Alexandria's Genesis
7 One more time
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Alexandria's Genesis
Author :TopRailGun
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7 One more time

Yui Shiro stood at the center of the stage with a silly grin on her face, she looked all around her as she seemed to be enjoying the shocked silence of the audience. Then the brief silence was shattered as the hall exploded with the noise and chatter, all of the news camera's and TV crews focused fully on Yui, not wanting to miss another second. The first person to raise their voice above the noise was the Deus representative.

"A new superhuman school you say? This is interesting. For over 5 centuries the 10 great schools have stood without change and now finally a new school wants to try and break this long standing order? How amusing! And what? You hope to do it with trash like those two over there?"

The Deus rep pointed in the direction of Asai and Momoka and let out a mocking laugh, but before he could continue on with his insults Yui interrupted him.

"They're not trash!"

The Deus rep was taken back by the volume and force behind Yui's words, to the point where he didn't know what to say in response.

At the same time the words had seemed to touch the heart of Asai. After such a day; being tossed aside, kicked about and labelled as a clown and trash hearing such words being proclaimed with such force had really moved the heart of Asai. Asai glanced over to Momoka and caught a glimpse of her wiping a tear from her eye. Clearly, Yui's words had had a profound effect on Momoka too.

Yui then turned again to face Asai and Momoka.

"Asai Kinnosuke, Momoka Hiraga, will you come with me to Ten no Ryū academy?"

After quickly glancing at each other, Asai and Momoka stood up in unison and replied without hesitation.

"We graciously accept the offer from Ten no Ryū academy!"

Hearing their positive answer Yui smiled unreservedly and swiftly strode forward and jumped off the stage. She affectionately put her arms around both of their shoulders and started dragging them towards the exit.

Halfway to the exit Yui stopped and looked back at the judges.

"They aren't trash, it's just that you are so useless that you couldn't recognize talent even if it exploded in front of your face."

Yui gave a knowing smile at Momoka as she spoke these words. However Momoka was not smiling when she heard what Yui had said, instead a look of horror had appeared on her face. "Ah, she probably shouldn't have said that" Asai thought to himself as he too began to worry, as he could see nearly all of the representatives faces twist in anger upon hearing Yui's words.

Asai glanced at Yui only to find to his horror, a face completely oblivious to the situation about to unfold. Momoka had also noticed this and was turning paler by the second as if her soul was leaving her body.

"Well then, shall we go?"

Yui looked at the both of them with same oblivious smile on her face as before. Seeing Yui's carefree face the Deus representative had had enough and his temper had finally reached boiling point. Being a representative of the top superhuman training school, he was used to receiving the praises and respect of others wherever it was that he went. As a result of that preferential treatment he had become an exceptionally proud person, being treated in the way that Yui had treated him today was a step to far for him and he exploded in anger.

"How dare you! After saying such things you think that people like you from a second-rate school who only takes in trash students can just walk away from here without even an apology?!"

Disregarding the audience watching, the Deus representative shouted without restraint. Hearing the words shouted at her Yui stopped in her tracks, she no longer had a carefree smile on her face. Rather, the look on her face was terrifying and her eyes had grown dim and stormy. Taking her arms from around Asai and Momoka's shoulders she slowly turned to face the Deus representative, who was now standing on the stage.

"You know, I've been told not to cause any trouble at these event if possible..."

Yui's words trailed off for just a moment as the look in her eyes became more threatening and fierce.

'However, if you call me or my students trash one more time, I won't be able to hold back any longer."

The Deus representative was forced to take a step back by the dominating aura being emitted by Yui. Most people would have backed off at this point and let it go however the pride of the Deus representative wouldn't allow him to step down. With an obvious tone of uncertainty and timidness in his voice the Deus representative responded.

"Hoh? You're threatening me? Trash such as yourself should know their place!"

Hearing the Deus representatives words Asai feared the worst and turned to look at Yui to see her reaction, but upon looking he saw that she was not standing where she was before. Her figure had blurred and before anyone could register what was happening Yui was right in front of the Deus representative. Yui had moved far too quickly, not even the powerful Deus representative had any time to think about what had happened let alone react to it. Yui was a few inches from the representative when she forcefully grabbed him by the face and momentarily lifted him off the ground, not losing any of her forward momentum. Then with a devastating amount of power she proceeded to slam him down head first into the large stone stage.

She slammed him down with such force that large cracks spread throughout the stage, bearing a resemblance to a spiderweb. The boom that came along with Yui's smackdown was deafening, and for the third time today silenced the disbelieving audience. Asai and Momoka too bore a look of disbelief on the their faces, not just because of her outrageous actions but also the terrifying power she used to carry out her actions.

Yui slowly stood up from the rubble and looked down at the half unconscious Deus representative.

"You should count yourself lucky, I held back today on account of the orders I was given."

Yui paused for a second to let her words sink in.

"But make no mistake. If you ever insult me or my students again, I will kill you."

A chill simultaneously shot down the spine of everyone in the hall at the thick and violent bloodlust dripping off of Yui's words. The Deus representative passed out at this point no longer able to take the overwhelming pressure of the beautiful girl stood before him. At this Yui turned and began walking towards Asai and Momoka. Her head was down and bloodlust still pouring out from her. She looked up and saw the fearful face of Asai and the almost cowering form of Momoka and her eyes widened in realization of something.

Yui promptly dropped her vicious expression and quickly replaced it with that familiar carefree smile that the two were used to. The atmosphere in the hall immediately lightened and everyone exhaled deeply as they felt that they could finally breath again. Asai felt like he too, could relax again now that the horrendous aura from Yui had dissipated. Momoka too had clearly relaxed to a certain extent but was still panicking about the fact that their new teacher had just assaulted one of the representatives of the ten great schools.

Yui carried on smiling as if she was oblivious to, or simply didn't care about the consequences of her actions. Putting her arms around the two again she once again said:

"Well then, shall we go?"

This time no one spoke up and no dared to stand in the way of this fearsome young woman. The hall remained deadly silent all the way until the group of three walked out of the hall, leaving the doors to slam shut behind them.

As soon as the doors shut the hall erupted into conversation and shouting. This had been one of the most dramatic superhuman screenings that they had ever witnessed. In years to come this event would undoubtedly be a marked event in the history books, the day the Ten no Ryū academy announced itself to the Galaxy.


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