Alexandria's Genesis
6 What is Happening Here?!
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Alexandria's Genesis
Author :TopRailGun
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6 What is Happening Here?!

Taking a deep breath Asai calmed his emotional state and focused on bringing out his power. "Focus, I can't mess up, bring out all the power you have in you."

After willing himself on mentally he exhaled sharply and released a tremendous amount of aura, pushing himself to the limits of his capabilities. As the aura flowed out from every pore on his body and filled every corner of the giant hall, time began to swiftly slow down and eventually ground to a halt.

"Haha! I did it! Right, I have to finish this quickly I can't sustain this for very long."

After briefly celebrating his small success Asai decided quickly on his course of action. "I will get behind him quickly and deliver the strongest kick I can muster to the back of his head." Thinking this excitedly, Asai began to move towards Takechi to deliver sweet justice to this massive pain in the ass.

He stomped hard on the ground ready to dash forward, however upon placing power into his foot Asai found that he wasn't being propelled forward towards his nemesis as he had expected. Rather, he found that he was swiftly heading towards the ground. "Eh? what's happening? I'm falling?"

Unable to comprehend what was happening Asai looked towards where his feet had just been, only to fall into despair. He had slipped.

He had slipped on the puddle of blood left behind by Miya's previous demonstration, and now he was falling head first towards the ground.

"God damnit Miya! Clean up your damn mess!"

These were the last thoughts that went through Asai's mind before his head unceremoniously hit the hard stage floor. After hitting his head his concentration was smashed to nothing and time began to flow in the hall once more. To everyone watching in the hall it seemed as if he had disappeared in one spot and reappeared in another. Unfortunately for Asai though, he had reappeared as a crumpled mess on the floor.

The next thing Asai could feel was a sharp pain in his ribs as Takechi ruthlessly kicked him off of the stage. Asai landed in a slump at the side of the stage.

The audience erupted with a roar of laughter at the comedic nature of Asai's fall. Above that he could hear the haughty voice of the Deus representative sound out throughout the hall.

"That certainly was an impressive fall, however Deus academy has no need for clowns amongst it's ranks."

At the Deus representatives words the volume of the laughter went up a notch. Annoyingly he could also hear Takechi laughing at him from above. Hearing all this around him, Asai felt a bitter frustration welling up from his stomach.

"Ah, that hurts. I'm not a clown, I wish I could have another chance to show them. Unfortunately I can only stop time, not rewind it."

Asai looked up at saw that he had landed in front of the purple eyed beauty that had caught his eye before. She wasn't laughing at him, but she had a wide smile on her face. Those striking purple eye's of hers seemed to dancing with excitement.

Upon seeing this Asai realized that he must have made a fool of himself before this beauty and screamed internally.

"Ah~, how embarrassing."

Asai then turned his head to the stage, the smartly dressed announcer woman had already taken her place in the middle of the stage. Raising her voice above the dying laughter of the crowd she yet again asked the same question.

"Then, would any of the representatives here today like to offer Mr. Kinnosuke a place in their academies?"

As Asai was expecting at this point none of the representatives raised their hands at the question. Asai sighed inwardly "well I tried my best but I guess this is as far as I go." Asai thought to himself.

"Yes! Me please! I would like to offer him a place!

A woman's voice sounded out of nowhere. Asai jolted at the sudden offer. What? Who? Which school? All these questions suddenly rushed through Asai's mind. Asai looked over to the representatives sat at the table, but none of them had raised their hands and none of them seemed to be expressing any interest towards him. Did he imagine this voice in his head? Where was it coming from? The voice sounded out again.

"Also while I'm at it I would like to offer a place to Momoka Hiraga as well."

Asai quickly looked over to Momoka, her face was filled with as much shock and confusion as his own. Asai then noticed that the gazes of everyone in the hall were all tracked on the same position. Following the gazes of everyone Asai looked behind him and saw the purple eyed beauty from before standing up with a warm smile on her face.

"And who the hell are you?!"

One of the representatives shouts out whilst slamming his fist down on the table.

The purple eyed girl leaps majestically up completing a full somersault midair before landing cleanly, right in the middle of the stage. She throws up a peace sign with each hand and holds them up next to her face. Then with a sickeningly cute voice that doesn't at all match her appearance she introduces herself

"I'm Yui!" She states energetically, whilst holding her exaggerated pose.

The whole hall goes quiet with a stunned, awkward silence. Yui immediately notices the awkward silence throughout the hall and clears her throat to break the silence,

"I guess that was a bit much."

Not letting the strange atmosphere get to her she straightens up her back and begins to speak with a voice that better matches her appearance.

"My name is Yui Shiro, it's a pleasure to meet your great selves."

Yui takes a large over-exaggerated bow to the representatives. The sarcasm in her voice was subtle but quite apparent, obviously not holding these people before her in particularly high regard.

A few of the representatives eyebrows twitch at the blatant disrespect being shown towards them.

"And? What school do you represent? How dare you interrupt this event!" The Deus representative stood up and shouted out. His face was red with anger from both Yui's lack of respect and the apparently rude interruption of the event. Seeing the Deus representatives anger a smile spread across the mysterious Yui's face and she laughed aloud.

"Well, I suppose this is as good a time as any. I represent the newly established Ten no Ryu academy!" She proclaimed proudly, then she turned to Asai and then Momoka.

"Asai, Momoka I would like for you to become part of the first class of our new academy"

Another stunned silence spread through the hall, jaws dropped and eyes widened at this shocking piece of news. Asai's mind was also in somewhat of a mess, "Just, what is happening here?"


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