanation of the incredible sight before him while he stared on in amazement. Looking at this wonder of nature both Asai and Momoka both forgot briefly about all the trouble that was surrounding them today.

"Can we go have a closer look?"

Momoka asked with an excited sparkle in her eyes.

"Of course you can! Go ahead without me I'm just gonna finish up my interview first then I'll catch you up."

Hearing Yui's words both Momoka and Asai didn't wait around and eagerly paced off to explore this strange wonder of nature before them. Smiles on their faces.

In the meantime, on the other side of the city the faces of the 8 representatives were definitely not smiling.

Once again, without even doing anything Yui Shiro had made them look like fools. Doug was steaming. They had rushed over here like the world's fate depended on it, anticipating that Yui Shiro would not be far behind. The reality however, was not even close to what they had imagined.

Yui Shiro was just taking it easy! She was giving a relaxed interview in front of Morningstar city's slow geyser!

Doug was doing his absolute best to control his rage however his emotions were betrayed by his bright red face and bulging veins on his forehead. He turned to Carol who was standing guard with him on the East gate. He could hear passers-by giggling and laughing at him behind his back, this only served to further his anger.

"Yui Shiro made a mistake, giving us such an opportunity. Contact the others and tell them to meet at the north gate."

Carol looked at Doug with a face full of doubt.

"Are you sure? She might just be lying to make us abandon the other gates so that she can escape."

Doug frowned hearing Carol's question.

"No, she won't run. She is too concerned with the safety of her students. Think about it, why do you think she would invite that news reporter to follow her for the day?"

Carol's expression became one of uncertainty upon hearing Doug's question. Seeing that Carol didn't know the answer Doug decided to enlighten her.

"That was her guarantee to us that she wouldn't try anything funny. With that camera following her around for the whole day we will be able to see where she is at all times. So if she tries something funny we will know about it straight away and can react to it. She has no intention and no way to run from this challenge. So please Carol, contact everyone and get them to meet at the north gate."

After hearing Doug's explanation Carol understood the situation clearly and began to carry out his orders.

Doug smiled menacingly and thought to himself,

"you won't get away this time, Yui Shiro!"


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